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Any fans of Lucifer? (Lucifer search)

By NatsuUzumaki

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Any fans of Lucifer on here? I absolutely love the show (uh...except the dog shit last season, good job ignoring season 5!) and would love to play something in the universe.


I think it would be interesting to do a "what if" or AU of season 6 based off of season 5's ending. You know, with Lucifer literally being destroyed and coming back to life saying "Oh, my me!" So, my idea would be what if Lucifer had actually returned as the new god? How would he adjust to his new power, would he still end up wanting to help hell and so on. Of course, this could go pretty AU if we want. Maybe Lucifer rules from his throne in Hell? Or maybe he simply continues solving crimes, but now he can help with his godlike power?

Just one idea. Would love to brainstorm something with another fan!
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Mazikeen666     25d ago

I’m interested


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