Flareofthewolf     1y ago

Old profile format. [R [font "century gothic" Hello you may call me Flare or Wolf.]]  [b [R [font "century gothic" Age ~]]] [R [font "century gothic" Gender ~ Female]]  [b [R [font "Century gothic" Relationship status ~ Taken ]]] [R [font "century gothic"  Things I like ~ Anime ✪ 1x1 ✪ Yaoi ✪ Straight ✪  Anthro ✪ Romance ✪ Fantasy ✪ Violence/ Horror]] (b (R (font "century gothic" Things I dislike ~ Real picture role-plays ✪ Group ✪))) [R [font "century gothic"  If you would like to Rp just pm]] [b [R [font "century gothic" Keeper of Personas]]] [R [font "century gothic" My personas ~ Flare, Haruko, Karasu, Amari, Kubi, and Kuro]] [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Random%20Muses/AnimeCouples/04383dea-32d2-4783-a261-54ff7fd0bea7_zpsf2e6d749.jpg] [center [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/dc273820-2e76-4264-b6b8-aedaa6004baf_zpse7b22484.jpg]] [center [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/tumblr_mn601j0Wrc1s9b2qvo1_500_zps8210e51a.gif]]
FlareofthewolfKarasu   1y ago

(Font "Century Gothic" Name ♥ (#f3359a Karasu (Her name means crow in Japanese))) (Font "Century Gothic" Age ♥ (#f3359a 17)) (Font "Century Gothic" Race ♥ (#f3359a Neko)) (Font "Century Gothic" Hair color ♥ (#f3359a Pink))  (Font "Century Gothic" Eye color ♥ (#f3359a Red but it changes sometimes)) (Font "Century Gothic" Gender ♥ (#f3359a Female)) (Font "Century Gothic" Height ♥ (#f3359a 5'1)) (Font "Century Gothic" Weight ♥ (#f3359a 120lbs)) (Font "century Gothic" Loves ♥ (#f3359a Hebi)) (Font "Century Gothic" Favorite song ♥ (#f3359a Freak like Me ~ Halestorm)) (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Random%20Muses/ddefdec5-10db-448b-bfa5-0c5d52110b2a_zpsd1a666f3.jpg) (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Flareofthewolf/f5239565-c063-455b-95a2-e72c50bed921_zpsd2b45545.jpg)  (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Flareofthewolf/bb39a90a-0450-4c9f-b478-31dda75498c4_zpsfd860d43.jpg) (font "Century gothic" Name (#c9084f ♡ Shira)) (font "Century gothic" Age (#c9084f ♡ 19)) (font "Century gothic" Race (#c9084f ♡ Human)) (font "Century gothic" Hair color (#c9084f ♡ Dark brown)) (font "Century gothic" Eye color (#c9084f ♡ Brown)) (font "Century gothic" Gender (#c9084f ♡ Female)) (font "Century gothic" Height (#c9084f ♡ 5'3)) (font "Century gothic" Weight (#c9084f ♡ 130lbs)) (font "Century gothic" Weapon (#c9084f ♡ Sword and posions)) (font "Century gothic" Sexuality (#c9084f ♡ Straight)) (font "Century gothic" Loves (#c9084f ♡ Kenji )) (font "Century gothic" Favorite song (#c9084f ♡ Into the Night ~Santana)) (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Random%20Muses/64a9fc51-81a1-47fc-b8b5-e305e9f69435_zps83eec767.jpg) (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/bda186fd-d530-4a66-a03b-35b60353017a_zpsca4ac3be.jpg) (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/5d91ccc0-2ad7-49c2-b362-b2755c187874_zps4885f8b3.jpg)
FlareofthewolfHidou   1y ago

[font "Century gothic" Name ✙ [#8bfb28 Hidou (His name mean hate in Japanese)]] [font "Century gothic" Age ✙ [#8bfb28  "None of you damn bussiness" ]] [font "Century gothic" Race ✙ [#8bfb28 Two Tailed Cat Demon]]  [font "Century gothic"  Hair color ✙ [#8bfb28 Ivory] [font "Century gothic" Eye color  ✙ [#8bfb28 Emerald]] [font "Century gothic" Gender ✙ [#8bfb28 Male]] [font "Century gothic"  Sexulaity ✙ [#8bfb28 Bi Sexual]]  [font "Century gothic"  Weapon ✙ [#8bfb28 "Do you really want to know"]] [font "Century gothic" Favorite Song ✙ [#8bfb28 Rat In A Cage ~ Smashing Pumpkins]]
FlareofthewolfAmari   1y ago

