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noticeLilac Cookie   302d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

It was another calm morning at the palace of Yogurca, not as much as a sandstorm in sight off in the distance, thankfully. Having always thought sleeping in was a luxury he wasn't one to have, Lilac Cookie rose at his usual time; the crack of dawn; and got himself ready without as much as a complaint or whine muttered.

Waking up so early had its ups and downs. He was allowed to see the brilliant red and orange sunrise every morning as a result of being an early riser, but that came at the price of yawning quite often for the first hour or so he was awake. Not like many were awake at that time, however, aside from Cream Unicorn Cookie who hardly ever slept. Entertaining came at its own costs as well, Lilac supposed, offering the pastel Cookie a small wave when they crossed paths in the library.

While Lilac certainly struggled to read the languages of most of the world, he enjoyed reading the, surprisingly very few, books there written in the familiar desert tongue. It was a decent pastime he did often while waiting on Yogurt Cream Cookie, considering the young prince and new ruler's room was just a brisk walk down the pristine halls. Lilac wouldn't dare to enter the room, especially so when he was sleeping, but he was more than content to await his ruler while peacefully letting himself get lost in the books the palace library kept.

Yogurt Cream wasn't much for sleeping in even with his large title, and as such, he rose from his bedchambers shortly after the sun peeked through the top of his large window. He yawned softly before going to the door and peeking his head out, clearing his throat and calling down the hall. "Lilac!" He called out, then retreated back into the room with his doors barely cracked as some servants began to fan out the selection of clothes he had. Some were lighter, others darker, all of them lined with materials that only the royal Cookie could afford to line his clothes with. He chose a gentle pink this time, picking up his fan and handing it to a servant who got to work fanning the royal Cookie while he got dressed. He didn't need to be able to tell when Lilac entered the room, but he did anticipate the soft hum of his guard's voice when he stood up.
noticeLilac Cookie   302d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Lilac looked up from his book swiftly after being called for, hopping to his feet just as quickly. He closed and returned the book to where he had pulled it from, memorizing the page number he had left off on while doing so before calmly jogging down the hall to the royal Cookie's room.

A soft hum was, truly, all he needed to make his presence known once he slipped inside the room. Not even the twin chakrams hidden and resting under his hoodless cloak made as much as a tiny clanky or scratchy noise. Then again, what more could one expect from a trained a̶s̶s̶a̶s̶s̶i̶n̶ bodyguard who walked around barefooted all day in order to stay soundless?

"What are your plans for today, sire?" The Cookie of few words asked out after a few moments, drawing his cloak just a little further around himself out of habit.

"I think I'll stay around the castle today. Did you wish to do anything today, my mysterious guard?" Yogurt's voice hummed in return as he adjusted his outfit gently, taking his fan from his servant and happily sitting back down on the chair in front of his vanity. "I know you occasionally leave me in the care of other guards, which is alright, but where do you end up going?" He seemed quite confused after a moment, tilting his head at the guard before fanning himself quietly. "After all...I only know of a few lands we could travel to without too much trouble."
noticeLilac Cookie   301d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Lilac paused at the question, not only becoming motionless; as if he wasn't beforehand; but also slowing his breathing by trifold as he eyed Yogurt Cream carefully.

Well, it wasn't as if though the other had asked about more... [i Personal] matters, such as Lilac's upbringing. The prince wasn't on to be unfair or unjust like his father before him, either. Yet, even so, the well-trained guard couldn't help but find himself a little stunned by the question, and thus hesitating to immediately answer.

"I visit a few young friends over in Pure Vanilla's Kingdom," was offered up after he had softly cleared his throat. It wasn't as if the answer was untruthful, but it was certainly something he didn't expect to answer, hence the delayed response. Lilac soon added on, feeling the need to further justify his choices, especially so to the royal Cookie. "Two little children; they seem curious about your kingdom here. I usually bring them small trinkets from these lands for them to investigate..."

