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Welcome to the world of Terrah. A world filled with magic and mystery, where the Tattoo's that people are born with give them power. The bigger the Tattoo's the more powerful the person is and it is a constant that sticks with them throughout their life. The power has major significance to the type of tattoo you have, for instance if you have a bird, you can grow feathers and fly or if you have a fish you can breathe under water. For two families their powers have lead to them becoming extremely powerful. The Seharra family with the powerful dragon tattoo's where the color of the dragon dictates their type of magic, ranging from elemental dragons to poison dragons and much, much more and then there is the Kumokotei family. They have tattoo's of different kinds of spiders each spider has a different effect ranging from poisons that stun, to poison that kill within minute. They can also summon webs and control spiders, making them very dangerous. These two families control a lot of the city of Kilead, by using their power to make powerful companies and control politicians. However other families are attempting to rise together to drop both the mad titan families while the wage war against each other. Will you help fight the mad titans or join them and reign supreme, it is up to you.


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List of Tattoo's powers:
With Titans?:

Accepted Characters-

Name: Burakku Ido Kumokotei
Age: 26
Tattoo: A large spider covering his whole back with the mouth at the back of his neck, two of the legs go up his arms to the middle of his forearms and the rest wrapping around his body resting on his ribs.
List of Tattoo's powers: Sensor Web(Allows him to see anything and everything going on within an area of effect), can grow 8 spider legs out of his back that are sharp enough to cut through steel, can spit a neurotoxic poison which can shut down most people ability to move and can control and small army of 500 spiders with various poisons.
With Titans?: Yes

Name: Scarlett Seharra
Age: 22
Tattoo: blue and red dragon tattoo that starts at the back of her neck and trails down to in between her shoulder blades.
Tattoo powers: red dragon means she has fire powers and the blue one means she has ice powers. Meaning, she can blow fire, heat up her hands to warm anything she needs to. She can also blow ice, and turn the temperature in a room to freezing to make it impossible for her opponent to breathe.

Name ~ Yuuki Tsukikage 月影 雪
Age~ 29
Tattoo ~ Dragon
Tattoo's powers ~ He can cause a snow storm to occur even on the hottest of days / ability to freeze things or people.

Name: Lumi "Mother" Balisong.
Age: 32
Tattoo: A rather interesting one to say the least, Lumi's tattoo resides on her right thigh, It takes the form of an creature with eight legs, black eyes that one could only find fear and terror in, a neck longer than the clouds; A face in which would split in two, leaving a snake-like tongue with many rows of teeth to be seen.
List of Tattoo's powers: Most unknown, but, Shapeshifting is well known for that seems to be the most used.

Name ~ Chihiro Ito
Tattoo ~ Fox with three tails
Abilities ~ She can shift into a large fox but is very unstable. She can create fox fire while she is in her fox form. Also she can change it from day to night.
Extra information ~
She often found with Yu (Yuukio )
She is against the Titian
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Burakku Ido Kumokotei, A young man with a bright future, he was not only the next head of his family but, the most powerful member of his family. Born to the Head Branch of the Kumo family the Kumo-Kotei Branch with the largest Tattoo his family had ever seen, made him jump from third in line to the position of next leader within seconds of birth. His father threw the first and second born sons to the side and named him after the Black widow spider. Years would pass by and Burakku would watch as war waged between his family and another the Seharra, but even though he was the most powerful person in his family they would not give him the opportunity to bring glory to his name and fight. Instead they would send his two brothers,  Doku Itogumo and Komo Rigumo to fight. This lead to the eventual loss of Doku, the first born son and the only one in the family who didn't hate Burakku, due to knowing he didn't have a choice, but to take his spot as leader. The rest of his four other sibling did not understand why the eldest had lost his spot to Burakku and attempted multiple times to take his life in order to give the spot back to the Doku. The worst of which was Komo who was hoping that if he took at Burakku it would spear head him to being the next leader. The left Burakku with a harsh childhood and forced him to learn to fend for himself at a young age. This also cause him to run away from time to time. But, enough about the past.

Burakku walked through the street with the hood of his back cloak covering his silver hair. Underneath the cloak he wore an all black suit with a white dress shirt.  He had just left Kumo Industries because he had finally had enough of fighting for his life for the day. His eyes darted around the road as he walked through the lightless streets rain pouring down on the side walk around him. He knew his web covered most of this area, but he always had to be alert do to the risk of someone figuring out who he might be. He sighed as he finally approached a bar, it was the place he went any time he knew he wasn't being followed and where he was most comfortable at. 

