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By Hopewithin-

Note; Do not request into the thread unless I give you permission. You must be Eighteen years old to even apply for this thread. I will not be writing with minor's at all. If I find out you aren't at least Eighteen years old, I will be denying you the spot all together. So please make sure you are of age before messaging me. Thank you.

Layton always knew he was homosexual. His parents frowned upon something like that. They didn't believe that two men, and two women should be together and making a life with each other. When Layton was eighteen years old, he had been caught kissing his best friend, and his parents kicked him out then and there. He knew sooner or later it was bound to happen, but he didn't think that they would have kicked him out. He thought they would understand, but the more he tired to talk to them about it, the more they shut him out. Since that night Layton's been on his own, and taking it day by day, and he was always learning something new about the people around him.

Your Name Here had a somewhat same situation. He was still living at home, and working at his father's automotive shop. Your Name Here had first seen Layton when he had brought his car in to be looked at. The two had hit it off pretty well, and became fast friends. When Layton found out that Your Name Here was homosexual as well, he wanted to take the male out on a proper date. That's when Your Name Here told Layton that his parents didn't know, and he didn't want them knowing quite yet. That's when Layton knew he was going to be kept a secret. Your Name Here was dating one of the richest women in town, just to please his parents, and the other's in town. Layton on the other hand, was slowly starting to give up hope on finding true love.

One night while Layton and Your Name Here were out on the town, Layton finally had the courage to kiss Your Name Here. Your Name Here didn't mind it in the least, but one of Your Name Here's friends saw the whole thing and started snapping pictures. That's when the so called friend cornered the two, and started threatening to tell everyone in town that Your Name Here was homosexual, and his whole life would be ruined. What'll happen when the pictures do get leaked out? Will Your Name Here own up to his sexuality? Will Layton finally have someone who care's about him the same way? Or will everything stay the same? You'll never know unless you join, Simply Meant To Be.

The cast of Simply Meant To Be.

Layton Princeton; Taken

Male; Taken

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