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Nightmare in Paradise

By Skylarose0422

Lilyth Glouster's best friend was finally getting married. They had talked about it since they were little, Lilyth was never all that excited about it. Where Sabrina Johnson was, it was her dream. Lilyth would roll her eyes, as Sabrina would talk about her plans. She had it planned all the way down to the color of the bridesmaid dresses. They were going to be in hot pink. Lilyth swore if Sabrina ever did that to her, she would murder her best friend. Needless to say, Sabrina convinced her otherwise. Lilyth is her maid of honor and couldn't be more excited for her best friend. She was excited for the week away from everything, including her job, but the one thing that she was not excited about was him. Lilyth would have to be in his company again... For a whole week... And if the universe could not be more unfair, Sabrina's fiancé was his best friend. So that meant... Of course he was the best man.... What will happen to the two as they spend this week in Paradise?
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--Two days before their flight--
Lilyth Glouster sat down in one of the seats at the bridal dress store, while her best friend Sabrina Johnson was led inside one of the dressing rooms by one of the consultants. Her mind starts filling with thoughts, as she wonders how she even got here. Lilyth and Sabrina were very different, but somehow they had been glued at the hip since they were five years old. Sabrina had spilled chocolate milk on Lily in kindergarten and the two had been inseparable ever since. They had been through hell and high water together, for sure. 
More so hell on Lily's part than Sabrina's, due to the loss of her brother who was the only one besides Sabrina that she could really count on and trust. Then when they were sixteen and Lily's dad cheated and left her mother and her alone. This also started the very interesting but rocky relationship of Sabrina and Justin.  They were on and off for years, until Justin had made an incredibly dumb mistake while in college and realized he couldn't live without Sabrina. Lily had helped him plan the proposal. "What do you think?" Sabrina's soft voice broke Lily's memories and Lily's eyes widened at the sight of the already pretty girl in the mermaid style gown. 

----Day of their flight to the tropics---
Lily sat down in the seat assigned to her, she couldn't help but be thankful that the seat beside her was empty. She stares out the window, leaning back in the seat, remembering the very odd conversation that Sabrina and her had as to why her and Justin were seated in a different area on the plane. Something about the airport site had screwed up the seats on Justin's phone, but while Lily watched Sabrina and Justin try to explain, both seemed to be hiding something. As they constantly looked at each other, rather than at her.

"Man.. getting married? It's.. isn't it a little soon for that?" Logan asked, looking over at his best friend as they sat on Logan's couch playing video games and drinking as per their usual Saturday night. Logan and Justin had been practically attached at the hip since the beginning of high school and Justin had been their when Logan's mother died near the end. "Don't you want to think about this?" the dark haired male asked, looking over at the other with confused and annoyed eyes. He watched as the other turned his attention to him, putting the controller down in a seemingly intense talk that apparently they had to do in the middle of a very serious game. [+red "Come on, Logan. I love her."] the male replied, leaning back against the couch. Logan leaned forward, pushing his fingers through his hair with an irritated sigh. "But I mean.. marriage is a..fucking commitment, dude." he grumbled. The thought of it made him shiver. Logan was not someone who wanted to be tied down to one girl. He typically had his one night stands, left the girl hanging and moved on with his life. [+red "I know. Can't you just be happy with me?"] the male groaned, rolling his eyes at his best friend before crossing his arms. Logan sighed dramatically, leaning back against the couch and shrugged. "Sure, man. I'm happy.. alright? I mean.. Sabrina is hot as hell. You're taking her off my list." Logan joked, receiving a punch to his arm. 

The next few months was constant planning on their part on the things that Sabrina wasn't handling and leaving to Justin who got Logan to try and help with. As much as Logan didn't want to deal with it, Justin did need the help and Logan, being the gracious best friend he was, would help in any way he could. The wedding was coming up in a few more months and their flights were all booked and ready to go. Everything was all starting to come together. Justin and Logan got their tuxes for the wedding, even through Logan's many protests and things seemed to be going pretty smoothly. 

As the day of the flight crept up quickly, they were finally boarding. Logan was late to boarding the plane as he always was. He was never great at time management so late was just his forte. Once he got to the airport, he went through all the security he had to and finally made it to the gate, getting on the plane and seeing Justin with his seat right next to him. He was a bit confused as to why he wasn't sitting next to Sabrina until he saw who was sitting next to her. God.. of course. How could he have forgotten Lily was coming. He was so excited for the trip and spending the time he had on this trip with Justin but seeing Lily brought his mood down exponentially. "Fuck me..." he muttered to himself before sitting himself down next to Justin, who gave him a concerned look once he noticed the other spot Lily. [+red "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."] Justin whispered, letting his eyes move over Logan before looking away. Logan leaned back in the seat, crossing his arms before shrugging. "I should have assumed.." the male spoke bitterly before chewing on the inside of his cheek. He was still planning on having fun for the week of his best friends wedding but this wasn't exactly what he was expecting. Sitting up slightly, Logan looked over at Justin. "I'm still stoked about our getaway." he smiled, perking up slightly at the thought of it. Well he might as well have some fun while he was there.. plus he loved pissing Lily off. He turned his head, spotting Sabrina a few rows away. "Hey, Sabrina. Congrats on the wedding." he spoke, a fake sweetness in his voice. Though he didn't like Lily, he still enjoyed Sabrina's company. She was completely different from the other girl and he often wondered how those two remained friends all these years.

Lily looks over at Sabrina, once she had returned from the bathroom and smiles. Sabrina sits down and leans back in the chair, hating flights her heart was pounding. "So the rest of the bridal party will be flying in tomorrow?" Lily asks, trying to distract her, remembering her best friend has a fear of heights. Sabrina smiles and nods, thankful for the distraction. "Yes, along with Justin's parents and mine. Did you talk to your mom about coming?" Lily tenses at the mention of her mom, they had had a falling out last time Lily had tried to visit her to make peace. Her mother had gone back to being in bad shape again, she struggled hard after Lily's father had left. Leaving Lily to take care of herself mostly, not being able to take it anymore Lily had found a cheap apartment and left her mother. Which is what had started the huge fight last time, she blamed Lily for leaving her all alone. And constantly told her that it was her fault her dad left and that her brother had died. But, Lily didn't tell her best friend that. Instead she decided to lie. Because she didn't want to ruin Sabrina's excitement at finally getting her fairy tale wedding. She clears her throat and shrugs her shoulders. "She said she loves you, but wouldn't be able to afford it right now." The lie came out as smooth as the rest of them did and Lily was able to keep the smile on her face. That was until she saw who walked on the plane and over to where Justin was sitting. The asshole himself, the one who was constantly able to get under her skin because of the way he acted. Logan... She immediately nudges Sabrina's ribs hard and narrows her eyes at her. "You couldn't have warned me?" She hisses through clenched teeth. 
Sabrina smirks and shrugs her own shoulders, before hearing Logan. She turns her head and smiles. "Well hey Logan, so nice of you to finally join us. I was beginning to think you had forgotten what day it was." Sabrina teases him, before nudging Lily's ribs back. "Lil, you remember Logan right?" Lily rolls her eyes, leaning forward she nods. "Yes, of course I do. Hi." She says tersely, before leaning back in the chair and slides her earphones in her ears and goes back to staring out the window as the plane starts taking off.

Logan let out a deep sigh as he looked at Sabrina. He knew not everything could have gone so smoothly, but it was his fault he forgot Lily was Sabrina's best friend. The two never saw eye to eye. They had hardly met other than at Sabrina and Justin's parties, but they both knew their personalities clashed. As Sabrina nudged Lily's ribs in order for her to get the girls attention, Logan watched in curiosity to see if Lily would even speak to him. He didn't mind if she didn't the tone the girl used pissed him off anyway. As she gave such a short and cold answer, Logan watched her put in her ear buds before clenching his jaw and holding his breath for just a moment. He could feel the plane start to take off so he looked forward in his seat again, side eyeing Justin as he sat in the seat beside him. "Just so you know this vacation is ruined." Logan grumbled before hearing the boy laugh beside him. [+red "God you're dramatic."] Justin chuckled, shaking his head. [+red "You'll be fine, buddy. You two will have a lot of fun, even if you don't talk to each other."] the male sighed, looking out of the window as he sat next to his friend. [+red "But can you just play nice for a week? It's only a week then you two can go back to hating each other."] Justin spoke, giving Logan a pleading look. 

Logan put his earphones into his ears, sighing deeply as he played scenarios in his head. This was going to be a long week if those two had to be stuck in another country together. 

As the plane took off, Logan remained mostly quiet, listening to music and focusing on other things rather than the wedding. The odd times, Justin would interrupt his quiet with a few questions about the wedding. Logan couldn't wait until it was over and the two could just relax about it. He hated thinking only about a wedding and talking about only a wedding, but he really couldn't wait until they landed and could get on with their trip. 

The plane landed after a few hours, setting them into the first week of their trip. The wedding was in a couple of days from then so the few that made it there that day could take the rest of the day to settle in and relax. Logan was just excited to spend as much time by the pool and beach as he could, soaking in some much needed sun and watching the girls in swim suits frolic around on the beach. He had to at least make the trip a bit more memorable for himself.

Sabrina looks at Lily, as she rudely greets Logan. Rolling her eyes and shaking her head at her best friend, she looks at Justin and shrugs her shoulders. Before she leans her head back in the seat, and tries to fall asleep. Her stomach churning with nerves. 
Lily stares out the window, as the plane takes off and the music beats loudly in her ears. She loved watching the ground get smaller and smaller, another thing that separated her and Sabrina. Lily loved heights, hell she loved anything that made her heart race with how risky it was. She was the risk taker and the one who danger seemed to always find. Where Sabrina had always been the innocent one, which is why Justin was the only boy she had ever been with. Lily would have hated being that committed to any guy, yes they were fun for the moment. But she loved being able to be free more. Sabrina thankfully was always the one to keep Lily calm and talk her out of stupid ideas.... Sometimes... Other times Sabrina would be the one who would have to save her from a stupid mistake she had made. Lily shakes those horrible memories aside and closes her eyes, letting herself fully relax in the seat. 

Once the plane had finally landed, Sabrina nudges Lily to wake her up and the girls stand up. Lily takes her earphones out of her ears, and stretches her muscles out. The flight was a long one and Lily couldn't wait to get out and relax in this new country. "Alright, the limo that will take us to the hotel should be right outside when we get out there after we get our bags." Sabrina announces to the other three, a huge excited smile on her face now that they had finally landed where her dream wedding was going to happen.

Logan looked over at the other three as Sabrina spoke. He nodded his head at her before letting out a silent sigh. At least once he got to the hotel he could forget Lily was ever here.. at least until they got together after. 

The group gathered their bags. At least there was a limo to take them to their hotel. He moved out of the airport when they got their bags, walking to the limo and putting his stuff in the trunk as everyone else did. He got into the limo and looked out of the window. He couldn't wait to get to the hotel and get settled in. "Spared no expense, did you, Sabrina?" Logan smirked, leaning back against the comfortable leather seats of the limo. A limo to take them to the hotel? A bit extravagant but he was OK with it. He had rode in one other limo in his life. This was fitting for a wedding. 

