Looking for Rp Partners! (Please PM)

By WellerInkTells

Hello there I am searching for Roleplay Partners! Please read everything first before PM’ing me.
Please and Thank you!

First I don’t mind the genera, I’m fine with horror, action, adventure, romance. I don’t mind doing roleplay based off of fandoms either.
I like helluva boss based roleplays a lot though!

I also do expect detail into these roleplays, such as sentences, like a paragraph. I don’t like one liners as it doesn’t give much detail..
Sorry to one liners..

If you are unable to reply due to things going on I understand, but please try to let me know if you can, I understand if you can’t either.
Just please don’t abandon the roleplay..
I will try my best to tell you as well about things if I can at times to.

This is it so thank you for reading it, please PM me (Mail me) with the title ‘Roleplay Partner here!’ So I know what it’s for.
Video Chat
Kumospace [Everyone]
Gather.town [Everyone]


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