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Obsession at first sight.

By JasperBoi
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Modern day apocalyptical setting. Jasper Crim, the son of a well known mafia boss wanders, alone. In a world where his family and status is long gone, and zombies plague the land, he finds someone, well more like he sees them but they don't see him. He stalks them for days on end before finally approaching. He confesses his feelings although they are most likely one of the last people out there. Its no more love as it is obsession. They decide to travel together to avoid loneliness. Despite the circumstances.
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koachi     290d ago

Hi I like this idea alot would you be intrested in doing it with me :)
niikoban     289d ago

I like the idea too, it seems fun
Though since they asked first you can do it with them instead, idk lol
0420     286d ago

can i be in this rp i write well and ima straight female


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