The strange bounties

By WellerInkTells
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WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   44d ago

Theo was walking around the floating ship, whistling to himself and hearing his heavy boots hit the floor.
Unlike the rest of his group he didn’t exactly wear such heavy armor. He never went out on those missions, he mostly stayed inside or was a sniper around the area.
He went into one room and saw a sleeping figure. He groans and walked over to them, shaking them slightly. 
“Captain come on, you’re late again, everybody’s at the control center right now!” He spoke and shook him harshly when he wouldn’t get up.
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   40d ago
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Caspian let out a groan as the other shook him, eyes slowly opening. [b “What time is it?”] He asked, lifting one hand to rub over his tired eyes, blinking rapidly to try and remove any sleepiness. He looked to Theo and growled, [b “how many times have I told you not to come into my quarters? Especially when you know that I am sleeping?!”]

Eyes moving to the clock that was hanging on a nearby wall, Caspian shot out of bed and began to hastily get ready. [b “Why didn’t you tell me how late it was?!”] He demanded of the other, getting into his heavier armor, shifting into a more “human-like form”. Yes, Caspian was the captain of the crew and went on missions to catch those who had a bounty on their head. 

Ignoring the rest of the members on the ship, Caspian swiftly made his way to the computer to type in some data that he had gathered. [b “Looks like we have a couple of new targets. It says here that they’re humans who are working with aliens.. interesting.”] He muttered, more to himself than to anyone else in the room. He didn’t want to bring the fact that he was late to anyone’s attention.

With a sigh, the male turned off the computer and looked to the rest of the crew, a scowl crossing over his lips. [b “Well, what are you waiting for?”] He barked out to the others on the crew. Even though he had been late, Caspian didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go on yet another hunt to gain some money for the crew. The money was mostly going to be used for necessities, like food and repairs for the ship when needed. Any spare money could be used for entertainment or whatever the crew wanted. Hell, he could even get a new television for his room. He was needing a new one as his was malfunctioning.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   43d ago

Theo, overall, Was pretty scared of campaigns responses. He just stayed near the wall of his room and didn’t say a thing, letting him figure things out and of course following him to the control room.
In there were two more people, one having purple skin and pointed ears, but a long scar over their face.
The other person Theo was unable to see. He seemed to be one of the only ‘normal human beings’ on this ship though.

When hearing the captain spray out orders Theo quickly went to his post. He opened a computer and a large hologram of many planets and moons opened up. He started to search each of them with given information from the computer.

The siren, had gone over to the captain and smiled at him, his sharp-ish teeth showing. “Somebody sleep in again?~ you were up alllll night!~” he had giggled and looked at what he was doing on his computer. “Ooo? Humans working with aliens? Interesting!~ honestly, if I were with humans-“
“Huxley, I’m human?”
“Yes but ones that aren’t so….Clumsy?”
“Hey! I’m not THAT clums- AH!” When going over there he had slipped and fallen on his face.
“Yep…sure..” Huxley chuckled.
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   40d ago
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Caspian groaned as he watched the other crew members, lifting a hand to rub his face. He closed his eyes and then opened them after a brief moment. [b “Are you two done yet?”] He barked and raised an eyebrow, eyes moving between the two.

He ignored the comment about being up all night and shook his head. Caspian would not let Theo get to him. [b “Hey how about we check this out the bounty? How about some money for ship repairs?”] He asked and tilted his head to the side. He wanted to “get this show on the road” and as far as he was concerned, it was about to get interesting.

Moving over to his seat, the male took a seat and leaned back, stretching his arms out placing them behind his head. He didn’t mind the banter between the members on his crew but he was itching for some form of excitement. He wanted Theo to forget about his staying up all night and the fact that he overslept, again. He couldn’t believe that he had done that.

Caspian looked around at the crew, a grin forming over his lips. [b “Ready to go for a hunt? I feel that it’s been a little while since we’ve had a good one that pays well.”] He said and then looked to see how much money they would be making off of the bounty hunt. He didn’t wait for a response and started the ship, punching in the coordinates that he had read off the screen of the computer. It seemed as if they would be going to Earth. He wanted to find the humans that were working with aliens and have a word with them. He also wanted to see what they were making and if his crew would have any use for whatever it was.