Once they got to the hotel, Justin and Sabrina went to the front to check them all in. Logan stayed outside, lighting a smoke and stuck it in his mouth. This trip was going to be stressful enough with the wedding and now he had to deal with negative Lily all week. He leaned himself against the wall of the hotel, waiting for Justin to confirm that the four of them were checked in. 

Justin looked at the concierge, a loud sigh escaping his lips as he looked at his Fiancee. This wasn't going to be good. He looked back towards Lily before looking back at Sabrina. [+red "I'll tell them.."] he mumbled, rubbing his forehead lightly before turning with the key to the same room for the other two. The two had to share a room and they were NOT going to be happy about it. Justin walked up to Lily, watching as Logan walked in just in time for the bad news. [+red "Okay..."] he mumbled. [+red "So.. the hotel was overbooked.."] he started, looking between the two. Logan tilted his head and dropped his bag. "Okay?" he mumbled, looking at his friend with a confused expression. Justin bit his lower lip with a pained face. [+red "Meaning... your rooms got booked... and now you have to share a room. But good news is they upgraded you."] Justin perked up a little, holding the room keys out to them. [+red "So you have a nice big room."] he said with fake enthusiasm, knowing exactly how this was going to go. 

Logan looked at Justin with a deadpan expression before a smile broke over his face. "That's funny..seriously.. where's my room?" he muttered, shaking his head. He looked down at the key Justin held out before looking back up at him. "Are you fucking serious?" he muttered, clenching his jaw tightly as he looked at the key with a frown.

As Sabrina mentions about the limo, Lily nods her head. She knew Sabrina's dad would go all out for his only girl, he was one of the richest assholes in their town after all. 

Lily was able to avoid Logan the entire time, as they collected their bags and made their way outside to a man that had a piece of paper with Johnson written on it. She stuffs her bags in the trunk, before she gets in and sits on the opposite side across from Justin and next to Sabrina. 
Sabrina looks at Lily and the boys, a smile glued to her lips. Before Logan speaks to her, she looks over at him and nodded. "This was all my father's doing. He wanted to make sure we were all taken care of once we arrived." She smiles and leans back. 

Once they arrive at the hotel, Sabrina follows Justin up to the front desk and listens to the both of them speak. Before her heart drops, as the concierge mentions that somehow they had overbooked the hotel and Lily and Logan were going to have to share a room. She looks over at Justin, chewing on her bottom lip. Lily was going to kill her, either that or give up her spot as maid of honor and leave right away. "Justin, they're going to freak... Lily's going to hate me... I can't tell her..." She looks up at him, her eyes pleading for him to talk to the both of them. When he says that he will, Sabrina lets out a small breath of relief. Turning to watch the shitshow that was about to occur. 

Lily keeps scrolling through her phone, while she waits for Sabrina and Justin to give her, her room key so she can go and relax. She watches as Justin starts walking toward her, an unreadable expression on his face. She slides her phone back into her pocket, and looks up as he starts addressing her and Logan. She looks at him confused, when he mentions that the hotel overbooked. "Does that mean, they screwed you guys over?" She asks, her voice trailing off as he says the last thing she ever wanted to hear. Her eyes widen and she crosses her arms over her chest, there was no way in hell she was sharing a room with Logan. As Logan assumed that Justin was just joking, Lily rolled her eyes. Before she watches Justin reveal their room key, she narrows her eyes. Looking at Justin, before her eyes look passed him at Sabrina. "No fucking way! Bree I'll do anything for you, you know that. But, no way in hell am I sharing a room with this dick." Lily states, keeping her arms crossed over her chest, not glancing at Logan once. 
Sabrina lets out a sigh, walking up next to Justin and looks at both of their best friends. "Guys, I know it sucks. But please, it's only for this week. Like Justin said, it's a huge room so there is plenty of room for the both of you." Sabrina pouts and does her best at puppy dog eyes. "Please Lil, think of all the times I helped you and have been there for you..." 
Lily sighs heavily, shaking her head at Sabrina. "Don't do that!! Do you realize what you are asking of me this time?" She chews on her bottom lip, before she runs one of her hands down her face. "Fine, but don't be surprised if you don't have a best man after tonight Justin." She snaps, grabbing her bags and snatches the key from Justin's hand and walks toward the elevator, pushing the button.

Logan nodded at Sabrina's comment about her dad spending the money on the limo. He remembered Justin mentioning to him that Sabrina's dad was loaded. No doubt he'd spend anything on her, especially for her big day. "Nice." he chuckled, looking around the limo intriguingly. 

Logan groaned a little as Lily went off. He rolled his eyes at her comment, shaking his head disapprovingly. He wasn't happy about it either. "Fuck that. I'm not staying in the same room as this bitch." he muttered, pointing his thumb in Lily's direction. [+red "Logan!"] Justin said quickly to his comment. [+red "That's enough. It's not my fault this got screwed up... it's one week you two will manage. I'm sorry guys."] he sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his thumb and pointer finger. Of course this had to happen. He exhaled softly as Lily agreed, taking the card from his hand and walking off before looking at Logan who was less than impressed about the entire situation. 

Logan rolled his eyes again. This week was going to be the longest week of his life, he was sure of it. Between now having to spend a whole week in the same room as Lily and dealing with the wedding, he was already over the trip. As much as he wanted to make this trip his bitch, this was a set back he never wanted to deal with. "Fuck me." he mumbled, taking the card from Justin and grabbed his bags. "You owe me big time, man." the male groaned, moving towards the elevator as well. He was already irritated. He stood beside Lily and waited for the elevator to open, stepping inside in silence. He hoped the room was big enough they could stay as far away from each other as humanly possible. He had to sleep somewhere and if this was the only option, then so be it.

Lily listens to Logan call her a bitch after she called him a dick, and keeps her arms crossed. Sabrina and Justin really expected them to survive staying in the same room for an entire week, they sure are going to regret this. As she chews on her lip and sees the plea on both Sabrina and Justin's faces, she knew she couldn't upset either one of them especially during their wedding week. And she sure as hell was not going to ask to room with them, God knows what they had planned to do and she was not in the mood to experience that by accident either. Dropping her arms, she rolls her eyes as she reluctantly takes her key out of Justin's hand and walks passed the both of them to the elevator with her bags. 

A small gracious smile appears on Sabrina's lips, once Lily agrees to the arrangement they were forced into. Before her eyes rest on Logan, both him and Lily were stubborn asses but Sabrina knew Logan could be way more stubborn. "Thank you Logan, Just and I will owe both of you big time. I promise you, we will think of something worth it." She says, before he walks away from them and to the elevator as well. She lets out a relieved sigh, before looking up at Justin. "One crisis down, now we just have to hope they don't actually end up killing each other." 

Lily sees Logan walk up next to her out of the corner of her eye, and sighs heavily. This week had went from being semi-exciting to hell in a blink of an eye. This was definitely not going to end well. Once the elevator opened and Logan steps inside, Lily follows and pushes the button for their floor. She leans against the wall, holding onto her bags tightly. Laying her head back, she stares up at the ceiling and clears her throat. "I know you don't know proper etiquette, but you're sleeping on the couch. I'm the girl I deserve the damn bed." She states, breaking the silence, and keeps her gaze to the ceiling.

Justin sighed heavily. He looked at the two as they walked to the elevator and shook his head, hearing Sabrina's concern. He was also worried the two of them wouldn't make it through the week with each other. [+red "Those two are definitely going to kill each other. We might not have our best man and maid of honor by the time our wedding comes."] Justin joked but was also semi-serious. He crossed his arms and sighed before looking at the other girl. [+red "Let's get our stuff and head to our room. We'll let them work it out for themselves."] he shrugged, grabbing his bags to head up to their own room. 

Logan gets into the elevator, watching as she came on after him and leaned against the wall. He looked away, looking down towards the floor before hearing her say she was taking the bed. He made a face, letting his eyes slowly trail up before his head turned towards her. "Like fucking hell you're taking the fucking bed." he muttered. "Just because you have tits doesn't entitle you to the bed." he muttered, looking back towards the door as the elevator started rising to bring them to their floor. "Jesus.. this week is going to be hell being stuck with you." he groaned, watching as the numbers went up. 

Once they got to their floor, Logan grabbed his bags and moved to the hotel room, using his key on the door to get in. He walked in, examining the room slowly and moved inside as he set his bags down. He sighed heavily, shaking his head at the situation. They could have at least found a room with two beds. At least it was a nice room. As much as he wanted to stay in the room for a bit, he knew he didn't want to stay around Lily for any longer than he needed to. Not alone anyway.

Sabrina looks up at Justin, before she scoffs at his joke and shakes her head. "No, no. I don't think you understand babe... Lily was right, you won't have a best man... She will be the one to kill him..." A small giggle escapes her lips, before she grabs her stuff and nods in agreement. "That sounds amazing, I've been waiting on this for years. Let's go see how nice our room actually is."  She leads the way to the elevators on the other side of the lobby. 

Lily keeps her face toward the ceiling, waiting for Logan's response to her statement. His response was not one she wanted to hear or expected. Taking a deep breath, she lowers her gaze to meet his and narrows her eyes. "Like you have any say... All I need to do is make up some story, and you'll be kicked out of the hotel so fast. And, just because you're you they would immediately believe me. So I think you want to give up the bed, otherwise you are sleeping in the parking lot the rest of the week..." She smirks, before she goes back to studying the ceiling. "I'm not pleased about this arrangement either. You are the last person on Earth, I want to share a room with. I didn't even think you were coming this week. Quite honestly, I thought you were going to fuck over Justin like you have multiple times before." She smiles, satisfied with her little dig. 

Pushing herself off the wall once the elevator arrives on their floor, she walks out behind him and follows him to their room. She steps inside after he does and her eyes widen, the room was beautiful. Lily walks passed him and immediately sets her bags down on the bed, walking over to the sliding glass doors that lead out to the room's private balcony. She slides the door open and walks onto the balcony, her eyes widening even more at the view. They were right on the beach and the ocean was right in front of them. "This is gorgeous..." She mumbles to herself, trying to ignore the fact that the enjoyment she could have had in here, was ruined by her asshole roommate.

Justin nodded. [+red "That's what I'm worried about."] he chuckled, watching his fiancee. [+red "Hopefully, those two can figure out a way to stay away from each other."] he sighed, grabbing the bags with Sabrina to bring up to their room.  

Logan shook his head and rolled his eyes. She had a hand over him at this point. People would believe her over him any day. He listened to the last part of what she said and shot her a look. "Fuck Justin over? Fuck you and your opinion. I've been helping Justin with this fucking wedding too. Not that I'm happy about it." he grumbled, keeping his arms crossed over his chest. "I didn't know you were coming either. I was planning on having a great week and now you've completely ruined it." he muttered, rolling his eyes again as the elevator finally came to a stop. 

