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In the year 1995 a group of scientist were finally able to create a serum that would prolong death. When taken by an animal it would cure any illness and gave them an additional 10 years of a healthy life. When taken by a human, it completely changed their genetic code. The person would become young and beautiful. They would get inhuman speed and strength that could take down a tank, but only if they feed on human blood. Once the serum was injected a terrible hunger would rise and if unchecked, the person would starve to death. But if they drink, and continue to drink, they would live forever. A choice scientist didn't want mankind to make.

They began to hide their research and get rid of the test subjects. They only had five. Two males, two woman and a female child. They locked each of them away and began the starving process. On the fifth night, the little girl was able to finally pop the screws on an air vent and made her escape. When someone finally noticed she was gone, it was too late. She was in the next town massacring a farm family. Once her hunger was gone, she looked at what she had done. What had they turned her into?

Twenty-Four Years Later

Your Name Here moves to the Big Apple and finds a pretty cheap apartment in a really bad part of town. Your Name Here take's it though and moves in. Just as Your Name Here is moving their things up the stairs, they trip and start to fall. Only to be caught by a gorgeous woman. Trixe helps Your Name Here and carries a few boxes that even Your Name Here couldn't lift...

The cast of Beauty In Blood.

Trixie Cobain; Taken

Sharon Milton; Taken

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-Shyone-BLOOD   48d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Screams of terror. That's all she dreamed about. That is when she did sleep. The blue haired female opened her black eyes to the first light of dawn. Her stomach growled as she sat up in her bed. Her black sheets falling off her naked body as she stood up and made her way to the kitchen. Trixie let out a long yawn as she opened up the fridge in her kitchen. The whole thing was stocked with bags of blood from the the local blood bank. After being like this for so long, she had to make friends with the right people. She made a vow to never kill again.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Trixie made her way around the kitchen. Grabbing a coffee mug and filling it up with a bag of blood. As she waited for it to warm up in the microwave, she stretched her long slender body. Feeling every muscle move and her shoulders pop. As soon as she heard the ding of the microwave, she grabbed her cup and made her way back to her room to get dressed. The blood smelt divine to her as she took long slow sips. Her eyes slowly shifting from black to a bright blue. Her skin turned from pale to a soft tan. Her hair turned from dull to shiny and as she finished the last drop, her strength came back and she was ready to face the day.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 With a yawn she walked into her huge closet and grabbed an outfit for the day. Just an old pair of ripped up jeans and a red plaid shirt. Once dressed, Trixie made her way to the window in her room and opened it. Stepping outside to stand on the fire escape. Her eyes scanned the area. She watched as the coffee shop across the road opened up. Her eyes followed the paper boy as he pick a flower from in front of the flower shop, always one flower for his secret crush. She smiled and took in a long deep breath as she felt the wind blow through her long thick hair.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#E37789 "Well what to do today..."] Her voice was a bit more seductive for a woman. It always seems to suck people in. A curse in a way. Oh how she wished she was normal. She just wanted to be normal girl. With acne, frizzy hair, and stretch marks. Something she would never get. She wanted to fall in love. Something that was too dangerous. Who would ever love a monster like her. Trixie shook those dark thoughts away and climbed back into her apartment. She grabbed her black combat boots and slipped them onto her feet and made her way out the door. With her backpack purse on her back, she locked up her apartment and made her way to the stairs. Passing what used to be a vacant sign on the only empty apartment that was left in her unit.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#E37789 "Huh, I guess I have a new neighbor"] She kept walking, making her way down the six flights of stairs. Once on the first floor she knocked on the leasing office door. After a moment this little Chinese lady opened the door. [#C71585 "Good morning Mrs. Chang. Here is my rent money for next month."] The old lady smiled sweetly at her as she took the money. [b "Thank you child. Always on time you are"] Trixie's eyes sparkled as she smiled at the elderly lady. [#E37789 "So I see you finally rented out that apartment on the sixth floor"] Mrs. Chang nodded as she scurried into her apartment for a second and came back out with a bag of trash. [b "Can you do me a favor dear and take this to the dumpster for me. I'm afraid those group of boys are hanging around the area again and I can't afford to keep paying them just to throw my trash away."]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Trixie nodded to the sweet old lady and grabbed her bag of trash. [#E37789 "Don't worry, I'll get rid of them"] With that said she made her way out the back door of the building and walked down the long alley towards the apartment dumpster. As she got closer she heard the sound of teenage boys talking smack back and forth. The air smelled strongly of marijuana and rap music could be heard. As soon as they saw her, their voices got louder as if trying to scare her off. It was cute. As she approached the dumpster one of the kids got in front of her. [b "It's twenty bucks to use our dumpster. Pay up or move along skank"] She looked up at the kid from her five foot, six inches height. Her eyes shifted to black and her canine's grew just slightly so when she spoke, they could be seen. [#E37789 "How about you guys run along and go be scum elsewhere and I won't have to smash your skull into the pavement"]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 A low growl rumbled from her chest and for a second a deep hunger filled her. She could smell the blood in his veins, hear his heartbeat pick up pace. She watched as fear filled him and within minutes he was backing off and his little gang walked off. Still talking trash. She tossed the bag into the dumpster and started walking to the front of the building. Her features went back to human as she crossed the street to the coffee shop. Walking inside to order her normal cup of black coffee. She breathed in the bitter smell and took a seat at one of the tables that was outside. The morning air soothing in a way as she took a long sip of her drink. Watching the world around her come to life.]]
FadingRealitySharon Milton [Milo]   44d ago
The Lurking DemiGod

