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_BlueXephosVirion   317d ago
[Repo] Head ES Programmer/Resident Insomniac

[i What is beauty, in the truest sense?]

[i In its most basic form, it’s a combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. This varies by individual. The qualities that are aesthetically pleasing are irrelevant due the case-by-case variance.]

[i To me, however, it’s the rocky earth beneath my feet. The feeling of wind on my face. The mysteries behind the many species that inhabit Avand, and how their lives are lived out. The wonders of the universe. The warmth and welcoming feeling of love. I’ve seen a lot in the six-hundred years I’ve been alive, but for me, nothing comes quite as close as home.]

[i Home is where the heart is, or so they say.]

Virion didn’t consider himself a sentimental person, but even he couldn’t deny that Avand was beautiful. Within its natural flaws – like anything else – beauty could be found. Discovery, mistakes, learning, natural disasters… All of it brought a unique charm to the planet. Many passerby thought Virion spared nary a thought for the planet, but those who bothered who understand him knew how to read him in a different light. Those who truly knew him knew Virion found Avand to be interesting and unique.

He would even say it was lovely.

In the serene hours before the sun rose, while everything below him was still quiet and still, Virion felt at ease. The creations that he flew past were the very ones he was sworn to protect. If he felt like it, he would do just that.

In his own way, he didn’t take the same actions as the other Demi-Gods; he chose to let the planet suffer the consequences of the mistakes that were made, and let the people reap what they sow. Virion chose not to fix anything unless it was severely dangerous to the life on Avand or damaging enough to the surrounding galaxies that Lord Olotl himself would rain fire upon him unless he helped repair the damage. Luckily for him, he had Xyrnys and Khythos to play babysitter for the distinct species below; while they were busy assuming the role of caretaker, Virion would act a fool.

His attitude toward the ‘caretaker’ side of his job lead those around him to believe he did not care, but Virion knew that was not true. He deeply held sincere feelings toward the creatures that adorned the planet – far too much for comfort – but he knew too much. Heard and saw too much. He couldn’t bear to get too close to them and hear their pained cries and he outlived them; to see their haunted souls follow them for many years to come. To preserve what was left of his sanity, he made himself seem annoying and carefree; it was just enough to keep him at a safe distance. Unless Xyrnys or Khythos needed his help, he preferred to remain on his own.

The world seldom found itself in true danger; the most recent that came to mind was when a dark mage had somehow released a red-matter virus into the planet. The virus had slowly started to eat at the core of the world, and the entire planet would’ve been wiped out. Between the three Demi-Gods and two white mages on the surface, they were able to hold it back. Xyrnys had opened a Void Timeline and sent the virus there to float endlessly. The energy required to replace what the virus had destroyed had drained the Demi-Gods, forcing them In Pura to recover their powers.

The planet was finally in a time of peace, and Virion was grateful for this. They'd sent the white mages back to their homes, and the Demi-Gods were back in their own domains. Hopefully, for the time being, things would be okay.
_BlueXephosKhythos   317d ago
[Repo] Head ES Programmer/Resident Insomniac

From just beyond Virion's eyesight, Xyrnys and Khythos watched. Though they could have easily just flew over to him and startled him out of his early-morning stupor, they chose not to, instead finding interest in his oddly-quiet state.

"It's interesting, how silent he can be, isn't it?"

Khythos simply hummed.

"It's unfortunate that it doesn't last, though you know as well as I do it's all just a part of his facade."

"Of course I do." The Rhaeadran looked at her. "He should at least be [i trying] to do something productive, though."

“The odds are against us, Kyth.” Xyrnys chuckled, her good eye holding a teasing glint. “Relax, yeah? He cares quite a bit more than most realize – I know you know that. He just happens to get into his own head a little too much when he's not bothering the humans.” She shrugged. “Or perhaps I’m reading too much into it.”

“I understand he cares, but he’s a bloody Demi-God. It’d be nice if he at least pretended to act like one.” Despite his barbed words and unreadable expression, Khythos found Virion to be slightly admirable. The humans, regardless of what they said about him, had taken quite a liking to the feisty Demi-God. They would never understand the reasons for his distancing, but regardless, they liked him. Khythos envied the easygoing personality Virion forged. “I think he’s noticed us,” he noted, eyeing Virion as he approached.

“Well, would you look at who’s here. The family is back together again!” Khythos noticed Virion still wore his signature grin. “It’s been quite a while since we’ve all been in the same place. To what do I owe the pleasure of this joyous occasion?”

