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Until Dawn[horror RP]

By Undertale_lover_

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( one year ago)
You was at Black Woods Mountain for the yearly trip with your friends. And some of the people play a joke on one of the twins sisters Ava. The ones part of the joke got her crush to write her to come up to the room then filmed it. She ran off into the darkness and then Beth twin sister of Ava ran to get her. And they was never seen again. They are still missing to this day.
( present)
It's been almost a year snice Ava and Beth ran off into the dark snowy night. The one that was a part of the prank at lest from what you have heard. They are started to feel bad. Now as you start To drive in a snowy night you get a phone call. You put the phone on speaker, you hear the twins older brother.
" Um hey, i..I know I haven't called in a while. But...I just called everyone to get together the cabin." They was a long pause. The snow fell down harder in the night. " I'm..well you don't have to if you don't want to." He added. You reply that you would.
After a few days you are at the cabin, well the bus stop. You see Ren there. One of your friends. Ren was also at the cabin last year. So now what will happen this year? What kind of nightmare will happen this year? What happened to the twins? Find out in this roleplay.
1 have fun
2 gore, cursing , ect is allowed
3 LGBTQ+allowed
4) Character’s must be at lest 17 years old.
5) at lest 150 Character’s per post.
6) romance Is allowed
7) don't make me add more
Chris/23/male/black hair, green eyes. He has light skin with small scars across his face. Wears a white tee-shirt and blue jeans. Brown boots, black also has a thick beard/ older brother.

Ren/18/genderfuild/ light brown hair with dark brown eyes. Tanisha skin. Black jeans and shirt. A cross neckless.

Asher/17/ trans male/dark brown hair. Undercut. Light blue eyes tan skin. Has freckles all over face. Wears flannels and blue jeans. Black ring on his middle finger. His nails are painted black normally. Has has ghostly blue eyes

Rose/19/female/naturally long white hair. Hair goes down to her waist. It is normally in a ponytail. Wears a black skirt and red leggings and white blouse with a black leather jacket.and green eyes.

Jane/23/ female/ dark brown hair. Has short hair. Wears ripped jeans and ACDC shirt wears a blue jeans shirt. Black boots up to her knees. Ghostly blue eyes sister of Asher.
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Undertale_lover_     290d ago

Ren was sitting down on the bench near the bus stop. He has a black hat on. He held his jacket tightly. He didn't seem to know that you had walked off the bus. His breath could be seen. The snow was falling down hair along with the wind blowing. The snow and wind combined made it even colder.
" Dam, it's so cold here." Ren muttered. After hearing Ren you laugh. If you didn't know Ren like you do you would be able to figure out much from it at all.  Your eyes dart to his bracelet which is blue. Which that you can tell he is felling masculine.Ren looked to you just as the bus left. He quickly got up and waved. 

" Hey nice to see you again." He called out again. He grabbed two bags off the ground. He already had one on his back. " what me to help you carry your stuff?" Some of his hair went in front of his face.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   290d ago

She has gotten off the bus, looking around the cold area as she pulled her jacket slightly closer to her. Her small dog was in a crate which she held. The dog was a nice plump chihuahua but very well behaved to.
She had seen Ren on the bench and his remark made her laugh slightly.

She quickly grabs her bags and also dog and set them down on the ground as Ren was speaking. She just shakes her head. “No I’ll be fine Ren…But are you fine? I don’t think that jacket will keep you warm…?” She laughed again.
Undertale_lover_     290d ago

He laughed " oh well I'm fine." He smiled  a small  smile and looked down see see the dog. " what a cute Chihuahua!" He piped and looked up the trail.  

" nothing much has changed  has it?" He looked down for a small moment. " ehrm, we better go up the trail before it gets any colder. I'm sure the others will be glad to see you." He said.  As he did so the wind slightly eased up at lest for a while.

He fumbled around and got a key out of his pocket.  " ready when you are."
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   290d ago

Summer shrugs and smiled. “Thank you…She’s a half bred..”
She piped up though when hearing about the trail. “Hm? Oh right!- yes…the others…” she still didn’t really trust them.
Ever since what happened she became distant with them because of their stupid prank, she still even blames them. 
“I guess I’m ready..” she spoke quietly and looked away, grabbing her bags.
Undertale_lover_     290d ago

" yeah, you know that not everyone was a part of...that..right?" As he asked his voice broke slightly. He would sigh. And slowly start walking up the trail and unlocked the gate. He paused and made sure Summer was keeping up. 

" the cabin should be warm by the time we get there so that's a plus on taking our time." He said finally to break the silence. He looked to the dog " so what her name I think I forgot...sorry." He said. Ren was never the best with remembering things. No mater how big or littlest likely je would forget it in a few days.
( sorry this one is so short so sorry)
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   290d ago

(You’re fine!)

