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Sit, Boy! (Inuyasha 1x1)

By NatsuUzumaki

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I've recently begun rewatching Inuyasha and remembered how much I used to enjoy the universe. I was hoping to play something set in the universe, a bit AU obviously. I was thinking something a bit of slice of life, though going on an action-packed adventure sounds just as fun!

I'd love to brainstorm something together, though, so that both of us enjoy the RP. I can play multiple characters and usually prefer to write in third person while RPing.
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NatsuUzumakiInuyasha   314d ago

Inuyasha growled to himself as he dodged an arrow shot by a demon. He landed in a tree and looked annoyed. With a growl of anger, Inuyasha launched himself at the demon. It shot another arrow, but the half-demon used his claws to cut it in half. 

Inuyasha landed behind the demon and slashed at its back, ending it in one blow. 

"What a waste," he muttered and scoffed. 

They had been on a little vacation for the last week and that was the first fight Inuyasha had since starting their trip. It wasn't an impressive demon, either. He hadn't even needed his sword for the battle.

With a sigh, Inuyasha took a seat by the fire and closed his eyes. He sat by Kagome in silence and simply enjoyed the heat of the flames.
Simply_Random~~ K ~   312d ago

There goes Inuyasha wandering off again. Kagome Higurashi sat close to the bonfire picking at it with a stick. This is going to be a long journey. 

It still amazes her that she fell in her family shrine and was transported to the Sengoki period. There she met a half-dog demon, half-human Inuyasha. He and some demon wanted the sacred Shikon Jewel that re-emerges from deep inside Kagome's body. She accidentally shatters it into dozens of fragments that scatter across Japan. Now Inuyasha and Kagome are set to recover the Jewel shards. 

Her poor bike got destroyed again. She patiently waited for him to return as she nibbles on time crackers she brought from home. [b Why haven't we found a shard yet...] she mumbles to herself, wrapping her arms around her leg and resting her chin on her knees. She didn't know how long her eyes were closed for when he finally came back. 

Kagome smiles seeing her return. She sighs before resting her head against his arm.
NatsuUzumakiInuyasha   311d ago

The half-demon relaxed a little as Kagome put her head on his arm. He even smiled a little, despite still looking somewhat pissed off. He looked at the fire for several seconds before letting out a sigh. 

"That demon didn't have a shard," he tells her finally. "I didn't expect it to, but..." He let out a frustrated growl and dug his claws into the ground. "I was hoping it would at least be worth fighting, but it didn't last very long."

The half demon watched the flames for a moment.

"Are you hungry?" he asked finally and looked to his human companion. The dog boy stood and stretched while studying his claws. "I could find us something, if you are," he offered and turned away as if he was looking for someone or something. When he didn't see anything, Inuyasha calmed a little. He kept his guard up, though, as he usual did while traveling.
Simply_Random~~ K ~   311d ago

[b Well I could've told you that.]

It's only been a few days here. Her family must be worried. The amount of craziness has yet to seize. Every demon is now hunting for a piece of the shard for it empowers them. She has yet to understand what she can and cannot do. 

Kikyo. She's a reincarnation of Kikyo. Inyuasha gave her mixed feelings about her. But lady Kaede has only said good things. Then again they are related. Inuyasha said the day they met she smelled like her and how the clothes Lady Kaede gave her made her look like Kikyo. He must have loved her until she betrayed him. She used her powers to bond him to the tree...

[b No. I'm not hungry. Go find something to eat if you're hungry. I'm not going anywhere.] kagome puts her head back on her knees. It is getting chill though. 

Kagome looks to at the sky. She's never seen this many starts before. Even when they go camping. It is memorizing. She smacks her neck feeling a mosquito but it spoke. It made her scream. 

Myoga jumps from Kagome Inuyasha [b That thing is talking!] she says moving away from Inuyasha. The flee began to warn him about his brother's plans on finding their father's tomb. 

[b You have a brother? Is he also a half-demon?]
NatsuUzumakiInuyasha   310d ago

Inuyasha almost left her to find food when she began to scream. He turned to face her, expecting a fight but then the flea talks about his father. Inuyasha stares at the tiny flea for a moment before simply slapping him off with an annoyed look. "Why would he be after my father's tomb?" 

When Kagome asked about his brother, he looked angry and crossed his arms. "My brother is a full demon," he says and turns away from her with a growl. "He thinks our father died because-" Inuyasha shook his head and looked annoyed. "It doesn't matter, whatever he's up to can't be good."

With that, the half-demon simply walks off to find food, not wanting to remain on the topic any longer. He finds a nearby river and begins looking for fish to eat. When he returns to Kagome, Inuyasha has three fish with him. They have deep claw marks on them, and he simply sets them on a stone by the fire. "Don't expect me to go back out because you changed your mind," he tells Kagome.
Simply_Random~~ K ~   310d ago

The flea complained her blood. It wasn’t like anyone he’s ever sucked. Those words made her shiver. It was disgusting. He then proceeded to inform her about his father. How her fell for a mortal. He doesn’t wish to get inuyasha mad so he stopped. All he knows is that he needs to stop his brother.

