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Drawn To Life [1x1 / MxM or FxF]

By wbx

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Character A is a comic artist who's been trying to make it in the industry for years. After about a decade of hard work, their superhero comic is finally a success, having been picked up by a major publisher - and following an incredibly successful run, a movie has been greenlit!

A relatively unknown rookie actor is cast as the star, and they look like the character stepped right off the page and into real life. Naturally, Character A is excited, because they've been drawing this character since high school (and being closeted and gay and thirsty means that Character B is kind of the culmination of A's hopes and dreams vis a vis their IDEAL person) and it seems like they cast the perfect actor for it. But Character B ends up being haughty and moody, difficult to direct, and nearly impossible to work with.

The studio decides to bring A in as a consultant, thinking the comic's creator might be able to get through to B and get them to really understand the role and how important it is. Whether they succeed or fail is entirely up to us.


- Please be 18 years old, at least. I'm not comfortable writing with minors.

- Please don't post on this thread. I will ignore it. We will make a seperate thread to roleplay on if we work something out!

- You must be ~literate~ (by which I mean, have decent grammar and spelling, and give me something to work with.) If I glance at your profile and see you roleplay exclusively in single sentence posts, I'm likely to ignore you. This makes me sound really grouchy, but I swear I'm not! I just don't get excited by low effort roleplays, and I'd be likely to ditch.

- Try and be someone who's able to contribute to the story! I love OOC talk as a means of working out where our roleplay is going, and I like chatting in general.

- If you're interested, please send me a PM saying which character you'd like to play! If there's anything you'd like to add to/change about the plot, we can also discuss that. I'm a big fan of collaborating to create a roleplay we're both interested in, and this plot is pretty malleable.
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