Logan looked over at Lily as she placed her things on the bed, letting out an annoyed sigh before letting her walk over to the balcony. This was going to be a long week with her here. He couldn't even bring girls back to the room now. He looked around the room again. He wanted a drink. Hell he NEEDED a drink now. He was just happy it was all inclusive. As much as he hated having to share a room with the girl, the only thing he could do was deal with it for now. It was a week.. he was sure he'd be able to survive. Logan grabbed his phone, stuffing it into the back pocket of his jeans before grabbing his wallet and room key, stuffing those into his other back pocket in case he needed them. He looked over at Lily as she stood outside, shaking his head and grabbing his phone, quickly texting Justin that he was in desperate need of a drink.

Sabrina giggles again, before she lifts up her bags to walk to the elevator. "I'm sure they'll figure it out, with how hard-headed they both are. But, maybe we should try and help as much as we can today with keeping them separated. I'll see if Lily wants to go down to the spa and hot tub. You see if Logan wants to go to the bar?" She suggests, as she walks into the elevator. 

Lily hears his reaction to her dig, it had gotten under his skin, making her successful. "Well, I'm glad you stepped up to at least do that." She replies, before listening to him continue to whine how she ruined his week. "Oh my gosh, you're such a fucking baby. We're not even going to be in the room at all except for when it's time to go to bed anyway." She rolls her eyes. "Oh by the way, you find a girl actually willing to sleep with you, you go to her room. Because if you force me to walk in on it, I'm cutting your dick off and telling the poor girl you gave her something. Which is probably true anyway."  She states, pushing herself off the wall, as he walks out of the elevator. 

Lily's phone dings, as she continues to watch the ocean. She looks down and sees a text from Sabrina, asking if she wants to go to the spa and hot tub. Needing a minute of relaxation, from this now messed up vacation she responds with a quick yes. Before walking back inside and going into her suitcase and pulls out her swim suit. Which was a black bikini, and walks into the attached bathroom. Her eyes widening once again at the jacuzzi sized bath tub. Before she changes into the swimsuit and covers it with a white fluffy small robe, slipping into her flipflops and walks back out. She grabs her room key and her phone and walks passed Logan without a word, disappearing out of the room and toward the room number that Sabrina had messaged her. 

Sabrina finishes unpacking her stuff and texts Lily about going to the spa and hot tub. Once she gets her response she looks over at Justin, and smiles. "I got Lily out. You taking Logan to the bar?"

Justin nodded. [+red "That sounds like fun. You two should spend a little spa time before the wedding anyway."] he smiled, walking with her to the elevator before feeling his phone buzz in his back pocket. [+red "Yeah.. it's probably a good idea to keep them away from each other and spend some time with my best man anyway. Lay down some ground rules for the two of them for the wedding."] Justin chuckled. He grabbed his phone and pulled it out once they got in, looking it over. [+red "Looks like he's way ahead of me.."] Justin shrugged, reading over the text. 

Logan rolled his eyes at the comments Lily shot at him. "Don't be mad at me because you're going to grow old with 30 cats complaining that no guy wants to even touch you." he spoke, gesturing to her. "It's not my fault guys don't look your way, you fucking monster." he muttered. Not his best work, but he couldn't let her have the last word in. He watched her leave the room, raising his hand and flipping her off as she shut the door. 

Justin nodded as he followed Sabrina's lead, unpacking his stuff and looking towards her. [+red "He's already begging me to go have a drink with him. We're screwed."] Justin laughed, taking in a deep sigh before pushing his phone into his back pocket and walked towards the girl. He wrapped an arm around her waist and gave her a quick peck before taking a few steps backwards. [+red "Have fun at the spa. I'll try and get Logan to calm down and chill for a while."] he laughed, leaving the room and texting Logan that he'd be at the hotel's bar. 

Logan walked out of the room when he had everything settled and walked down to the bar, seeing the other male already sitting at a table. "God, man. I don't know how much more I can take of her." he muttered, sitting himself down on the other side of Justin. He ordered himself a double rum and coke and leaned back against the chair. 
Justin looked up towards his friend and let out a deep sigh. [+red "Logan, please. Just.. for a week.. it's a week. I need you with me when I'm standing at that alter and I need you to try and get along with Lily or not speak to her at all. We'll try and spend as much time outside of the room as possible but please play nice."] Justin spoke, giving the other a pleading look. 

Logan looked up towards his friend before shaking his head. "She's already driving me crazy." he mumbled. 
[+red "I know. You two are completely hot headed and two of the biggest assholes I know."] Justin laughed, shaking his head at the male.

Sabrina smiles and nods. "I thought it might be nice, it might help loosen Lil up a little bit... Which, you know how hard that is..." She mumbles, before walking out of the elevator and over to their room. 

Lily listens to Logan's 'amazing' comeback and rolls her own eyes, as she walks out of the bathroom. She lets out a breath, trying not to say anything else that would keep this stupid argument going. She just wanted to relax with Sabrina at the spa and soak in the hot tub. After she grabs her phone, room key, and a towel Lily walks passed Logan and out the door. 
She leans against it for a minute, closing her eyes. Logan had no issue getting under her skin, she always dreaded Sabrina's and Justin's parties because she knew he would be there. There wasn't a time, that she could remember that they didn't fight or have words with each other. It drove Sabrina crazy and she would always tell Lily to be nice, that it was Justin's best friend and who really helped get him out of a tough spot. But, Lily could care less. After taking a few deep breaths, she pushes herself off the door and heads to Justin and Sabrina's room. 

Sabrina looks over at Justin, and giggles. "Uh-oh, if he's begging already that must mean Lily is really pushing him..."  She lets out a sigh, before he walks over and kisses her quickly. A smile paints her lips, as she watches him. "Have fun..." 

Once Justin had left, Lily knocks on the door. Sabrina leads the way to the spa, up on the fourth floor. The girls take off their robes and lay on their stomachs, as the masseuses walk in and get started. Afterward, the girls walk over to the hot tub and Lily immediately feels her muscles relax. "So, how was it?" Sabrina asks, already knowing the answer as she sits down and orders them both a mixed drink. Lily scoffs and plays with her fingers in the water. "You're not seriously asking are you? I would really prefer to jump off our balcony, then deal with him... But, I kind of forced him to give me the bed so there is one plus." The other girl sighs and shakes her head. "Lil, I know it's a tough ask. I know how you feel about one another, but please for Justin and I... We aren't asking a lot, you don't even have to talk to him... Just don't make this hard on us, I promise I will keep you out of the room as much as possible." She leans back and takes a sip of her mixed drink. 
Lily groans and takes a sip of her own, thinking over what Sabrina just said. "Bree, this is probably the most difficult thing you have ever asked me to do... He is the biggest fucking jerk, I know... It seems to have gotten even worse, once we graduated... He is so full of himself..." Sabrina laughs at the last line, and chews on her bottom lip. "Kind of like someone else I know, Lil..." She teases, causing Lily to nudge her arm and start chugging her drink.

Logan rubbed the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb, clearly annoyed with the situation the two were put in, but for Justin, he would deal with it for the week. It was his best friends wedding after all. "Well.. once this is over, you owe me big time. That's all I have to say." Logan reiterated to Justin, receiving a laugh and a nod from the other. 
[+red "I know, buddy."] Justin chuckled, shaking his head at the male with a big sigh. [+red "I appreciate you trying to cool the situation down. It's just a week, then you don't have to be around each other anymore."] he commented, knowing full well the two would see each other eventually at a party or gathering of some sort but wanted to ease Logan's mind a little bit. 

Logan nodded, looking at his friend and chugged his drink as he sat at the table across his friend. "Alright." he smiled at him, a small sigh emanating from his mouth. 

After a few beers, the two finally decided to leave the bar, good and drunk as they should be. They joked around, keeping the topic off of Lily. Logan was happy to be at least a bit intoxicated on the first night, but from the flight and the drinks, he was beginning to get pretty tired. He and Justin walked to their respective rooms, walking in to thankfully see that Lily wasn't in the room yet. He walked to the couch and sat down slowly, leaning against the back of it and pulled his shirt off, tossing it beside the couch and laid down. He pulled the pillow to the arm of the chair to be a bit more comfortable and laid himself down, putting his arm over his eyes and finally passed out, sleeping through the entire night. He didn't even hear when Lily entered the room again. 

Morning came too quickly. He heard his phone going off, slowly opening his eyes to look over at the phone, seeing Justin's name sprawled across the screen. He groaned softly and grabbed it. "Yeah?" he answered sleepily, yawning softly as he did. He hated to admit he was a bit hungover from their night of fun. 
[+red "Hey, bud. How are you feeling?"] Justin asked softly, stifling a laugh from the other side. He took his hangovers pretty well, the boy never really feeling too shitty after a night of drinking no matter how hard he went. He knew Logan just needed a bit of relaxation in the way of getting his mind off of Lily. [+red "I need a bit of prep done before the wedding, buddy so you need to get your ass up. You can grab a drink if you need a doctor."] Justin chuckled on the other side of the phone. 
Logan let out a groan. "Alright. I'm up.." he mumbled, keeping his eyes closed before pulling the phone from his ear. "I'll see you in half." he sighed, hanging up the phone and dropped it onto the ground beside him.

"We are nothing alike, [i please] don't compare me to him again Bree." Lily narrows her eyes at her best friend, and leans against the hot tub. "Oh no? You're both stubborn as hell, have very big hearts though you hide them so well with your tough facades, and you both like all the crazy stuff that I would never ever do. Justin would depending on it was, but I sure as hell wouldn't." Sabrina replies, shaking her head at the other girl. "That's why the beginning was like fire for you both-" She immediately pauses, as Lily splashes her. "Don't [b ever] bring up my stupid lack of judgement again! I've told you a million times, that is something we just don't talk about..." Lily feels her entire body tense, as she takes a sip of her drink to calm down. Sabrina rolls her eyes, and shakes her head. "I still don't get why, but fine fine. My mouth is sealed forever more about it." To prove her point, Sabrina pretends to lock her lips and throw away the key. 

After an hour goes by of them both reminiscing about the past, Lily purposely avoiding each question and topic that has to do with her mother. They finally get out of the hot tub and head back up to Sabrina and Justin's room. 

They sit down on the couch after Sabrina had poured them both a glass of wine, and start running through the itinerary for the week. Lily lifts her head to the sound of their door clicking open and sees Justin. 
Sabrina looks over at her fiancé and giggles. "You guys had a good time at the bar huh?" She teases. 
"On that note, I'm going to head to bed. I will see you in the morning for our adventure to the florist Bree." Lily smiles and stands up, before walking passed Justin. "Goodnight you two." She walks out of the room, making a phone call on her way up to her and Logan's room. 

Lily instantly wakes to Logan's phone ringing, she groans and pushes herself into a sitting position and throws an extra pillow from the bed at him. She stays quiet, during his call before he hangs up. "Hey next time, think you can be considerate and take the call into the bathroom or at least out of the room?!" She narrows her eyes at him, before her alarm starts going off a minute later. She turns it off, before looking back at him. "You better get up, you guys have to pick up your tuxes this morning..."