Kagome nods. [b We should go Inuyasha. The flea told me there’s a sword there that belongs to your father.]
“My name is Myoga my dear and yes, yes. Your father’s tenseiga is dear master Inuyasha.”

{{sorry it’s short. Getting ready for work}}
NatsuUzumakiInuyasha   310d ago

Inuyasha looks annoyed all over again and steps on Myoga, grinding his foot. "Why the hell did you wait so long to tell me this?" he asks with a growl. He crosses his arms and steps back. 

"Alright, so where's the tomb?" Inuyasha asks. "I never met him, but I'm sure you know where we need to go." 

Inuyasha glances at Kagome and eyes for several seconds. "Maybe you should sit this one out. I don't want you slowing me down if my brother's there," he tells her a little coldly. He seems tense now with the news about his brother. Well, more than the half-demon boy normally was. He tapped his foot in silence and looked to the sky.
Simply_Random~~ K ~   310d ago

[b No way. What if there’s a shard somewhere there? You’re going to need me. ] she says folding her arm. 

This half demon who looks like a dog is demanding. He isn’t doing this alone. She gets up dusting her school uniform. Kagome was going to speak when she heard screams coming from Lady Kaede’s village. She looks at the half-demon. [b Let’s go.] she says grabbing her backpack and running toward the village. 

Sesshōmaru showed up at the village and uses a Mu-on'na on Inuyasha to locate the Tessaiga.
NatsuUzumakiInuyasha   308d ago

Inuyasha follows Kagome back to Kaede's village and when he sees Sesshōmaru , the half-demon growls and gets ready to fight. Until the Mu-on'na shows up. He stares with wide eyes as he see her look like his mother. 

Eventually, though, he realizes the truth.

When Inuyasha escapes, Sesshomaru tries to attack him but the Mu-on'na took the hit to protect Inuyasha. Despite trying to absorb the dog-boy, she had the heart of a mother.

With the Mu-on'na dead, Inuyasha looks at Sesshomaru angrily. 

"You used my mother's face against me?" His voice was angrier than Kagome had heard it before.
Simply_Random~~ K ~   305d ago

Kagome helped the women and children. Lady Kaede and Kagome heads back to inuyasha. Just to heat his full blood demon brother compares him to his father. Weak and pathetic for loving a human. That's when Lady Kaede tells Kagome that his mother is human and his father was a legendary demon. Other demons feared him. How she still doesn't understand why he wishes to be a full demon.

Kagome mumbles his name. It's a sad romantic story. His brother did something and hurt Lady Kaede. Kagome grabs the elder women's crossbow and arrow. 

Sesshomaru Dodge or so he though. She grazed his arm. His eyes turned red. However aw little green frog appears out of nowhere and begins to talk to his master. Then he disappeared. They figured out where they to go. Sesshomaru wasted no time when it came to ignoring his step-brother and going to find his fathers grave 

“Are we going to follow them?” the flea left. Whatever his name was again. They can't let him escape. They protected the location for a reason, right?
NatsuUzumakiInuyasha   302d ago

Inuyasha growled in anger as Sesshomaru got away and nodded at Kagome. "I don't care about the tomb, but if Sesshomaru wants it, I'm going to stop him," he told her in an annoyed tone. He cracked his knuckles then looked at the flea. "You could have told me about the tomb earlier, and this would have been avoided," he added coldly. 

The dog-boy then crossed his arms. "Are you coming with me?" he asked Kagome. "If you are, just don't get in the way during the fight."
Simply_Random~~ K ~   302d ago

Her eyebrows twitch.  This isn't the time to tell him ‘sit boy’ no matter how much she wants to. Out of annoyance, she jumped on his back. “You’re annoying. Why can't you be nice?” she asks closing her eyes as he moves. This is definitely not like a roller coaster. 

Myoga tells Inuyasha to quickly enter the portal to Sesshōmaru created and stop him. Together with Kagome and myoga, they reach the Border to the Afterlife. Asthey enter the tomb of Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru's father, Myoga reveals that Sesshōmaru is after the treasured sword imbedded in his bones. 

It felt like it took forever to find his bones. Yet they got there just as Sesshōmaru tries to pull out Tessaiga. All of a sudden a barrier rejects him! Sesshomaru growled and tries again. Jakins began babbling. Kagome couldn't hear it though. Myōga then asks Inuyasha to claim the sword, claiming that he was meant to inherit the sword. Kagome encourage him into to do it and ends up being the one pulling it out. much to everyone's surprise, it worked. His brother began to transform. It is indeed a terrifying sight.


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