Name  [#e09af9 ❈ Amari] Age [#e09af9 ❈ 18] Race  [#e09af9 ❈ Neko / Vampire] Hair color  [#e09af9 ❈ Black] Eye color  [#e09af9 ❈ Golden-yellow sometime her right eye will change green *it turn green when she is blood thirsty*] Height  [#e09af9 ❈ 4'8] Weight  [#e09af9 ❈ 115lbs] Gender [#e09af9 ❈ Female] Loves  [#e09af9 ❈ ?] Weapons [#e09af9 ❈ ?] Favorite Song [#e09af9 ❈ Scars ~ Papa Roach ] [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Flareofthewolf/45451ea1-aba0-4c4d-9477-bdd6e3ae95cc_zps3abfc271.jpg] [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Flareofthewolf/075ee0ec-7af6-409d-b927-0842f1357aa2_zps46731fe4.jpg]
FlareofthewolfAmari   1y ago

(Font "Century Gothic" Name ♤ (#53087d Kubi)) (Font "Century Gothic" Age ♤ (#53087d 20))   (Font "Century Gothic" Race ♤ (#53087d Nine tail fox-demon)) (Font "Century Gothic" Hair color is ♤ (#53087d Black with purple highlights)) (Font "Century Gothic" Eye color is ♤ (#53087d Golden yellow) ) (Font "Century Gothic" Gender ♤ (#53087d Male)) (Font "Century Gothic" Sexuality ♤ (#53087d Bi Sexual)) (Font "Century Gothic" Loves ♤ (#53087d ?) ) (Font "Century Gothic" Weight ♤ (#53087d 134lbs) ) (Font "Century Gothic" Height ♤ (#53087d 5'9)) (Font "Century Gothic" Weapons ♤ (#53087d His claws and fangs and he might use his tail as weapon))  (Font "Century Gothic" Favorite  song ♤ (#53087d Lying My Way From You ~ Linkin Park )) (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/164b044f-61e4-43b4-a708-9bc84e42d76b_zps4b30c0bf.jpg)
FlareofthewolfShade   1y ago

[Font "Century gothic" Name [#fe1616 ♢] Shade ] [Font "Century gothic" Age [#fe1616 ♢] She is dead so she no longer ages but if she did have an age it would be 19 that was the age she left the word of the living behind on. ] [Font "Century gothic" Race [#fe1616 ♢] Death Dragon ] [Font "Century gothic" Hair color [#fe1616 ♢] Silver or light blue ] [font "century gothic" Eye color [#fe1616 ♢] Red] [Font "Century gothic" Gender [#fe1616 ♢] Female]  [Font "Century gothic" Sexuality [#fe1616 ♢] Straight] [Font "Century gothic" Favorite song [#fe1616 ♢] A [#fe1616 Demons] Fate ~ Within [#fe1616 Temptation]]
FlareofthewolfSuiren   1y ago

[font "century gothic" Name  [#7d05fa  ♡ Suiren (her name means water lilly in Japanese)]] [font "century gothic" Age  [#7d05fa ♡ 19]] [font "century gothic" Race  [#7d05fa ♡ Wolf]] [font "century gothic" Hair color [#7d05fa ♡ Redish - pink]] [font "century gothic" Eye color  [#7d05fa ♡ Blue]] [font "century gothic" Gender  [#7d05fa ♡ Female ]] [font "century gothic" Height  [#7d05fa ♡ 5'1]] [font "century gothic" Weight  [#7d05fa ♡ 125lbs]] [font "century gothic" Weapons [#7d05fa ♡ Her claws and fangs (once she is in her human for she had a knight she carried hidden on her hip.)]] [font "century gothic" Favorite song [#7d05fa ♡ Welcome to my Nightmare ~Alice Cooper]] [font "century gothic" [#7d05fa *~Wolf Form~* ]] [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Flareofthewolf/14649eb3-f117-44f4-85ec-1b3a7b043773_zps4761b766.jpg] [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Flareofthewolf/cc2a035f-6087-4eab-966b-2f75366e90d8_zpsc0d3a8ee.jpg] [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Flareofthewolf/7f9a4ecd-c97b-4808-8f37-877c99f25c08_zpsa782f362.jpg] [pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/813090fe-66db-498d-a1d0-c29814d86448_zpsf90dcc87.jpg]
FlareofthewolfHei   1y ago

