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Second Time Around (Closed!)

By MourningGlory
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What if you could do it all again? Tell the boy or girl you loved that you love them. Go to a different college and take a different major? Live the life you thought you always wanted? Would you take that chance to rewrite your story to see a different ending? Muse A and Muse B are both dead. They know their lives had not been what they had wanted. Always had they been friends, but always had secretly been in love. Sure their lives had not been terrible but there had always been what ifs. Well God gives them a second chance to do it again. The catch, no memories of each other. Can they find their way back and have what they always dreamed of? Or will their second chance be a disaster?
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MourningGlory××Second××   24d ago

[b [i 'You have one more chance. Use it well. You will not remember the life you had before. The man you married, the children you had, the job you loved, and that one person who meant the world to you. It will all be brand new and like starting over from scratch. Do you understand?']] Came two pairs of voices. One was on her left side and the other was on her right. Both of the voices said the same words as if in perfect synchronization so that it seemed more a buzz within her ears than anything else.[b [i 'Catherine, do you understand what we are telling you?']] The voices spoke once more. Whoops, it looked like the woman old was she? had taken too long and those speaking to her were not at all pleased that a response had not been given as of yet. [b "Yes, I understand what I am being told...but what I don't understand is why this chance is being given."] Came soft words as a hand moved over her eyes as she was TRYING to see past the two lights on either side of her to see the faces of the seemingly bodiless voices. But it was to no avail. Because after the woman had spoken her words, everything faded into a white mist of sorts and there was a shrill ringing that could be heard. Brown eyes shot open and a hand fumbled from under the covers to try and get the shrill ringing to stop. FINALLY after many seconds of searching, the hand that had been fumbling around found the button and silence was once more restored. With the new found silence, Catherine groaned softly as she rubbed her temples. That damn dream again... but what did it even mean? Honestly she didn't know, but it was starting to get on her nerves.  A sigh slipped from plush pink lips as she dreaded turning over to see the bright red numbers displayed on the alarm clock beside her bed. [b "Fuck me...It really is time to get up...this is the last time I binge watch that much of my favourite shows before deciding to turn in for the night. Those shows always give me such fucked up dreams."] Cat found herself muttering as again she rubbed her eyes. A few minutes more of the rubbing and contemplating if she REALLY needed to get her ass to school and the girl of eighteen pushed her nice warm blanket off and shivered as the air in the room slipped around her in a chilly embrace. Not wanting to continue to freeze, the girl scurried over to her dresser and began to dig through it, making faces at each article of clothing she found. NONE of it seemed appealing or even like it would be warm enough for the morning. Finally, she settled on a pair of black leggins and a pink sweater with long sleeves and her knee high heeless boots. The outfit was simple but it was also warm enough and would make being active if she had to be easier. Catie got into her outfit for the day and brushed her hair to where it fell in light waves down her back and also did a light makeup that would highlight what others referred to as her natural beauty. When she looked as good as she decided she would, the eighteen year old girl grabbed her bag with her school books, phone, keys and wallet and took another glance at glowing red numbers. [b "Well at least today I have the chance of being on time... Mr. Martin will kill me if I am late AGAIN."] Came quiet words as she let out a sigh and all but ran out the door. Fifteen minutes later and out of breath from running the whole way, Catherine skidded to a halt in front of the elderly school secretary, Esther who shook her head with a faint smile. "Late night shows again Catherine? You really should learn, child because we need you have to be here on time if you expect to graduate." She chided gently as she motioned to the clock on the wall.  "Get to the office and clear up this tardy before Mr. Martin sends you to us to clear this up. And just like that, Esther was making her way past Catherine and back towards the office. Cat blinked brown eyes a couple times at the woman's words. She really was something else. But she had been since Cat had come to Franklin High six months ago. But with a shake of her head, the girl went to the office to clear up her tardy. Once she had, she made her way to the class room and silently slipped in, taking her seat.  When she looked up from the desk, there was a boy she KNEW she had not seen around before. Was he just starting? Because of those thoughts, brown eyes didn't seem to want to leave the boy.


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