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Three - No godmodding! No one likes a person who has a character that can withstand every type of damage and never die. That takes the fun out of roleplaying. Characters can die. They can get hurt. Shit happens. Don't make your character invincible because that makes you a jerk and nobody wants to roleplay with a jerk

Four - Please don't do the typical text speak or one liners. You are here to hone your skills. Try to write about 200-400 characters. It isn't as hard as many here think! Observe your partners replies, take key elements from those replies and react to them with your character, add detail to them and you will soon realize you have typed way more than you thought you could!

Category Reference Sheet

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Action/Adventure - A genre that has dangerous activities and adventures

Romance - Romance is centered on tales of love and adventure. Through these stories/roleplays characters may face challenges, quests, or battles in order to be with the one they love.
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Mr_V     1d ago

The sweet aroma...The garlic, cheese, meats, the sweet marinara sauce...

Only a place known for this is in New York, known as Marcuzzios Pizzeria. A place founded in the 1980s...

A group of friends walk inside the restaurant and find a table and sit at it.

A rather eccentric waiter walks up to the group and smiles at them. "Welcome gentlemen! Welcome Marcuzzios Pizzeria! Only the finest pizzas and pastas! And don't forget the desserts!" He said laughing before turning his attention back to the group. "So, what'll it be?"

The main friend of the group Elias spoke. "Yeah, I'm paying so two Marcuzzios Specials with Dr Pepper for all of us and do you do beer?" Elias asked.

The waiter nodded and smiled. "Wow that is a lot of food! Is there a celebration?" He asked.

Elias nodded again. "Yessir! Our boy here Tony got laid last night! We're celebrating big time!"

The waiter laughed and smiled some more. "Tony you dog! I'll add a half off discount for your celebration! What beer do you all want?" 

Tony spoke up. "Coors." He said.

The waiter chuckled. "Coors? Gotcha, I'm a Bud man myself though." He left to get the order.

When he came back he had two Marcuzzios Specials on two rolling trays. 

Each special consisted of; Two large pepperoni pizzas with chicken Alfredo pasta

He set them on a table next to the group and he left.

The group sat there and are pizza and drank beer while watching the football game on the various screens in the restaurant.

The waiter came back to check on them. "How is everything here?" He asked.

Elias smiled and nodded. "Very good! The marinara sauce is so good and sweet! I love it! What's the recipe man?"

The waiter simply chuckled and smiled. "Ah, I would tell you the recipe...But then I would have to kill you afterwards."

Everyone got silent and the waiter laughed.

"It was a joke! Get it?" He asked.

Tony simply laughed nervously.

Elias chuckled. "Y-yeah I got it!" 

The waiter laughed and smiled. "Great! Enjoy your food gentlemen!" He then left.

During the game Tony got up to go use the bathroom.

It was about at halftime when Tony never came back.

This prompted Elias to go look.

He went to go get the waiter for help and he entered the kitchen but his eyes widened.

The waiter was with who seemed to be the chef.

They were draining red fluid from something on a table, the red fluid was being drained into 50 gallon buckets.

As Elias got closer he noticed what it was...Or instead, who it was...It was Tony.

The waiter and chef butcher away at his body and grab his flesh and throw it in another different colored 50 gallon bucket.

Elias tries to make a run for it but trips over one of the food carts next to the kitchen door.

This prompted the waiter to turn around and spot Elias. His smile turned into a shady grin. "What have we here?" He asked laughing.

"It seems to be a pest." The chef said chuckling. 

"So...Tell me again how that [#660000 [b sweet marinara sauce...]] tastes?" The waiter asked Elias laughing a bit evilly now.

Elias suddenly connected two and two together and vomited all over the floor. "You..." He stood up but the waiter quickly grabbed him and handed him to the chef. 

The waiter left the kitchen and found the rest of the group. "Hello there!" He said to them and waved. 

"Hey, have you seen our friends, Elias and Tony?" One of them asked.

"I did. Tony left earlier via Taxi. He wasn't feeling good...As for your other friend he said he's had a lot to drink here and we're getting him a taxi too but...I offered to take him home. 

He then left back to the kitchen.

The chef chuckled as he had Elias tied up to a chair. 

The waiter walked in and sighed. "Friends taken care.if hopefully. If you haven't figured it out friend, the sauce is human blood, the meat is human flesh, the cheese is still cheese so don't worry about that. 

He grabbed a knife and smirked before grabbing the two buckets from earlier. 

Elias looked up at the madman. "I won't tell anyone I promise."