Justin walked into the room, looking up to spot the two girls sitting on the couch and going over wedding stuff. He smiled at the two of them, rubbing at his eyes slowly before closing the door behind him, slightly stumbling across the room to greet the two of them. [+red "You guys pretty busy?"] he asked, laying himself slowly on the bed a bit away from the couch as he stared up at the ceiling, the room spinning slowly from the drinks he and Logan consumed earlier. [+red "We had fun. It was a good time."] Justin muttered sleepily. He couldn't wait to get to bed, but he didn't want to be rude while Lily was still there. [+red "Logan's intoxicated.. just to warn you but no doubt he's passed out already."] the boy slurred, giving a halfhearted chuckle before yawning. As Lily made her way out of the room, Justin waved lazily, letting his hand drop to his side quickly as he let out a sigh. [+red "Good night, Lily. See you tomorrow."] Justin grinned, closing his eyes for a moment while the girl left. 

Logan looked around the room slowly before sitting himself up with a groan. He rubbed the back of his head slowly before feeling the pillow smack into his head. He looked over towards her with a glare before hearing her speak. "Yeah, yeah.." he muttered, slowly standing up and stretching himself out. It was a miracle that the boy was even able to stand without falling face first into the floor. The couch was uncomfortable but he luckily was a good amount of drunk where it didn't affect him too much until he had to wake up. His head was pounding and now his body was sore from the lack of comfort the couch provided. As she spoke again, he put his hand to his face and nodded. "The tuxes.." he repeated, groaning before he shook his head. "If he knew we had to pick up the tuxes, why did he try to out drink me last night.. he doesn't suffer from hangovers but he knows I still do." he grumbled, grabbing his shirt from the floor and swung it over his shoulder. He needed a hot shower before he did anything remotely close to dealing with the wedding stuff. He grabbed the pillow that Lily tossed at him and walked towards the bathroom, throwing it back at the girl as revenge. "I'm sure you have wedding shit to take care of too. Get up." he spoke, moving into the bathroom and closing the door before undressing and getting into the shower to try and wash the hangover from his body. Once he was out, he wrapped a towel around his waist, running his fingers through his dripping hair to push it from his face.

Lily watches Justin, as he stumbled into the room and giggles. "Just going over the plans for the rest of the week, don't forget you have to pick up the tuxes tomorrow morning." She mentions, knowing he probably forgot. 
Sabrina watches him, as he lays down on the bed and laughs. Shaking her head, she leans back against the couch. "I'm glad. I know you've needed it, it's been a little while since you guys have hung out just the two of you." 
As Lily stands up and walks toward the door, she hears Justin explain the situation with Logan and smirks. "Well thank you for getting him drunk, so I don't have to deal with the asshole side of him... Though he never could hold his drinks very well." She rolls her eyes, before she says goodnight to the other two and disappears out of the room, closing the door behind her. 
Sabrina shakes her head again and pushes herself up off the couch, walking over to the bed and looks down at Justin. "Feeling the alcohol yourself huh?" She teases, before laying down next to him and lays her head on his chest. "You better get up early enough tomorrow to shower, you smell like whatever the hell you guys drank!" 

Lily watches him, keeping her eyes narrowed, as he stands up. "He probably just forgot what a wimp you are and that you can't hold your drinks like everyone else can." She smirks, before she sees him getting ready to throw the pillow back at her. She catches it and shakes her head. "Oh and you're still pretty damn predictable too." She murmurs, turning so she was no longer looking at him and puts her feet on the floor. "I'm getting up now, don't take forever in there like you used to!" Lily shouts to his back, before he shuts the bathroom door. 
She groans and pushes herself off the bed completely, believing Logan was like how he used to be and would take forever in the shower, and starts taking off her pyjamas before throwing on deodorant and slips into her tight jeans and a black tank top.

Justin chuckled at his fiancee's friend as she mentions they needed to pick up the tuxes. [+red "Oh, you're right. I definitely need to remember that."] he smiled, looking at the ceiling as he laid on the bed. [+red "I'll let Logan know tomorrow. He's going to be pissed off with me."] he chuckled. As Lily left, he looked up towards Sabrina and smiled. [+red "I will. I think we drank the whole bar."] he joked, knowing the two couldn't put a dent in it, but he liked the idea of them drinking too much and having too much fun. He wrapped an arm around Sabrina as she laid her head on his chest, closing his eyes to sleep for the night. 

Logan looked over at Lily with a glare. "Mhm." he mumbled, knowing from that comment he was going to take longer just to piss her off. He liked the idea of pissing her off. The two had to share a bathroom and from his experience, she always got mad when he took too long to get ready. 

When he got into the bathroom, he showered, took his time in the hot water and made sure to even contemplate life just for that extra time he wanted to spend in it. He got out, brushed his hair back and shaved his face. He didn't need to, he was still pretty cleanly shaven from the day before but it was simply to take up time. He grabbed his clothes, tucking them under his arm and kept the towel around his waist, walking out and looking over at Lily as the cold air hit him. He could feel the hot water from his hair turn cold and drip down his back, making him shiver. "All yours. Better get in there quick 'cause I'm dropping the towel soon to get dressed." he teased. It wasn't the first time she'd see him naked. He surely wasn't ashamed of his body, he worked hard to get to his current physique. 

Logan moved to his clothes, one hand holding the towel together around his waist and the other holding his clothes football style. He dropped his clothes beside his suitcase and opened it up, fumbling around a bit to grab a fresh set of clothes out to get ready for the day.

Lily glares at his back for a few more moments, before she turns and gets up to get dressed. She had never been a morning person, but Sabrina sure was. After she was dressed, she sits down on the bed and flips through her phone. She was surprised not to see any missed calls or texts from her mother, asking for more money. Since that is all she had to ask her for, when Lily had called her back last night. She didn't even bother to ask if they landed alright or if the hotel room was nice, but Lily was used to it. It didn't surprise her anymore, if it wasn't asking for money the only other words out of her mother's mouth was that everything was her fault. She tosses her phone onto the bed behind her, and crosses her arms over her chest. Regretting saying anything to Logan about not taking forever, as that was exactly what he was doing.

She starts tapping her foot, before she hears the door open. "About time... I swear you're worse than a girl!" Pushing herself off the bed, she hears his comment and rolls her eyes. "Been there, done that... Trust me, there isn't much to see!" She taunts, before she walks passed him and brushes her arm against his. Slamming the door behind her quickly, once she reaches the bathroom. A giggle actually escapes her lips, as she starts brushing her teeth and hair.

After she had finished getting ready, she walks out of the bathroom. Letting out a breath of relief when she sees that Logan had left the room and there was no tricks from him for her comment. Lily walks over to her bed and grabs her phone, sliding it into her back pocket before she walks out of the room and heads toward Sabrina and Justin's room once again. 

Sabrina stretches once her alarm goes off, and she tiredly leans over and pushes the off button. She could hear the shower running and a smile crosses her face. Justin had woken up early enough to hop in the shower, just like she told him to do. She pushes herself up and starts getting ready for her and Lily to head to the florist to make sure the flowers were exactly what she wanted.

Logan looked over at her as she jumped up and spewed out her comment. "Yeah that's not what you told me before!" he called out after her and rolled his eyes. The longest week of his life would be the week of his best friends wedding and he hated that. He just hoped when the other's arrived, he could spend most of his time out of the room and away from the wicked witch of the west. He ran his hands over his face and got himself dressed, pulling on a pair of dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt, keeping his hair brushed out of his face. 

Logan moved out of the room as Lily continued showering, not wanting to converse with her when she got out in any sense. He was already mentally exhausted from fighting with her but he knew he wouldn't back down if she brought up a fight. He was just as stubborn as she was. He moved out from their room and towards Justin and Sabrina's, knocking on the door and waiting for an answer. 

Justin got up early, feeling no repercussions from his and Logan's night of drinking and moved out of the bed slowly as to not wake Sabrina up. He had to give Logan a call, making sure the boy was up and ready to go tux shopping. He knew Logan was going to be pissy waking up so early but it was imperative that the two of them met with the other groomsmen and they all went to pick their tuxes up. He moved to the bathroom, phoning Logan and waking the boy up before hopping into the shower to wash off the liquor smell from the night prior. 

Once he was out, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked out, seeing Sabrina awake now. He smiled at her and got himself dressed, walking over to her and placing a kiss to her forehead before hearing a knock on the door. He moved towards the door, seeing Logan showered and ready to go. [+red "Look at you, big boy.. you're all ready to go."] Justin joked, receiving an angry look from Logan. He knew that Logan and Lily had already been fighting because that was just their M.O. 

Logan looked at Justin with a sigh. "Let's get this over with. I already want to drink." the boy sighed, rolling his eyes at the situation he was in. Justin nodded and said goodbye to Sabrina before walking out with Logan to meet the guys at the place their tuxes would be.

Lily's eyes widen at his response to her taunting. Before the giggle slipped out of her lips, she shakes her head. He really was an ass, how did she deal with him for as long as she did all those years ago. She shakes her head again to rid herself of those memories, she already swore to herself that was something that would never be reopened. 

After brushing her teeth and putting her hair in a high ponytail, she walks back out of the bathroom. Thankful that Logan had left, knowing that if he had stayed they both would have been late to the errands they had to do for the wedding. The fights they used to have would get pretty harsh and felt like forever before they ended, due to both of them never wanting to admit they were the one in the wrong. [i Jeez, damn Sabrina for bringing it up last night...] Looking at the time on her phone, she lets out a sigh if she didn't stop letting herself get distracted by unwanted memories she was going to be late and Sabrina was going to kill her. Sliding her phone into her back pocket, she grabs her wallet and her room key before leaving the room. 

Sabrina smiles at Justin, as he walks out of the bathroom. Her eyes dragging up and down his body, as he got dressed. When he walks over to her and kisses her forehead, she grabs his shirt in her hand for a moment. "You smell much better now." She teases, kissing his lips, before letting him go to get the door. Crossing her arms over her chest, she looks over at Logan and her eyes widen. "Wow Logan, I'm impressed... You managed to get yourself up and dressed in an outfit that actually matches after a night of drinking. This has to be a first." She teases, snickering. 

Hearing him make his comment about already wanting a drink, Sabrina rolls her eyes. "It's eight in the morning, you guys already fought? Ugh, this wedding might turn into a disaster..." She groans, before moving to the bathroom to finish getting ready. 

After a couple hours of Sabrina and Lily going to the florist and making sure the flowers were ready and perfect for Friday. They were now with Sabrina's other bridesmaids in Sabrina and Justin's room. All the girls had a glass of champagne in their hand, as they talked about the plans for the rest of the week and the upcoming bachelorette party. The only other girl in the bridal party that Lily got along with, was Sabrina's older sister. The others were just like Sabrina, with more snobbiness. 
Sierra Hart, Sabrina's friend from college, being the worst. She hated Lily just as much as the girl hated her. "Oooh did Justin's hot best friend arrive yet??" She asks, in her squeaky voice. Wanting to get a rise out of Lily, she smirks at the girl. Lily rolls her eyes and bites her tongue, before downing her champagne and stands up to pour more for herself. 
Sabrina giggles, completely oblivious to the tension. "Of course he did Si, he's the best man silly..." 
Lily groaned, as she stood in the kitchen. She already had to deal with the asshole for the week, now she had to deal with the bitch. [i Kill me now...] She thinks to herself, wishing the champagne was something a little stronger.

