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Cure The curse 【RP】

By Undertale_lover_
In the world they are many difrent families. One of the few well know families are the Hernandez.
The Hernandez family is a small one but many people relay on them. Why many ask they have some magic. They are not the only ones. People within the town also have powers.

In the farly large town that they live in everyone helps everyone. Every power has its own ups and downs. Then again that's just life, right?

Now on to the other well known family is (insert last name). They just found their way into the town. They worked their way to were they are today. Is the family feared or adored by all?

But now what happened? The powers seemed to be messing up. No one can find out why. But many fear they know that it is the curse. The curse drive them out of their Las home. It inflicted sickness and seems to just cause chaos where ever it hits.

The people of the town has started to fear the worse and have tried to keep busy. Over the town there is a ill ease over the town as a whole.

Some questions to think about. Will you help the town or let it fall yet again and watch as they once agon move? Will you be a kind person or a evil person or nether? Do you have a power? Can you find out what is happening to this poor town?
Okay okay the stary isn't the best but I still hope you like it.
1 no one liners. I will add a minimum if needed

2 be advice at lest once a week

3 fill out bio
I can add more if needed
Bio to fill out
( at lest first and last) Name/age/gender/ brothers or sisters?/ powers if so what kind?/ looks/personality/other
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Salvador had his hands in his pockets and he walked. He would look down and walk quickly. Some people would move away from him others just waved. He would lightly wave to them. He sat down under a tree just outside the town.
"mi este día sea bendecido" ( may this day be blessed) he said with his eyes closed.

He had some salt. In his palm. He tossed it over his right shoulder. He fel silent then sighed

Katrina was sitting in the tree reading when she heard him. She smiled knowing somebody was there and looked down. "Hello there!" She said closing her book and jumping out of the tree. She looked at Salvador and smiled a tad bit more.

He would jump up and open his eyes. His oddly colored eyes seemed to glow. He quickly dusted himself off. " Hello to you too." He nodded to her. He returned the smile with a small one of his own. 

" you've been in that tree for a while haven't you?" He asked seeming more at ease.

"Yes, I've been in there about all day reading!" She showed him her book. Her book was titled [i Wonder]. "Its one of my favorite books!"

" oh I remember  reading that book." His eyes lit up almost " what part are you at?" He asked. As he did so he started to grabbed some things he dropped.

"I'm on the last part, I'm currently on page 209" She said smiling yet again. "This will be my 30th time reading it this year" She put her book back into her small bag. ((Hey could you post in Afton's and Emilys??))

( yeah not sure what is going on there though sorry it's short.)

" i whish I had time to do that now. " He laughed showing his fangs. " my sister and." He paused " oldest cousin loves to read. And has time to do that." He would look to the sky. 

" are you new around here by chance?" He asked finally.

((Yea, Terrance is reading Henry's diary and Henry wants to throw up-))
She twitched at the sight of fangs but disregarded it. "Yes, we actually just moved her about a day ago, I like this spot" She smiled and sat down next to him. 
"Do you like this spot??"

" sí." He nodded. " I think this is calm and quite. Well at lest here." He put out a hand to shake. " my name is Salvador Nicolás Hernandez." He said but looked down. " not the most liked out of the town." He laughed
 " you are?"

She shook his hand. "I'm Katrina, Katrina Goodday Marlin!" She smiled.
"And you're correct, it is quite calm and quite here"

He nodded. " well lucky for me." He felt his pockets. He pulled out a somewhat crumpled  paper. " your family, is invaded to a party. My abuelo orders." He shrugged " do with that what ya want. " He started to walk to a table near by.

" one way or the other they'll be a party."  He shrugged. " don't take that as me being rude."

"I don't take it as rude ^^" She smiled
"I'll make sure to tell Ma and Pa that your family is hosting a family!" She said and put the paper in her bag.

" hah you'll be surprised. Also I hope you like dancing." He said. " I can show you around town if you would like." He said getting up. " if you would like."

"I love dancing!" She began spinnig around and her bag flew around. She ended up falling over. "oof-" She got up and dusted off her shirt ((Had to improvise-))

It's all good.))

He stood up and started to dance. It was a farly fast dance. It was a more traditional dance. He smiled and stoped. " you dance pretty good." He smiled. " but you are okay right?"  He asked

"Mhmn, I only fell on a grass hill" She giggled and looked down. "A black cat is about to pass" She said and sure enough a black cat walked by her.

