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a wrιтerѕ paѕѕιon

By ButterflyRose

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These plots were found on Tumblr. I'm searching for ONE more story at the moment. I'm needing a really good distraction right now, so please read through the plots and then message me for what one you are interested in more. For some of them I would like to be the female role. I'm more than willing to double as a male though as well. Please do not request into the thread, if you do I will end up blocking you because you can't even read something so simple. It's annoying as fuck when people do that. That's what private messages are for. Now onto the plots to choose from.

Between the Sheets - Open

Muse A and Muse B are roommates. After a long night of partying, they stumble back into their apartment/dorm and fall into bed. Too inebriated to notice or care, they curl up in Muse A’s bed together. Muse A snuggles into Muse B’s chest, Muse B slides their hand beneath Muse A’s shirt. Morning comes and the roommates wake up, half-dressed, in each other’s arms, with no clear recollection of what happened once they got home the night before. All of the unanswered questions stir some curiosities between the roommates.

What will happen if the roommates are able to piece the events of the previous night together? How will it change their relationship if they were intimate with one another? If they weren’t intimate, will they become curious about what being lovers would be like? Will the awkwardness of the situation be too much for either of them to handle?

By the Seashore - Open

Muse A has always loved the ocean. When Muse A was a little kid, their father used to take them to the beach nearly every day during the summer and they’d swim and collect sea shells along the shoreline. Having nothing but fond memories from their youth, Muse A decides to become a lifeguard at that very beach this summer. One afternoon, Muse A notices Muse B struggling in the surf. Muse A springs into action to save Muse B, pulling them to dry land and resuscitating them. It’s not until Muse B begins to awaken that their significant other appears and shoos Muse A out of the way. Muse A falls back and returns to their lifeguard post, allowing Muse B’s companions to lead Muse B away.

A few weeks later, Muse B returns to the beach alone, catching Muse A’s attention. Muse A tries to introduce his/herself to Muse B but they become painfully shy and are unable to speak to Muse B. Muse B gets the impression that Muse A can’t speak at all, so Muse B picks up the slack in conversation, while Muse A just smiles and nods along. They spend the whole day together, admiring the sea. Muse B tells Muse A about their near-death experience, not realizing that Muse A was the one who saved them from drowning. Muse B believes that it was their significant other who saved them because that’s what the significant other reported, and because of this false account, Muse B has decided to stay in the relationship that hasn’t been working for the last few months. Muse A is let down by this admission, but feels as if it’s pointless to tell the truth now.

Over the next few days, Muse B returns to the beach to spend time with Muse A, who stays quiet to keep up the rouse. Muse A coaxes Muse B to get back in the water with them and once they’re heading back to shore, they share an unplanned kiss. Muse B feels guilty about it afterward because of their significant other and suggests that they just stay friends. The more Muse B talks about their significant other, the more jealous Muse A becomes and the more obvious it is that they’ll lose Muse B if they continue to keep their mouth shut about what really happened the day Muse B nearly drowned.

When Muse A speaks to Muse B for the first time and blurts out the truth, Muse B is shocked. Muse B doesn’t believe Muse A, how can they after Muse A’s been lying about being able to speak this whole time? Muse B accuses Muse A of trying to manipulate them and ruin their relationship, then says that they can’t see each other anymore. As the summer stretches on and Muse B stays away as promised, Muse A worries that they’ll never see Muse B again.

Will Muse B come to realize the truth and forgive Muse A for waiting so long to speak up? Or will Muse B leave the infatuated lifeguard heartbroken and alone by the sea?

The Fear of Falling Apart - Open

Muse A has become addicted to prescription painkillers, but is very secretive about their addiction. They refuse to let their friends and family be aware of it, never using in front of them or talking about it, and maintaining a hardened philosophy that if they don’t admit it out loud, there is no problem. At first the silence succeeds. The people around Muse A don’t suspect anything except the occasional uncharacteristic irritability.

As time goes on, Muse A’s addiction to opiates becomes more and more evident to those who are close to them, especially Muse B, who begins to suspect Muse A is using drugs. Although Muse A still attempts to keep their addiction under wraps, the façade begins to falter as they become more and more dependent. Muse B is torn on whether to address their suspicions and confront Muse A, at the risk of having a falling out; however if they stand back idly and don’t take action, they risk losing them entirely. In the end Muse B decides to intervene, offering their assistance and support if Muse A will choose to admit they have a substance abuse problem and seek professional help.

Optional: Muse A admits they have a drug problem, but refuses professional help, instead asking Muse B to help them privately.

Muse A refuses to admit they are addicted and continue to abuse painkillers, eventually resulting in an overdose. Muse B discovers them unconscious and calls emergency services, saving Muse A’s life.