Logan peeked through the door and saw Sabrina on the bed still laying in it. He smiled. "Morning, gorgeous. You lonely in the bed?" he joked, receiving a punch to the arm. "I'm kidding like usual. I wouldn't do that to my buddy!" he chuckled, rubbing his arm where Justin had punched him. "I know. It's a damn miracle. If Justin hadn't woken me up with a phone call, I wouldn't have actually got up. So I'm going to blame him." he smirked, looking back at his friend before hearing Sabrina's comment on them fighting. "Well you stick the two of us in a room there's bound to be fights." he sighed, rubbing the back of his head, feeling his hair was still a bit damp but not minding it much. His hair dried quickly so it would be dried by the time they got to the place they had to go. As Justin filed out of the room, Logan gave a quick wave to Sabrina and followed the male out of the building and towards the rental car. He grabbed the packet of smokes from his back pocket and stuck it into his mouth to light it up. 

Justin glared at Logan's comment but knew the boy wouldn't do anything like that really. He just had to be an ass and joke about it. No matter how innapropriate the joke was, Justin always knew he was just kidding around. As they walked out to the car, Justin looked over at Logan and watched him light the smoke up before they got to the car. [+red "No smoking in the car. It's a rental. They discourage shit like that."] he spoke. Logan nodded his head and took in a deep inhale. He'd finish it outside of the car before going in anyway. 
"I know." he replied. 

As they got to the car, Logan tossed the smoke to the ground, stepping on it quickly to put it out before getting into the car and driving off to the store they had to receive their tuxes at. "So the rest of the boys are meeting us at the place, right?" Logan asked to confirm. Justin nodded as a reply. 
[+red "Yeah, they are meeting us there. We will grab the tuxes and get back to the hotel so they can all check in and get their shit to their rooms."] Justin spoke, driving up to the building that was just a few minutes away. He wanted everything to be conveniently distanced as he didn't want to have to drive too far to get their stuff. 

Once they got to the building, Logan and Justin met up with the other guys. Logan had always gotten along with the other guys as they were typically a lot like Justin. Logan and Justin greeted the others, each one of them grabbing their respective tuxes and tried them on one last time before the wedding to make sure everything worked out well and they all still fit with no alterations. 

As the group returned back to the hotel, they all walked inside, chatting and laughing with each other. Justin had been away from some of the guys for a while so they all had to catch up and talk about the latest in their lives. 

As soon as everyone was checked in and ready to go, they all went back to Sabrina and Justin's room to greet the girls. Logan was a little less than excited but he knew he had to do it with the other guys. He grabbed himself a drink just to cope with the amount of females he was stuck in a room with. "Good thing your room is massive." Logan joked with Justin, the crowd of them filing into the room. [+red "Hello, ladies! We're back!"] Justin announced, looking between everyone.

Sabrina's sister, Aubrey, stands up and follows Lily to the kitchen. Knowing Sierra and her had a past, and figured she should play peacemaker since her younger sister was completely clueless. She opens the fridge and sees the bottle of Malibu, before turning to Lily. "Hmm, did you know that this was in here? Want to get drunk and drown in our sorrow that is Sierra Hart?" She smirks. Lily's eyes widen and she immediately starts nodding. "Hell yeah, I still don't get how her and Bree are friends..." She mutters. Aubrey shrugs and grabs shot glasses for her and the other female. "Lil, I question your friendship almost every day babe... You two are complete opposites... But she loves you, as do I" she explains, before handing Lily the glass. Lily smiles into the glass, as she brings it to her lips and throws her head back as she does the shot. "Mm, that's so much better. Keep it coming Aubs..." She puts down the glass, so the other female can refill it and Aubrey giggles at her. "We will just stay here, Bree has the other girls..." As soon as the door opens and the boys file into the room, Lily rolls her eyes as she spots Logan with Justin. "Ugh, that sounds good to me..." She says, causing Aubrey to look up from pouring the shots and she sees Logan and then turns her head to Lily and raises her eyebrow. "How's that going?" Lily shakes her head and holds her hand up. "Don't even ask." 

Sierra smirks to herself that she got Lily to leave the room, she knew she was bringing up a tough subject. Since Sabrina could never keep her mouth closed, she told Sierra everything that happened between Logan and Lily. She turns, as the door opens and the smirk grows as all the boys walk in. She fixes her hair and the way she was sitting and her eyes lock onto Logan. 
Sabrina looks up at the boys and smiles. "Hey guys! How'd the fitting go? Logan, how'd it feel being in a tux for the first time since senior prom?" She teases the boy, leaning in her chair.

Justin looked around the room at the girls, peeking into the small kitchen where Sabrina's sister and Lily were pouring more champagne for themselves. [+red "Hi, girls. How was did the flower shopping go?"] he asked, giving them a beaming smile before looking over at his fiancee and the rest of the girls. [+red "Luckily everyone fit in their suits still so no alterations needed to be made.. which is good because this wedding is sucking our savings dry."] he chuckled, moving over to Sabrina to plant a kiss to the girls cheek. 

Logan followed behind Justin, following his gaze to the kitchen where Lily and Aubrey stood, grabbing more alcohol. He averted his eyes, feeling the slight chill of the eyes on him before following Justin and the rest of the boys into the large room. He set his suit onto the bed as the other boys did and slid his free hand into his pocket, once again feeling eyes on him. He looked around before spotting Sierra, one of Sabrina's best friends staring at him like she wanted to eat him up. He cleared his throat softly before, once again, averting his eyes to the bottle of beer in his other hand, moving the bottle around slowly before taking a sip and slightly turning his body. Sierra and Lily had this weird grudge against each other, so messing around with her might get the rise out of Lily he always liked but he definitely didn't need to make the wedding more awkward than it already was. He was just happy he had a bottle of beer to save the day. 

As Sabrina mentioned not wearing a suit since prom, he chuckled and shrugged. "Definitely weird..I haven't had an occasion to wear one." he spoke, looking down at Sabrina with a smile. As much as he wanted to start in on Lily, he knew acting civil around everyone would be in his best interest, plus she seemed pissed off already with him and Sierra there. Relishing in that fact was enough for him to handle.

Aubrey lifts her head, as Justin asks how the florist went. "It went good, the flowers are perfect and they know Bree really well. She's really happy with them." She answers, as Lily downs her champagne again. 

Sierra keeps her eyes on Logan, the smirk staying glued on her lips. When he finally meets her gaze, she lifts her hand in a small wave and curls her hair around a finger on her other hand. Where Lily was more laid back and extremely subtle in her flirting, Sierra was the complete opposite. She loved being the center of attention, and she makes sure the guy knows she is interested and is very much so flirting. It was one of the many things, that made Lily not like her. She puts on a slight pout, when he doesn't do anything else but look at her.

Sabrina smiles and looks up at Justin, as he walks over to her and leans down to kiss her cheek. "That's awesome, you know my anxiety. I would have been freaking out the whole time, if they had to do alterations to any of the tuxes. I would keep it in my head that it wouldn't be done in time." She lets out a breath of relief, before hearing that the wedding is costing them. "I know, but it will all be worth it in the end. I promise." She shrugs, before taking a sip of her champagne. 
When Logan answers her question, Sabrina giggles. "I know, it's going to be strange seeing you all dressed up. But I appreciate you doing it for Justin," she goes to say more, but Sierra cuts her off. 
"I'm sure he'd look freakin' hot in anything he wears..." Sierra jumps in, before winking at Logan. 

Lily grabs the shot glass after Aubrey had finished pouring their fourth shot, and immediately throws her head back and downs her shot. She was thankful that the effects of the Malibu were starting to work. "Nobody asked for your opinion." The words slipped from her mouth with a slightly slurred tone. As she did so her eyes widen at herself, her attention then returns to Aubrey and she slides the shot glass towards her.

Justin nodded at the girl, happy everything worked out and happy they liked the flowers that they had picked out. He was worried if Sabrina didn't like them, she'd have to change them right before the wedding and they wouldn't work out. He let out a soft sigh as she spoke about the tuxes fitting them. 
If they didn't they'd likely have to get them altered and the chances of them being ready in time would be either slim or they wouldn't be ready in time. [+red "Everything is going smoothly, babe."] he smiled down at his future bride. If only the best man and the maid of honor would get along, then everything would be smooth, but he knew that would never happen. Justin was just hoping that things would stay as smooth as they were going now. Everyone was here, everything was going well and he didn't want anything to change on the count of not getting along. He already knew Lily and Sierra didn't get along well and knew this week was going to be long for the poor girl with two people she disliked around. Justin looked up as Sierra piped up to speak about Logan. He looked over at his best friend, trying to stifle a laugh that wanted so badly to escape. 

Logan chuckled at Sabrina's comment, nodding his head. "It's one day of wearing a suit." he smirked before Sierra piped up. His eyes quickly darted up towards the girl as she sat there, a smirk settled on her face. He watched her intently, the corner of his mouth moving upwards slightly, until Lily piped in. He looked over his shoulder at the girl before she quickly realized what she had said and gave a slight chuckle. Seems she was already slightly intoxicated. He shook his head and took another sip of his beer, shaking his head at the situation. 

Justin looked back at Lily as she spoke up, his eyes widening slightly before clearing his throat. [+red "Well! I think we could all use a couple more drinks!"] he said quickly, clapping his hands together before walking over to their mini fridge that was stocked up with alcohol. He grabbed a few drinks for the guys and put the others on the table in front of the girls in case they wanted more than champagne. [+red "I want to thank everyone for coming out to join us in this exciting time! I'm so grateful to have such amazing friends to spend this week with!"]

Aubrey smiles at Justin, she always thought that he was good for Sabrina. Even during their off moments, he made her the happiest Aubrey had ever seen her. 

Sabrina reaches up and grabs his hand and pulls him down to kiss his cheek, before she looks at him.  "I know it is so far, just sometimes my mind runs wild and I get anxious that something is going to go wrong." She admits. 
When Sierra cuts her off to make her comment about Logan, Sabrina's mouth slightly drops.  [i What was she doing?] She thought to herself, before Lily slips in her comment. Sabrina's eyes snap over to her best friend, who was very obviously getting pretty tipsy. This was about to get awkward, if someone didn't get in between the two soon. 

Sierra giggles at Logan's reaction to her comment, before she hears Lily. "Nobody asked for your opinion either Lilyth. And, you don't have a claim on Logan, he's a free man..." 
Lily's fingers tighten around the shot glass that Aubrey had just handed her, she could feel her whole body tense. She snaps her eyes over to the other girl, her eyes narrowing. "Don't call me that. I never said I had a claim on him, I just said that nobody wanted to hear your thoughts about him." She then throws her head back and downs the next shot. "Plus, I'm sure he'd love to get with some whore such as yourself anyway. " That part she muttered quietly to herself. As Justin quickly jumped in to save the tense situation from getting any worse, Lily rolled her eyes and walked to the back of the room and steps into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind her. 

Aubrey's body had froze, after she had poured her and Lily's next shot. She heard Sierra's comment back to Lily and knew this was going to get worse before it got better. She looks over at the girl standing next to her, and a gasp escapes her lips at the last comment. Unfortunately due to Lily already being tipsy, the last comment about Sierra being a whore wasn't as quiet as she thought it was. 
Sierra had heard it, how could she not have. Fire appeared in her eyes, she goes to throw another hurtful comment back at Lily when Justin interrupts the situation. The fire in her eyes dim for the time being, but Sierra knew the fight between Lily and her was far from over. She turns her complete attention to Justin and smiles at his small thank you speech. 