It would be a dream come true if the humans were working on weapons. He needed some new guns and other such weapons for future bounty hunts. He could try chemicals and see how they worked. He chuckled to himself at the thought.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   40d ago

Huxley had walked off to his post, swaying his hips slightly as he sat down and got the information sent to him. “Where on earth did they say?” Hurley looked at theo.

Theo had quickly gotten up and looked at the planet. “Ummm…It’s somewhere around this small town, someplace called…Open market?…Its a resting place for aliens and humans alike and one of only few areas to welcome them to earth…Somewhere around some forest to..”

Theo looked at Huxley for info.“So it’s 3 humans, two female one male…The aliens, they are saying there are..2? One male and another female…Their species in unknown but they were last seen around the edge of the town near the water..”

“That sounds so…Little…Like there’s barley any at all..”
Huxley shrugs. “Well I don’t know I’m not the one paying good money for this..” Huxley, thanks to his hearing, heard the captain say something about weapons.
“Okay yeah we don’t have such quality weapons either..I mean it’s been awhile for a bounty to, most people we worked with of course…Ehhhhhh-“
“Wanted to kill us yes we know” Theo said and sighs.
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   38d ago
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Caspian listened to the two speak and slowly nodded his head. This could definitely be interesting and a good opportunity for the team to get some money. He tilted his head to the side as he heard the words “open market”.  What could this mean?

[b “Any idea as to what we’re looking at aside from the fact that there seems to be a few humans and aliens? Like are there any details of what they’re doing? I don’t want to go down there and it be a waste of time and resources.. and yeah they did want to kill us.. wonderful times.”] he growled, eyes moving to Huxley and Theo, a slight smirk forming over his lips. Sometimes he cursed Huxley’s super hearing, but he also didn’t mind as it got the crew to interact with one another.

The two seemed to be the only members of the crew who had any idea of what was going on at this point and he was very interested to hear their ideas. Too bad there wasn’t enough information to go off. The male sighed and stretched, resting his arms behind his head. [b “Well, perhaps we should go and check out what’s going on. Unless anyone has any objections or is scared?”] He asked, eyes moving to each of the crew members in turn.

He waited to see what they would say before making the final decision himself. Since he was the captain, Caspian would decide to check out this “open market” and see what it was the aliens and humans were doing. He was itching for a good hunt as he felt that he hadn’t been on one in a while. He was also anxious as he didn’t know what would possibly be in store for them when they did happen to land on Earth. Would the inhabitants try to kill them like so many others had? That was another thing that was meant to be seen.
WellerInkTellsHuxley Olrt   38d ago

“Hmmm…Well from the information from the person..” Huxley said and looks at the computer screen. “There isn’t much information on the sir…Only the alien species…They are called Skrippkits-“

“Skrippkits!?-“ Theo quickly searched this up. “Skrippkits are one of few endangered species, mostly hunted and caught for their magical abilities of flight And also their magical powers they could possess from large energy sources on other planets. They are also known for having the largest planet to because so many smaller planets were connected to their larger planet. They also have one of the largest history as most alien civilizations do-“
Huxley chuckled. “Theo you’re like a dictionary…! Shut up! You’re going to make my brain melt……..” Huxley whined and slammed his head on the desk.
Theo sighed and rolls his eyes. “Yeah yeah…they are just very intelligent but sadly creatures that are always being captured…”

Theo and Huxley heard him and Theo sighed.
“Well Um…I may have to come either way…Jambarkii is still sleeping I think…” Theo mumbled quietly and blushed. It was obvious he liked Jambarkii, they always hung out and she usually teased him to. She was very strong and was the brute of the team, always barging into battle.
He really does like strong girls.
Huxley snickered.
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   34d ago
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Caspian placed a hand under his chin as he listened to their words, nodding his head. A smile formed over his lips as he noticed Theo’s blush as he had mentioned Jambarkii. To be honest, the captain was glad that he had never really been on her bad side as she had demolished most of her enemies with just her brute strength alone. [b “Well, maybe someone should go and see if she’s sleeping. And if she is, they should probably wake her up. I just know that she’ll be excited to go on this mission.”]  He said, the smile never leaving his lips.

