The Dark Kiss

By Luki

The Dark Kiss

For centuries most creatures feared vampires. That included even the most purest of beings. Angels hated vampires the most. Vampires always lurking in the dark tormenting innocent people for what? A quick meal? A night of sin? Despite all their hatred towards those blood sucking flees. They knew it was too dangerous to fight against them...

So every year they would send the vampires an offering. They hated giving up one of their own but in order to keep peace they had no choice. This year they choose Suiren. She was different, her wings were red. It was odd to be born with red wings. Of corse she had no desire to be of any part of this. She had no choice they forced her down to earth, made her a sitting duck for those monsters.

What was odd about this whole situation there was only one vampire that came after her. He of course being the strongest and most feared. When he torn into her skin and tasted her delicious crimson he made it clear on was allowed to touch her but him...

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LukiSuiren   20d ago
✧ Monster ✧

[center Suiren being different was forced down to earth. She was an offering for those blood sucking monsters. She wasn't scared to died but for what another year of peace. Was that all her life was wroth? 

It was said that once an angel was surrendered those flees they never came back. Story and rumors spread like wild fire, but no one really knew what happen to them. Although angels are suppose to be immortal and pure. Once a vampire gets a hold of them they change. Sometimes that change lead to their demise. 

Suiren was lucky enough to sneak a knife with her. Surely she wasn't going to give herself up that easily to those... those monsters. It didn't take long for her to get forced down to earth.

The angels that had escorted her patted her back and told her to run as fast as she could. Of course before she left the sacred land they bound her wings. She wasn't surprised now she looked nothing more than a human. That was just what those beast wanted right? An easy target, prey that had been left defenseless.   

She took of running just liked she was told.[+Darkred "Damn this whole thing!"] she mutter to herself as she ran through the forest watching as each shred of light started to vanish into darkness. Surely it wouldn't be long for those beast to be chasing her right. 

If only she could just open her wings and fly. The spell they put her made it impossible. If she could make it to the sunrise. She be free, she be able to fly away from this horrid place. 

Not knowing this land, and where those beast lurked. Was going to make it almost impossible to make it too sunrise. Suiren sighed as she ran towards what little light was left. It was dark getting fast.
shadowthewolf9027saya   19d ago

i had just come from the forest and i said while leaving i will be back and you can never stop me from being nice to a human looks up its night already i run to the same area she was at and bumped her by accident i am so sorry i said while bowing down i backed up seeing she was an angel and i screamed with joy that i had finale found a angel i put my hand out asking to be friends and saying that i was nice and onley drunk the blood of animals so i saw she had a knife so i put my hands up saying don't hurt me please i never felt so scared in my life so i  started to float and was still scared so i blocked myself from her scared as can be  i asked if she was going to hurt me so i waited for an answer i waited for a while i was in my mind thinking that she was not so bad after all so i was still scared but came down and sat down waiting for an answer to my question so i started to hum an song that i had known my whole life and she was very pretty so i told her that she was very pretty so i said your not going to hurt me right i said with a smile.


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