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Recast (Horror Roleplay)

By Cat22
Backup thread
Deep within the woods, there is an arcade where people once went to escape the struggles of everyday life. This arcade was full of video games and was very popular back in the day with teens and young adults however, something changed when some of the arcade’s visitors didn’t return from their trip to the arcade one night. This ended up alarming the other arcade regulars who traveled back to the arcade to see if they could find out what happened to the regular that disappeared. This prompted a trip back to the arcade where the party that entered it slowly disappeared one by one after discovering a room full of life sized replicas of several video game characters. Nobody knows why this group disappeared but shortly after they weren’t found, the arcade was closed down. The whereabouts of the missing arcade visitors were never found even after the several years that the arcade was closed down.

However, a new group of teens and young adults stumbled upon the old arcade and decided to go into it just for some laughs however, the doors shut behind them which trapped them inside. It was then that they encountered one of the replicas that was now wandering around the arcade. The replica that they encountered didn’t seem to be hostile but the second one they encountered tried to attack the group. This caused the group to flee but not without having questions of their own.

What dark secrets will they encounter in the arcade and will they escape to tell the tale or will they be just like the other victims that were recast?

1. No NSFW or 18+ content (mentions of r*pe, n*dity, s*icide and attempted s*icide are also not allowed.)

2. Don’t be overpowered or godmod.

3. Keep the roleplay at a Teen rating. I don’t want for this roleplay to be taken down

4. Blood and light gore is allowed. After all, this is meant to be a little scary.

5. Both the exploration teams and the victims who were recast are able to be played. The recast all have different personalities and temperaments with some being friendly and others being downright hostile.

6. No leaving/destroying the arcade! The doors are locked so don’t even try to leave.

7. Canon Characters are allowed but many of them are victims that have been recast. OCs are also allowed and many of them make up the exploration team that went into the arcade as a dare.

8. Please wait for three posts before posting again.

9. Please leave OOC drama out of this roleplay.

10. For posts that have sensitive topics, please put a trigger warning at the start of the post.

11. Don’t exclude other people from interactions unless your character is specifically excluding them. Similarly, there will be no main characters either due to the fact that having main characters would end up causing characters who aren’t designated as main characters to be ignored and we don’t need for anyone to feel left out because of that.

12. Don’t be discriminatory towards other people on the basis of race, disabilities, sexuality, gender, etc. (Basically, don’t discriminate against people in general. That is final)


Exploration Team
Ash - Riverismybaby
Mikokoa - niikoban
Enver Terzi - Meedy
Morgan Diaz - SZA

The Recast
Marth “Mars” - Cat22
Nick Pocket “Nicholas Pocket” - DaRobin
Firion “Nyra Goldshadow” - Cat22

Briar Huxley - niikoban

Again, sorry for the not-so-good description. Also, to join, bios are recommended so please PM me the filled out version of the template below.

True Name: (Optional, For the Recast only)
Role: (Recast or Exploration Team)
Fandom They’re From: (If Applicable)
Backstory: (Please make it have some sense that corresponds to the roleplay.)
Other Info:


Name: Ash
Age: 15
Gender: nonbinary
Role: Exploration team
Fandom They’re From:N/A
Personality: Calm, Shy, tends to think before doing something.
Abilities: Can sense when the recast is coming
Appearance: brown hair, multiple piercings, always hides their face.
Backstory: Their brother was part of the recast and disappeared before they shut down the arcade. She already knew about it but was too young to go there and when her brother disapeared she promised herself she would find him.

Name: Marth
True Name: Mars
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Recast Human
Role: Recast
Fandom They’re From: Fire Emblem
Personality: Mars/Marth is one of the more friendly beings that were Recast. He has taken on a majority of Marth’s personality which will be listed below although he still has retained his love for song which is evident by how singing or humming can sometimes be heard in the halls of the arcade.

