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Tales of The Unknown

By LadyCrow28
Night falls on the realm of Ar'Anelle. The city is dark, and the forest is dead silent. The
One crescent moon and one quarter hang peacefully in the sky nestled in blankets of stars. The reflection of the water is broken up by trees hanging over the water. Briefly a shadow passes the surface, and a gust follows. Ripples dance across the surface as more leaves and branches crunch and crack in the distance.

Looking past your small campfire deep in thought [your Character] sees movement across the water.

This story will flow with the statements and feel of the posts you make. I would love someone to bounce ideas off of each other. What you do sets the pace of the story and determines where the characters go from here. We can do something magical, something realistic, something historical/fantasy. Where we go depends on how we each write.
You're character sheet should be completed as follows:
Character Sheet
Powers: (If Any)
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LadyCrow28Trina Serein   108d ago

She ran through the forest with sore bare feet and eyes frantically searching. Her heart pounding in her ears as she tried to keep her feet moving. She could swear she was running through thick mud with how heavy her limbs felt. Her legs came out from under her suddenly and she slid into a heap on the forest floor. The air knocked from her chest and scrapes across her form made her writhe in pain. She wanted to scream but she was unable to make a sound. Her hands made their way to her face and covered her mouth. 'I can't scream' she thought resisting the urge to and willing herself to breathe through stifled sobs, 'Breathe...' she thought the word echoing in her mind as she struggled for each gasp. The air finally started to fill her lungs. Gratefully she gulped it in despite the burning pain it brought. All of her pain was nauseating. She rolled herself over and tried to sit up. Her eyes scrolled across the forest around her. She didn't hear anything. Didn't see anything aside from a toad jumping or a snake slithering. An owl was in a tree nearly four meters away, she tried to look behind her and something snapped in her hip. She looked down to notice it had scraped up her side. Her hip didn't feel out of place, but she couldn't be sure right now. She tried to stand up slowly... and instead buckled at the waist and wretched into the forest floor.


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