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Multifandom Apocalypse

By Cat22

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Well, vampires have taken over the world and they’re not alone. Alongside them, zombies have also been popping up. These vampires and zombies are not like the vampires and zombies that you see on TV as vampires can only turn other humans into their own kind by getting them to ingest the blood of a vampire and zombies are not slow and mindless. Rather, they are rather quick and can outwit those who are unprepared to deal with them. Zombies also don’t decay but rather, they have discolored patches of skin and eyes that may be a different color than the rest of them.

Vampires also do not have any traditional vampire weaknesses which makes them harder to deal with. As a response to this, several humans have also ended up capturing a few subjects on the verge of turning and brought them into a bunker to be studied while the rest of the world deals with the undead that have now made themselves known to the world. These humans hope to find a way to either pacify the vampires and zombies or find a way to hide from them and rebuild while the rest of their kind fights against the undead.


1. 18+ content is NOT ALLOWED in this thread whatsoever. This means that NSFW is also banned. In addition to the ban on 18+ content, there will be no n*dity, mentions of r*pe, s*icide or mentions of s*icide

2. Keep the roleplay TV-14

3. No overpowered characters or godmodding

4. Blood and light gore is allowed but please put a Trigger Warning on Triggering Topics

5. Both OCs and Canon characters are allowed. OCs also don’t have to be from a fandom.

6. No inappropriate joking. People can get uncomfortable around inappropriate jokes hence the reason why they are banned in this thread.


Athen - Dead_boi2004
Lil Kub - Dead_boi2004
Goliath - Dead_boi2004
Karishin - Karishin
Chubber Pupper - spiceyyweeb
Gastale Frisk - Undertale_lover_
Mighty The Armadillo - LrP-DeadlyCampfire
James - Jshady2564
Trx - Downers

Firion - Cat22
Chrom - Cat22
Marth - Cat22
Amber - wolfie_kid12
Clara Collymore - Monty_energy-
Gastale Chara - Undertale_lover_

Zombie Sayori - Dead_boi2004
Zombie Lions - Dead_boi2004
Tidus - Cat22
Volatile Satan - Dead_boi2004

If you want to join, please state the name of your character and what role that have in the roleplay.
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Dead_Boi2004The real Athen   284d ago

May I join?)
Cat22     284d ago

((Sure you may! Just state your character’s name and what they are in the roleplay.))
Dead_Boi2004The real Athen   284d ago

Again, I'll use multiple ones. But the ones I'll use the most will be my Blue jacket self, and a Rottweiler.)

I will be a wanderer, looking for a lead on the person who killed my family.)
Cat22     284d ago

((It would be helpful if you list the characters that you were planning to use so that I could get the list filled out in the thread description.))

Alright, I'll use This character, My Dog oc, maybe some zombie lions, Maybe Zombie Sayori, And maybe Lil Kub. He can be like a pre apocalypse Icon)
Cat22     284d ago

((That sounds good! I’m guessing that most of them with the exception of Sayori and the zombie lions are survivors?))

Yes. I'll also Add Volatile Satan.)
Cat22     284d ago

((I’m currently updating the list at the moment and I’ve also added in some vampires.))

Okay, I'll start us off.)

*I'm walking down a deserted street looking for anywhere with food.*
Cat22Firion   284d ago

There were several vampires currently roaming around the streets although there weren’t any sign of zombies alongside them. Some of these vampires ended up hissing when they saw Athen and ran off to another location except for Firion who was currently trying to fend off a group of survivors that were interested in capturing the human that he caught who was on the verge of turning.
Dead_Boi2004Goliath   284d ago

*Is walking along side Athen.*
Dead_Boi2004Goliath   284d ago

*Looks around and growls*
Cat22Firion   284d ago

“You will stay away from him right this instant… I do not need you all getting in my way unless you want for me to kill you right here and now…” Firion growled softly. He was rather tired of all of the survivors trying to steal away any human that he manages to catch and as a result, was being rather hostile towards the survivors that tried to take away his recent catch.
wolfie_kid12     284d ago

(can i join?)
Cat22Firion   284d ago

((Sure you can! Just state your character’s name and their role.))
wolfie_kid12Amber   284d ago

(My character's name is Amber and she is a vampire)
Cat22     284d ago

((Alright! Feel free to start whenever you want!))
wolfie_kid12Amber   284d ago

Amber walked through the empty streets, wondering why the streets were so empty. She continued walking around with blood on her face.
Cat22Tidus   283d ago

Tidus was currently roaming around the streets and had a dead rat in his mouth that he was in the process of eating. He wanted to take his food with him hence the reason why he was wandering around while he was eating it.
wolfie_kid12Amber   283d ago

Amber continued walking the empty street, wondering what to do next. As she wondered, she past by Tidus. She looked at him then continued walking.
Cat22Tidus   283d ago

Tidus took the dead rat out of his mouth for a second before trying to figure out what to do with it next. He was hungry enough to eat it which he ended up starting to do shortly after he dropped it.
wolfie_kid12Amber   283d ago

Amber walked around, looking for another human to make them become her kind of vampire (I lost motivation :<)
Cat22     283d ago

((We really need a few more people in here.))

*Is walking down a road when he sees a zombie, a Siren.
wolfie_kid12Amber   283d ago

Amber continues walking until she sees a human and she walks up to the human, trying to turn the human into a vampire
wolfie_kid12     282d ago

(We do need a few more people)
Cat22     282d ago

((Well, my roleplays tend to not really be that popular either.))
wolfie_kid12     282d ago

(Well that sucks)
kilz     282d ago

can i join
Cat22     282d ago

((Sure you may! Just state your character’s name and their role.))
KarishinKarishin   282d ago

((Name:Karishin,Role:Survivor.[Version:Age is 17,mastery over summoning,but he cannot summon things stronger than a dragon,and even that causes him to almost pass out.]))

*Walks through an abandoned theme park, Looking for a new weapon*
Dead_Boi2004Goliath   282d ago

*Follows Athen*
Cat22     282d ago

((And you’re added in!))
KarishinKarishin   282d ago

*Karishin wanders around,with his wolf pack,exausted.He just wanted to sleep..And then he passed out,with his wolves to guard him.*
Cat22Firion   282d ago

Firion had failed to prevent the survivors that were surrounding him from taking Chrom away from him and as a result, had fled elsewhere in the city to hunt down some humans that remained as survivors. He didn’t want to bother with armed survivors since he found them to be too bothersome to deal with hence the reason why he had decided to find unarmed survivors to take down.
KarishinKarishin   282d ago

*One of the wolves decide to scout the area around the forest,making sure it was safe.*
shadowthewolf9027     282d ago

can i be a wolf
Cat22     282d ago

((Wolves are not among the roles that can be chosen. The available roles are survivor, vampire, and zombie although you can have a zombie wolf or a wolf survivor.))
shadowthewolf9027     282d ago

wolf survier
Cat22     282d ago

((Alright! What is the name of your character so that I can add them to the list?))
shadowthewolf9027     282d ago

so are yall on vid chat
shadowthewolf9027     282d ago

oh and it is shadow
Cat22     282d ago

((Please don’t ask about video chat in any of my threads.))
shadowthewolf9027     282d ago

Cat22     282d ago

((Thank you, Voss.))
Cat22     282d ago

((Yeah. She is right.))
KarishinKarishin   282d ago

(I am back)


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