He opened the door and enter, the ringing of the bell as he walked through the door alerted everyone inside that someone knew had come in and all eyes were on him for a moment. He shook of a bit of the water from his cloak and walked straight to the bar sitting on a stool. Most of the eyes had left him at this point. "Hey Bartender can I get a gin and tonic?" He questioned as he put a ten dollar bill down on the table. The bartender smiled and grabbed the ten before, making his drink. She went to go grab change and Burakku flipped his hand as a gesture to tell her to keep it. The bartender smiled and handed him his glass. Burakku to the glass and took a sip smiling as the burn of the gin hit his throat. "Ahhh." He exclaimed.

Scarlett Seharra, the granddaughter of Drayce Seharra. The leader of the Seharra family, the one who started it all. The one who started the war between the Seharra and Kumokotei families. Her father and older brother were forced to fight in the war with her grandfather, she thankfully got to stay home with her mother. She was only a child at the time, so she did not understand exactly what was going on when her father and brother said goodbye to her. 
When they had gotten back, they both were pretty beat up and her grandfather had vanished. After the war, her father had completely changed. He would treat Scarlett terribly, she would be left with bruises and cuts. When Scarlett turned sixteen, her father had lost it. He blamed her and her brother for their grandfather's disappearance, screaming that it was due to their tattoos that made him start the war and disappear. He would threaten to kill them, until finally their mother begged them to leave. Scarlett saw the desperateness in her mother's eyes and convinced her brother to leave with her. 
The two young teenagers found a small place to stay, hidden away from their father. 

Now six years later, Scarlett is now twenty-two and hasn't thought about her father since then. She had of course found her way into the bartending world and has fallen in love with it, despite her overprotective brother warning her that it wasn't safe. 
Tonight she had been running late, so her best friend and co-worker Stacy thankfully started working the bar and making her famous mixed drinks. Scarlett's specialty was the gin and tonic, though she didn't get a chance to make it very much. She had the right pour for both things and always got complimented on it. 
She walks into the back of the bar, hanging up her coat. It had been freezing outside, but like normal it was warm a little too warm in the bar. Tonight Scarlett had decided on wearing her black mini-dress with black stockings. The dress was crisscrossed in the back, which showed off her dragon tattoo. Her brother hid his all the time, and would yell at her if the tail of the dragon was even showing, but when she was at the bar she didn't care. She could do whatever she wanted. Stretching out her muscles, Scarlett walks out to where Stacy was and smiles at her. "Thanks for covering me, sorry I ran so late." She says, feeling guilty she left her friend to fend for herself on one of the bar's busiest nights. The other girl smiles at Scarlett, rolling her eyes at her best friend. "It's all good, the rush hasn't even started yet. I can handle it." Stacy replies, starting to shake the mixer in her hands.  Scarlett giggles and rolls her eyes playfully, before immediately diving in and making sure to get every person's orders.
LukiChihiro   314d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [font "century gothic" Chihiro was also in the area. She decided it might be nice to get a drink before heading home.  If that is what you call it. 

She sighed softly as her heels clicked against the pavement. She was tired of all the fighting. It was depressing. Type of depressing that was suffocating.

She hope the burn of sweet alcoholic would get her mind off of things. A distraction she so desperately needed. The pink haired female smiled softly as she pull open the heavy door to the bar. The soft sound of a bell jingle as she stepped inside. 

She appear to be in her mid-twenties, which was a lie since she was going on 29 in May. She was bless with a young face, is what her mother used to tell her. She sighed softly as he lavender colored eyes dance around the bar. 

She took a seat at a lone table. It was perfect to sit away from people. After all she didn't want people to pick on what she really was. It was easy to disguise herself as a human. Hiding her ears and tail that is. One thing that wouldn't go away was the three tailed fox on her back.  As long as she kept it covered no would notice right?

There was only one person who knew what she really was, and that was Yu. He never stepped foot in the city unless he really had too. 

Yu was different. Despite the fact that he too was a powerful beast. Chihiro sighed softly as she glance over the drink menu. She couldn't decide on what to get. Did she wanted something fruity or something chocolate related?

She let out a softy sigh as she put the drink menu down on the wooden table. She kept her eyes to herself but only for a moment. Her lavender colored eyes locked on to the silver haired male that sat the bar for just a brief moment. She then averted her eyes to the barkeep. 