Sabrina's eyes were wide the entire time Lily and Sierra were going back and forth. She had been oblivious to their hatred for each other, until now. It had smacked her in the face. She hears Lily call Sierra a whore and realized just how tipsy Lily had been getting, this wedding was going to be a disaster if they were constantly at each others' throats. She smiles up at her fiancé, thankful that he knew how to jump in at the right time. She stands up next to him, and after he thanks everyone, she does the same. "Yes, thank you everybody. I know a destination wedding is a lot for you all, but we truly appreciate all of you making the trip and being here to celebrate the best day of our lives!" Sabrina then raises her glass. "Here's to a fantastic rest of our week!!" She clinks her glass with Justin's, before taking a sip of her champagne. 

Lily washes her hands, and pats her face as she looks in the mirror. The reddening in her cheeks was not only from the alcohol, she was pissed. She hated that she let Sierra get under her skin like she had. She hated that Sabrina trusted Sierra so much that she had told her everything about her other friends, including Lily. Sierra had so many weapons that she could use against Lily. Rolling her eyes at herself, she shakes her head and walks out of the bathroom right before the engaged couple had started making their thank you speeches. She makes herself a mixed drink, taking a break from the shots of Malibu. Then, she walks up to stand next to Aubrey again as she looks at Justin and Sabrina. As Sabrina raises her glass, Lily raises her own and a smile paints her lips. "And, here's to Justin and Sabrina. The strongest, best couple we know!" She shouted, taking her maid of honor duties very seriously. And, even though there was problems between her and Logan, and between Sierra and her, Lily was extremely happy for her best friend and was determined not to be the one to ruin their special day.

Justin smiled down at Sabrina as she spoke about getting anxious about the wedding. He knew she had been worried about it for the last few months, but at this point, the wedding was so close now that they couldn't worry about anything else. Whatever happened, happened. He just hoped his best man and the maid of honor could act civil enough for the next couple of days until the wedding was over. Then he couldn't care less if they were at each other's throats. He leaned down and kissed her lightly, rubbing her shoulders lightly. [+red "Whatever happens, happens. It's so close now that we can't really control much more."] he smiled at her. He just hoped everything went smoothly until the most important day was over. 

Justin quickly looked between Sierra and Lily, a small sigh escaping his lips. He had to do something quickly before the two started ripping each other's throats out. He looked back at Lily as her last comment came out of her mouth. She must have thought it was quieter than she thought but everyone had heard it. Justin quickly had to make this situation turn around before all hell broke loose. It was bad enough Lily and Logan were fighting but he didn't need Lily and Sierra starting in on each other too. He quickly got the drinks and made his speech. 

Logan looked over his shoulder at Lily as she called Sierra a whore. He put his hand over his mouth, trying not to spew out the beer he had in his mouth at hearing Lily's comment. After he swallowed, he cleared his throat. "Oh my god." he laughed quietly, putting his hand over his mouth to cover up the fact he was laughing about it all. He was loving this little back and fourth between Lily and Sierra and for once, he could take a break from the drama and let them hash it out. Even when he didn't speak or do anything, he was still the center of their little tiff. He was enjoying it but he was going to keep that to himself. He didn't want to start anything more than what was going on. He just stayed silent and watched everything unfold. When Justin interrupted the cat fight, he looked over at his best friend, smiling at the timing the other male had. As Justin finished his speech and Sabrina said hers, he looked between them, listening to them intently. He was really happy to be here sharing these moments with his best friend. The two, even with their issues before, were perfect for each other and he couldn't be happier for them. As Lily finished off the toast, they all raised their glasses, clinked each other's drinks and took a sip. 

Logan seated himself down on one of the arm rests of the couch and took another sip of his beer. He had planned on getting tipsy and finishing off the rest of their wedding duties for the day before situating himself by the pool with drinks in his hands and relaxing.

After scolding herself in the bathroom, Lily figured it was time to go back out and face the music. She definitely did not want to be the one to ruin the wedding. And, if there was one thing Lily hated more than anything it was drama and that's exactly what Sierra lived off of. [i It's only for five more days, you can do this.] Lily lectured herself, as long as Sierra did not hit low it should be pretty easy to avoid saying anything else. She finishes making her mixed drink and nudges Aubrey.

Aubrey watches Sierra, almost as if daring her to continue the fight between her and Lily. Not only would Aubrey be pissed due to this ruining her sister's time, but Lily has always been like a little sister to her and she hated Sierra herself. Once Justin shut it all down, Aubrey laughs to herself and makes herself a drink also. She feels Lily walk back up next to her, and nudges her arm. "You might want to slow down, at least for now... That comment you made on your way to the bathroom, was not as quiet as you think it was Lil..."  She mumbles, quiet enough for just Lily to hear. 

Lily hears her, and her eyes widen. "Fuck... I don't give a shit if Sierra heard me, but I don't want to upset Bree. She's got enough on her mind." She admits, before she hears Sabrina say the last line of the speech. Determined to behave for the rest of the time, Lily raises her own glass and finishes off the rest of the speech and clinks her glass with Aubrey's and the bridesmaids and groomsmen close to her. 

Sabrina hears Lily finish off the speech, and smiles at her. Though she kept wanting to talk to her later, about her comment, in the back of her mind. After she takes a sip of her drink, she wraps her arm around Justin and looks up at him. "This is turning into one very interesting week. We should do something fun, the bar at the pool is all inclusive for us too. Why don't we take them all down there and have our own little party? I'm pretty sure there is a dee-jay tonight anyway." She suggests, chewing on her lip. 

Sierra clinks her glass with the other bridesmaids and groomsmen, downing her drink. Before she sees Logan walk over to the couch, figuring she might as well keep pushing Lily after being called a whore, she walks over and sits down next to him. Nonchalantly resting her arm on his leg, she smiles up at him. "So, Logan it's been a while. What do you say, after Justin and Sabrina cut their leashes on us, you and I have some fun down at the pool?" Her voice was seductive, and she tilted her head to the side teasingly.

Justin watched everyone as everything simmered down as the speech ended. Everyone drank to the speech and Justin let out a content sigh. Thankfully, his interruption seemed to chill everyone out for the time being. They just needed to keep everyone distracted until the wedding was over with, then he didn't care what everyone did. If everyone wanted to have a big orgy or knock each other out, he was fine with it. But ONLY after the wedding. 

Justin wrapped his arm around Sabrina before looking down towards her, nodding in response to her suggestion. [+red "We should all go chill out by the pool. I know the guys wanted to get some chill time in before the wedding so going to the pool, grabbing a few drinks and relaxing does sound like the perfect plan."] he responded, smiling down at the girl before looking around the room at their friends. He looked up towards Sierra as she inched herself closer to Logan, a sigh escaping his lips quickly as he watched it all unfold. He knew Sierra was just trying to get a rise out of Lily as she moved in on Logan but Logan was in a spot where he still liked having fun and knew if he got into anything with Sierra, he'd be in a lot of trouble and have a lot of issues later. Logan was a big boy, though, and he made his own choices. 

Logan looked over as he felt an arm on his leg, looking at Sierra with a small smile as she spoke. "Uh.. I'm kind of on a tight leash with Justin.. being the best man and all." he spoke, taking another sip of beer. Sure he liked how easy Sierra was and he knew her plan on pissing Lily off, but he really didn't want to start anything before the wedding. Even if his main goal in life was to piss Lily off and get back at her for every little thing he could, he wanted to keep some of the peace with her before the wedding. He didn't want to ruin Sabrina and Justin's big day and he didn't want Sabrina to be out a maid of Honor. He was just happy they were all going to the pool and he wasn't going to be left with Sierra. The two of them could do some damage. They were both alike in their way of always wanting to have fun. 

"I think we're all going to the pool soon anyway.. right?" he asked, clearing his throat and looking up towards Justin. 

Justin nodded his head, looking over at Sierra and Logan. [+red "Yeah! We have all our wedding duties out of the way for the day. Let's all go by the pool, have some drinks and get relaxed, shall we?"] the male smiled, helping Logan out in any way he possibly could. [+red "Everyone go get your swim suites on and we will all meet by the pool in..say.. half an hour?"] he asked, looking around at everyone, hoping everyone would file out soon to go get ready. He figured a half an hour would give everyone a good amount of time they needed to change and meet up with each other. 

Logan nodded, standing up off the arm of the couch and looked back at Sierra before grabbing his suit and moved out of the room. "See you guys in half an hour!" he said quickly before shutting the door behind him, letting out a quick sigh before running his hand through his hair.

After the speeches, Lily and Aubrey walk over to a couple of the bridesmaids and groomsmen and start talking with them. Lily recognized two of the boys as Justin's cousins and had met them occasionally at their parties. "That was pretty awesome Lil, Sierra deserved that more than anything." One of the bridesmaids, Cassie, giggles and nudges Lily's arm. 
Lily shrugs and looks at her. "I was only speaking the truth, I didn't want it to be heard, but I'm kind of glad she did hear me. Now hopefully, she will keep her mouth shut. I seriously don't want to ruin Bree's time." 
Aubrey smiles and nods at Lily. "You've always been pretty good at controlling your words anyway Lil, I think you'll be alright. Plus, I'm pretty sure you have a lot of people on your side about Sierra." 
Lily shakes her head at the whole thing, and takes a sip of her drink, before she looks over at Justin as he makes his announcement about going to the pool. "Sounds like a great idea Justin." She smiles, before her attention goes to Sierra and Logan. Rolling her eyes, Lily walks with Aubrey out the door and over to the elevator. They get in and Aubrey looks over at Lily. "You going to be able to behave tonight?" She asks, teasingly. Lily smirks and shrugs. "I can promise that I won't be paying them any mind. I will be more focused on that hot bartender down there." 
Aubrey smiles and nods. "Alright good, I think that's a perfect idea." She responds, just as the doors open and they both walk out and go their separate ways so they can get changed in their swim suits. 
Lily walks into the room, grabbing her red bikini that doesn't have straps, it ties around the neck. She walks into the bathroom, and changes into the bikini quickly before walking back out into the room. Her phone starts ringing and she sits down on the bed, answering it. "Hey mom..." She sighs, and drops her gaze to the floor as the conversation takes a predictable turn. 
When she hears the room door open, her eyes rise and lock on Logan for a second before she immediately looks away. "Gotta go mom, yeah I'll send it later. Bye." She quickly hangs up, before pushing herself off the bed. "Just a warning, if you decide you want to risk actually getting something and want to sleep with Sierra tonight. I'm serious, go to her fucking room. That would be a level lower for even you, if you made me walk in on that..." She narrows her eyes at him, pushing her feelings down like normal about the phone call she just had with her mother. 