Have you ever played the game hot potato? Well that was the best way the small little eight year old girl could explain how she felt when her parents decided to get divorced after ten years of marriage to one another. No they had not always been happy their marriage wasn't some magical fairytale that one make one want to have love in their life. To the best Sharon could remember the two always seemed to be at each other's throats circling each other like wild animals waiting for the first sign of weakness to attack they had only stayed together for her benefit.
Her mother would say it was because her father only had one true love and that was his job. Captain Milton would go anywhere for his country always one of the first ones to volunteer to go and usually always one of the last ones to come home Sharon could freely agree that her father placed work before home life even if she hadn't understood at the very young age of eight and all she wanted was for her mommy and daddy to love one another and to make a home once again instead of passing her around like a collection plate at church.
Her father said her mother was to wild that it was her fault the marriage failed as quickly as it did because she was too busy chasing wild dreams to be at home raising a child and taking care of a working husband. She would rather spend all her time with strange men she didn't know while she tried to Hassel money out of them any and everywhere that she could twisting their wallets the way her father claimed she twisted the knife in his heart repeatedly and that money wasn't the only thing her mother was taking from these men.

Sharon had not understood that back then, but as she got older she realized that her father was saying about her mother and it sickened and destroyed her on the inside to think that in all truth neither of the two adults really spent any time with her because one was always working and the other was always going out trying to tie up or bring down the next big thing that would make their lives even better. Not that life was good in Sharon's opinion she was never able to make any friends because she was always shifting between living with her father or mother.
The same could be said about school where she learned as much as she could,  but because her father was always at a different base and her father always chasing after something she never stayed at a school longer than a month possibly two at most and then the cycle would repeat itself and off she would have to go again meeting new people and trying to learn their names, but never letting anyone get close enough that she would be able to call them her friend. 
She had at one point in her life cut her beautiful hair short and refused to be called Sharon anymore and she remembered her father's base commander jokingly call her private Milton and this made her set her jaw anger boiling inside of her because she wanted to be nothing like her father whatsoever so she had corrected him and called herself Milo the nickname had stuck somehow and even her father would at times call her private Milo to this day even though she had let her hair grow back out and her face was far to feminine to be considered a boy any longer.

