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Looking for someone to rp with!

By Kittykat_

Hello! Im kat, I go by all pronouns. (Just so we respect each other I would like to know your name and pronouns) I have some really good angst role-play ideas! And som romance as well, I don’t mind doing Anime role-plays either! To role-play with me you have to pm me. I will NOT allow you access to this and we will role-play in a different chat!

Idea Number One!-

Y/c and M/c have both been in a dangerous position. It just after the zombie apocalypse hit, and Huge monsters and zombies were let out of there containment at a science lab. Y/c an M/c had went to school together and Y/c had a huge crush on M/c. So they have been on the hunt for them so that maybe they could have a romance during these times. But it doesn’t go to plan, and M/c and Y/c have to search for a way to make things go back to normal. While taking a small walk, Y/c gets captured by a monster, and M/c is quick to try and save them, having stupidly funny conversations the whole time M/c is fighting. You go off from there!

-End Of Description-

I always love to role-play some good old apocalyptic stuff, but if you cannot keep your paragraph to AT LEAST 150 characters long then I don’t think I would be interested in a role-play. And I do not mind either gender ships! We will discuss the genders in pm!

Idea Number Two!-

One day, Y/c is doing their normal work at school, going through their normal schedule like usually, but when it hits second period, you character starts to feel a bit Off. To distract themselves they look out the window, when they spot M/c sitting in the grass, M/c has a picnic set up, and y/c scoffs, not caring about the scene much, but something about the way M/c acted, dancing around, eating, singing, Made your character extremely happy. Y/c decides to stalk mine, and when M/c finds out, They confront y/c, you go off from here!

-End of Description-

Yep, those are my to ideas! If you’re thinking of anything different then we can discuss a new plot that we both equally enjoy!
Remember I will only respond to Pms! Not requests! Thank you!
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