Inherited Personality

Marth is rather shy and aloof when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. This can cause him to somewhat stutter when speaking to a new person although he tries to keep this under control which can sometimes end up backfiring for him. He is also extremely humble to the point where he may get somewhat bashful when complimented by other people. He is kindhearted, talented and idealistic as a leader. He is also overly trusting at times which has led to his allies having to keep a close eye on him so that he doesn’t end up falling into a trap just to save an ally and to make sure that he doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
Abilities: Mars has the same abilities as the Fire Emblem hero that he was recast as although as a Recast, he cannot physically age.
Appearance: Before becoming one of the Recast, Mars had short blonde hair and brown eyes. He was often considered to be rather short for his age and was around 5’4” back when he was still human. He often wore clothing of a casual style with his favorite outfit being a tank top with a Rathalos on it that was pared with khaki shorts. Mars also had a fair skin tone which carried over when he ended up becoming a Recast.

As a Recast, Mars looks exactly like Marth and has short blue hair, blue eyes and wears a more formal style of clothing. He is 5’6” and has a fair skin tone.
Backstory: Back when he was a human, Mars was often always the odd one out of social groups due to how he was not good at interacting with people in person. However, interacting with people online was a completely different story in the matter. It was online that he met someone at his school that often went to the arcade. He engaged in conversation with this person and eventually decided to go to the arcade in order to meet this person. When he arrived at the arcade, he saw a teenager his age waiting patiently for him. This teenager had long black hair, blue eyes and was wearing a Super Mario shirt along with blue pants and white slip-on shoes. They were also one inch taller than Mars who was rather curious about the arcade.

“So, you finally made it, Mars! I was worried that you weren’t going to show up!” The teenager said cheerfully before they started to walk into the arcade. They were followed by Mars who asked why they were visiting an arcade in the first place although he was met with what seemed like silence until the two were in the arcade. Once they were in the arcade, the teenager grabbed Mars by the hand and led him into a room that they thought was just a new part of the arcade however, they would soon be proven wrong. This room was the one that had life sized replicas of video game characters and soon enough, once they stepped into the room, the two of them disappeared without a trace. Nobody knew what happened to them but they didn’t come out of the room that they had previously entered. This incident happened only a month before the arcade closed down which made it one of the more recent incidents in the history of the arcade.

A short while after he first disappeared, Mars had found out that he had changed once he woke up. He started to look around for the teenager that accompanied him but there was no sign of them anywhere. The only thing that he did see were the life sized replicas of video game characters and his own reflection which revealed that he had been recast as Marth, the first protagonist of the Fire Emblem series although the details about who recast him were still unknown. What was known was that the arcade had now become his home and that most of his original personality now overlapped with the personality of the character that he was recast as.
Other Info: (Sorry about the long bio.)

Name: Firion
True Name: Nyra Goldshadow
Age: 17 (Nyra’s age. Firion appears to be 18)
Gender: Male
Species: Recast Human
Role: Recast
Fandom They’re From: Final Fantasy (Nyra is just Nyra but he was recast as a Final Fantasy character hence the reason why the fandom here is Final Fantasy)
Personality: Nyra/Firion tends to be one of the more hostile Recast that can be encountered in the arcade. He tends to be rather cold towards those who he first meets unless said otherwise. He also won’t become downright hostile unless he deems that it is necessary which doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it often leaves those who made the mistake of doing something that warranted a fire spell being shot at them trembling in fear. It is due to these reports that Nyra/Firion has been classified as one of the more hostile Recast.

Nyra also tends to be hot-blooded which is a trait shared with Firion. This trait will sometimes put him in danger if he’s stuck in a situation that will place him in danger. He has also inherited some aspects of Firion’s personality which also ended up including his stubbornness and slightly overprotective behavior. He also is only loyal to those he completely trusts and that trust can end up fading away rather quickly.
Abilities: Nyra has the same abilities as Firion due to being Recast as him and he also cannot age due to this.
Appearance: Nyra has long black hair, blue eyes, a fair skin tone, and wears a more casual clothing style. He is around 5’5” in terms of height and also has one strand of hair that slightly sticks up. The casual clothing that he likes to wear is almost always video game related in some way, shape or form. He also rarely ties up his hair and prefers to leave it down all the time.