Summer sighed and shrugged. “Yeah yeah but still…they let it happen..” she grumbled and huffed, her dog barking as well as her small tail wagged back and fourth.

Summer was out of her own thoughts with a question of her dog. “Oh yeah…Rocky…Pretty simple name and she’s a fighter…been with me for quite some time now…doctors said she should’ve been dead with how many cars she’s been hit by..” summer chuckled. “Such an old lady..”
Undertale_lover_     290d ago

" the you shold be mad at everyone then." He sighed " plus I really don't blame you. No one will." He walked threw the gate way then after Sumer walked by he locked the gate. 

" hey Summer, do you want to take the cable car up? it will be a bit quicker." He asked as he tossed some snow at a tree with a small smile.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   290d ago

Summer shrugs and rolled her eyes, continuing to follow him. “True…I guess..”
She heard about the cable car and she shakes her head. “I wanna get some exercise in…here..” she placed the bags and the create with her dog in the cable car instead. “Just take that up…”
Undertale_lover_     289d ago

He seemed slightly worried. " are you positive?" He asked. He titled his head slightly them looked to the car the the trail.
" I can walk up the trail I won't mind. " He stated. This was normal for Ren to Worry about every little thing. 

He rubbed his hand together as he talked.
" sorry I shouldn't be so worried about stuff. " He waved his hands as he talked and walked to the cable car and sat down.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   289d ago

“Yes I’m sure…and don’t worry…I’ll be fine I think I know the rest of the way there..” she informed him and smiled softly. “Don’t worry about me…” she hugged him before starting to run, going to the area.
The dog watched her leave and had laid down.
Undertale_lover_     288d ago

I am so sorry I ended up getting busy I forgot to reply)
He would nodd as he got in and shut the door.  He looked to Rocky. 
" is okay I'm sure Summer will be fine." He said as he looked out the window as the Cable car began to move. He try to see the trail but didn't see to much. 

After a while he got his stuff on his back then lightly picked up Rocky. He looked around for Summer.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   288d ago

Summer had came up after a few minutes and wasn’t even breaking a sweat, probably due to the weather. She walked up to him and took rocky and her bags. “Thank you, wasn’t so hard going up here, I think we should go on a run sometime..rocky loves runs to..” she smiled.
Undertale_lover_     288d ago

" yeah it is nice up here." Ren looked up and walked to the cabin. It was two story, from the outside they could hear the others and see the lit fire. Ren held the door open.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   288d ago

Summer quickly walked inside and placed her bags down and let out rocky who went out and stretched. 
Her tail wagged and she walked out, stretching every so often.
Summer looked around. “It’s warm…And clean..I’m kind of surprised..”
Undertale_lover_     288d ago

Chris turned around form the fire. 
" oh you came Summer!" He seemed happy that everyone was here. 

Asher turned around sleepy eyed and waved. After he let out a yawn he said,
" hey Summer." He stood up. And lightly elbowed his sister Jane. 
Jane and rose looked  to Ren and Summer then looked down.

" come sit down and warm up." Chris ponited near the fire place. " sees like you need it Ren." He slightly snickered as a joke

. " yeah yeah Chris." Ren rolled his eyes.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   288d ago

Summer smiled and shook her head. “I’m fine I’m just starving…”
Rocky had gone over to each of them and sniffed them but of course just went back to summer.
Summer picked rocky up and held her close. “How are you all doing…?”
Undertale_lover_     288d ago

" I'm okay." Chris shrugged off the question somewhat. 
" all God what about you?" Rose asked everyone would say something of the kind.
" you remember where the kitchen is right?" Chris asked as Ren walked to the fireplace. Jane just sighed and looked down to the ground. Some of her hair fell infrount of her face.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   288d ago

“Yep…I should…” she walked off to the kitchen. She grabbed herself some fruit, a green apple, and ate half of that, before the lights went out. “Hm?”
Rocky had started barking but stopped knowing summer was fine.
Summer got up and sighed. “Great….powers out?” She didn’t exactly know as it went out quickly. She just continued to eat her apple and went through cabinets, she had great eye sight.
Undertale_lover_     287d ago

They was slightly squeals from rise and Jane when the power went out. Chris rolled his eyes.
" I'll go out and get the generator on just chil please, don't scream." He said as he grabbed his jacket and a light Ren got up. 
" I'll help Asher you stay here." Ren said as he walked outside.

Asher got up and walked to the kitchen with a flash light. " hey Summer? You in here?" He questioned as he got closer.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   287d ago

Summer looked at him and nodded. “Yeah I can see pretty well in the dark so I’m pretty much fine…I thought it was some prank of yours…” she spoke with a sour tone but shakes her head.
Rocky barked at asher and went to him, tail wagging. She licked his hand when he brought it down then walked off to sleep somewhere.
“I’m guessing the storm got the power?” Summer spoke again.
Undertale_lover_     286d ago

He tried to pet rocky. " I'm sorry I never ment for that to happen! No one did! She ran out into the snow storm." He looked down. " flashlight." He put it down and crossed his arms and sighed. 