Since all Sharon ever did was move from place to place it had given her only enough time to study so it was no surprise to her at all that she had graduated early from school. Her mother had wanted her to be more girly and settle down and be more like her, where her father had secretly hoped she would slip back into Milo days and follow after his footsteps so it was a huge surprise to them both when Sharon had started studying online to become a veterinarian. This didn't surprise Sharon at all though because what did her parents truly know about about besides the fact they got two weeks with her or sometimes a month depending on how busy the other one was then they would ship her off once again back to the other passing her around like the physical embodiment of a hot potato that neither of them two wanted to hold onto for any length of time or that was the way it always seemed like to Sharon, the only constant she had ever had in her life was the stray animals she would find from place to place that she would care for in secret because she would never want them to get taken away from her because there was on rule at the houses between both her parents no pets allowed they where to messy and smelly for her to keep and she just wasn't responsible enough for them according to her parents who she felt like were not responsible enough to manage her let alone tell her what she could and could not do in her life. That was when she had started applying at colleges far away from her parents to get away from their reach and to her delight she had been accepted at once by a college in New York where she would be able to follow her dreams without the ever cruel eye of her parents always squashing her down. The college even offered an internship at one of the local clinics so that you could get on the job training while you took the courses at the college basically a two for one deal that she would never turn down  it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and she was going to take it by the horns!

Sharon packed all that she had collected over her life time, clothes, shoes, jewelry,  and books because she loved to read more than anything else in the world besides maybe animals. It had been a job going through two different houses and putting away two different bedrooms,  but luckily her father's place wouldn't be much of a problem since she only left the bare minimum so he could move it easily ever time he went to a new base and her mother even though she moved a great deal had kept all of Sharon's things which was nice of her trying to make her daughter feel at home in some way at least.
Sharon's father had taken the time off to pack all her things with her and loud it in the back of a truck where he drove her to New York and tried his best to talk her out of moving in the first place talking about how far away she would be from her parents the next time they moved themselves,  but Sharon barely listened to his words at all she didn't care how far it was it wouldn't be far enough in her own book.
She could tell her father was angry because when they reached the apartments he almost threw her out of the truck and tossed all her boxes on the sidewalk before peeling out in a cloud of burning rubber and a tear streamed down Sharon's face because this would be her last goodbye from her father for quite some time. Knowing how bad theft would be in the city Sharon carried all the boxes inside the main lobby on the apartment building and she couldn't believe how heavy some of the boxes were she almost broke her back as she was carrying the last of the heavy boxes up the flight of stairs that were killing her calf muscles she felt herself losing balance and tipping backwards and she mentally closed her eyes thinking about the justice of this act that would befall her finally free of her parents her freedom would be snatched away from her before she could ever taste it and her head would be dashed against the steps of the building crushed by these heavy box and she would probably die, but what scared her the most was how accepting she was over the thought of death as a small frightened cry broke from her lips and her body started down this was to be the end or it could be the beginning of something she always secretly longed for.
-Shyone-BLOOD   35d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Trixie spent the next little bit outside watching the world, and she spotted a truck pull up and a female climbed out. She watched as the man behind the wheel about threw everything out onto the sidewalk, and wouldn't even give the other woman another glance, before he was peeling away from the curb. Now that was a real asshole move in her book. The other female looked like she was struggling not to cry, and that saddened her a little bit. She didn't like seeing other's suffering. She stood there watching the woman silently a little longer.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 That's when she heard her name being called, and her attention was drawn away from the beautiful creature before her. That's when she saw Estelle coming towards her. [b "There you are! Are you coming to the bar tonight? You do know it's my engagement party tonight"] she cooed. The woman had forgotten, but shrugged lightly. [#E37789 "I don't know. I was thinking about staying in, since I do have a couple days off work"] she admitted. In all honesty, she didn't want to deal with a lot of people. Estelle didn't like that comment though.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "What happened to the whole you'd be there for me when I need you most? Is it because you and I had slept together and I didn't choose you? Is that what it is?"] she hissed. Trixie laughed lightly and shook her head. [#E37789 "Sorry sweetheart, no that's not it. I'm just not in the mood, and I did tell my new neighbor I would help her move her things in anyway"] she lied. Estelle wasn't buying it, but dropped it none the less. [b "Alright fine. Whatever"] she said in a huff and turned and headed back the way she came.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Trixie was glad the other was finally leaving. She then turned back to where the other was carrying the last few boxes inside. She hurried inside and up the stairs. That's when she heard the woman's small noise. She ran up the stairs, and caught the boxes and the woman at the same time. [#E37789 "Well hello there beautiful. I know I'm good looking, but that doesn't mean you need to fall head over heels for me"] she said with a smirk. She made sure the woman was back on her feet and steady.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#E37789 "Let me help with the rest of these boxes. Where are they being taken too?"] she asked. That's when the land lady poked her head out and looked up at the two. [b "Everything okay?"] she called out. Trixie peeked over the railing and gave the older woman a thumbs up. The woman clicked her tongue, before ducking back into her apartment. Trixie on the other hand picked up the rest of the boxes, and carried them up the stairs. She stopped at the top of the stairs and spotted the other boxes.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#E37789 "Are you just moving in?"] she asked lightly as she turned her full attention to the woman before her. She was curious about the stranger, but she wasn't going to pressure her to talk to her either. She placed the boxes down onto the floor, and shoved her hands into her jeans as she let the silence wash over the both of them. She looked the other up and down slowly, before finally tearing her eyes away from the woman. She didn't know what else to really say, and the silence was starting to get to her, which was never a good thing.]]
FadingRealitySharon Milton [Milo]   17d ago
The Lurking DemiGod