When he was recast, Nyra took on the appearance of Firion and has long silvery white hair, pale brown eyes, and a slightly darker skin tone. He is 6’0” in terms of height and wears clothing in a style that one would find in a fantasy JRPG.
Backstory: Nyra was one out of many teenagers in his neighborhood that absolutely loved video games and online chat rooms. He used chat rooms and played video games a lot in his spare time when he didn’t have anything else that he needed to do and earned a reputation online as the God Killer due to how many video games he played that required players to fight a god at some point in them. Of course, his favorite video game series ended up being Final Fantasy but he was unable to find the older games. It was this fact that drove him to going to the arcade to see if they had the games that he wanted to play.

Since it was his first time going, he wanted to invite a friend over and just so happened to be in contact with Mars at the moment which was how the younger teen received an invitation to go to the arcade with him which was accepted rather quickly. As a result, Mars and Nyra soon met each other at the entrance to the arcade before going inside. Nyra quickly walked towards one of the game consoles at the arcade and then started to play Final Fantasy II until he was yanked away by Mars who wanted to go explore the arcade. Of course, Nyra walked back to the console and finished playing the game in one sitting before walking back over to Mars after shutting it off and placing it back where he found it. It was then that he decided to lead Mars over to another location in the arcade which just so happened to be the room where the replicas of video game characters were. After they entered the room, the two of them disappeared without a trace and left no evidence behind that they were there.

About a few hours after he first disappeared, Nyra ended up awakening in the same replica room that he had disappeared in although he was currently unaware of the change that occurred with him. After noticing that Mars wasn’t there beside him, he started to call out for the younger teen which didn’t seem to be working. After he called out for him, he realized that his own voice was different and that prompted him to walk over to a glass pane nearby which revealed that he had been recast as Firion, Final Fantasy II’s main protagonist. The details of how it happened were unknown although it was clear that the arcade was now his home and that he couldn’t leave it.
Other Info:

Basic things
Name: Mika Coco
Nicknames: Mikokoa, Niiko, Smalls
Gender: Up to interpretation
Species: Kemonomimi
Age: 14 (05/19)

Mikokoa’s a quiet person, even in large friend groups or at social gatherings. It makes it pretty easy to forget they’re even there. Though, when you convince them to talk about their interests, they go on huge rants that barely make any sense. They prefer to keep to themself though, so it’s not often they’re seen in groups. That’d make you think they hate everyone but nah, they’re just.. extremely awkward. They secretly wish they could join in but don’t seem to know how to start up a conversation.
Alignment: Lawful Good

Besides being able to communicate with the dead through dreams, they have no experience in it or even knew they could until recently. Mikokoa isn’t useful in a fight either and is a terrible liar, though, they can hide in small spaces, climb, and run pretty fast. At times they can be weirdly good at dodging attacks too if they’re taking the fight seriously.
Weakness: Mikokoa’s dependency on others and their opinions

Idle theme: A Home for Flowers (Tulip)
Alt: Oh My God.
Fight theme: Help Me

Sexuality: Aromantic Asexual
Occupation: Paperboy
Voiceclaim: Kaai Yuki

Fun facts!
- They can’t smell but somehow can taste, though they can’t taste as much as you normally would.

- Woah, they have ADHD!!

- Their religion is the one that take the most L’s (Judaism)

- Ironically, even though they’re a cat their favorite animals are snakes

Mikokoa is a 4'6" cat-like person(?) with a petite body type, narrow shoulders, and long legs. What their gender is isn’t exactly clear, though they don’t seem to care what you refer to them as and even enjoy it when people guess.
They have curly, blueish black hair and white fur with grey stripes. Mikokoa’s arms and legs fade into black at the bottom.
They wear a blue buttoned up knitted sweater, a fuzzy beige skirt, black tights, and boots. The paw pads on the bottom of the boots are pink.

