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Hiya! I haven't done something like this in a long time~! I feel like I need to add this, but I don't expect much out of my rp partners, just don't write one liners. At least 500 characters [i minimum] and for the love of god do not quit after the first post. As a fanfic writer I tend to plan [i very] far ahead with my posts, so please expect that. I promise you I'm not a douche bag, I've just had too many people stop responding after like the second or third post. I am sure real life has caught up to these people and I understand. My usual posts depends on how much my partner posts and whether I am stuck with writer's block or not. I do tend to average around 1000 characters depending on how much the person I'm rping with writes. I also write fanfics, you can see them on my profile. those I keep to 1k words per chapter but since people somehow mistake them for rps, take a look! My posting times vary, depending on whether I'm on my phone at work or not. I do have a steady job even during this, but I'd like to get back into rping while thinking up plot twists for my own stories. I prefer to play male characters, and using real pictures. also for those looking for plots, here: Geon-Tae is a new student at ___'s school. He is known for being a loner right off the bat, but he has his own reasons. ___'s known to be the popular kid who knows everything about everyone. Geon-Tae is not one for attention, but he immediately catches ___'s attention because he is new. What secrets does Geon-Tae hold? Why is he a loner? That was ___'s goal to find out. Geon-Tae's biggest secret was that every person he ever came in contact with and made friends with has died. In some way or another he had caused their death. His parents moved towns to ___'s small town because it was a last resort. Here Geon-Tae could hopefully just disappear, and not cause anymore deaths. He knew from experience that being in a big city meant more death, so a small town would hopefully do just fine. As Geon-Tae established himself as the loner who refused to make friends, __ is determined to be his first friend. When mysterious accidents start happening and Geon-Tae starts not showing up at school, what will ___ do? Will they talk to Geon-Tae? Or will the rumors about his past cause them to leave Geon-Tae alone like he had wanted? [center ~] Changkhyun is your typical teenager. He loves sneaking out to parties, getting drunk, the usual. He never sleeps around though, that was something he just refused to do no matter how drunk he got. No one knew the real him. He built up this image of himself because he secretly was an alpha of a pack of werewolves. Being a pure blooded werewolf meant that he didn't get to choose his mate. His mate would find him, and his pure blood powers would finally awaken. ___ is new to town, and new to the school. They are instantly drawn to Changkhyun, but Chankhyun takes no notice of them. ___ suspects that something is up with Changkhyun when something in Changkhyun changes and suddenly he stops going to parties and gets his act together. Little did they know that they were actually Changkhyun's mate, and Chankhyun's pure blood power finally awakens. What is Changkhyun's pure blood power you ask? He isn't quite sure himself. He just felt a click in his mind and he instantly knew. A dark energy that could destroy everything in its path if not under control. Changkhyun actually left school for a week to get his powers in control before coming back to school with a more reserved personality. He was afraid to hurt anyone, but he wanted to find his mate. ___ notices this new change, and decides, regardless of their better judgment, to try and talk with Changkhyun, become friends even. What happens when Changkhyun finally reveals to ___ about what they were after he realized they were his mate? Will ___ accept it and help Changkhyun get a grip on his powers? Or will they leave him and let Changkhyun deal with it himself?
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