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Cure The curse 【RP】for @ Mr-Catonic and me

By Undertale_lover_

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In the world they are many difrent families. One of the few well know families are the Hernandez.
The Hernandez family is a small one but many people relay on them. Why many ask they have some magic. They are not the only ones. People within the town also have powers.

In the farly large town that they live in everyone helps everyone. Every power has its own ups and downs. Then again that's just life, right?

Now on to the other well known family is (insert last name). They just found their way into the town. They worked their way to were they are today. Is the family feared or adored by all?

But now what happened? The powers seemed to be messing up. No one can find out why. But many fear they know that it is the curse. The curse drive them out of their Las home. It inflicted sickness and seems to just cause chaos where ever it hits.

The people of the town has started to fear the worse and have tried to keep busy. Over the town there is a ill ease over the town as a whole.

Some questions to think about. Will you help the town or let it fall yet again and watch as they once agon move? Will you be a kind person or a evil person or nether? Do you have a power? Can you find out what is happening to this poor town?
Okay okay the stary isn't the best but I still hope you like it.
1 no one liners. I will add a minimum if needed

2 be advice at lest once a week

3 fill out bio
I can add more if needed
Bio to fill out
( at lest first and last) Name/age/gender/ brothers or sisters?/ powers if so what kind?/ looks/personality/other
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Mr-CatonicLumi "Mother" Balisong   308d ago

Hoping this is a decent starter-))

Lumi huffed, finishing up her morning stretch with a glass of tea at the nearby cafe. Many watched her with uneasy glares. 

Everywhere the moth went, stares and murmurs follow. She wasn't human, that was obvious, but, nobody really knew her power, and which made others fearful because nobody likes the unknown. "One sweet iced tea, and as much sugar packets you're allowed to give me too."

(( yes  its great!))
The Cafe worker nodded and went to work. 

Salvador was walking out from the farly big house he lived in. After all he live with most of his family. He looked around the town was split about him. Some hate to even be within seeing range of him. They say that he will curse your future. 

The other half was weary of him but would talk to him. He was quite and liked to be by himself which may would start talking behind him. They all knew his power, the ability to see into people future and his own. 

He muttered something in spanished and saw the Cafe and walked In. The already startled Cafe worker became more uneasy.
Mr-CatonicLumi "Mother" Balisong   307d ago

Lumi turned notice to how fearful the clerk had become, causing Lumi to scan the room, instantly taking in the sight of what she presumed to be considered the leader of the 'rival' family.

Nevertheless the moth dipped her head in greeting. "Good morning, Mr. Salvador."

Quick info:
Lumi, though sweet and kind, is easily provoked to violence. Her voice is soft, and has a tendency to grow into a low tone, she may sound like a calm lady, or a burley man. It's a chance.

He smiled a toothy smile. It looked like he had two sharp fangs.
" Hello, please just call me Salvador. " He said. His voice was deep and had a slight rumble to it.  
The  clerk looked to him. " you better not do any thing I'll tell your abuela." Salvador quickly looked over with  a rasied eyebrow.  
" fine " he replied he clearly didn't talk to many people.

" you are Lumi, right?" He asked
Mr-CatonicLumi "Mother" Balisong   307d ago

The fur on her neck puffed out, providing a pillow of sorts. "Yes, why do you ask?" She replied with a tone of hostility, unfriendly with the person in front of her.

The antennas on her head flicked, signifying annoyance. Lumi's pupils dilated slightly, the white center growing a little.

He looked over to her and sighed. " and I did it again. Noting new" he rolled his eyes. He didn't seemed bothered or scared of Lumi.he looked down and closed his arms.

" sorry just thought I would try to not be as bad as some say I am." His voice rumbbled. He wasn't surprised that Lumi was what he assumed, annoyed with him. Nor the others who feared him. 

The worker shakily handed her her drink.

(How are you?)


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