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Should Have Taken the Stairs

By Neuromancer

This is a thread meant to be short as a start, but if we grow fond can continue; Two university teachers who seemed to run into each other as of late. At first it was small things; getting coffee at the same time, needing a book the other just handed in. Until today, and the start of our thread, that is.

Today, they're both in the same elevator—a rickety old thing at the back of campus—when suddenly it halts, and within a few seconds the lights go out, stuck. What were usually less than a minute meetings of pleasantries turned into thirty minutes of, well, that's up to us.

Helios is a chill biology teacher, the kind of man to crack jokes too often and laugh at them too, who easily starts talking to strangers and acts perhaps a bit too friendly, a bit eccentric if you will. To him, being stuck in an elevator is just an oppertunity to get to know someone, an adult play date even.

Whether your character feels the same, well, that isn't my choice to make, is it?

Brainstorming is a big part of writing for me, so I would adore discussing their earlier meetings, and what we want the elevator scene to be. And of course, once we get closer to rescue arriving, whether we prefer to wrap it up and say thank yous for getting some writing in and ending a thread—Or add more plot to the thing, more meetings, or the like.
Thread Guidelines:
• Be above 21 years old.
• Write at least 300+ words (I tend to land between 500~600)
• Faceclaims will be photographs
• Be willing to brainstorm and talk plot
• Title your PM '
Crocus vernus
', and tell me your own thoughts and ideas.

You will find Helios here
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Neuromancer/helios   58d ago

[size12 A flurry of snowflakes made their way into the hallway when the door opened up to the winter morning, though melted just as quick to become nothing but dark dots on the grey doormat, unnoticed by the man exiting. What he did notice, however, was the loud noise of the heavy door as it slammed shut behind him. A snorted laugh escaped him, and he whispered a soft sorry to whoever in the block of flats might still be asleep at this hour, before he made a hasty escape should any of them look out a window to find the culprit.

By the time he had rounded the corner out of sight, he shook with laughter. There had always been something thrilling in running away, even if there was no reason for it, then again, for Helios Hyland there was always something to laugh about. He brought his mitten-clad hands up to cover his mouth as though he would blow warmth back into frozen skin, as he kept moving at a more leisured pace, and kept them there until his laugh petered out completely.

He did not live too far away from where he worked as a biology professor with a focus on flora, and it was just how he liked it. A nice walk was always something he could enjoy in the morning, and especially more after work when there was still energy that needed expending. He was not one to be ashamed to do a little skip every now and then, usually when the students in his course were enthusiastic about nature—Although some of them, he knew, mostly got him on tangents about various flowers to pass the lecture time without any job having to get done. Though he did not mind that either.

While the snow was undoubtedly pretty, and the muffler and mittens a comforting warmth, by the time he was closer to campus he had started to feel a bit frozen. The idea of trudging up the stairs  had Helios feeling much like a child told to eat the last of the cold porridge, and he did not need to contemplate for too long before continuing on towards the lifts. They were rickety things, but anything was worth not having to move much more. More than anything he wanted to get to the professors lounge and nab himself some warm tea and warm up, maybe he’d even see others there.

He thought of Laurel, as he often did these days. He wondered if the two would meet in the lounge, as he waited for the lift to arrive. They had ran into each other quite a lot recently, or at least that was what it felt like to him, but maybe it was a frequency illusion build from his developing crush.

The sound of the lift doors opening brought him out of his thoughts, and he quickly stepped into the welcoming warmth of the lift, stuffing his mittens in the pockets of his jacket before unzipping it to feel less constricted, and give himself the access to put his hands in the pockets of his black slacks.]


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