The male was indirectly trying to get Theo to go as he had a feeling that he liked her, especially from the blush that he saw form over his cheeks. Besides, he felt that they were just wasting time as they sat around in the shop. He wanted to take care of this mission and get it over with as quickly as he could. So, he waited to see if Theo would be brave enough to go and wake Jambarkii up.

Jambarkii rolled over in her sleep, eyes slowly opening as she blinked. She looked around and saw that she was still in bed and not out on the battlefield. A hand slid over her eyes and she rubbed them before looking at the time. [b “I overslept! I can’t believe this happened! Why didn’t anyone wake me?!”] She exclaimed and jumped out of bed.

The alien woman soon stood and moved to her dresser, looking for clothes that she could wear for the day. She was pissed that she had overslept and had more than likely missed out on information for a good hunt. Jambarkii then sat on the bed and placed her face in her hands, eyes closing for a moment.

When calm, she would apologize to the captain and the rest of the crew for oversleeping and would try to make it up to them somehow. She would do so on the battlefield and make the captain and crew proud that she was on the team. Especially Theo. She actually liked the fact that he was smart and funny. He made her laugh and she thought he was cute. A blush had formed over her cheeks as those thoughts crossed her mind. [i ‘Stop it. He probably doesn’t even like you like that.’] Jambarkii mentally scolded herself and let out a sigh.

Perhaps she should join the others, wherever they were. But, at the same time, she didn’t want to get out of bed. She sat there, lost in her thoughts, unsure of whether or not to see what was going on.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   34d ago

Theo seemed stunned by caspians answer. He jumped back slightly at the words and his blush made him turn slightly red.
He stuttered slightly, possibly trying to come up with an excuse.
“B-But sir…I-I don’t…” he mumbled but shook his head, deciding to just go and do it.

He arrived at Jambarkii’s door, being hesitant to knock. He stood there for a few minutes until knocking but the door opening up which made him jump and hold his heart. “J-Jambarkii! Y-You’re a-awake! I thought y-you were sleeping- I-I’m sorry I didn’t wake you!” He stuttered out quickly and backed up.
The interaction didn’t help either as his face was red now, almost as red as a tomato.
He was trying to look away to.
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   22d ago
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Caspian smirked as he watched Theo leave, placing his arms behind his head as he waited to see what would happen. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, turning to the controls as his eyes opened once more. [b “Let’s get this show on the road.”] He barked to the rest of the crew who happened to be in the room.

Jambarkii looked up as she heard Theo enter, a slight smile forming over her lips. As she heard his words, she shook her head. [b “It’s okay Theo. I should have joined everyone else when I first woke up.”] Jambarkii then tilted her head as she noticed that the male’s face was red.

[b “Are you feeling okay?”] She asked, head still tilted to the side. The woman slowly got off the bed and made her way over to the male, checking to see if he was doing okay as his face was red and he was stuttering. She didn’t know if the heat or something had gotten to him, but hoped that he was okay as she didn’t want for him to be ill. She also noticed that Theo was trying to look away and was unsure as to why that was.
WellerInkTellsHuxley Olrt   22d ago

“Yes sir!” Huxley quickly replied and looked at everything before seeing it was ready to go. “Alright if we do one jump it should only take us…3 hours? 2? Around that much time!” Huxley replied and they seemed proud they could calculate that.

Theo had backed up slightly. “I-I’m fine! Just a bit…Sick? Y-Yeah sick!” He thought quickly and had slowly started to calm down when a little far from her. He was surprised she was worried for him but of course it could be out of pity, as he was human…Just lost his color a bit on the planet he landed on. Can’t go back from that…
“W-Well the captain wants us at the front…s-so- I-I’ll see you there!” He quickly left and went back to the control room.
“So how was it?~” Huxley asked and wiggled his eyebrows.
Theo just hid his face and went to his seat. “F…Fine…?”
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   22d ago
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Caspian nodded as he heard Huxley’s calculations, a smile forming over his lips. [b “Well at least it isn’t going to take all day to travel. I think we’ve wasted enough time.”] He said and then turned to the controls once more. He punched in the coordinates and waited for the computer system to register them before leaning back once more.