Basic things
Name: Briar Huxley
Nicknames: Dopey, Briarpatch, Grumpy
Gender: Male - He/him
Species: Human
Age: 23 (06/14)

Briar’s pretty quiet and prefers not to say much, but when he does speak it’s either a sarcastic remark or him pointing out your stupidity. He’s blunt and is aware that his words might hurt others, but doesn’t care. He’s calm and logical in dangerous situations, but gets frustrated pretty easily. Outside of work, he’s awkward and is terrible at emotional support or comfort. He’s a pretty good listener though, so there’s that I guess.
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Briar is skilled with guns, throwing knives, and any sharp objects. He depends on speed and stealth. Since he’s weaker physically, he can easily be pinned down, plus, he can’t punch very hard without hurting himself. To make up for that, he either uses brass knuckles or just.. kicks you. Kicking is better, anyways.
Weaknesses: His need for praise and addictive personality

Idle theme: Oh, It’s You.
Alt: Danger Mystery
Fight theme: None.. yet.

Sexuality: Unlabelled
Occupation: Assassin
Voiceclaim: Dennis Prager, which is also the same guy known for making an entire video on why babies are narcissists.

Fun facts!
- He smells like cheap wine and cigarettes drowned out by different kinds of nice smelling colognes and deodorants.
… Gross.

- Briar’s left handed, it’s also the wrist he has arthritis in (ouch)

- He has his hair tied back a majority of the time to keep it out of the way, just in case anyone were to attack him. If he has it down it’s because he’s relaxed.

- He goes to sleep in his boxers and whatever shirt he wore that day, why? Because he’s lazy.

Briar has a clean, fancy appearance but his hair is always somewhat messy. He’s covered in scars, the most noticeable being the ones on his hands, neck, jaw, and the bridge of his nose. He has a more slender body type with narrow shoulders and long legs, he isn’t very tall either, standing at 5'6" but looks about 5'8" because of his boots.

Name: Enver Terzi
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Role: Exploration
He is a pretty religious and history heavy person. Usually judging a person on mainly faith and partially on where they come from. He respects mainly people of abrahamic religions such as jews and christians he himself being a Muslim
He is experienced in basic hand to hand combat since at the age of 11 to 14 he got sent to a military school for preteens/young teens. He enjoys using a metal baseball bat although
His ability ability is simple a 5 second phase ability. Being able to dissapear in and out and to move around in that space he dissapears to. Objects he can see but he cannot see a person while he phases. Usually takes 1-2 minutes between each phase
Appearance: he has neck length black hair taking inspiration from old arab hairstyles and a pair or rectangle glasses he only wears rarely. Please i struggle to write appearances so ill just hyperlink an image image
Backstory: he immigrated a couple years back to the local areas with his family. He has fit in relatively with ease. He does have a story for the horns just ask because i wanna write him talking about it

Name: Nick Pocket
True Name: Nicholas Pocket
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Role: Recast
Fandom They’re From: (If Applicable)
Personality: Friendly, a loner but could use some friends, like solving mysteries
Abilities: none
Appearance: looks like he is 15. Wears a leather jacket, jeans, navy blue button-down shirt, and Tommy Hilfiger shoes
Backstory: Before he was a recast he was 15 at the height of 5'1" (Which he still is) he was a little nerdy looking for mysteries to solve to escape the rest of the world. When he is not out finding mysteries to solve, he is at the arcade playing video games
Other Info: none

Name: Morgan Diaz
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Um Human
Role: Investigation team (sorry I forgot what its called)
Fandom They’re From Just my OC but my OC is based on dua lipa
Personality: Brave, foodie, quiet sometimes, not that social
Abilities: can hide nervousness
Appearance: Dark, black hair, wears blue and white a lot, wears Nike`s,
Backstory: Morgan Diaz is a 16-year-old who has never experienced something like this before. She`s a quiet but nice girl. Her mother and father divorced so she lives only with her father, but, he drinks a lot and hurts her a lot. But she stays strong no matter what
Other Info: She can speak Spanish very well
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can i just use this OC??
Cat22     298d ago