The waiter laughed. "You all thought I was joking earlier when I said I would have to kill you...If I told you the recipe." Suddenly he jammed the blade deep in Elias' ear and pulled it out as it made splotching noise. His right ear was acting as a drain for blood.

Elias' eyes slowly faded to a dark brown before he died.

He was the last victim however, the two culprits attempted to capture a female customer but she escaped and notified the law.

The waiter and chef were both executed via firing squad.

The restaurant was shut down and the souls of all who died there rest eternally there.

It was also linked to health concerns over the city of New York as people were getting sick from the food.

But sometimes the people who been there and had the pizzas...Even knowing what it is now...

They gotta have more of that [#660000 [b sweet marinara sauce...]]
K-9DapperPrimateSaber   12h ago

*he walks into the restaurant completely out of place with his dirty metal armor, his cross show proudly. His sword at his hip. Everything was off about him. Saber looked around with an unseen confused look but soon smelled the amazing aroma of the marinara sauce* “my heavens, what is that godly smell?”
Mr_V     12h ago

A waiter smirked and walked up to the knight. "Only the finest marinara sauce for the finest pizzas my good sir!" He said chuckling.
K-9DapperPrimateSaber   12h ago

“I would love to try some of this “sauce” I think I have some gold around here” *he checked his pouch and pulled out 5 big gold coins and a gold bar that would be worth over 700,000 dollars* “I hope that’s enough, I usually leave most of my gold at home”
Mr_V     10h ago

The waiter smirked widely and nodded.

He left towards the kitchen and came back out with a already made slice of pizza with the special sauce and the "meat"

"Tell me what you think!"
Mr_V     9h ago

Mr_V     9h ago

"My name is Jax. I used to be a hero, I saved people from burning buildings, kicked mega villain ass, even got a little action from damsels in distress...Oh those were the times...That was until I finally stopped the super-villain, a man named Prism. This crazy sonofabitch wanted to control the damn sun and even the energy around us! He nearly succeeded too until I foiled his plan."

A man sitting across from Jax in his home was holding up a tape recorder. ""And then what Mr. Kaiser?"

Jax cleared his throat. "Oh how I was cheered on that day, even had a party at my place, this place. It was amazing, the villain was dead...I was the hero of Earth for many years..Until I was replaced by some stupid young man who was a big showoff. Everyone loved him. He was better than me! An upgrade as those damn kids call it these days."

The man nodded. "Like what, better tech, powers, what?"

Jax chuckled. "Kid was flashy with his powers, he impressed me I'll give him that. I was jealous. Soon I was like trash to the wind...If you look up top superheroes on Google right now I bet you'll find him at the top...I was on there for years. I even saved a damn family from a fucking robber and all they could say was "Oh, we were expecting Boy Miracle" or whatever his stupid title was. Not even a thank you. I slunk away and decided to just keep to myself...Until Boy Miracle shows up at my door and needs my help with a mission he's on...Freakin' believe that shit?"

The man nodded. "So did you team up with this guy?"

"I'm getting to that part, hold your horses...I think to myself that this could be my chance to redeem my name! I join the damned kid and we fight the usual baddies and then he turns to me pulls a gun out on me. Tells me that I killed his father. Y'know, that cliché bullshit where the hero kills the main villain only to be hunted down by his offspring? Yeah that shit happened to me. I left a boy an orphan at only 5 years old. He said I became the villain that day and I nodded. I killed a kids father even what he did was evil as well. Then he did something that haunts me to this day. He puts the gun to his head. Pulls the trigger, and lights out for him."

The man looked at Jax and nodded. "So this Boy Miracle shoots himself? Why not shoot you?"

"Because I made him do it. I controlled his mind and ended his life there. I knew he was going to end up like his father. A pathetic lowlife trying to take over the world. I know I'm the villain now. You don't be a hero forever...Thing is my time here is done and I fulfilled my purpose...I lived long enough to be the hero everyone loved, and sadly lived long enough to see myself become the villain everyone feared. A lot knew of what I did to Boy Miracle, and shun me. I notice you have a gun in your left jacket pocket. Pull it out"

The man put down the tape recorder as he pulled out his gun from his left jacket pocket. "W-What are you doing?"

"What I should have done a long time ago... point it at me"

The man aimed the gun at Jax.

"Pull the trigger"

Once the man broke from the spell he stared at Jaxs' lifeless body as a single bullet hole oozed blood and dripped brain matter from his forehead. He looked the tape recorder and clicked stop and saved the file and left the home.

Mr_V     7h ago

(LOL nah this was just a short story thingie I wrote for a writers prompt a long time ago)


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