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Avarice_is_easyGermany   297d ago

Germany hummed lightly as he walked around, glancing into offices every so often before walking into the mostly-empty meeting room. Mostly. There was another country there, but Germany decided that was good enough. At least he could get his paperwork done in relative peace, so he sat across from the other country and began to sort the papers into small piles to do. Urgent ones, the ones that could take a bit longer to do, and the ones that he could do in a very short time. He hummed a song to himself as he took a sip of the coffee he'd gotten, setting it a good distance away from his papers so that he could focus on the task at hand. He could do this, he told himself silently, and he sighed before pulling his pen out and gently starting to scribble down the needed signs and signatures in their respective spots.
noticeSyria   297d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Syria sat silently in the meeting room, mostly relaxed as he stared down at the small monarch butterfly which had grabbed onto his index finger, calmly shifting its wings open and close as it soaked up the sunlight of a nearby window with the curtains drawn open. For once, the middle eastern country didn't have anything hiding his olive-adjacent coloured eyes, seemingly at as much peace as the butterfly was. Though neither seemed to expect someone else to enter the room and sit down nearby, such noises startled the both of them. Syria sighed out and frowned as the monarch butterfly glid off his finger and fluttered around. "وهاهو يذهب..." He murmured purely to himself, slumping onto the table in somewhat mild defeat before resting his forehead on his folded arms. The monarch continued to flutter about, eventually coming to land on top of one of the documents Germany was going to sign, peacefully opening and closing its wings yet again as it enjoyed the sunlight. 

["There it goes..."]
Avarice_is_easyGermany   296d ago

Germany looked up at the creature before tilting his head quietly, gently picking it up on his finger as he tilted his head at it. "...Hello there." He greeted the little bug on his finger, softly smiling at it before looking up at Syria with a soft hum. "Is this yours?" He asked lightly, offering the tiny bug to him before watching as the monarch flew over to rest on top of Syria's fingers once again. Germany seemed quite happy at the moment, gently setting his pen down as he tilted his head.
noticeSyria   296d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

"It's not." Spoke Syria's calm voice which held a little less bark to it than it normally did. He rose his head back up from the comfort of hiding it in his arms after a few moments, his gaze falling softly onto the graceful little insect that had flown back to his finger. "It simply follows me around, but no, it is not mine. It must like the sunlight coming through the windows of this room." He explained simply enough, keeping his surprisingly soft eyes solely on the monarch, never letting them look elsewhere. After a few seconds had passed, Syria spoke once more. "Why are you in here?" He asked semi-suspiciously, the monarch simply staying in place and slowly fluttering its wings.
Avarice_is_easyGermany   296d ago

“I merely wanted some peace and quiet so that I could do my work. I hope I am not disturbing you.” The German spoke honestly, even reaching out and pulling one of his piles of papers closer. “I can leave if I am. I do not wish to cause conflict.” His voice was smooth and gentle as usual, his beer-colored eyes glimmering behind rectangle-shaped glasses. Germany had been a peaceful country ever since the wars finished, and he just settled himself into being a buffer between conflicts he felt he needed to be one in.
noticeSyria   296d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Syria did nothing but blink a few times and glance over to Germany, slowly sighing out after examining him carefully. "It is fine, you aren't doing anything wrong." He stated in a calmer voice, setting the monarch onto the table before resting his head in his hands, soon after resuming to watch the small insect. "I was simply surprised someone was fine sharing a room with just me. And a butterfly." The Syrian added on, seemingly comfortable enough to talk as if his eyes not being hidden weren't enough of a hint. Then again, he had slept in that day, so perhaps his late rise explained his unusually calm and relaxed demeanour.


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