" I'm sorry." He muttered before he walked to the kitchen hallway and stood foe a while  before going to the fire
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   286d ago

She sighs and walked off to go get rocky.
She found rocky somewhere near the garage door. “There you are girl…” she picked rocky up who seemed to have seen something which made her bark like crazy.
“Rocky calm down! What is it?”
Rocky continued to bark and summer tried to see what it was she was barking at. She couldn’t see anything though, even with her good eyesight.
Undertale_lover_     284d ago

Ren and Chris screamed and started to run. She could hear another person running. Jane would hurry and jumped. 
" this isn't funny!" She yelled out to the darkness. As they got closet they was a flashlight in the darkness getting closer
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   283d ago

She quickly picks rocky ups em heard the screaming. “Guys?!” She looked around and started to walk away. Rocky was still growling.
“Guys? Are you in here!” She spoke again and waited for an answer. When she didn’t get one she just decided to go to the living room and sit on the couch. They had probably played some prank but she won’t be fooled so easily.
She sighed and kissed Rocky’s forehead. Rocky’s tail wagged and rocky had fallen asleep on summers lap.
Undertale_lover_     280d ago

Rose ran in after a while hearing her name being called soon after Ren and Chris did the same. Ren and Chris glared at Summer.
" you didn't try to help!" Chris yelled " some friend you are." He shivered his way up the stairs to his room. 
Rose was surprised, " what happened? Whats up with him?" She questioned
" huh he thought some one was chasing us and we both yelled and ran I don't know." Ren shrugged. " he's just acting wrid."
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   280d ago

“Yeah yeah suck on a dick!” Summer yelled and turned back to her dog. Rocky seemed confused and her head tilted. “It’s okay love! We are fine! Probably some dumbass prank..” she growled out and held rocky close. “Who’s a good girl?”
Rocky started to yip and lick her face, making her smile.
Undertale_lover_     280d ago

Ren seemed hurt. " hey I wasn't a park of the prank last year so don't hold it again me and Chisholm was pasted out." He replied in both of their defenses. Ren walked across the room and sat. 

Jane stood up " this isn't what chirs wants let's try to get alone for gis sake? " She asked everyone " oh nevermind " she rolled her eyes and started to walk out of the room
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   280d ago

She sighed. “Do you think I came here to forgive you all though? I don’t care who or who wasn’t involved but I know a few of you were…And I won’t forgive any of you for that stupid idea…I’m so glad my father had taught me better..”
Of course though Remembering her father, he was missing. He had gone on an adventure with her friends father and also her other friends mother. He hasn’t returned, neither has the other parents.
Rocky whined quietly and licked summers cheek. “I’m fine…”
Undertale_lover_     279d ago

Chirs over heard but just keep silent and walked to the kitchen. Ren jumped up.
" then hate yourself too because you didn't stop them so Chris hate him for being pasted out and everyone else bit oh no. He's tring to get alone bit you can't even do that!" Ren snaped " I'm done." He stormed off. Rose looked down.  
" well it was a joke no one needed nlto run outside. They ran out." She sighed
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   279d ago

“Oh fuck off! It’s not like I have other shit to do!!” Summer quickly stormed off as well.
Of course made sure rocky was comfortable before storming off.
Rocky seemed confused but yawned and laid back down.
Undertale_lover_     276d ago

Chirs was up stairs. " stop fight everyone. You don't have to belive them but I lost more than you! They was my younger sister or do you not care?" He stoped " sorry sorry " he stored down the stairs. 

Rose sighed. " I'm sorry Chris. " She muttered.
" just beautiful the heel up and don't argue." He walked off dome where. 

Ren was about to pet rocky.
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   275d ago

“Well I lost my own damn parents! You think that can compare to shit other than the loss of a sister?!” She went into her room and slammed the door shut. “And how am I suppose to know what isn’t a prank and what ISNT!!”

Rocky had woken up and huffed, walking away and to summers room.
Undertale_lover_     252d ago

Chris would just glare at everyone. " everything is everyone fault but he's isnt?" Chirs spat as he shut his door. Rose would sigh and flush at her remarks about everyone. 
Ren would just sit next to a fire. " let both of them calm down some." He would state the others nodd slightly as it feel silently
WellerInkTellsSummer Jones   252d ago

Rocky scratched on summers door and summer picked her up. “I shouldn’t have took this trip here…Should’ve continued looking for my parents…” she mumbled and pets rocky, placing her on the bed.
Rocky seems to have saw something and started to bark at the window.
“Rocky? What is it?”


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