She looked away quickly hoping they didn't notice her staring at the two of them. She was certain that the both of them were also powerful beasts that lurked in this damn city. 
Chihiro felt a nervous pit in her stomach. If she was lucky no one would really notice her, or at least not think much of her. She just needed to act normal. 

She smiled softly as she stood up walked over to the bar. [+pink "Can I get a whisky sour?"] she said sweetly. She pulled out her wallet from the small bag she had strap around her shoulder.
LukiYuuki   314d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Yu or better known as  Yuuki Tsukikage also live in this plagued city. The fight for power and wealth. Endless blood shed but for what? A spot at the top? A chance to have power and make people grovel in fear? Pointless! 

Yu amber colored eyes seemed to burn with hatred towards both the families. They were the ones who took everything from him. 

Starting this pointless war that plagued this city for what seemed like a decades. Now there was a new leader who kept this pointless rein of power. Disgusting was the word that came to mind. 

Yu sighed softly as he bit his cheek to the point were blood filled his mouth. He swallowed heavy before letting out a jagged breath.  

The memories that stained his mind were vivid. Because of this war he his parents and younger sister were slaughter. Yu was still young at the time, he was lucky enough to get away. He didn't get away unharmed. 

To this day he still wears that long jagged scar across his chest. It was given to him by Doku. It wasn't until a few years ago he got his revenge a froze that bastard to death.

Since then Yu has kept himself hidden away. Living on the outskirts of the city in a run down looking house. A house that was once filled with happiness and laughter. Nothing more than a house filled with dread and despair.  

It was malicious of him to target Doku when he was in a weaken state. That was what this city was about being a fucking monster. Who was the best at it. 

Regret! It often filled his mind. What had he done? He was just like them. A monster. That tore him apart from the inside out. That was why he  had to stay hidden away. Why he stayed inside or simply hidden. He had to concealing what he was and who he was. 

If it wasn't for Chihiro and her sweet nature who knows what state he would be in. With her around all these thoughts that often tried to eat him alive went silent. He wasn't all alone anymore. Chihiro was like a sister, he treasured her.


Burakku took notice of the scarlet haired woman entered the room. His eyes stayed locked on her for some reason until he noticed the dragon tattoo on her back. His eyes shifted away just enough to catch the rosy haired girl shift her eyes from him. He sighed slightly before downing his drink. 

No longer feeling safe he stood up and began to walk towards the entrance when a thought hit the back of his head. He turned to look at the red head again. 'Why the hell would a Seharra family member be working here?' He questioned in his head, knowing full well that the family was well off enough to never have to stoop so low as to be a bartender. He turned and walked back to the counter while he kept his eyes on the woman with pink hair. There had to be a reason her eyes averted from him prior, but that wasn't the most important thing going through his head right now. 

"Hey, bartender." He called out sitting back down in his seat. His eye shifting back and forth from the two women. "Can I ask you a question?"

Scarlett smiles at Stacy, as she gets into the flow of mixing drinks and into the typical craziness of the bar. She spots the male with silver hair, out of the corner of her eye, but doesn't pay him much attention. Her eyes raise from the current glass she was mixing, when she hears the door chime again. Her eyes widen slightly at the girl with pink hair, as she walks further into the bar. 
Scarlett's eyes drop back down the glass and she goes back to mixing the drink, before placing it in front of one of their usual college assholes. Her eyes look up at the girl with the pink hair, as she asks for one of their best drinks. Scarlett smiles and nods. "You got it." She walks over and looks at Stacy, who was busy with the group of girls that had just walked in. Rolling her eyes, she gets to work on the girl's drink and starts slightly dancing to the music their dee-jay was playing. After she had finished, a smile paints her lips again and she slides the glass in front of the other girl. "There you go." She says, her voice trailing off as she watches the silver haired man walk back and take his seat again. Her eyes widen when he speaks to her, she tilts her head to the side curiously. The smile still on her lips, but slightly faltering. "Yes? What's up?" She asks, her voice steady, even though she didn't trust this man.
LukiChihiro   309d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center The pink haired vixen smiled softly as she place the money on the counter. [+pink "Thank you"] she said with a voice sweet like honey. She smiled softly as she went back to her lone table.She smiled softly as she sipped her drink. The bitter-sweet drink was just what she needed to get her mind off things. She sighed softly as she closed her lavender colored eyes.

What was this world coming too she though to herself. She sighed softly as sipped her drink. Her mind started to wonder off deep into her thoughts. When she heard the silver haired male speak to the barkeep. It broke her out of her thoughts. 