Sierra watches Logan's reaction to her and smirks, as she starts tracing circles on his thigh. Rolling her eyes playfully at him mentioning that Justin has a tight leash on him, she leans closer to him and shrugs. "Well maybe later tonight, when everyone else goes to bed we can have fun just the two of us somewhere a little more private than the pool anyway?" Her voice was soft, and her finger was still tracing circles on his thigh. She hears Justin's announcement and pushes herself up off the couch. "I'll see you down there." Sierra smiles and walks out of the room, making her way to her own room coming up with a plan.

Sabrina smiles at Justin agreeing with her. "Yeah, I think it's perfect to do it tonight since tomorrow night we have the bachelor and bachelorette parties so we can all enjoy some time together." Leaning up to kiss her cheek, she walks over to her drawer and takes out her swimsuit as Justin makes the announcement to everyone else. She goes into the bathroom, to quickly change before she walks out to Justin being the only one in the room. She twirls for him and giggles. "What do you think? This is the one I got when Lil and I went shopping the day before we left." She looks at him, and tilts her head to the side.

Logan watched Sierra as she traced circles on his thigh. He shrugged and gave a sligh chuckle at the intentions she was throwing out. She wanted more private with him and he wasn't sure what to do at this point. She had him pinned basically but he knew he had to keep himself in check for the sake of the wedding and for the sake of his sanity. Sierra was a notorious flirt and she tried everything in her power to get her way. She had her sights locked on Logan and Logan had to keep himself on the tight leash that Justin had for him and be a good boy in regards to who he messed around with. "We'll see where the night takes us." he replied, watching as she stood up and walked off to go get changed. Logan put a hand to his face, shaking his head and let out a long sigh. This was going to be a long night.. and he wasn't sure what was going to happen but he had to keep it together. Logan gave Justin a thanking look before standing up to make his way to his own room to go change. 

Once he got inside the room, he looked up at Lily and watched as she spoke on the phone for a moment, moving to his bag and grabbing his swim trunks before hearing Lily's comment on Sierra. "Is she getting under your skin?" he asked, hoping it was true. He smirked slightly before shrugging. "Well no worries on that.. no matter how persistent she is, I'm not planning on sleeping with her.." he assured Lily. He didn't want to risk anything at the moment. "Not until after the wedding, anyway." he playfully smirked, moving into the bathroom to change as well. He pulled on his swim trunks, sliding his shirt off of his body and threw it over his shoulder, grabbing one of the towels from the bathroom and walked back out once he was changed. He tossed his shirt onto his suitcase before shaking his head. "She's really only doing it to get a rise out of you. It seems to be working. What happened to that thick skin you had?" he chuckled, moving to the bar fridge to pull out another beer. He cracked it open before taking a sip and looked over towards the girl. No matter how much he hated her and how much she pissed him off, he still couldn't help but let his eyes wander over her as she stood there in her red bikini. He was still a guy. He still liked the look of a female in less clothes than usual. 

Justin watched everyone leave, rubbing the back of his neck slightly before letting Sabrina move into the bathroom to change. He changed in the living area of their room as she took over the bathroom. He pulled on his swim trunks and waited for Sabrina to be done. As she walked out, he looked her over, a smile creeping along his face. [+red "Wow! Babe you look amazing.] he smiled, giving her a playful chef's kiss as she twirled around. [+red "God I got lucky with you."] he smiled, watching her tilt her head to the side. [+red "If we weren't on a time crunch to save everyone from each other, I'd say we spend a while in the room.."] he grinned, watching her intently. [+red "I guess we have plenty of time for that, though."] he laughed.

"She's not getting under my skin, she's a fucking whore who will sleep with any guy who looks her way Logan. We've known her for years, she's always been this way." Lily responds, pushing herself off the bed and crosses her arms over her chest. "I wouldn't care if you did sleep with her now or after the wedding, I just wanted to warn you of both things. One, it is more than likely she has something with how many other guys she slept with and two I will kill you if you make me walk in on both of you... I hate you both, so that would just ruin my entire week and I'm [I not] going to be the one to ruin this for Justin and Bree. I'm not letting either one of you have that power over me." She says to his back, as he walks into the bathroom. 
When he comes back out and tells her what she already knew about Sierra, and asks what happened to her tough skin. "I'm still the same, but don't blame me that I'm a little worried about the bitch because Bree couldn't keep her damn mouth shut all those years ago and Sierra almost knows everything about me..." She lets out a sigh, before catching him looking her over. A smirk lifts her lips and she starts walking toward him, stopping only when their fronts are barely touching. Her arms were still crossed, as she blinks up at him. "See something you like?" Her voice growing soft, before she leans up so their faces were barely touching now. "Ain't ever going to happen again Logan, keep dreaming." The smirk grows as her chest leans on his for a minute, before she immediately turns away from him, grabs her towel and phone before walking out of the room. A satisfied smile rests on her lips, as she walks to the elevator to go down to the pool. 

Sabrina watches Justin's reaction to her and giggles. "I'm glad you love it." She twirls again, before she walks up to him. "I got even luckier with you, I love you baby." 
She says before she wraps her arms around his waist and lays her head on his chest. "Oooh I like the sound of that. If I wasn't afraid of Lily not only ripping Logan's head off, but now Sierra's I would say screw it let them fend for themselves." She pulls away to lean up and kiss his lips. "Tonight after everyone goes to bed for sure, you and I have plans." She giggles and winks, before pulling away and grabbing her towel.

Logan shook his head at Lily's comments. He knew how Sierra was and he knew exactly who she was. He had been through it with many girls before. They were all the same. Easy and wanted to sleep with anyone they got their hands on. "Yeah. I know." he muttered, rolling his eyes at the girl. As she mentioned she was scared for Sierra, he smirked a little. "I'd kill to see you two cat fight." he laughed a little, picturing the inevitable blood bath the two would cause. He really would love to see it and see who'd win. He'd get some real enjoyment out of the situation, he thought. 

As she inched in closer to him, his eyes followed her. His eyes narrowing slightly as she moved towards him. The look on her face meant she was up to no good with whatever she was doing. "What?" he asked as she questioned if he saw something he liked. As she stopped in front of him, their bodies nearly touching, he looked down at her with a curious look. He didn't dare take a step back, knowing if he did, she'd think she won out on tormenting him. As she leaned her face up, Logan watched her before she spoke, feeling her bump his chest before turning around and walking out. He shook his head and rolled his eyes, making the motion of wrapping his hands around her neck and took another drink of his beer. He let out a deep sigh and shook his head. He couldn't believe he was letting her get into his head like that. He had to make sure he was on top of the game. 

Logan let out a sigh and walked out of the room, making his way to the elevator when he knew Lily was clear of it, making his way down to the pool as well to meet up with everyone else. 

Justin smirked and wrapped his arms around Sabrina, nodding his head. [+red "Good plan.."] he grinned. He let the girl go with a small sigh, shaking his head and moving towards the door. [+red "Well I guess we should head down there... make sure no one's killed each other quite yet."] he chuckled, holding the door open for Sabrina as the two made their way off to the pool as well. He hoped none of them were already fighting but knowing the bunch they were friends with, the likelihood of a civil night was slim to none.

"You're such a fucking perv, let me guess you would want it to be in white T-shirts and water involved huh?" Lily rolls her eyes, shaking her head at him. "You really haven't changed, in fact you may have even gotten worse..." She sighs, before catching him. "Plus, I'm pretty sure you and I both know I would beat her ass." The smirk appearing on her face. 
Lily watches his reaction to her, as she moved closer so they were almost touching. The smirk on her face growing, as he pretends to not have heard her, she scoffs. "You heard me." Her voice was soft, almost as seductive as Sierra's was back in Justin and Sabrina's room. Once she pulled away from him and was out of the room, she shut the door behind her and leaned on it for a moment. Letting out a breath, she didn't realize she was holding. Even though she hated him for treating her the way he did after everything went down, being that close to him again still affected her. She leans her head against the door, closing her eyes for a second. Before she shakes her head, scolds herself again, and heads toward the elevator. 
Once she was down by the pool, she lays her towel down on one of the lounge chairs, before she heads over to the bar where Aubrey and a couple of the other guys were hanging. She smiles and slides next to Aubrey, before ordering the strongest mixed drink they had. She was looking to let loose tonight, since tomorrow night at the bachelorette party she will be responsible of Sabrina. 

Sierra was currently sitting on one of the lounge chairs, her eyes darting around just waiting for Logan or Lily. When she sees Lily appear she smirks, part one of her plan had arrived. Now she needs the other part, before she can put the plan into place. 

Sabrina giggles. "I'm glad you agree with me. It's a date then." She smiles, before pulling away from him. "Yes, we need to make sure no dead bodies happen on our watch this week! Then they can kill each other all they want after the wedding!" She laughs, before walking passed him and out the door. "Just make sure you keep an eye on Logan tonight, I love her but Sierra is definitely trouble for him..." She looks up at him, as they make their way to the elevator.

Logan shrugged at her comment on the white t-shirts and water. "Well, damn... sounds like a plan to me." he joked, giving a slight chuckle at her annoyance. "I'm not going to change any time soon.. so deal with it." he commented. He watched her leave before taking a second to regroup himself and focus on the main goal in his life, which was pissing her off to no end. 

Once he got out of the elevator, he walked out to the pool, finding a few of the groomsmen and dropped his towel on the side of the pool, looking around at all the other guys before they all agreed to grab a couple of drinks. He finished off the beer in his hand and put the can down by the pool, taking in the hot sun that beamed down on him. He was ready to relax by the pool and not let anything else get to him. He spotted Sierra on a lounge chair, trying to keep his focus off of her and hoping she didn't spot him, but knew she'd have her eyes set on him the moment she saw him. He moved with the other guys to the bar, ordering a few drinks for themselves each so they could sit by the pool and relax. 

Justin chuckled at Sabrina and nodded his head. [+red "I just hope they all behave for a little while... then I don't care what they do."] he spoke. As she mentioned keeping his eye on Logan, he nodded his head at her. [+red "I'll keep a close eye on Logan and Sierra. I don't think he'd do anything to ruin the wedding but get him a little drunk and who knows. All of his morals are out of the window."] he sighed, moving out of the room and down the hall towards the elevator with Sabrina. [+red "I'll try and keep him as far from her as possible... but it looks like she's zeroed in on him already."] he said, looking down towards his fiancee. [+red "But if Logan's got any type of brains left in his head, he'll steer clear of her."] he chuckled, moving out to the pool with Sabrina.

"Logan has a brain? Since when, because he sure as hell hasn't had one since I've met him!!" Sabrina teases, getting on the elevator. Once the elevator opens, Sabrina walks out into the pool deck and a breath of relief escapes her lips at the sight of Lily and Logan being separated and both seeming to be having a good time. It's immediately wiped away, when she spots the snake slithering to her prey. Sierra had locked her eyes on Logan and was now moving toward him. Sabrina hears the dee-jay start playing fun music and gets an idea to interrupt Sierra's plan for now. She orders a drink for herself and once it is in her hand, she walks over and grabs Logan's hand and drags him onto the center of the pool deck and starts dancing with him. "Come on Logan, I'm sure you still have some moves from high school right?" She giggles, before twirling and taking a sip of her drink. 