Upon hearing Theo’s arrival, Caspian turned and tilted his head to the side. [b “I’m curious too. How did talking to Jambarkii go? You look a little.. shall I say, flushed? You sure it went okay?”] he couldn’t help the snicker from escaping as he asked the last question. He wanted to tease the other further, but didn’t think that would be a good idea as he knew that he would probably pay for it later.

Jambarkii shook her head and made her way to the control room where the others were waiting. A smile had formed over her lips as she stretched. [b “So, what did I miss? Anything interesting?”] She then walked over to an empty chair and sat down, kicking her feet up. She looked over to Caspian, almost daring him to say something to her about the placement of her feet and smirked as he stayed quiet. Jambarkii could easily take him down and he knew better than to mess with her.

Hell, no one on the crew messed with her because she was, in her own opinion, one of the best fighters on the crew. Well, maybe in fun but they knew better than to actually fight her.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   22d ago

Theo slowly pushed his head down in the desk and whined. He was more red than before now, trying to hide his face from them all.
Huxley had chuckled and looked at the remaining info. “Hm…Doesn’t seem to be anything else…Well from what I can see…The only information we didnt cover is…” it seemed to information corrupted on him which made him groan. “Fuck! Informations gone!…Hope it wasn’t to important…” he mumbled.
Theo shrugged and whined again.
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   9d ago
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Caspian tilted his head when he heard the words that some information had been corrupted and was now missing. [b “It better not have been important. Otherwise we’re fucked.”] He growled and clenched one of his fists, placing it on his knee. He also clenched his teeth in frustration as this was not news he wanted to hear.

Jambarkii glanced in the direction of Theo and Huxley, her head tilting to the side as she heard the noises that each made. [b “You sure you okay?”] She asked, her head still at an angle. She then looked to the captain, [b “so what does this mean boss?”]

Caspian opened his eyes and then looked to Jambarkii and then to the others. [b “I say we continue on. No use crying over information we don’t have. Maybe we can figure out the details once we get there.”] He said and sighed, rubbing his hand over his face. This was not how he wanted to spend the day, but he would make due with the information that the crew did manage to have. He only hoped that it was enough to keep them out of harm’s way and out of trouble. 

The male shrugged his shoulders and then leaned back in the chair, jaw still clenched from the news. Jambarkii nodded her head and then turned her attention back towards Huxley and Theo. [b “What do you two think?”] She asked, leaning forward in her seat.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   22d ago

Theo looked up. “Well if it were anything with age or height it isn’t to important…Of course erm- species we know already- the GREAT-“
“Yes we heard the story already!” Huxley looked at Theo.
Theo sighed. “Yep…But if it was anything of what they eat- and I’m not sure if they eat human…”
“Wait what?-“
“Then we would be FUCKED”
Huxley laughed. “Aww but you’re the only human here-“
“Oh no it goes for all of us- some creatures have their own diets of sirens…”
Huxley stopped and slowly nods. “Yep! Let’s just gets these people!”
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   22d ago
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Caspian looked between the two and rubbed his face with one hand. He wanted to make a comment so badly but shook his head as he turned to the control panel once more. [b “All right then! Guess we’re going to see what these creatures are up to and we’re going to kick some ass!”] He exclaimed and clapped his hands together, a grin forming over his lips. He had been looking forward to this moment for a few hours now and was happy that they were finally going to do something.

Jambarkii couldn’t help a laugh as she heard the exchange between Huxley and Theo. [b “Well, whatever the case may be, you two are safe with me!”] She said with a smile and flexed what muscles she had in a sort of mock pose. She then sat back in her chair and closed her eyes, waiting for when the crew would land on their destination planet. A smile had formed over her lips as she thought about what she would be doing to the creatures.

It had been a while since she and the others had any action and Jambarkii was bouncing with anticipation. She wanted to fight whatever these creatures were. She glanced over to the captain and saw that he too was anticipating a fight.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   22d ago

Theo sighed and nods. “Well I’m going to take a nap then…so-“ his eyes slowly closed and he started to snore quietly.
Huxley snorted and starts to laugh but left to instead go to his room.