"Interesting. Do your little friends have names, Lilac?" The princely Cookie seemed more interested than upset about his guards' disappearances and travels, more looking for a reason than looking for a bit of treason. Yogurt Cream Cookie had no worries about that, he'd pruned the people he didn't trust out of his court very quickly, at this point he was just sating his curiosity. He stood up after a moment as he walked over to him quietly, fanning himself for a moment before holding his hand out to him. "Would you take me there, then? I'm interested to see Pure Vanilla's kingdom." [i In reality, he just wanted an excuse to be next to Lilac but nobody needed to know this.]
noticeLilac Cookie   301d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

"...As you wish, sire." The guard responded after a few seconds had passed, bowing his head respectfully rather than taking the hand outstretched to him. Lilac was never too keen on touching people; besides, hands were for holding chakrams or select parkour stunts, nothing more nothing less.

He straightened his posture out once he felt it was reasonable to lift his head once again, letting a hand ever so gently rub against the inside fabric of his cloak as Lilac let out another soft, gentle hum. "Their names are Sorbet Shark and Mango; both are children to Sparkling and Herb, well-known Cookies in Pure Vanilla's kingdom." The lavender-eyed Cookie informed quietly and carefully, all too used to his role as a guard. Lilac's gaze fell to the floor as he spoke, however, though he continued speaking in a voice similar to a murmur.

"I haven't found another trinket for them quite yet, though your presence alone [i is] a great gift..."

The ruler Cookie hummed in thought as he glanced out of the window, tapping his finger on the edge of his fan before folding it up and humming slightly. "I wonder...I've never worked with children before, I don't know what keeps their attention." He let out a light chuckle, very much knowing his weaknesses. "Should we go into the market and try to find one for them, then? I know my kingdom holds something nice for those children." Admittedly he was a bit nervous about meeting them, but years of practice allowed him to merely smile and hide his emotions save for a soft smile.
noticeLilac Cookie   301d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Lilac seemed to hesitate and pause once again, genuinely at a loss for what to say or even offer up as a response. To be fair, that entire day had been throwing him for a loop, so perhaps he really should have expected it, though nobody; not even him; could forever keep a calm, mysterious, and silent demeanour. 

"That would be... Nice, actually." Lilac barely but muttered out with the faintest of smiles adorning his face. Which, as a side note, was quite the accomplishment considering the guard hardly ever smiled for [i anybody.] Then again, that fact excluded children, which he had an apparent soft spot for. 

Lilac continued to almost fiddle with the fabric draped around him, humming out a gentle note before nodding in the direction of the door; a clear acception of the invite if his verbal answer wasn't enough. "If neither of us can find anything good, I'm sure we can ask Cream Unicorn Cookie. He deals with children frequently, after all."

"Wonderful!" The royal clapped quietly once, then wandered his royal way out of the room so that they could go out into the market together. He was humming happily, wandering along through the streets and happily greeting his subjects in turn when they waved to him or greeted him. He truly did love his people, always trying his best to please them where he could. He was a good leader, or he tried to be. Eventually they came upon a booth where there were some people selling puzzles, and Yogurt Cream looked back to Lilac. "What do you think? Would they enjoy these?"
noticeLilac Cookie   300d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Lilac silently followed after his ruler, sticking close to him to stay protectively by his side. Plus, crowds were never the guard's strong suit. He typically did his best to avoid them under most circumstances, though this was an exception. Safe to say, however, if his eyes even as much as dared to shift from the gaze he held firmly onto Yogurt Cream, there was a good chance they'd get separated if Lilac didn't pay enough attention. Truth be told, didn't like that thought all that much...

Lilac blinked when he was addressed, finally letting his gaze look elsewhere to glance over at the puzzles. It was quick to return to the royal Cookie, however. "They might not enjoy the larger, more complex puzzles as much, but the smaller ones seem fine..."

"They'd like that one most, I believe." The guard gently chimed after a few moments of silence and observation, softly gesturing to a puzzle depicting both ocean waves and the pristine sand of Yogurca.


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