(font "century gothic" Name  ☪ (#a629fa  Hei (His name means darkness in Chinese))) (font "century gothic" Age ☪ (#a629fa  Unknown but looks like he is 19 year old.)) (font "century gothic"  Race ☪ (#a629fa  Wolf Demon)) (font "century gothic" Gender ☪ (#a629fa  Male)) (font "century gothic" Sexuality ☪ (#a629fa  Straight)) (font "century gothic" Hair color ☪ (#a629fa  Black)) (font "century gothic" Eye color ☪ (#a629fa  Golden)) (font "century gothic" Height ☪ (#a629fa 6'0)) (font "century gothic" Weight ☪ (#a629fa  150lbs))  (font "century gothic" Weapons ☪ (#a629fa His wolf form, His powers, Claws and fangs, Daggers)) (font "century gothic"  ☪ (#a629fa Hei's Wolf from) ☪)  (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Random%20Muses/453ea46c-3456-4eea-8aa4-eea65b959a9c_zps53675ca1.jpg) (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Random%20Muses/67fbe9ab-17ea-4da0-ba5b-2d390a4e71b8_zps5437b05c.jpg) (font "century gothic" (center ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)) (font "century gothic" (b ☼ Hei's brother ☼ ~) ) (pic http://i1287.photobucket.com/albums/a621/Alphawolf915/Random%20Muses/4726dd9c-e462-462a-b793-47ae3d62f454_zps4751cd61.jpg) (font "century gothic" Name ☼ (#f3f191 Kei)) (font "century gothic" Age ☼ (#f3f191 He look like he 23 but he actually over a thousand years old.)) (font "century gothic" Race ☼ (#f3f191 Lynx Demon))  (font "century gothic" Hair color ☼ (#f3f191 Blonde))  (font "century gothic" Eye color ☼(#f3f191 Gold))  (font "century gothic" Gender ☼ (#f3f191 Male))
FlareofthewolfAmaya   1y ago

Name (#bdeffa ✾ Amaya) Age (#bdeffa ✾ 23 but she doesn't look that old.)  Race (#bdeffa ✾  Neko mixed with a vampire)  Hair color (#bdeffa ✾ Royal blue)  Eye color (#bdeffa ✾ Dark Red)  Fur color (#bdeffa ✾ Black) Gender  (#bdeffa ✾ Female)  Sexuality (#bdeffa ✾ Straight)  Weapons (#bdeffa ✾ Her fangs and claws) Loves (#bdeffa ✾ ?)  Height  (#bdeffa ✾ 5'1)  Weight  (#bdeffa ✾ 123lbs) Favorite song (#bdeffa  ✾  Lithium ~Evanescence)
FlareofthewolfHaruko   1y ago

(Font "Century Gothic" Name ☾ (#f16aaa Haruko)) (Font "Century Gothic" Age ☾ (#f16aaa 20)) (Font "Century Gothic" Race ☾ (#f16aaa Human *but she turns into a neko when the moon is full* (She get cat ear and tail but she could change into a cat if she wanted to))) (Font "Century Gothic" Hair color ☾ (#f16aaa Black)) (Font "Century Gothic" Eye color ☾ (#f16aaa Blue but when the moon full they change to yellow-green sometime they will stay blue)) (Font "Century Gothic" Gender ☾ (#f16aaa Female)) (Font "Century Gothic" Sexuality ☾ (#f16aaa Straight))  (Font "Century Gothic" Loves ☾ (#f16aaa Hikaru)) (Font "Century Gothic" Height ☾ (#f16aaa 5'1')) (Font "Century Gothic" Weight ☾ (#f16aaa 124lbs)) (Font "Century Gothic" Weapons ☾ (#f16aaa Claws or he small fangs)) (Font "Century Gothic" Favorite song ☾ (#f16aaa Stay ~ Rihanna)) (pic https://i.imgur.com/dm73s2O.jpg?1)  (Pic https://i.imgur.com/9Dk5JYv.jpg?)


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