How could one explain that you might not want to keep on struggling anymore that the life that you lived completely in sorrow Milo knew that loneliness was overshadowing there was very little happiness there going from one house to another house never funding love just selfishness where her parents only looked out for themselves and not trying to look after their  children who they used as a weapon or a piece of equipment to be traded for goods from the other parent and there was Sharon slipped through the cracks and left too her own to drowned in her sorrow. Little children should never feel like they did not belong anywhere in thud world or that they were unloved by the ones that they trusted the most their parents, but that was all that Sharon had ever known was distrust and being passed around being completely unwanted or needed in her parents lives just a tool to be used for their own personal gain. That was why as she got older she stopped being Sharon the unloved child and started trying to be Milo the bubbly happy go lucky little girl who never could have be wrong in her whole life while in truth on the inside she was dying and no one noticed.Suddenly her mind stopped twisting and turning down the path of darkness when she realized she had not hit the ground, but instead an arm had wrapped around her catching her before she even hit the ground her eyes opened and she looked into the beautiful face above her own looking down at her with such kindness and teasing fun glittering in those eyes that her heart stopped for just a second and time stood still for Sharon her mind completely stopped at what to do or say. 

Than she was set right side up once again the woman looking at her asked her a question, but Sharon mind was still recovering from this wild encounter that seemed to be right out of fairytale, but she was no princess and this woman didn't really fit the build as a prince charming, not saying that she wasn't charming at all, but whe was far beyond what Charming could ever wish to be or drawn or even thought about in playful youthful fantasies of a small child that wanted to be in the land far far away from anywhere she was.
Sharon shook her head snapping herself out of silence and wondering mind the set that seeing this woman had put her in so easily without even trying.  [b "Ahhh Sorry..these boxed are very heavy..and my helper...kind of split...thank you for saving me.."] She grabbed a few of the lighter boxes and started carrying them up a deep red blush set on her face from everything that had happened. [b "Ah I am just moving in! The apartment upstairs I think it's 205? I am not sure and I am horrible with numbers!"] She laughed and smiled at the other woman as she set her boxes down and stretched out her hand.
[b "My name is Sharon Milton! Some of my friends call me Milo! It's very nice to meet you, specially since I swooned and fell right at your feet beautiful. "] This last part she chuckled on as she gave a very bright smile,  that light seemed to come from her face, unless you were looking extremely close you would never notice how it never seemed to reach her eyes that the eyes seemed very sad and lonely despite the bright and lovely smile she was flashing at this unknown stranger.

Deep within her mind she could feel herself freaking pit mildly she could not believe she had just said that to someone she had never seen or spoken too in her life, but here she was sticking out her hand and putting her foot deep into her mouth with a stranger the red blush on her face darkened to the point it was almost crimson in color and she started shaking her head once again trying to clear away any of these lingering thoughts of stupidity that might possibly overtake her in this real first encounter with someone from the outside world.
Her hand started to fall slowly back to her side once again the loneliness and fear and depression was someone eating its way past her bubbly mask that she always wore and if she did not watch herself than her true colors would begin to show and just how much she despised life would be evident on her face as it was already visible in her eyes for anyone who knew the look or how to see it and was not distracted by the bubbling smiling shell that Sharon pushed forward towards everyone she newly met.
Such thoughts where a landmine of no return and deep within herself she could feel the little girl who didn't belong who wasn't loved and who would never be anything pushing against the locked door with so much force it was about to explode outwardly and she would be free of this painfully fake shell that she called Milo! Sharon quickly pushed those thoughts away and caught her hand before it lowered back down to far and once again looked into the eyes of this beautiful stranger that had saved her from her possible death and making a fool of herself her first day on her own.