“Business, unfortunately. Olotl calls.” Xyrnys frowned.

Khythos hummed his agreement. “There was a pile of dead fish in my cavern this morning. They normally don’t hop out of the waterfall – Olotl must’ve decided stinking up my cavern was the best way to say he needs to speak with us. We were just waiting for you to finish harassing the mortals.”

“Of course Olotl wants something. He probably doesn’t want to do his own work and is pawning it off on us.” Virion huffed irritably and crossed his arms.

“Virion, knock it off.”

“Oh, Khythos. So serious, as always. You know just as well as I do that this is what he always does. Right, X?”

Xyrnys flew back slightly and shook her head. "Look, I don't want to get in the middle of your lover's quarrel. Fight by yourselves."

The blue skinned Rhaeadran began to grow irate. "You've an odd eye for romance, Xyrnys. We could be the last two being on Avand and I would never fall for Virion. Then again, you've an odd eye for a lot of things. When you fell in love with-"

"I'm going to stop you right there before I hurt you." Xyrnys' pink eyes glowed dangerously. "We agreed to let that go two hundred years ago. Talking to you two gives me a headache."

"That's not very nice." Khythos shook his head, though he was paying little attention to what she was saying. "We're getting off-topic. We must go to the Silver Altar to speak with Olotl at once." Without waiting for the other two to respond, he flew off into the distance, feeling them follow behind him. Once they caught up, he said "Let's try not to break anything this time, okay?"

"A guy accidentally drops a potion of regeneration and spawns a zombie in the temple one time, and someone just can't let it go, can he?"

The Rhaeadran ignored his fellow Demi-God and simply lead the way, tuning the conversation between him and Xyrnys out. Deep down, the suddenness of the summons worried him. On any other occasion, Olotl would only summon one of them for whatever was necessary, save for the Red Matter incident. Virion wasn’t completely wrong either – Olotl often had work he didn’t want to do and would request one of the Demi-Gods to do it instead. All three of them, however? What was so secret, so dangerous, that the three Demi-Gods had to gather and speak to Lord Olotl, The Overseer, so promptly? He had to repress a shudder. He wasn't sure he was ready to find out.

"Khythos, have you even been listening to me?"

Virion's persistent voice broke Khythos out of his dark thoughts. "I apologize, your Highness, but I have a lot on my mind right now."

"Wow, you do use your head sometimes." Virion laughed, continuing the motion even as he dodged a blue-tinted energy blast. "I thought you were a pacifist. And even so, didn't Serelyn teach you that friendly fire was rude?"

Xyrnys rolled her eyes as she observed the playful argument between the two. "Well, to be fair, you were borderline asking for it." She glanced forward and lowered her head. "Prayer stance. We're here."

Khythos took prayer stance as he lowered himself to the ground, Virion doing the same. Xyrnys landed in front of him, her bare feet flattening the grass underneath. "When you're ready, X."

"Right." Xyrnys closed her eyes and held her hands in front of her, open-palmed. "Beyond the wall before thee stand stone-colored statues three. Soon you sleep, then you wake in The Observer's frozen lake." Raising her head and opening her eyes, she said "In the name of The Observer, we are granted safe passage to the Lake of the Starbelt. I, The Twilight, Keeper of Time and Guardian of the Starbelt, pass his blessing to The Land, Reader of Minds, and The Sea, Mender of Souls." Her body was then alight with several thousand tiny stars. "We have been granted safe passage in our rest. Let us proceed. From here, our words become naught until the lake we reach. Our souls must be open, and our minds must be free."

With solemn nods from himself and Virion, Xyrnys turned and lead the way into the ancient temple. For the outside looking worn down, the inside was near pristine, lit with gentle torches that had been burning since the beginning of time. Without a blessing, the temple was inaccessible. The Lake of the Starbelt was safe. 

The center of the temple had a large black-and-white star pattern that adorned the floor, a focus on three barbs of the star where marble pillars sat. The short pillars held statues in different shape and color - a pink star, a blue seashell, and a sandy-colored stone - with designated areas for each Demi-God to kneel and touch the statues. A large marble torch sat in the middle of the star, burning brightly.

From her lead position, Xyrnys stepped forward. Her statue sat on the farthest end of the star; the point that can see all the other points. She knelt in the proper spot and glanced forward, her hands in her lap. Until the other two were seated, she could not start the meeting.

The next to move was Virion, who remained unnaturally silent during the entire process. His silence would have unnerved most; it was always amazing to Khythos how he was able to just… focus when he had to. Another reason to admire him. The Land Demi-God kneeled, facing forward into the burning statue, hands in his lap.