It didn't take long before her drink was gone. She debating on getting another one. The bitter-sweetness taste was just so hard to resist. If she really need to Yu would come and rescue her right?

No. He wouldn't and she knew that in the back of her mind but the alcohol told her other wise. She smiled softly as she made her way back up to the bar. She sat down at the bar next to the silver haired man. Thanks to the small buzz from the alcohol it calmed her. She really didn't care who she was sitting next too. Her timid nature was starting to disappear.

She was curious about what the two of them were talking about. After she knew the two of them were powerful beasts. If she played her cards right they would have no idea she was also one. Or the fact that their converstation had caught her attention. Maybe it was because they were the only ones that seemed interesting in this bar. She smiled softly when the other lady approached her. [+pink "Can I have another whisky sour?"] she said with a soft smile.

The music roars in the background as he the scarlet haired bartender, lets him know its fine to ask his question. However, before he get the chance, the girl with pink hair approaches asking the bartender for another drink. He sighs as she sits down next to him, not appreciating the idea of someone listening into their conversation, but not really worried about her as she seemed docile. 

"What leads a young girl such as yourself to work as a bartender, at an establishment like this?" He questions leaving the true context of his question out by not saying 'a young girl from the Seharra family' due to having someone listening in.

His eyes then shift to the pink haired girl next to him. "Also, young miss. What brings to to such a dangerous area. Don't you know a lot of Violence has been happening around these parts?" He says implying that he knows there is something strange about her and that she is a little more dangerous then she might be trying to let on. But, here being there still doesn't worry him and he turns his face back to the bartender waiting for his answer.

Scarlett looks the man over, her head tilting to the side as to what he could possibly have to ask her.  She crosses her arms, as she watches him. Her eyes widen slightly when the girl with the pink hair comes back to the bar and slides next to the man.  

When he finally asks his question, Scarlett doesn't miss the underlying real question in his tone. He must have saw her tattoo, I mean she doesn't hide it. She never did, her father may have been ashamed of her brother and her for having them, but she was never ashamed of being Drayce's granddaughter.  

Taking a deep breath, she narrows her eyes at the man for his curiosity. "I needed money for the apartment I currently live in and this was the closest job opportunity that I could find. Plus the people are super nice and I find it quite interesting, the different people that come in here." She responds, before grabbing his glass and makes him another gin and tonic and slides it in front of him. "Try that. Much better than Stacy's, I guarantee." 

Stacy looks over at Scarlett, before she looks at the man. Her eyebrows furrowing in confusion, before the pink haired girl asks for another drink, she nods and grabs a new glass and makes the drink before sliding in front of her. "There you go, my dear." She smiles, before looking at Scarlett again to make sure the man isn't pushing his chances with her.
LukiChihiro   308d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Chihiro smiled softly as she closed her lavender colored eyes. She didn't mean to interrupt them. She was just curious. She had a feeling she knew who this silver haired male was. Who was this girl.

[+pink "Thank you "] she said sweetly when the drink was slid across to her.  She quietly sipped her drink. [+pink " I know it is... I just wanted some air..."] she said softly looking into the male dark eyes. Her lavender colored eyes seemed to sparkle when she was being spoke too. She then looked away knowing if she stayed to much longer she be found out.

She sighed softly as she looked down at her glass. She took a drink then  softly placed it down on the counter. 

When Yu wasn't around she felt lonely. It wasn't like she was in love with Yu. Yu had no interested in her that way. She smiled softly as she closed her lavender colored eyes. 

It didn't take her long to finish her drink. She place a tip under the empty glass. She stood up and headed for the door. She glanced back at silver haired man and the barkeep. She pulling the door open and step outside. It was dark out there was a slight chill in the air. The cold air felt good on her flushed cheek.

Burakku's head tilts to the tilts to side as he hears her answer. 'Apartment?' He thought to himself she is from if not the second wealthiest family in the city, tied for first wealthiest family, 'Why the hell would she need to live in an apartment'. He shook his head for a second before noticing the pink haired girls answer. But, before he could answer she downs her drink and walked out the front door with a flush on her cheeks. 

This gave him the opportunity he was looking for to get more information out of the scarlet haired woman in front of him. But, as he went to ask his question he noticed three guys walking out the door after the pink haired girl. He sighed knowing where that three drunk burly men were going and he stands up. "What nights do you work if you don't mind me asking?" Burakku asks the bartender as he down the drink in front of him. The woman was right it was better then the first one her had drank.  While he waited for an answer to his question he began stretching his arms and legs, getting ready to go protect the girl who left herself wide open in this dangerous area.

