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Illuni Noctem

By Cat22

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Within the depths of the forest, there lies a building that seemed to have been abandoned for years. This could be seen on the outside of the building although those who wandered too close to it often went missing. Of course, nobody knew the reason about why or how they went missing although there have been stories of what has done it.

A few months after the first stories were heard, a bounty was placed on finding out what caused the disappearances and put a stop to it. Several teams had heard of the rumors and were too scared to take it on and those that were willing to take it on were often occupied with something else. Due to this, the bounty was never picked up until one day when a new group of people decided to take it on. They weren’t scared of what lies ahead and boldly accepted the bounty before heading off to the abandoned building to complete it.

When the team arrived at the abandoned building, they decided to immediately enter it however, this proved to be a mistake because the doors to the outside slammed shut on them and immediately locked themselves from the outside so that those who were inside could no longer escape. It was then that they noticed a doll of sorts on the ground and it completely matched the description of one of the missing people which haunted the team. Due to this, they soon discovered that those who have been trapped were almost always turned into living dolls that were doomed to wander the building for eternity although the mysterious person who created them was unknown. Will everyone on the team find a way out or will they all be another set of unfortunate victims?
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KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   290d ago
yee haw mf

The man and his group made a long trek to this said house where their bounty was. Once they got there his group was split. Leaving only a handful of people. He sighed before walking in. Immediately he was snatched up by the house, taken to a dark room
Cat22Tidus   290d ago

“Are you kidding me?!? Why did he go in on his own!” Tidus growled softly before he ran into the house. He was one of the party members who decided to accompany the man for his own personal reasons and as such, felt that he was obligated to run into the house. He was immediately followed by Bartz, Firion, Vaan and Marth who had also accompanied him during this time.
KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   290d ago
yee haw mf

Instead of Sakata being there a completely different person was there. [b [+red Hey hey.]] the man said before they were grabbed and put where Sakata was
Cat22Tidus   290d ago

“What the he-“ Tidus said before he and the others ended up getting grabbed and thrown into the same dark room that their ally was in. They had no idea about how they had ended up there and it was rather dark which made it harder for them to see.

“I knew that we should’ve stayed home today…” Firion muttered softly.
Kanedgy03   290d ago
yee haw mf

Sakata sighed and said, [b [+purple It was a trap. We were tricked.]] in a matter-of-fact tone. He seemed to have accepted his fate. [b [+purple Obviously they're magic users as well.]]
Cat22Marth   290d ago

“We should’ve known but who exactly set the trap? That’s what I wish to know.” Marth said softly. He was a little disappointed about how he and everyone else easily fell for the trap that ensnared the entire party although he was trying his best to hide that disappointment.

“Then it should be very simple to use magic to get out! Luckily, you teamed up with a few mages so I’ll have us out of here in no time at all!” Tidus said cheerfully as he created a small fireball in the palm of his hand. What he said was met with a look of annoyance from Firion and Vaan who opted to remain silent for the time being.

Bartz also decided to remain silent except for a sigh of disappointment when Tidus said what he was going to say.
KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   290d ago
yee haw mf

Sakata snickered. [b [+purple I agree Marth, and Tidus it's not that simple. I can't even move my legs. Someone stronger than us wanted us, for some reason...]]
Cat22Vaan   290d ago

“Are we restrained by something?” Vaan asked the others that were with him. He immediately jumped to asking the question about if everyone was restrained or not after hearing the comment that Sakata made about not being able to move.

“He’s always like this… There’s no way of stopping him so just let him believe that it’s that simple. Trust me, it works.” Firion said. He was still rather annoyed at how Tidus though that escaping was going to be easy however, he didn’t make a further comment about the subject.

“I don’t think we are but then again, we can’t really see too well in the darkness. If we had a light source, however, that would be a different story.” Bartz said softly. He attempted to create a small orb of light in the palm of his hand in order to illuminate the otherwise darkened room.

((Reposted because I used the wrong character.))
KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   290d ago
yee haw mf

He sighed, [b [+purple Probably Vaan.]] he looked around once Bartz had lit up the room and there were chains and blood everywhere. Dead in front of them was a crucifix.
Cat22Marth   290d ago

“Dear lord… What kind of madman did this… There are chains and blood everywhere and something else as well…” Marth said softly. He was horrified by what he saw and was practically asking Bartz to dismiss the light that he just made.

“Umm… Maybe I shouldn’t have illuminated the area… It’s obvious that we’re not really in a good place right now…” Bartz said before he quickly dismissed the light that he created by using magic earlier. He was creeped out by what he saw which was a feeling shared by the other three that were standing right next to him.

