What Lurks Below

By Sf_Pappy
Roxana grew up hidden from the whole world because she was a celestial angel. But normal humans could never have a celestial baby.. That was unless her mother went off and cheated or her mother married a celestial angel in disguise. But Roxana was finally 18 and she was finally allowed to go out without her mother and father hounding her. But something happened she met Him He was a male set from hell. He was en to spy and Roxana and try to lure her in because down below they knew a new celestial being was born and they wanted her to come from them so they send the demon prince off to catch her and marry her.

Very rough plot we can talk more if you are interested in it.
No 18+
1000+ characters
Real pictures preferred for this Roleplay!
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Sleeping_Beauty_Roxana Love   25d ago
Hazard On Heels

Roxana was finally able to be free and she ran the day she turned 18. She hated being trapped all her life. Roxana wasnt as careful as she should have been. She had seen someone it was a boy that she seen. It intrigued her but she knew she shouldnt go up to that male.
[center -]
It could be really dangerous for her sake. So she stayed away. But something made her not want to stay away. Roxana shook her head [+hotpink ''Stay away..''] she said to herself as started to walk the other way. Not wanting to run into anyone else at the moment.
[center -]
She soon found herself sitting in the woods taking in the nature. It seemed to calm her. After some time Roxana got up and went back into town to get something to eat. After all she didnt eat before she ran out of the house. 

(Sorry this is short)

i had saw someone that was a celestial angel so i started to walk towards her or him and found out it was a girl but just walked past her and to the store to get some stuff to for the kingdom
Sleeping_Beauty_Roxana Love   18d ago
Hazard On Heels

Roxana walked into the store to pick up a few things. She was silent as she walked in. All that she needed was a few small things to make dinner with. She made sure to look around everywhere as she was in the store. 
[center -]
Only god knows what could happen to her after all she was right in the open. Perfect opportunity to get snatched by someone here. Roxana than ran right into the male that she saw earlier. [+hotpink ''S-shoot! im s-so sorry!''] she said quickly. Roxana backed away a bit.

i had turned around oh no its fine i said helping her up
Sleeping_Beauty_Roxana Love   18d ago
Hazard On Heels

She tensed up when the male touched her hand to help her up. Roxana just pulled her hand away. [+deeppink ''D-dont touch me!''] she said quickly. She had gotten up herself and tried to rush away from the male. Something was off. She could tell. Roxana had to get out of the store. But waht if he followed her? Would she be safe. Roxana soon backed her self into a shelf.


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