It had been some time since the trip to earth and now it was there, much different. A much tropical looking waters to. Some other smaller planets surrounded earth but the greenery was still the same everywhere.
The ship landed near the town and in a forest, which woke Theo and Huxley up.

Theo quickly shot up and looked around, slight drool on his face. “We have arrived captain?”
Huxley came out of the room and was actually wearing a face mask and seemed to have taken a bath with the bathrob on. “Hm? Oh I guess we are…I’ll get ready…” he walked back into his room.
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   19d ago
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Caspian smirked as he saw that Theo had decided to take a nap where he was sitting before turning back to the controls. He lifted one hand and rubbed his fingers over his eyes, waiting for the ship to land at its destination. He was antsy as he wanted to get this done so that the crew would be able to collect some money for the much needed repairs for the ship and some new weapons. 

He then turned in his seat as Huxley left, the smirk still over his lips, [b “enjoy your nap. It won’t be too much longer until we get there.”] As soon as the ship landed, Caspian stood and stretched. This was the moment that he had waited for.

Jambarkii glanced over and saw that Theo decided to take a nap where he sat. A smile had formed over her lips. [b “Captan’s right. It won’t be long until we arrive. If you’ll be so kind as to excuse me I have to go get ready for the hunt.”] She said and then left the control room.

As soon as the ship landed, Jambarkii emerged from her room, ready for whatever they would be facing. She bounced a little in anticipation as she waited to see what the plan was and how long they would be waiting before anything happened.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   19d ago

Theo yawned and rubbed his eyes, checking a few logs before turning to them. “It’s night here…Around 4am…Meaning many are asleep..Those creatures definitely aren’ it’s best to go now before you loose them…I recommend the net shooters for this…since the market is so packed to with its buildings and markets it’ll be difficult to catch them…Since they are athletic and nimble creatures…”

Huxley came out in his suit and yawned. “Alright so the net shooters and watch for anything moving this late at night…Okay I think we got this!”
“Before you go…One more reminder…I…” Theo saw some information was gone. “Hm…Nevermind…Well they also glow in the dark then…That’s about it..”
Huxley chuckled and smirked. “To easy then!”
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   16d ago
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Caspian nodded as he listened to the information that the two had gathered. [b “So, what do y’all think is the best way to do this then?”] He asked, head tilting to the side. He drummed his fingers on the panel before standing up and moving around. He decided that now would be a good time to get ready for whatever was going to happen.

A few moments had passed and Caspian arrived, in full body armor with his hunting gear hidden. He knew that this would probably end up messed up in one way or another, but he was trying to remain optimistic. He grinned to the crew and then stood against a nearby wall, arms crossing over his chest.

Jambarkii grinned and listened to the information given, nodding her head. [b “Let’s get this show on the road! Or should we wait until it’s a little later in the day and explore our surroundings to get a better idea of what we’re going to be dealing with? You know, make a plan of sorts?”]

She looked to the captain to see if he would offer any input and a frown crossed her lips as she saw that he wouldn’t. So, she turned her attention to Huxley and Theo. [b “What do you two think we should do?”]  She asked, head tilting to the side. Thankfully she was ready to go and didn’t need to change into anything. She had her weapons hidden and ready for when she did need them.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   16d ago

“Well right now you guys can go and get a good look around the area…of course it’s best to then look for something glowing…Look for something like that and you may find them…But be careful, they love to play…A lot…”
Huxley shrugged. “I agree with the scouting the area then going in…But if finding something that glows is all then maybe it’ll be easy!” Huxley had walked off and gathered themselves a few weapons. On the team he didn’t have much muscle or intelligence and usually was there was a small distraction for larger groups they took down, plus he was amazing at makeup and outfits, or he would be the sniper of the team while Theo stayed inside. With theo being a human to, it’s easier for him to stay inside, rather then go out and possibly die.

“Alright…but be careful? I don’t want anybody freaking out either…seeing you guys..and aliens fighting…please?”
“Relax Theo!” Huxley ruffled his hair. “We won’t try to cause to much of a disturbance…!….maybe…”
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   13d ago
I like cereal

[b “Scouting the area sounds like a wonderful idea. It would give us an idea of what we’re up against.”] Caspian said with a nod of his head, a smile forming over his lips. He then crossed his arms over his chest as he listened to the words spoken, eyes closing for a moment before he opened them once more. [b “You sure you don’t want to come along Theo?”] he asked, head tilting to the side.