Wandering Heart - Open

Muse A and Muse B are long-time friends who’ve held onto an unexpressed attraction to one another for many years. For one reason or another the two of them just never attempted to date, despite their obvious flirting, teasing touches and playful, lingering kisses goodbye. When Muse B, the shier of the two, expresses interest in someone else, a freshly single Muse A finally chooses to tell Muse B how they feel. Muse B happily starts dating Muse A, who they’ve really wanted to be with this whole time. The relationship between them is great for the first few weeks.

It’s like nothing has changed, except for the fact that they kiss and fool around and are openly romantic without having to worry about what the gestures mean. Just as things are getting serious between them, Muse B catches Muse A sending sexy texts to someone else. They’re really disappointed, but are consoled by a fast-talking Muse A who promises that it didn’t mean anything and it won’t happen again. Muse B forgives Muse A and they move forward, eventually moving in together. Living together, turns out to be a big mistake, as everything one of them does seems to annoy the other in some way.

Despite sharing a place, Muse B starts to see less and less of Muse A and it makes them suspicious that Muse A might be cheating again. When Muse B musters the nerve to confront Muse A about their fears, Muse A confesses that they have been spending time with someone on the side, but it’s not because they don’t want to be with Muse B; Muse A simply states that they’d like to pursue an open relationship, in which they can both see other people as long as they don’t bring them back to their home.

Muse B takes some time to think it over, only agreeing because they care about Muse A and hope that it’s just a phase or a rough patch for them to get over. Muse A openly starts hanging out with someone else while Muse B worries that Muse A will leave them. Muse B isn’t the type of person to cheat, even if it’s permitted and it devastates them that Muse A doesn’t seem to think that their relationship is good enough with just the two of them.

Take ‘Em or Leave ‘Em - Open

Muse A has lived across the street from Muse B for as long as they can remember. Muse B is introverted, and in the few interactions they’ve had with one another, Muse A has learned that Muse B suffers from social anxiety. Staying inside and getting lost in a good book is far easier for Muse B than interacting with people face-to-face, but they don’t want to be cut off from society completely. As their own way of connecting to others, Muse B has constructed a homemade library at the edge of their property, through which they share books with anyone who chooses to contribute. No one really notices the little library however, besides Muse A.

One afternoon when Muse B doesn’t seem to be around, Muse A decides to drop off a few books they’ve enjoyed. On a whim, they leave a note in one, anonymously recommending it to Muse B. After reading through the book, Muse B leaves a new book with a note of their own in it for the next person. Muse A, having seen Muse B venturing to the library, takes the book before anybody else can. Gradually, Muse A and Muse B begin a daily/weekly correspondence with one another, though Muse B has no idea they’re writing to their neighbor.

A friendship develops and the notes get longer and a little more personal. After a couple of weeks, Muse A has finally decided to ask Muse B out for a cup of coffee, but somebody else takes the book meant for them! Now, for the first time in ages, Muse A finds themselves on Muse B’s doorstep, unsure what Muse B’s response will be when they find out the truth.

Optional: Muse B has had a crush on Muse A for a while and not known how to approach them about it.

Muse A had written a huge secret in the last note to Muse B that got stolen, and now has to deal with the consequences of somebody else knowing it.

Track Nine - Open

Muse A takes the train to get to work/school every day. They usually read a book or listen to music during the commute since they’re travelling for at least an hour. Muse A is seated on the train when Muse B gets on one afternoon. The only spot vacant in the car is right next to Muse A, so Muse B sits there. Muse A and Muse B share a quick glance and polite smile, but nothing more as the train doors close as the ride continues. Muse A is listening to their mp3 player and humming softly, allowing Muse B to recognize the song that they’re listening to.

Muse B happens to like that song a lot and is about to ask Muse A who the artist is when the train stops and more people get on. The car gets packed and it’s difficult for Muse B to talk over the other commuters, let alone spot Muse A though they’re still seated right beside each other. When the crowd clears out 2 stops later, Muse A gets off the train, but their mp3 player accidentally gets left behind on the seat.

Muse B quickly scoops it up, not wanting anyone to swipe it and they rush to the doors as they close, unable to get to Muse A who they can see heading up the steps to exit the subway. Muse B decides to get off at the next stop, hoping that they can catch Muse A if they run the few blocks back to the previous station. When Muse B arrives at the station, out of breath, Muse A is nowhere to be found. Muse B goes off to their destination, holding Muse A’s mp3 player in safe keeping.

When Muse B gets home, they can’t help their curiosity and they take a listen through some/all of Muse A’s songs. Muse B is amazed to discover a lot of music that they like on Muse A’s playlists. They’re even more amazed when they hear track #9 Invisible by Anna Clendening; Track # 9 is Muse B’s absolute favorite song and coincidentally the track line that the train runs on.

The next day/a few days later, when Muse B gets on the train again, they bump into Muse A. Muse B returns the mp3 player and takes a chance, starting up a conversation with Muse A about the music on it. Where will Muse A and Muse B go from there?
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