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Mansion of Dolls

By Cat22

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Long ago, in an enormous mansion located within the rift between worlds lived a being that had been exiled from another world due to their tendency to turn humans into living dolls. They had been caught before they could lay their hands on their next victim which led to the exile however, what those who exiled the strange entity didn’t know was that the location they chose for the exile was one that had access to many worlds other than the one that they banished one of their own kin. This was back when the possibility of other worlds didn’t cross a lot of people’s minds which made it difficult to believe that other worlds other than one’s own existed which led to the mistake that paved the way for horror stories to come.

Once they set foot in the mansion, the entity immediately got set up and moved in all of their tools and spellbooks into one room which they would then use to turn any unsuspecting visitor into a doll should they catch them. This room was located in the mansion’s lowest level which made the setup all the more eerie. After they were done setting up the room, they left it only to discover the portals that popped up on occasion within one the mansion’s rooms. Not knowing what to expect, they entered the portal and ended up in a world full of magic and monsters. It was here that they found their first victim in another world. The victim they chose was a teenage male who didn’t really stand out much from the crowd and so they were able to quickly drag him out from the crowd he was in and back through the portal. They then entered the room in the basement where they used a mix of the tools they brought and magic to turn their victim into a living doll. They then carried him to one of the many rooms within the mansion and set him inside of the room before leaving. This was the first new doll in their collection which would soon be followed by those who were either unfortunate enough to be carried off or wander through one of the portals into the mansion.

The mansion itself is enormous with a courtyard, piano room, basement, rooms that those who have been turned stay in, guest bedrooms for new arrivals, a ballroom and the basement workshop full of tomes and tools where the entity turns the victims they bring down there into dolls. Once a victim has been turned, they cannot leave the manor since the portals do not let any of the turned go through them. Those who have been turned also have their memories of their own worlds erased leaving only memories of living at the mansion behind. This is another reason why the dolls cannot escape since they believe that the mansion is their home. All of the victims both turned and not turned all come from different parts of the multiverse and as such, they create a rather colorful atmosphere in the otherwise dark mansion.


1. No NSFW or 18+ content (also, keep any mentions of r*pe, n*dity, s*icide, mentions of s*icide and pregnancy out of this thread.)

2. Nothing worse than hell is allowed however if your character does have a potty mouth (looking at you FFVII Cid), censor the bad words. And yes, fandom swears are allowed.

3. Any character from any fandom other than Jojo, DBZ, Fist of the North Star and NSFW fandoms are allowed for reasons that I do not feel like explaining.

4. There is going to be blood and some light gore in this roleplay

5. AUs are allowed however fandoms with a lot of well-known AUs cannot have all of their AUs used. Seriously, we don’t need a thousand Sanses running around.

6. For the love of everything holy in this world, keep this thread TV-14. I don’t need this thread taken down!

7. There is no character limit!

8. OCs are allowed

9. No Overpowered characters

10. Don’t be discriminatory towards other people on the basis of race, disabilities, sexuality, gender, etc. (Basically, don’t discriminate against people in general. That is final)


Species: (Can be any species although a note about Living Dolls is that they retain the appearance of how they were before they were turned)
Fandom They’re From:
Role: (Victim/Living Doll (Victims include the turned and unturned who have entered the mansion.), Entity’s Helpers, Dollmaker (The main two people who turn victims into living dolls, Only Two))
Powers/Abilities: (If Applicable. Can be used to list abilities as well.)
Backstory: (OPTIONAL)
Extra Info:

The template isn’t mandatory. You can PM me the name of your character and their role instead but keep in mind that there are only two Dollmakers.


The Dollmakers
(Only two character can have this role. They are the entity that has been banished by their own kind and reside in the mansion)

Entity’s Helpers
(These are characters who help their master turn people into living dolls. They work for the Dollmakers.)

Victims/Living Dolls
(This category includes those who have wandered into or have been taken to the mansion by the Dollmaker. This includes those who have already been turned and those who have yet to be turned. Characters in the category have either the ‘Unturned’ or ‘Turned’ word in their spot on the list to designate if they have or haven’t been turned into a living doll.)

Marth - Cat22 (Unturned)
Tidus - Cat22 (Unturned)
Chrom - Cat22 (Unturned)
Axel Wilkins - mylifesucks (Unturned)
Firion - Cat22 (Unturned)
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