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Shadow and Bone/Grishaverse? - looking for a darkling-

By BrittSehkret

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My oc I was wanting to use is this one.

Amira Silina

My ideas are:

-As in her background I had came up with like a blood pact/ancient promise between Baghra and Amira's grandmother Catalina about the Sun Summoner female of Catalina's bloodline and Shadow Summoner male to wed. Amira is brought to 2nd army but Baghra keeps her from him despite rumors of a sun summoner on grounds. She freely walks amongst 2nd army as a tidemaker but practices with both in Baghra's hut. their first meeting could be during a meeting he calls for 2nd army and he normally has met others or he walks on the training grounds and sees her with her friends training to start things off. Eventually the night of her birthday he feels a pull perhaps to the lake and she's standing there with sun orbs around her.

-Amira lives at home with her parents, Baghra had been leaving the little palace to visit an old friend but was in truth training Amira in private. She's kept hidden for some time and she goes out some time with her brother only to cross paths with him. Since she had avoided testers she isn't known to be Grisha but she knows she is.
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