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The Count's Daughter

By Tsurai

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The Count's Daughter

Urameshi is a pure blooded vampire. She is cruel, relentless for centuries vampires other creatures feared her. They referred to as the Count's daughter. Heartless as she was she did feel lonely. The only thing that seemed to bring her joy was watching her victim suffer as she sucked them dry.

One day she met you... You were different, you were scared of her at the same time you interested in her. Despite being cruel, and heartless Urameshi was beautiful. Her snow colored hair and her ruby colored eyes made her stand out from other vampires.

You weren't a vampire, it was taboo for feelings like your to even exists. What would you do Would you simply become her next meal or would you stand against the odds?
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TsuraiUrameshi   282d ago
The Bitter One

[+red What I am looking for ~
Someone who can write 1000+ characters 
Someone who can play a male character 

Anime or Illustrated pictures only 

Pm if you are interested!


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