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TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   284d ago

im here >:D)

yay! >:3)
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   284d ago

he saw him and asked "why not add some gold like necklaces? people there wear them all the time especially if its like a gold jewel crown" he walked to him and smiled

"hmmm...i guess i can do that then" he got up from the stool and grabbed some material to make a gold like necklace.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   284d ago

he smiled "alright do you mind if i just stay here tho?" he asked tilting his head as his wings where still wrapped around his body lightly moving every now and then

"sure i don't" he smiled when looking at him, then worked back on the necklace. Once he was done, he put the necklace on the outfit stepping back to see if it looks good. He was happy that it worked, he made more stuff using his material and made a weapon out of that stuff.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   284d ago

"it looks good!" he smiled and looked at it and back at him "thanks for doing that it reminds me of home" he frowned slightly thinking about home and not knowing how hes going to get back but hes happy hes made a new friend

"heh no problem!" he yawns rubbing his eye, "imma head to bed to get some rest" he walks away waving at him heading to his room.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   283d ago

he waved back "well goodnight then" he smiled as he walked to the couch laying down as his wings were slowly wrapping around him to keep him warm

-Few hours later-
Alex was in the living room watching TV about art and fashion. He also did some drawings on random stuff on his sketchbook.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   283d ago

he was on the couch sitting as he looked at the tv then back at the sketchbook "what is on the 'box thing' " he mumbled as he looked confused at the tv

He giggled abit. "we call it a TV, its a device that people use to watch something on the screen, as you can see im a fashion show" crossing his legs on the seat.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   283d ago

he kinda looked like a lost dog but mumbled a slight "oh, that neat ive never heard of those before" he shrugged as his wings wrapped back around him slightly blowing his hair out of his face as he slightly shook his head as it tickled

He laughed a bit and looked back at the TV. Alex heard the doorbell ring, he got up from the chair and opened it to see who it was. Once he opened it, he was talking to the person at the door about the fashion show. He ran to his room and grabbed the outfit and give it to the man at the door, alex waved at the man that was leaving and closed that door back. He went back to the livingroom and sat in the chair continuing watching TV.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   281d ago

morning ^^) he tilted his head lightly and looked at the door and back at him "who was that?" his wings had spread back out once he stood up but when he looked back at the door his wings and slightly moved, and he shook his head as it tickled slightly

(morning :D)
"it was one of the people at the fashion show that I talked about, they were grabbing the outfit today and start judging it tomorrow" he smiled when looking at him.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   281d ago

"ah- well i hope you win!" he smiled and turned back at the tv his wings moving back around him trying to keep him warm as he sat there

"eeee! i hope so" he hugged him when he got out of the chair, then went back and sat back down.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   280d ago

im not going to be on till 9 today btw) he got flustered when he hugged him slightly looking away as his wings got closer to him trying to cover his face

(ight =w=)
He giggled when he saw him being flustered. Alex got up and head to his room to do some drawing in his sketchbook.  "ill be in my room, call me if you need anything"
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   280d ago

he smiled lightly to himself and giggled "alright then" his wings slowly went back to were they originally were

Alex went to the bathroom in his bedroom to take a nice shower. He put on some music in there but made sure he can hear anything at the moment. He started taking a shower for a while.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   280d ago

he heard the music and layed down on the couch falling asleep after awhile hearing the music and smiling lightly his wings still wrapped around him

Alex got out of the shower and started to get dressed. Once he was done, he grab his guitar and started playing it and singing in his room. He layed on his bed while doing it.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   279d ago

he had woken up and heard his guitar going up to his room slightly opening it to get a better sound of it he went it and sat down next to him smiling

Alex sat up when playing the guitar and smiled at him when he was singing. He put his back up against his back and started singing a different song when playing his guitar.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   279d ago

he was looking up at him smiling as he listened to him playing his guitar as he laid his head back slightly wings were more wrapped around him as they couldn't move

Alex finishes the song and smiled, he set his guitar down by his bed. He yawns as he slowly falls asleep on him.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   279d ago

he had smiled and was sitting there letting him sleep knowing he was tired after awhile he had also fell asleep as he didnt want to move to wake him up

-few hours later- 
Alex was outside of his house sitting on the ground under a tree. He was relaxing feeling the breeze flow through his hair, he took out his sketchbook and started drawing some stuff in it.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   279d ago

he was watching him draw in his sketchbook as he went to go get something he had tripped and fell making a loud 'thud' sound as he was just sitting there as it had slightly startled him when that happened

Alex looked up seeing him, "you ok there?" he asked as he got up and walked over to him.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   279d ago

he sat there still kinda shocked as he nodded his head slightly " alright" he chuckled slightly rubbing the back of his neck

He giggled, "come on lets head inside its getting chilly out here" he started heading inside of his house.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   278d ago

good morning :)  ) 
he got up and smiled slightly "alright! then" he started to walk inside

(morning =w=)
Once they were inside, alex went to the kitchen and made some hot coco since it was getting chilli from our side. He went to the living room and sat on the couch drinking his hot coco.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   278d ago

i have to go to bed so gn!) "what is that?.." he questioned tilting his head slightly looking at the drink he was holding in his hands as his wings wrapped around him trying to keep him warm

(eee morning =w=)
"its called hot coco, its a drink that people have when its cold outside or inside" he smiled as he drink some more.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   277d ago

"ooh it looks tasty" he smiled as his wings slightly moved "ack-" he shook his head as it made him itch slightly

(hey sorry for not responding back i was not feeling good qwq)
"you can try some if you want but are you ok?" he asked when turning his head to look at him.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   274d ago

its alright hope your better now!) "i can?...and yeah im fine.." he smiled lightly turning back to look at him

"mhm but be careful its still hot tho" he hand it over to him, "and its really good also" he smiled.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   274d ago

he was holding the drink looking down at it taking a drink from the cocoa then smiling "its good" he handed him the drink back before smiling once again

He giggled and got up from the couch, "i heading to my room call me if you need anything" he smiled as he was heading to his room.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   273d ago

good morning!) He smiled “alright then” he then looked back at the tv as a loud noise from it had startled him as his wings covered his body he was staring at the tv

(morning =w=)
He layed down on his bed looking up at the ceiling, he decided to do some drawings in his sketchbook at the meantime. Once he was done doing some drawings, he grabbed his guitar and started to play on it.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   273d ago

he was still looking at the tv still kinda spooked out until he heard his guitar slowly making it up to his room he opened the door and sat next to him on the floor listening to him play his guitar

Alex had an idea and patted him on the head and laughed a bit. He continued playing the guitar and started singing.
TomiokaGiyuuHikaru   272d ago

morning and ima try to respond the best i can im in class rn- and they walk around the classroom lol) 
alright im back-) his face went red as he got flustered and his wings had wrapped around him trying to cover him as he looked up at him his face still red

(ight but i won't be online all day and probably for the rest of the week because im getting ready for the GA Milestones i will be taking) 

He chuckled, "hehe someones flustered, when i pet them"


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