That left Khythos, who instinctively started towards his statue. The magic surrounding the object wrapped around his soul, tugging gently, as if it was guiding him along. He knelt at his statue, facing the direction of the torch in the room's center. His hands remained in his lap as he waited for Xyrnys to guide them.

Silently, Xyrnys motioned for Virion and Khythos to raise their hands in 'open prayer' formation. Her hands were closed in prayer formation. She slowly stretched her arms out, her hands staying closed, until her fingertips pointed towards the torch. The Twilight flicked her wrists, her open palms now outstretched towards the flame. With a rushed gust of wind and twilight, the fire was extinguished and the statues alight with their assigned color. Nodding in the newfound darkness, she placed her hands on the only spaces the statue was not alight. In order, Virion and Khythos followed suit. One by one, the Demi-God's eyes drifted closed, heads hanging low as their bodies bathed in a mysterious starlight.

As Khythos regained consciousness, he was bathed in an Everdusk-lit marsh, his bare feet dangling just over the cool water. He stood between Xyrnys and Virion - fully in their Everdusk forms - as they stood straight and tall. Though he did the same as he waited for Olotl, he noticed how much freer his Everdusk cloak was to his regular clothing - a white gi he wore covered by a black cloak. As usual, when not posing as a human, he wore no shoes. He'd nearly forgotten how nice his Ocean Wings felt as they began to float gently behind him. He could now feel the fullness of his more Rhaeadran traits - the gills, the fins, the Third Eye, and the fuller horns. They made him feel more complete. 

Virion was not changed much - his Everdusk cloak was a pair of black trousers, a white undershirt, a red tie, and a black overcoat. His signature brown boots finished the cloak. His Everdusk form gave him wings of jagged stone; with no logical sense otherwise, the light, flaky rock has never let the sandy-haired male down. His hair was neatly cropped, only a slight change from his regular look. Virion's half-elven traits began to show, his normally rounded ears pointed neatly. On his forehead was a sandy-colored gem, a few strands of hair floating in front of it.

It was Xyrnys who changed the most in The Lake of the Starbelt - her Everdusk form jarring in comparison to her everyday look. Her half pale, half Shadow-cursed skin was now all a pale peach color, the only part of her body giving the Shadowborn curse away being the black and pink eye on her left side. Rather than her casual pants and overshirt on the mainland, she adorned a black dress with a brightly lit Starbelt lining. Her wings were thousands of stars from every timeline that existed, forming the shape of the wing. She wore no shoes, as she did in her casual look. Her long black hair was not tied back as usual and hung down in gentle waves.

Once the three were awakened, Xyrnys took two steps forward and assumed the prayer position. Virion and Khythos quickly followed suit; until Olotl appeared in whichever form he chose, they would not speak. They would send their energies to Olotl, to guide him to them.

[b "Rise."]
_BlueXephosXyrnys   317d ago
[Repo] Head ES Programmer/Resident Insomniac

The Chosen Three lowered their hands and raised their heads, seeing Olotl's Observer form before them. He was nothing more than a pair of giant, glowing silver eyes. Xyrnys stayed in her forward position, her arms raised out, as if creating a connection between the three in the lake and the eyes above. Virion remained in an offensive position; typical of the warrior of the three. Khythos remained defensive, ready to guard Xyrnys' open weaknesses as she remain unprotected. Though they were safe in the Lake of the Starbelt, this was a natural position for the three, and it was not something they could easily refrain from doing.

The silver eyes of The Observer, Olotl, scanned the three as Xyrnys created the connection. He expected nothing less from his planet's guardians, his fine creations. They had learned their roles well. [b "Xyrnys of the Twilight. Virion of the Land. Khythos of the Sea. I am pleased to see you all made it here in such a brief amount of time."]

"But of course, fair Observer." Khythos bowed solemnly, hoping he didn’t appear as if he was mocking Olotl. Xyrnys glanced at Olotl gratefully, while Virion mimicked his gesture. "To what do we owe the pleasure of this private meeting, Lord Olotl? It's been a long time since the four of us have gathered together."

[b "Indeed it has. You three seem to have grown a bit since then. Has it truly been that long?"] Olotl coughed. [b "Unfortunately, we don't have the time to reminisce. I do not bear good news."] His gaze fell upon Virion. [b "Dear Virion… The Land, Reader of Minds, I'm sure your soul has been at unease and your mind scathing these past few moons."]

Virion simply looked away, answering without saying a word. There was a dark look in his eyes.