((Sure you may! Just fill out the template that’s in the description and send it to me!))
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Wait, I just reread the OC and your saying I could have been my Robin this whole time?
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((I thought that you would have figured that out beforehand.))
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are we gonna start?))
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((SZA, I haven’t even accepted your character yet for one reason and that is because you put her as a main character despite the fact that there are no main characters here. The reason for that being is that I find main characters to be way too problematic because people pay more attention to them than to other characters which may make it unfair to the other players if one character is constantly getting all the attention.))
SZAMorgan   297d ago

i didnt know sorry-)
Cat22     297d ago

((It’s fine. I also did give you a bit of an explanation as to what the Recast actually are in DMs although I could elaborate on it if you want.))
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I'll keep using Pocket, I really don't want to make a whole new oc))
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DaRobinNick Pocket   297d ago

Fact 1: you're reading this. Fact 2: you can't say "M" without touching your lips. Fact 3: you just tried it. Fact 4: your smiling, grinning, or laughing. Fact 6: you're still smiling, grinning, or laughing. Fact 7: you didn't realize that I skipped fact 5. Fact 8: this was posted on 5/1/2022. Fact 9: you just checked. Fact 10: (most important) Copy and paste this into another roleplay and see how people react
SZAMorgan   297d ago

are the recasts the one`s that are the young students or adults in the rp, cause if so I wanna be a recast))
Cat22     297d ago

((The Recast are the victims of whatever is behind the arcade that were former teens and young adults. The exploration team are the teens and adults that are meant to explore the arcade.))
SZAMorgan   297d ago

oh i wanna be on the exploration team))
Cat22     297d ago

((Alright! I would recommend editing the parts of your bio that need to be edited and then resending it.))
SZAMorgan   297d ago

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niikoban     296d ago

(When will this be starting?)
DaRobin     296d ago

Cat22Marth   296d ago

Marth had been wandering around the arcade for what seemed like an eternity to him. He had forgotten about the world outside of the arcade and about his life as a human named Mars prior to being turned. Of course, he was also currently unaware of the team of teens and young adults which had just recently gathered outside of the arcade as a result of the dare that they had made with their friends.

Firion was currently staying in one spot of the arcade for now since he saw no need to move unless needed. Like Marth, he was also once a human before being turned into one of the Recast through unknown means. He had some memory of his life back when he was known as Nyra but these memories were rather vague.

((We’re starting now! As a reminder, the Exploration Team is now outside of the arcade for those of you playing a member of the team.))
niikobanMikokoa   296d ago

(Nice, nice. Sorry if I seemed impatient earlier, was just curious)

Mikokoa was near the back of the group, fully knowing they could’ve declined the dare and made up some kind of excuse to avoid coming. Unfortunately for them though, they had way too much pride and didn’t want to look like a scaredy-cat. Pun fully intended.
Especially since, well, they were the first one to agree to come. Jokingly anyway.. until it was too late and they realized it was a serious dare.

They look up and around around nervously as they listened to the others talk, not looking forward to their visit here. Not like anything would actually be in here though, right? Besides maybe, I dunno, a homeless person looking for shelter.
DaRobinNick Pocket   296d ago

Nick looked at himself in a mirror. A newspaper said 8 years had passed, yet he was still as short as he was when he was 15. The recast felt his face, he certainly didn't feel older. He was unaware of the team of teens and young adults outside as well. Nick looked around, all he saw were the arcade machines that he remembered seeing when he came into the arcade
MeedyEnver Terzi   296d ago
"Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice"

He was literally just making  a couple prayers silently to himself just in case. Things would go wrong. He turns around looking at the group. He gives a quick check of  the stuff he was carrying: a small flashlight and spare batteries, a small notebook and pen, a metal bat, just some water.
SZAMorgan   296d ago

(what name can I have in the roleplay or can I use morgan??) Morgan was looking at a piece of paper while in the kitchen finishing some application she was dying to get done for a job. It had been 8 years since she lived with her drugged out father and she had gotten stronger and tougher
Cat22     296d ago

((SZA, I haven’t even accepted your character yet because you used the True Name portion of your filled out template for a character on the Exploration Team even though that portion of the template is only for use with a character that is a Recast.))
Cat22Firion   296d ago

“Everything’s quiet as always… How long has it been like this?” Firion muttered softly. He had lost track of the time ever since he woke up as a Recast. He still remembered his true name although he dared not to speak it for the time being in order to avoid confusing himself.
SZAMorgan   296d ago

(what names can I use for the true name??)


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