[b "I don't think I said thank you..for catching me..even if I was just falling for you!"] She spoke this part softly and batted her eyelashes slightly the same bubbly look on her face as she tilted her head cutesy to one side the smile having a playful hint too it now as she looked the other woman over from head to toe with no boxes no longer hiding anything and she had to admit she was extremely pleased and a little jealous to have this look and it almost made her want to run to the mirror to check on owe self out. 
What a way to meet someone new they catch you on a flight of stairs before you can bash your head on them, help you move all your boxes to your new apartment and than you stand there and boldly and proudly flirt at them with no bashfulness whatsoever. Sharon had never really thought of her preferred partner in life man or woman neither seemed to matter very much to her and she blamed this on the fact that she was passed around so many times by her parents.
Sharon could happily say though that this woman was completely attractive she had the full package even if she seemed a little dark, but that darkness was probably what drew Sharon towards this woman even more like two magent ends connecting for the first time coming toward with only a great force being able to pull them apart. Sharon's smile turned into a gentle real smile which was so much brighter than the bubbly one she always put on in front of groups and when you have seen it once it would always be easy to see the fake one everytime she used it.
-Shyone-BLOOD   12d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Trixie's eyes wandered over the woman's body and she smirked lightly. She was kind of surprised at how openly the woman flirted with her. The smell of her blood was driving the woman insane. She knew she would have to go and get something done, before it started to get even worse. She wasn't about to feed on a human again. Last time that happened, her whole life had fallen apart. She had nearly been killed, and she had been run out of that town. It wasn't safe for her to enter that town again, because she would for sure be dead.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#E37789 "Well, as long as I know you aren't falling for other women, then I'll let it slide this one time. I mean, you are a beautiful woman, and I hope no one else would catch your attention"] she said softly. Something about the words leaving her mouth had some sort of truth to them. She hadn't known the woman for more than an hour, and she was already pretty much claiming what's her's. She wasn't going to tell her that, but at least she could think about it, and not feel guilty about it.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#E37789 "Well if you don't mind, I would like to call you Shannon, if you don't mind. If you do, then I'll call you Milo. The last thing I want to do, is call you by the wrong name"] she said as a small smile passed over her lips. She watched the woman's body language, and she knew what she wanted. She wanted to taste the woman's skin under her lips, and the feeling of her blood against her tongue. She had to fight that urge harder than ever before just then. It was getting hard.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#E37789 "Also, my name is Trixie. Welcome to the building, but sadly I do have to part ways. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around"] she said with a wink. She then turned and went back to her apartment. She hurried and locked the door behind her, and leaned against it. The urge to bite the woman was intense. It's been over a five years since she's felt something that intense, and she didn't like it. She felt like she was slipping, and that wasn't a good thing. She pushed herself away from the door.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She went to the fridge, and opened it. She pulled out another bag of blood and tore it open. She downed it right from the bag, not caring at the moment. She was alone after all, and no one would be able to see what she was doing. When the bag was empty, she threw it away, and wiped her mouth clean. She went into the bathroom to clean herself up. She would need to go for a hunt and soon. If she was going to be seeing Shannon more and more, she would need too.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She finished cleaning her mouth, and hands and shut the water off. She looked at her herself in the mirror, and cocked her head to the side. There was something about the woman, something drawing her in, and she didn't know what it was. She knew it wouldn't work because of what she was. She would try to get to know Shannon though. At least that's what she told herself. She had a right to get to know more people, but that sexual attraction was there as well. Something she didn't think she would ever feel again.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She sighed as he walked out of the bathroom, out of her apartment and back down to the street. She had to get into work, before she started getting phone calls from her boss asking where she was. She slid into her car, started it up and pulled out of the parking spot. Her morning had turned out to be quite interesting, and she couldn't wait to see Shannon again.]]


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