“And now we know what’s in here. It honestly just makes being trapped in this place even worse than before.” Vaan said before he ended up sighing. He then turned to Firion and Tidus who were also horrified by what they saw.

“I’ve seen some horrific things but that was easily one of the most horrific sights that I have ever had to witness. Just what could have caused it to be like that.” Firion said softly. He turned to look at Tidus who opted to remain silent after he spoke.
KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   290d ago
yee haw mf

Sakata sighed. He was constantly thinking of a way he could escape with the group. In every scenario he died. Sighing, he said [b [+purple Well, we'll need to wait until the ringleader pops up.]]
Cat22Firion   290d ago

“And how long do you suppose that will take? There’s only so much time in the world and for some, it may be cut short.” Firion said softly. He was currently right next to Bartz who had been shaken by what he saw. Due to this, it was up to Firion to comfort the young wanderer and make sure that he was alright.

“I don’t know but I don’t want to be in here forever. I’ve got some things outside that I wish to do and I don’t want for them to be put off due to this.” Vaan said softly.
KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   290d ago
yee haw mf

Sakata sighed and realized he could now move. Taking his sword out, he cut the air in front of him, opening the wall which led to a bunch of hallways
Cat22Tidus   290d ago

“Dear god… That’s a lot of hallways. How are we supposed to cover them all and find out which one actually leads us somewhere?” Tidus said. He was not happy about the number of hallways that were present and wanted to see if there was a way to quickly explore them.

“We are not splitting up, Tidus. We’re going to stay together since we don’t know what is lurking out there.” Vaan said in a tone of voice that suggested he was scolding Tidus.
KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   281d ago
yee haw mf

The man sighed, [b [+purple None of you have tracking magic? Tell me at least one of you does]]
Cat22Marth   281d ago

“Unfortunately, that sort of magic isn’t our specialty. I’ve tried using it before on my own but the spell ended up backfiring. If we were to use a spell like that, it would need to be cast by multiple people linking their mana together so that the other members of the team can track them.” Marth said softly. He looked over at the others while he spoke as if asking them if they knew how to link mana.

“I can try establishing a mana link between us. I’ve established one with Tidus before but the link will only be there as long as we need it and should anything happen to one of us that breaks the link, the others might be able to immediately know.” Vaan said before he and Tidus used a spell to link the mana that they had together. They did this for the remainder of the group and their lead was followed by Bartz and Firion who also helped form the small mana network.

“Alright! Now we’re ready! We can split up without having to worry about not knowing where the others are!” Bartz said cheerfully.
KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   281d ago
yee haw mf

The man smiled, [b [+purple I like the blue haired man. You, come with me. Let's go to the far left one.]] he said before walking towards the hallway he was talking about
Cat22Marth   281d ago

Marth ended up following the man and remained silent as he did so. He created a small fireball in the palm of his hand which would serve as a source of light and a defense should one ever be needed.

Vaan and Tidus split up and tackled two of the other hallways that the other members of their team hadn’t decided to go down. They were sure that they would be fine on their own hence the reason why they ultimately decided to split up to help cover more ground in terms of searching the hallways.

Once Bartz and Firion noticed that the others had left, they looked at each other before talking amongst themselves for a bit before heading down two of the halls that weren’t taken. Due to the mana link, they weren’t too worried about having trouble finding their way back although they split up from each other as well.
KanedgyThe Lost Samurai   280d ago
yee haw mf

The man stayed quiet as well. Once they turned a corner all they saw was dry blood and rusty weapons. Skeletons slumped on the walls and crushed bones on the floor
Cat22Marth   280d ago

“What the hell has been happening down here… Why are there so many skeletons…” Marth muttered softly. He was rather frightened by the sight of the skeletons and didn’t want to know what else lurked down the hallway.

“Looks like it’s been smooth sailing for me. Everything’s in the clear except for the occasional blood stain.” Bartz muttered softly. He continued to walk and had created a small light crystal which floated in front of him in order to light the way ahead of him. He didn’t want to go any farther without a source of light.

Vaan and Tidus continued down the hallways that they had chosen and had also created light crystals to illuminate the path ahead of them. They had no idea what they were going to find which was why they kept their guard up as they traveled.

Firion continued down the hallway that he chose but didn’t seem to be too freaked out by what he saw. He had seen death happen firsthand and as such, stains of blood didn’t really scare him all that much.


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