[b "There is a dark, sickening power arising from the land of Lorne. The Blood Mages that work there seem to have created something even I've never seen. My planet is suffering for it. It is causing my spiritual body great pain."]

Virion looked like he was about to scoff, but as he knew how to behave, he carefully held his tongue. "The visions I am taunted with are dark, reek with blood, and are meaningless. I am scarred with these visions, and I know not what they mean. They may smell of copper and soil, but how are you sure the Blood Mages are the ones responsible? They've been nothing but a mild inconvenience in the past."

Olotl's bright silver eyes sent a chilling glare in Virion's direction, silencing him effectively. [b "I am not concerned with how inconvenient they were, Virion of the Land. I'm concerned with the visions we have yet to see clearly, and the stench that comes from the Land of Lorne. The only mages skilled enough to draw that kind of blood are the Blood Mages, for they made the sacrifice to access that power. I fear they are creating creatures that are not native to my planet, in turn hurting my planet and them. The pain makes sacrifice greater and more powerful."]

Xyrnys shrugged. [b "It's not impossible, but perhaps we don't assume it's them until we gather proof of this. Instead, we should assume a base nearby and follow the scent of blood, particularly if it's a blood scent we're not used to."]

[b "That does seem more efficient. And if we find there's another species of mage on my planet, trying to harm it, we'll be having some words with that timeline."] The giant eyes closed for a moment. [b "What I have told you is all I know. I'm hoping that, with time, Virion's visions will become clearer and we'll get closer to taking care of this problem. I want you three to take to this region for now and keep an eye on the Blood Mages. Anything you find out needs to be relayed back to me as soon as possible. If you can avoid it, do not harm them. They may not fully realize the consequences of this unknown magic. Perhaps there is even no malicious intent."]

Khythos nodded his immediate understanding. "With a lot of ground to cover in this region, are you all right if we ask other mages if they are willing to do border patrol for us?"

[b "You may ask of them that only,"] Olotl responded. [b "They are not permitted to engage in battle unless it is their own free will. Try to keep them to the skies, to track their location more effectively."] Glancing at his Demi-Gods, he said [b "I request your full cooperation until this matter is resolved. You three are to work together. If something goes awry, you may need to go to battle. Am I understood?"]

The three Demi-Gods nodded respectfully. "But of course, Observer Olotl."

[b "May the Omen of the Starbelt be with ye three. By my words, you are dismissed."]


The end of the meeting brought Xyrnys back into the dimly lit temple. Once she detected the return of Khythos and Virion's souls, she let go of her statue and held her hands out, re-igniting the fire in the center of the temple. The adjustment from dark to light was quick as she rose to her feet. She was back in her normal attire, Virion and Khythos much the same. With a swift hand motion, she pointed towards the temple entrance. Their allowed time in the temple was nearing its end; they did not want to overstay their welcome. Once her bare feet touched the soft grass, she slowly lifted herself off the ground by a mere few inches. Virion and Khythos positioned themselves behind her.

"The Frozen Lake is frosted once over. Our spirits have departed safely." She bowed. "The door to the Temple remains sealed, the Lake of the Starbelt remains safe." Xyrnys took a deep breath before turning around to face the others. "Honestly wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it sure wasn't that."

Khythos nodded his agreement and picked at a peeling spot on his horn - an anxious tick he'd picked up as he grew. "We'd seen the different wavelengths in magic, but without having consistent readings, we weren't getting the full picture. We weren't feeling Lord Olotl's pain. If this truly is the work of those Blood Mages, we'll need to find out how they accessed this type of magic. This isn't their style of foolishness."

"That's exactly it, Khyth." Virion's sandy-brown eyes held a serious look - something naturally out of character for him. "This absolutely isn't their style of foolishness. Which would be a good enough cover for them to start something like this. Think about it." He clapped his hands. "Due to the Red Matter incident, the planet's core is recovering. That's news that went widespread. If they're taking advantage of the weakened core to make cheap sacrifices, it'd be a quick road to power.

Khythos said nothing but shifted his gaze to show his agreement. As he drifted off to deep thought, Xyrnys turned away from him and focused on Virion. "That's possible, but if that's even remotely true, they could learn magics that could rival Lord Olotl himself. We should work quickly. Is there any one of the Blood Mages that would want that much power?"

"I see no reason to trust any of them, if you want me to be honest." Virion snorted his displeasure. "If I had to choose, I don't really see Leomon doing something so tedious, even for personal gain. He's also rather helpful when he wants to be, and incredibly strong in his own right, His flaw is his lack of drive."

