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TRES (FxF) [Thread 2]

By KisharuDark
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Karina was waiting outside the high schools classroom. She could hear voices inside the room. Murmuring as the class arrived. Karina looked to the ground as she felt eyes on her. 

Once everyone was seated inside the classroom, she let out a long breath she didn't know she had been holding onto. She listened closely as the professor started addressing the students.  

"Alright class. As you know, the Russia-Ukraine war is happening right now. We have a new student who is a Russian foreign exchange student. She moved here before the war started, so please treat her with kindness and respect. " His low voice rumbled.

After a moment he spoke again. "Yes Catherine?"

Another voice, much higher than his began to speak. "Why are we letting a Russian traitor into the United States? We should get her out of here! She doesn't deserve to be here!"

A moment later the low voice returned to Karina's ears. "Cathrine. That is not how we treat people. You will stay after class. You need to learn a lesson."

"Whatever." The girls voice responded with a heavy sigh. 

"Now. Everyone please welcome our exchange student, Karina Stravenmore." His voice rumbled again.

Keeping her head down, Karina walked into the classroom. Feeling all the eyes on her, she glanced up to look at everyone. Eventually returning her eyes to the floor below her. Someone scoffed, and a few people murmured.
Mr-CatonicLumi Balisong   315d ago

I'll try to write long -))

Lumi was drawing at the moment, but the commotion had made her look up, watching Karina as she was introduced.

She listened to the teacher explain the new student and their background. 

In the process of thinking, a student leaned over and whispered, [i "Watch, she's a spy for their government, give it some time."] Lumi ignored this, and went back to doodling.

Karina kept quiet. She knew people were talking about her. In all honesty, she felt like a traitor to her own country. And she was an outcast here.

The professor told Karina where to sit, and she approached her seat silently. She sat down, and kept her head down. Someone threw a paper ball at her, and Karina just flicked it away.

In the background, she heard someone whispering. "If she wasn't Russian, I'd date her. She's pretty cute." The voice said.

Karina just sighed and lifted her head up. The professor went on with his lesson.
Mr-CatonicLumi Balisong   313d ago

Lumi heard this as well, her heart lurched in anger and annoyance. "People judge others based on their family and looks, not on actions and personality." 

The moth spoke crossly, glaring around the room, attempting to spot said person.

Looking at Karina with sympathy, Lumi huffed, as for the frail girl before her eyes may not be able to handle the ruthlessness of high school.

Karina looked up to see a girl giving her a look of sympathy. She let her head droop back down. She didn't want sympathy, she just wanted a chance. But no one seemed to give her that option. She silently sighed.

Karina felt a tear run down her face. She wiped it away and sniffled. She heard someone shuffle behind her and more whispering ensue. She didn't hear everything, but she heard some of it.

"I think.....crying....weak....deserves it."
Mr-CatonicLumi Balisong   312d ago

Not long after Karina arrived the bell for second class rang, many left quickly, and others stayed behind.

Lumi huffed and stood up, scanning the room to find Karina, soon finding her.

"Hey-.. Welcome to the class Ms. Karina. Pleasure to meet you." This was said with a warm smile, extending her hand to shake the students hand.

Karina looked between the girl's hand and her face. Carefully, and gently she shook her hand. 

Quietly Karina spoke, ''Thank you.''

She grabbed her things off of her desk and quietly began to leave class. Her eyes wide and full of fear and embarrassment.
-w--Lumi Balisong   294d ago
🎶Life could be a dream, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) If I could take you up in paradise up up above, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) Ooh life could be a dream sweetheart 🎶

"... Maybe she's just shy..-'' Lumi muttered, grabbing her things as well. 

Groaning Lumi left the room, somewhat upset they couldn't talk more.

But, Lumi wouldn't let that hold her down, the moth went to her next class, and to her surprise, Karinawas in it.

Karina was sitting in the back of her next class with her head down. She felt sleep lulling her to follow it, but she kept herself awake and alert. She knew these people didn't like her. 

She kept her head down as everyone took their seats around her, a few people from her previous class whispering about and fluttering about her.
-w--Lumi Balisong   293d ago
🎶Life could be a dream, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) If I could take you up in paradise up up above, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) Ooh life could be a dream sweetheart 🎶

Lumi, in an attempt to be nice, sat only a seat away, and slipped a small drawing towards her.


Karina slowly raised her head and looked around. She looked between Lumi and the drawing before taking it in her hands. She sat there for a moment. Studying the drawing. 

After a moment she smiled and pushed the drawing back to Lumi, giving her a thumbs up.
-w--Lumi Balisong   293d ago
🎶Life could be a dream, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) If I could take you up in paradise up up above, (Sh-Boom Sh-Boom) Ooh life could be a dream sweetheart 🎶

Lumi paused, slightly flummoxed. "Ah-, this is for you to keep. It's a gift." 

Lumi passed it back with a smile, "however if you don't want it, I wouldn't mind that either.."

Karina gave her a small smile and nodded. She took the drawing in her hands and opened up a binder, all full of drawings signed by her. She flipped to the back of the binder, unclipped it, put the drawing in, clipped it back up, and closed the binder.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" She whispered to Lumi.
-w---Lumi Balisong   291d ago
It's just a memory.

"Why not? Your a student who wants to learn and be better at your job."

Lumi replied with a smile. "There's nothing wrong with making a few friends, especially here.."

Karina looked away. "But people hate me. I'm a traitor here. I'm a traitor in Russia. I'm a traitor in Ukraine. I'm a traitor everywhere. I make no friends..." She whispered. 

Karina was struggling to understand English, and it was getting harder by the minute. Every sentence, every word was getting harder and harder to say or hear.
-w---Lumi Balisong   289d ago
It's just a memory.

"Просто знайте, у каждого есть свои отличия." She stated, her antennas flicking in the direction of Karina.

"Just ignore those who upset you.." Lumi said, smiling at Karina.

Karina smiled at her, she spoke Russian. But that also meant she couldn't curse in Russian.

"Спасибо. Почему ты не сказал мне, что говоришь по-русски?" Karina said in her native language, several people turning to her and looking at her like she was insane.
-w---Lumi Balisong   289d ago
It's just a memory.

"Я только практикую.. планируя переехать после окончания войны." Lumi replied, casting a hefty glare at those who turned, which many of the few coughed and nodded, turning back to face the teacher.

"А, понятно. Я бы вернулся, но не уверен, что хочу тоже." Karina said, watching the people turn back to the teacher.

"Как ты это сделал?" She asked, everyone just kind of acted out of instinct. But why?
-w---Lumi Balisong   288d ago
It's just a memory.

Lumi purred with amusement. "Maybe you can teach me Russian and I'll teach English?"

It was a small offer, but a good one. An even exchange of abilities.

"I'll give it a shot." Karina said smiling at her. She had actually made a friend. She felt excitement rising in her chest. A small smile showed up on her face.


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