He knew that Theo was human, but sometimes he wondered if he felt left out or lonely when the rest of the crew went out to scout while he was left on the ship. Caspian shook his head and then looked to the others of the crew. [b “We’ll, ready to go?”] he asked, moving forward.

Jambarkii nodded her head as she also agreed that they should scout the area to see what they were up against. As soon as the captain had asked if Theo was sure about staying, she tilted her head to the side. She wanted for Theo to be safe, but didn’t necessarily think that it was fair that the rest of the crew had all the fun with hunts.

Slowly, she shook her head and then made her way to the ship’s doors. [b “I think that we should get going. There’s no telling what we’ll be up against.”] She muttered, eyes facing in front of her. She wanted to get a better idea of what was going on and shook her head as she heard Theo and Huxley’s banter.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   13d ago

Theo nodded and chuckled. “Yeah I’m fine with staying on here…it is safer either way…” he chuckled again and shrugged. “Plus I’ll be able to test out the drones to…!”
Huxley shrugs and stretched out. “Well I’m bored so let’s go!” 
Theo rolls his eyes and opened the hatch to the ship as it landed safely on the ground.

Huxley was the first to leave the ship, strutting down but stopping as he was amazed by how much greenery there was. There have been planets with wildlife but seeing how healthy everything did look, made him all the more curious to look around. “Everything is so green? And the sky is a pretty color of blue-“

Theo chuckled and waved as the others had gotten off, leaving him to go to the control panel and get a controller from the table and turn it on. A small drone popped out and he looked to see the screens were all on, giving him a good view of the bot. “Okay let’s go…” 
The boy went forward and out of the ship, looking around before going up into the air and looking around there.
CinnamonToastCrunchCaspian Marcomir   10d ago
I like cereal

Caspian merely nodded and then headed out after Huxley, arms stretching across his head. [b “Suit yourself then.”] He glanced around and saw what the other was talking about, a smile playing over his lips, [b “well would you look at that..”] 
He breathed out as he took in the scenery. To be honest, the male had never seen anything like the colors before him. 

He hoped that this mission would not be a waste of time and that there actually was someone for them to catch. A sigh had escaped his lips as those thoughts had crossed his mind. He couldn’t afford to be thinking this way and needed a distraction.

Jambarkii followed after the other two and then looked to the sky. She had never seen anything like it before. She smiled and then watched as the drone flew above them, seemingly searching to see if there would be anything of interest. She then shook her head and looked to the captain, a look of concern in her eyes as she heard the sigh. [b “Is everything okay?”] She asked, her head tilting to the side.

Normally Jambarkii minded her own business, but she did not like when the captain sighed. That was never a good sign in her experiences. She glanced around at all the green and life that seemed to fill the planet, calming herself.
WellerInkTellsTheo Bakerton   10d ago

He watched them all go and the hatch shutting. Theo was now alone, but he didn’t mind. He watched the screen and flew the drone around, keeping it near the area but the drone stopping near the town.He had stopped the drone d because of hearing something, or someone, move something in the ship.He got up quickly and left his post, grabbing a gun and loading it with a few darts. He quietly and quickly went to the area, which was in the captains room, the noise came from.
He listened again and heard something fall which made him open the door and aim the gun around. He didn’t expect to find a person wearing a red poncho and black mask with red markings on the mask, to be staring at him.
He stared at the person as they slowly got up, being much taller than the doorway and Theo.
“A Skrippkit?!” He panicked and ran out of the room quickly, closing the door and blocking it. The skrippkit had started to bang on the door, hissing and growling as it tried to get through.

Theo panicked and ran off, getting to the control center and getting to one of the radios. He couldn’t speak as an arrow pierced through the radio.
Another figure stood there, a much more nimble one. A black poncho and white mask with gold engravings this time. A bow an arrow was in their possession as they had it aimed at Theo.
Theo could also hear the door break down and growling, so he quickly put his hands up, surrendering to the skrippkits.


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