Scarlett sighs and watches his reaction to her response, she knew he was questioning everything. Why would a Seharra girl be stuck living in an apartment and working at a run down bar? She knew the questions that always came when there was another person like her that just so happens to find their way into this specific bar. Rolling her eyes, she moves away from in front of the man and starts serving the group of business men that arrived. Stacy watches the man with silver hair, wondering why he was so curious about her best friend. She goes back to serving with Scarlett, but keeps her eye on the man. 

Scarlett has her back to the male, as she is mixing a drink. Her hips slowly swaying to the music, as she turns and slides the glass in front of the obnoxious newly 21 year old that had just arrived. The sound of the chimes on the door, catches her attention as the girl with pink hair leaves. It isn't long before Scarlett sees the three drunk men escaping after the other girl. Her eyes widen, as she remembers those same men going after her, a shudder runs down her spine as she looks at the man with silver hair. "I don't know why you're so curious, but the only night I am off is Sunday." She smiles politely, before she nods toward the door. "That other girl might need your help out there, don't worry about your second drink. It's on the house." She turns immediately from him and goes back to working.
LukiChihiro   307d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Chihiro sighed softly as she noticed the sound of footsteps behind her. She glance over her shoulder and seen three men standing there behind her. 

She just let out laugh as they circled around here. [+pink "Am I suppose to be afraid... am I suppose to beg you not to hurt me? Not to touch me..."] she said in a taunting tone. 

Of course it was a little startling  to be cornered. She wasn't scared for her safety. She was worried about these stupid drunks. [+pink "Look if I were you would just leave why you still have you limbs attached to your body."] she said drily.

It only seemed to be making the men even more angry and somewhat bold. She didn't know what to do? They were just mere humans. She could easily tear them apart. 

She gasped as one of them tore her shirt open. Her lavender colored eyes seemed to burn with anger.  It was getting hard to hold it in.It seemed once again she was going to be stained with blood. 

The pink haired vixen's form started to change with a bone cracking sound. Which cause them to jump back. She let a howling scream that seemed to make them even more frighten. A large fox stood before them lashing her three tails angrily. 

She let out a low growl as she step towards the one that still held a tatter pieces of her shirt in his's hand. She was ready to tear that bastard's throat out.

Burakku chuckled at the girls remark that the drink would be on the house. He dropped a hundred dollar bill on the table and walked out saying to himself, "Sundays off, ehhh." Before walking out to the door to find the three men circling the pink haired woman.

He watched as the man grabbed a tore at her shirt and at that moment his eight spider legs lunged out of his back, through his cloak. They picked him up off the ground and began to charge at the men, but seconds after he sped towards the men, his attitude towards the situation changed. 

He watched as the woman's body morphed into the now large fox and he chuckled slightly. She did not need his help and honestly its was amusing to watch as she tore out the throat of the first man. But, that didn't mean he wouldn't help her finish the job. Burakku lung forward once more stabbing one of the men through the back leaving just the one who had tore her shirt. "I see you really didn't need me." He said with a chuckle to the fox as he stepped back to allow her to go for the last kill.

The legs retracted into his back and thin threads surrounded the area around them. These threads were sharp enough to cut through skin and for the most part could only be removed by burakku.

Scarlett watched as the man didn't listen to her and dropped the money on the counter anyway. She rolls her eyes and looks at Stacy. "Take it. I don't want it." Stacy looks at Scarlett confused, she was definitely missing something between her and this guy. Stacy grabs the money off the counter, but stuffs it into Scarlett's pocket. "You need it more than I do babe, you take it." She smirks, before going back to serving the fraternity that had just walked in. Scarlett narrows her eyes at Stacy, before she hears the ruckus of the college boys rushing in. It sure as hell was a busy night. Scarlett walks up to one of the boys and clears her throat. "What can I get you?" She asks, leaning her hip against the bar. The college 'man' whistles through his teeth and a smirk forms on his lips. "I'd like a little bit of you there miss." Scarlett rolls her eyes, great another asshole. She narrows her eyes, them starting to change into a bright red. "I think you might want to take that back, before I kick your ass out of this bar and embarrass you in front of your friends huh?" She says, her tone icy. The male's eyes widen, but he doesn't back down. "I'll take a Yuengling please. Now." He orders and when Scarlett turns to get the drink, he smacks her ass. 
Scarlett growls, but before she could do anything Stacy grabs her. "Derrick will fire you on the spot, just ignore the asshole Scar."
LukiChihiro   307d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center She snarled baring her fangs at the man. He let out  an ear piercing scream. Which cause her to howl. She grabbed a hold of the man a threw him hard against the building. It wasn't enough to kill him. Just enough to making everything go blurry. 