" I know." He turned on his heal so it would walk infround of him. He stoped. " how did you know that?" He asked lightly patting the cat. He seemed to be on edge slightly again.

"I get visions sometimes, they started at about the age of 9.." She said and crouched down to pet the cat.
"I love cats" She smiled again.

" interesting, Dose your Ma and Pa know about this?" He asked. He was in thought. He snaped out of it. " uh oh I like cats too." He smiled " just a gift affects I guess."

(Hold on, I've gotta go eat))

"Yes, they say that Ma has a similar issue" She sighs and picks up the cat.
"We think its a gift that Ma's side of the family has..." She sighed and put the cat down.

" well some say it's a gift others a curse. " He sat down. " as long as the town dont act like they " need you". For your gift." He rolled his eyes.  " I can help you expand that if you would like "

"Really??" She smiled brighter and wiggled a tooth. Even though she was 19 she still was losing teeth. "I hope this comes out soon"

" it will sometime this week can't tell like this." He stood up. " I have some book at the house. You can meet the others if you would like. " He said and stood up

"I would love to meet the others!" she wiggled the tooth and spit it out. She smiled and grabbed a small tin. "Into the tin!" She put it in the tin.

" not everyone is here. Some will be here for they party." He explained and smiled. " then let's go. I'll show you around as he walk over there. " He said. And walked a bit then waited for Katrina to get close before he started agin

She followed him with a smile. "How large is the town??" She asked. She shook the tin making a clanking sound. ((Aftons and Emilys-))

" well, it's big but most everyone knows everyone. And it's nice." He said and looked around. " is that teeth in the tin?" He asked. And smiled.

"Yep, I've been losing teeth for a while now" She says and puts the tin in her bag. She sighs and messes with her hair

" oh, that's odd. Well my family is difrent from yours so maybe that's it." He pinited to a small building. It read f=sh bread. " that is one of the best places to get bread. It's free every Friday. We'll two loads are at lest." He said and ponited to another. 

" one of the stores." He said and sighed

"Oh~" She smiled looking at the shop. "I love bread, I can use it for so many things!~"

"" Pan de coco that is my favorite  kind. So soft and great. You should try it." He smiled. " you'll see a lot of food. And bread at the party." He replied

She began to talk to herself. "I wonder if theres a pond with ducks around here.." She said to herself. She looked up and smiled  "I'm sure it'll be quite fun!"

" not a poad but a  small river near by."  He said " oh sorry didn't mean to listen in." He muttered something under his breath. He smiled and keep walking.

"Oh its fine!" She said still smiling. "Where to next??" She would ask. She put her hair back in a bun and began to hum.

"  well there are more stores. Then next is schools.. colleges all that." He said " it's free so whatevery."  He walked slower holding his head.

"Oh~ I finished collage at the age of 18, so about a year ago!" She smiled and would make sure to keep up with him. She looked around. "How much do most shops cost?"

" well 20 dollars gets you a week's of food so for a month about 80 dollars depends on were you go." He would explain. " how nice. I finished college when I was 19. So about two years ago. " He said " but now I practice magic to say the lest." He sighed

"Ohh~" She smiled
"I have the money for that!" She smiled and blew hair out of her face. (Sorry about how short this reply is-)

( it's fine. No need to say sorry)

He ponited around. " well those are the houses. " He said and ponited to the hill it was a big house on the hill. " there our house " he said.

^^ Oh Henrys pissed at Terrance lol))
"Oh!" She pointed to a fairly large house 
"thats my house!" She smiled and waved to something

((Gtg for a bit-))

" oh it looks nice!" He smiled " do you have any siblings?" He asked with a smile. He messed up his hair and laughed.

((One last before I go-))
"Nope, I'm an only child, I was actually adopted because my mother has infertility"

" you are so lucky. I have a younger sister, and brother. My cousin live with us. They'll move back with us soon.  " He laughed " never a boring day."
( bye. Ttyl)

"I'd bet, say would you like to meet ma and pa??" She asked ((do you have tiktok??))

" I mean sure. If they want" he looked  around and sighed. His eye twiched lightly as he smiled.(( yes I do))

((What's your @??))
''I'll ask later" she smiles at him and looked at him.
"I'll be off now" she smiled

(( @just_a_random_artist_
" yes, talk to you later" he waves and startedvwalking to the house. He looked down as he walked

She waved and began to run up to her house. She continued to hum.


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