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Roleplay Etiquette

By Vossler

This is a sub-thread for The RPC Academy but this applies to the website as a whole too!

So, you just joined the great website known as Roleplay Cloud huh? Even found yourself a couple roleplays to join? Good for you!

Now, before you join you have to follow these simple guidelines;

One - Always ask before joining! It is never polite to make your character and post in the roleplay. Always message the owner of the roleplay privately before you fill out the character sheet.

Two - Never spam the owner of the roleplay asking if you can join, this is annoying and rude and will 9 times out of 10 will guarantee you won't join their roleplay or any of their other roleplays.

Three - If you have been told you can join you must fill out a character sheet. They can be found in the description section of the roleplay. Send the filled out sheet to the owner privately. Do not spam them and instead wait for their reply.

Four - THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE IMPORTANT RULE! If you see a thread that has been locked and you want to join it please read the description carefully and never click the REQUEST ACCESS button and instead message the owner privately as each time you hit that button it sends a notification to our inboxes and can get very spammy! If you are allowed to join the roleplay you may hit REQUEST ACCESS and you will be added.

After Joining

Okay so now you've joined a roleplay! Great job! Now there are more guidelines, this time... What to do and not do during roleplaying!

The DOs

One - Always wait your turn while others post after you have posted or if it's not your turn yet!

Two - Always discuss future ideas to the owner of the roleplay and others inside the roleplay before using a crazy idea you came up with! This way everyone is on board and it won't derail the plot of the roleplay

Three - Always try your best to write as much as you can! Try to stay above at least 300 characters and always add detail!

Four - Remember to always have fun!


One - Never skip someone unless it has been more than 2-3 days, some even go for a week it all depends!

It is always wise to check with a user in the roleplay if they have not made their post and see if they are okay.

It is up to the owners final judgement whether to skip an absent user or not.

Two - Never leave the roleplay you are in without at least messaging the owner if possible to let them know you are taking a break. This will ensure you have a spot saved in the posting order if one is set up.

Three - Never GM, what is that you ask? It means God Mod, which is a term used when a user makes their character in a roleplay invincible and super powerful being with God Mode.

This is incredibly disrespectful and ruins the whole roleplay. This is a super low thing to do and will make everyone on the site not want to let you join their roleplays.

Four - Never do any inappropriate stuff in roleplays! Romance is allowed but sexual content is forbidden on the website and can lead to a ban! Never cyber in any roleplays or even PMs!
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