She was startled to see the silver haired man from before. Just as she had thought he was a powerful beast.  [+magenta "I suppose I should thank you".... ] she said in a raspy voice.

Her tails flickered behind her softly striking the ground. She suppose she should change back. Her human charade was over. She could no longer go back to the form without him know. 

She sighed softly as she put her paws to her head. Her body aced along with her head. Her thoughts were running wild along with the pain...and hunger.

She shift back into her human like form with a bone cracking sound. She stood there holding her head slightly before realizing she was half dressed. She picked up her torn shirt and wrapped it around herself. 

Doing her best to cover the three tail fox on her back. It was hard to cover since the fox's paw went up her to her right shoulder, the three tails flowed down her back like a veil of stars.  

[+Pink "T-Thank you..."] she said in a sweet like honey voice. [+pink "What do I owe such a powerful man? You have money... you have luxurious things... what is it you desire?"] she said as she step closer to him.

Burakku watched the the other man hit the wall and chuckled softly knowing the young girl was going to let him live. A small spider crawled into the mans pant leg and bit down on his bare skin. Its poison sinking into his skin and veins. I wouldn't be long before he was dead. 

Burakku did not like loose ends and him living was most certainly one. He smiled as the girl thanked him and removed his cloak revealing his stylish but, dressy cloving showing he came from money. Eight holes in the back of his clothing revealed a gigantic black widow spider tattoo on his back.  He stepped closer to the woman who seemed to be trying to allure him with her feminine charm and covered her with his cloak. 

He let out a soft laugh knowing that there was nothing he wanted in return for helping her. He had just thought that she was a young woman in need of protection with less intelligence then most for walking the city at this time, before she revealed her powers. 

"I really don't need anything, and you proved that you don't need any protection. Spiders began to walk up his legs towards his back and began to sew his clothes back together making them look as if nothing had happened. Before he turned to walk back into the bar. 

The other woman still held a strong impression on him and he need to know why a Seharra family member would come into his territory to live an impoverished life. "If you would like to join me, I'm about to make a scene in here."  He said with a smirk.

While the other two were busy with whatever the hell was going on outside, Scarlett had her own problems. She had to make sure she kept her calm and didn't kill these frat boys who were pushing their luck each time they emptied their drinks. Stacy was right, if Scarlett did anything Derek would fire her on the spot and she really did need this job. Since her brother's injury has kept him from being able to work for the time being, she had to do it all. 

She finishes making the one boys drink and walks over, this guy decides to put his hand over hers and keep her there. Scarlett's eyes immediately go red again, as the guy just smirks at her.  "Why are you playing hard to get with us Scar?" His voice was smooth, too smooth and the only way he knew her name was her name tag she was forced to wear. Scarlett put her other hand on top of his and squeezes his wrist, her hand hearing up as her eyes glow a Scarlet red to match her hair. "I believe I've made it quite clear that I don't want to be touched or bothered. I just came to do my job." She growls out, removing her hand from his once he had pulled his hand away from hers and squealed like a girl. "Damn bitch burnt me with her hand! What the hell?!" He informs his friends, his voice not sounding so confident anymore.
LukiChihiro   305d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Chihiro wasn't surprise he had turned her down. She was actually glad he did. She smiled softly as he put his coat over her. She smiled again when the male said something about making scene. 

[+Pink "I will join but do not tell anyone who or what I am... I suppose taking on a different form would be about this?"] she said with a devious grin.

She smiled softly as she used her magic to make her appearance changed using Burakku coat as sort of a collateral. She smiled softly as she now stood before Burakku looking more masculine. 

His pink hair now shorter with silver and pink streaks through it. He was tall, but not as tall as Burakuu. His eyes were still that burner lavender color. [+Magenta "Now remember "] he said as he place his slender fingers over his mouth in a hushing movement. [+Magenta "Do not tell anyone what you saw..."] he said sweetly. 

[+Magenta "Now what do you have in mind?"] he said with sinful smile. [+Magenta "Do you want to storm through those bar doors like a hurricane? Walk in all quietly?"] he said with a faint smile. 

Yu wasn't going to be happy with her. Causing such havoc and mayhem. How could she resist? After all this man knew what she was. Sure she didn't owe him anything but she still felt like she did.


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