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Caught in the mix of things- (MxM/MxF)

By Mariow---

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Y/C is your typical person; off to themselves, never committed to anything or anyone- pretty much a loner.
One night they sit to their desk to start on some project they'd been stressing about for the past few weeks and they seemed pretty restless so they started dozing off soon enough falling asleep on their work.
A knock could be heard on their window which woke 'em up a bit. They just thought it was wind or something and went back to sleep.
The knock got louder then stopped for a minute until a breeze was let in as if someone or something had cracked it. They wake up to the sight of a man leaning on their desk beside them. "Get up, I need you to come with me."

(And just continue on. There's literally no rules just don't be weird or anything if that makes sense?? )
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LukiSora   277d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Sora open his sapphire colored eyes when heard the sound of something knocking on his window. He laid his head  back down on the book he was reading. The pad of paper that was next to him was filled with notes. He had a large project due at work. It was a rather stressful.

He was a write and he always enjoyed writing. This assignment was out of his comfort zone. He sighed softly as he started to drift back to a restless slumber.He jumped a little when he heard the knocking once more. It was late and windy so it had just be a branch.

Then there was a loud thud a long with a rattling window as it burst open. Sora open his sapphire colored eyes widen when he heard a voice speak to him. His heart was racing, did he dare to move. Was there really someone else in his house besides him? The blonde haired male sat up looked toward the shadowy figure  [+Skyblue "W-Who are you?"] he said softly. [+skyblue "Why are you here?"] he said.
Mariow---Alzo   274d ago

"You Americans always ask questions. Just know I'm not here to kill you, alright?" He stood straight and lifted Sora from his seat and made him stand as well.

He looked at how tired the man was but didn't think too much of it, he could talk and from the previous days he'd been watching him he was able to walk just fine. "If you'd only allow me to bring you with me I'll tell you more then." 

 It wasn't like he was making a promise, just saying something to make Sora come with him. By the looks of Alzo he didn't look too trustworthy, he was a slim and gloomy looking guy with a hellish look with the obvious horns above his forehead . Demon if you will. He wore no top and only dressed with a dark grey kilt. The way he spoke gave off a drunken tone though he never drank that much.
LukiSora   273d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Sora shivered when the male picked him up for he seat. Sora now standing sighed softly as he looked up at the male. Sora never really got much taller. He always hoped he be tall like his father but that obviously never happened. 

Sora narrowed his eyes when the male told him to follow him once more. He was relieved to hear that he meant no harm. How could he just trust this stranger. 

[+Skyblue "How do I know... that if I follow you won't  lead me to my own demise ? "] he said drily as he took a sept back from the male.

This had to be a dream he said as he rubbed the back of his neck. Then why did this feel all too real? He need to wake up no this dream was getting far to realistic. [+Skyblue "Look Mr... Mr. Daemon... if you are here to haunt my dreams and tell me I failed my writing assignment you win. I get it I can't do it anymore my work... My dreams they all become so dull..."] he said in sad yet dry tone. 

His sapphire colored eyes locked on to Alzo. [+Skyblue "Tell me Daemon...what good will come of me following you?"] he said as he looked back towards his desk.


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