From Roommates To Lovers . . . ROLEPLAY

By Mushrooms--

Originally Created January 14, 2022

Now republished April 10, 2022

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From Roommates To Lovers

A roleplay

. . . About the roleplay . . .

“From Roommates To Lovers” WIP

. . . Rules . . .

Your character has to be at least 16-18.
No sexual content is allowed otherwise, you are done.
Character has to at least have a good description for the bio.
You have to be able to type up to 1,100 characters while replying.
Character has to be a human. (No furries, magic, gacha, etc.)
You must be detailed/precise when replying.
Character CAN NOT be a game character.
You can only join if you actually have decent characters posted.
No using shorter abbreviations for words.

. . . How you must reply . . .

There is a certain why I would like you to roleplay...


Doing your action here. "what you are saying here." doing more action here if you want to add extra.

That means where (you/oc) is talking you need to bold it from [- "text"]


. . . Plot . . .

not filled in

Faye has been waiting so long since the announcement that her school will be having a new student; she was asked to show y/c around right away when the school heard that a new student will be arriving. After some time of waiting; y/c finally arrived. Everyone has a shared dorm with one other person. What about Faye you ask? Faye didn't have a roommate because her recent one had moved away and no new students have arrived since then. She has been alone in the dorm for about 1 year or so. Faye had shown y/c around the school and also showed y/c the dorm room they would be sharing.

Click the character name and bio is on that.

You will have to continue from where I started.
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Mushrooms--Faye Reno   39d ago

Faye was sitting on her floor with her back up against the bed as she quietly read a book alone in her dorm room. She had gotten bored of the book and closed it as she then opened her nightstand drawer to put the book away. Eventually, she got really bored and went up to her bed as she lay there and fiddled around with her phone above her face. Out of nowhere, the speakers for the announcements went on and that was unexpected for her so she ended up dropping her phone on her face. [b "OW!"] she sat up quickly as her nose was now in a bit of pain as the announcements continued to go off and talk about a new student in the school. Choosing a dorm for that 'new student' wasn't hard. After all, Faye was the only student in the school who did not have a dorm buddy at all. She was really excited about this as her own name was even mentioned on the announcements. But she was curious about the new student's name as the principal on the announcement didn't say if it was a guy or a girl or their name. She decided that this time she won't be so nosy as normal and leave it alone until the time comes. She got out of the room and went to the front of the school as the new student was just arriving.


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