Lily hears Sabrina and looks over at her. "Is she tipsy already?" She giggles, but was seriously asking. Aubrey shrugs and takes a sip of her drink. "Probably, don't you remember what a lightweight she is??" Both girls laugh. 
Sierra narrows her eyes at Sabrina, she knew Sabrina had seen her walking toward Logan. [i Why would she try and ruin my moment?] Sierra thought to herself, before shaking her head and pretending to laugh with the girl. She jogs over and playfully pushes Sabrina. "Hey, you already have a man! Let the singles find each other!" She teases, before she turns to Logan and wraps an arm around his neck. "That swimsuit looks really good on you." She smiles. 

Sabrina sighs, when her plan obviously doesn't work, and walks over to Lily and Aubrey. "I know you hate him Lil, but we [i all] know that Si is trouble."  
Lily looks over at Sierra, desperately clinging to Logan and groans. "Logan doesn't need me to save him. He is a big boy.." 
Sabrina pouts. "You know that if something happens between them, this wedding is as good as ruined." 
"Ugh fine, don't guilt trip me! I got this!" Lily sighs and puts down her drink, before jogging toward Logan and pushes him into the pool. Making everyone around them start laughing and Sierra glares at her. "Why the hell did you do that??" She snaps, before one of the other groomsmen runs up and picks up Sierra throwing her into the pool before jumping in himself. 
One of Justin's cousins then runs up behind Lily and picks her up, jumping into the pool with her as well before letting her go. "Let's get this pool party started!!" He shouts. 
Sabrina's eyes were wide, she can't believe Lily did that. But she was thankful that she listened to her. She starts laughing, as everyone else follows into the pool as well and Justin's cousin, Aiden, forces Lily into the pool and shouts.  Sabrina turns to one of the bartenders. "I am so sorry for our rambunctious crowd..." The bartender shrugs and looks at her. "You guys are here to have fun, make the most of it!" He smiles. 
Sabrina returns the smile, before looking at Justin. "Why the hell did we choose these crazy people to be in our wedding?" She laughs, shaking her head at their friends and family.

Justin laughed at Sabrina's comment. [+red "Not always."] he laughed. He just hoped Logan would keep himself out of trouble, but knowing Logan that wasn't going to happen. He shrugged his shoulders at the girl before following her out to the pool. He could see Sierra already had her sights set on Logan and was making her way over to him. [+red "Oh boy.."] he mumbled before Sabrina ran off towards the bar and ordered herself a drink then made her way over to Logan. He watched in intruige, wondering what plan she had cooked up this time to keep Sierra away from Logan, a laugh escaping him as she dragged the male off to go dance. He wished her luck, hoping her plan would work. 

Logan looked over his shoulder at Sabrina as she grabbed him and dragged him off towards where everyone else was dancing. His eyes widened slightly before tilting his head to the side, turning it for a moment to see Sierra and instantly figuring her plan out. "Ahh.." he laughed and nodded, watching her dance. "Good plan." he laughed lightly. He held his drink in one hand, moving himself to the beat as the girl coaxed him to dance. As long as it kept Sierra from him, he was alright with it. For as long as it worked, it wasn't enough to keep Sierra off of him. As Sabrina was playfully pushed, Logan stopped moving, looking over at Sabrina before down at Sierra as she wrapped an arm around his neck. "I-uh.. thanks." he smiled back at her, keeping his one hand at his side as the other held his drink. She had caught up to him and he knew it would happen sooner or later. 

Logan watched Sierra for a moment before feeling something hit his side before he lost his balance and dropped into the pool. He surfaced out of the water and looked up at Lily with a glare before seeing Sierra and Lily were both forced into the pool as well. He pushed his hair back before laughing a little bit, pulling himself out of the pool and moving to the bar to grab another drink since his was now spread around the pool. "Jesus, it's getting crazy." he spoke to Sabrina and Justin. 

Justin watches the whole thing unfold, his hand covering his mouth as Logan was shoved into the pool and the other two girls were forced into it. He looked towards Sabrina and shrugged. [+red "Whatever works."] he laughed, hearing Sabrina apologize to the bartender. He looked over at Logan as he came out and ordered another drink, a laugh escaping him. [+red "We really got ourselves into a lot for the week."] he replied to Sabrina's comment, shaking his head at the craziness.

"I figured you might need some help..." Sabrina laughs, once Logan figured out her plan. "Sierra can be very persuasive, but the minute you sleep with her, she'll turn into a bitch and act like you came onto her. I know she's one of my closest friends, but even [i I] am aware of her track record. And, I care too much about you to let you sink into her trap." Sabrina admits, as she keeps moving her hips to the music. She hears Sierra's fake giggle, before she sees her and lets out a sigh. When Sierra playfully pushes her, Sabrina looks over at Logan apologetically. Before, she heads over to the other girls to try and convince Lily to help out a little here. 

Sierra smirks at Logan's reaction to her compliment, running her other hand down his chest, as she starts swaying her hips to the music. She keeps her eyes on his, as her hand gets dangerously low and her finger teases the top of his swim shorts. "Mmhmm, you're welcome." Her voice was soft.

Lily kept her eyes on her target, as she walked toward the both of them. She tries to hold down the urge to gag herself, when she spots Sierra's hand trailing down the front of Logan's body. Her eyes immediately go back to his face and she could see the slight discomfort he had from Sierra, and she knew that Sabrina was right. The wedding would turn extremely awkward if this went any further. She quickens her steps, before she is right next to them. Placing her hand on Logan's side, she pushes him into the pool.
Sierra could see someone walking up next to them, out of the corner of her eye, but she didn't think anything of it. She finally had Logan right where she wanted him, the smile on her face grows. That is until, someone pushed Logan into the pool. Her eyes clip over to Lily and narrow. "Why the hell did you do that??" She shouts to the other girl.
Lily rolls her eyes and ignores Sierra, watching as Logan resurfaces and glares at her. She smirks and crosses her arms over her chest. "Oops sorry princess, did I mess up your hair?" She taunts, before she feels someone's hands on her and feels herself being lifted. When she feels that person jump into the pool with her, she gasps, before she resurfaces herself and looks behind her at Justin's cousin Aiden. She slaps his arm playfully. "Aiden, you ass!" She laughs, before she dives under the water and swims over to the steps to sit down and drink with Aubrey.

Once Lily had put her drink down and walked over to Logan, Sabrina gasps as Lily pushes him into the pool. "Oh my gosh, that's not exactly what I had in mind." She starts laughing. 
"Hey, leave it to Lily to think of something wild and that would for sure piss Logan off." Aubrey laughs herself, before grabbing her and Lily's drink to join her by the pool. 
"That was an awesome play Lil." Aubrey giggles and hands the other girl her drink. 

Sierra keeps her eyes narrowed at Lily, before she is thrown in. She squeals and glares at the groomsmen, before she turns her head to Logan. "Ohhh, getting out so soon Logan?" She asks, sounding disappointed and whiny, making Aubrey and Lily roll their eyes on the other side of the pool. 

Sabrina laughs, as Logan walks up to them. "And to think Lily started all of that, just to help you with your "girl" situation." She teases, before she apologized to the bartender. 
She hears Justin's response to her comment and laughs, before she downs her drink. "If you can't stop them, might as well join them!" She shrugs, before she runs and dives into the pool, swimming over to Lily and Aubrey.

Logan laughed lightly at Sabrina, his eyes scanning the area for Seirra. He didn't want to deal with her, but the unfortunate part was, he knew he'd have to eventually. "Yeah.. i know her type." He laughed. He'd been through plenty of her type. The kind who are all sweet until they get what they want then instantly change over to major bitch mode. He just wanted to have a good time and hang out with the guys. He moved with Sabrina before Sierra pushed her out the way, seeing Sierra come in to do what she did best. She took over the show as she usually did, making sure to get every other girl out of her way to get what she wanted. 

As Logan looked over at her, he faked a smile, watching her intently before clearing his throat. The girl was persistent, he had to give it to her. As her fingers slid down to the waist band of his shorts, he winced a bit, pushing himself back slightly and chuckling lightly. "We are in the middle of public, Sierra." He said softly, giving her a playful grin in which he meant nothing by. As soon as he felt himself being pushed and fall into the pool, he gasped lightly, falling into the water before resurfacing, glaring up towards Lily. The girl was out to get him but at least she got him out of the situation he was in. Watched Lily and Sierra get forced into the pool, a smile crossing his face before getting out of the pool, looking back as Sierra spoke to him again. "I need another drink." He shrugged, walking over to Sabrina and Justin. He let out a deep breath and shook his head. "I think she's wanted to do that for the longest time. I don't even know if that was to help me out or not." He laughed, running his fingers through his dark, wet hair, pushing it out of his face. He looked over as Sabrina jumped in, looking back at Justin with a laugh. "We've got our hands full." He muttered, giving him a chuckle before grabbing another drink.

Justin looked at Sabrina as she jumped in, smiling at the girl as she joined in the fun. He walked with Logan to grab a drink, the two of them getting them before moving to the edge of the pool. [+red "mmm that's OK. I wouldn't have it any other way."] He smiled, looking at the other male before looking back at everyone in the pool. [+red "Looks like fun, wanna join them again?"] Justin asked, raising his eyebrow before downing his drink as quick as possible. 

Logan looked over at him, a glare shot his way. "What? I just got out and I just got my drink." Logan said quickly, seeing the look on Justin's face. He knew Justin was going to do anything to get him back in. As he watched Justin walk towards him, he put a hand to the males chest to hold him back, quickly downing his own drink before grabbing Justin before he could grab him and wrestled him into pool again. He wasn't going to be thrown in again.

Smirking at Aubrey's comment, Lily takes the her drink and takes a long sip. "Thanks Aub, Bree said to save him. So I did it the only way I knew how, push the asshole into the pool and mess up his "oh so precious" hair." She rolls her eyes. 
"Oh please Lil, you used to love that hair a couple years ago..." Sabrina teases, as she pops her head out of the water and hears the last part of Lily's sentence. Aubrey's eyes widen, unlike her sometimes dense younger sister, she knew than to bring up Lily and Logan's past. 
Lily narrows her eyes at Sabrina and groans. "Please stop bringing that up this week. I thought you would want your best man to be by Justin's side on Saturday. If you don't want me to kill him, then I suggest you stop digging up the fucking past Bree." Lily pleads, splashing her crazy best friend with the water. 
Looking up Sabrina sees Justin and Logan wrestling each other, before getting in the water. "Jeez, boys will be boys." She giggles. Lily laughs and nods her head. "Looks like Logan has a target on his back tonight." Smirking, Lily taps her cup to Aubrey's and downs the rest of her drink, she walks up the steps out of the pool and over to the bar to order another one. 

A couple hours later, the evening was still going on in the pool area but most of the bridal party couldn't hang anymore and decided to crash early. Plus, some of the groomsmen seemed to find interest in the bridesmaids they haven't met. So even though they came alone, they sure as hell weren't going back to their rooms alone. 
Aubrey had long gone to bed and Lily decided to get out of the pool and lay back on one of the lounge chairs by the pool. She had had a little too much to drink and could barely stand at the moment and she was afraid if she moved, she would lose it. She has her arms draped over her face, and her eyes closed. 
Sabrina had swam over to Justin and currently had her arms around his waist, just listening to him talk and wondering how she got so lucky.


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