"Wilrym Leomon might lack drive, but not if there's a chance to strike rich." Khythos suddenly broke back into the conversation. "He's greedy and has been known to take more than he needs just to say he has it." He shook his head. "We shouldn't rule any of them out yet. Not until we've had a chance to assess the situation."

Xyrnys nodded. "Sounds reasonable. We'll need to produce a way to monitor them discreetly. Using our invisibility for extended periods of time takes a lot of energy; it's not the best method." She grimaced. "As for whoever tracks Entos, I want you both to be careful. I helped him learn his Shadowborn heritage and know what he's capable of. He's cautious, sneaky, and you can't trust him with anything, or a word that he says. He used to be so harmless, too."

Khythos grunted in irritation, "Unfortunately, they lose the right to being 'harmless' once they sign the Book of Bloodseals and commit taboo. Not even we as maintainers of this timeline understand everything Blood Magic entails; only that nothing good comes of it."

"Which is why we can't rule him out. He's just overly cautious, so he'll be the hardest to work with. We may have to use invisibility often with him." She crossed her arms. "Do you intend to speak with Wil alone?"

He nodded. "He knows you two are Demi-Gods, but has never seen me in anything other than my human form before. I will head to Leomon Solutions and start with him. You two should start by tracking Entos and Theran Ocus, if you can."

"Right." Virion nodded. "Where should we meet, and when?"

"Moonrise, at the top of my waterfall."

"Understood. May the many blessings of the Starbelt be with you, Khythos."

"And with you two, as well."
LukiDarcia   316d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Fallen upon this mysterious land was by accident. Perhaps a spell or a practice that had gone majorly wrong. Perhaps a rip in time and space. Whatever the reason she was here now, to wreak havoc upon this new land.   

Perhaps things would have been different. If her life wasn't haunted by pain and agonizing memories of the past. 

Darcia sighed softly as he grey orbs danced around her new surroundings. Surely she wouldn't make it on her own in this new land. She need to find help, a cog in her wheel of destruction. 

What a perfect way to find help then by following the scent of blood. That sweet metallic scent that made her smile a crooked smile. The slender feminine figure slowly walked in direction of the forest.

Darcia knew it was risky being out in the open. She need to lay low for a while get use to this land. She really wasn't sure what she might encounter in this land and who.

 [#c292c4 "Just where the hell am I"] she mutter to herself as she walked deeper into the lush forest. Judging by the lush forest, and the sweet scent of flowers this wasn't hell. She let out a jagged breath and she sat down under a large tree. 

This world was peaceful, this was a feeling she wasn't often used too. No one new about Darcia dreaded life except for her. 

 Dracia didn't have a good up bring. The world she was from judged her relentlessly. Being able to shift between two different gender and animals.
LukiKanbi | Ikari   316d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Darcia wasn't the only one who had end up in this other world. Kanbi shivered as she looked around. Her green eyes darting from one direction to the other. The sweet girl quickly sat up she flinch Ikari laying next to her. Her heart was racing. Where was she? Why was he here with her. Out of all people to be left alone with why did it have to be him. 

Kanbi scramble to her feet as she backed away from the male lavender hair male.  Kanbi quickly shifted into her wolf form. She took off running as fast she she could. 

She could do it. She couldn't stay with that man or beast for that matter, for another second. Her feet made a thudding sound as she ran.  

Fear filling her mind as she ran around this foreign land. [#db1a50 [i "Where am I what is this place..."]] theses were thoughts rapidly filling her mind. [#db1a50 "Why was Ikari here..."] Once she was a good distance away she shifted back into her human form panting. She fell to her knees as she looked around this small meadow she had stumble upon. There was a pleasant scent of flowers. She looked around in awe.

Ikari woke up in dazed like state. He held his head as he tried to remember what happen. It was hard all he could remember was fighting with Kanbi. 

Sinking his teeth into her supple neck. Tasting her delicious crimson, that danced across his tongue as it slid down his throat.  Ikari let out a small pant. 

He stood up slowly looking around. His head was throbbing his mouth was dry. He could tell Kanbi had been near by. The scent of her still lingered. He was going to find. When he did she was going to regret leaving him so abruptly. 

[#e7620d "Bitch..."] he said in a snarly but dry voice. How could she just leave me. Surely she was scared out of her mind being left all alone in this stranded in this new place.
_BlueXephosXyrnys   313d ago
[Repo] Head ES Programmer/Resident Insomniac

It wasn't often Xyrnys felt it, but a mysterious shift caused her to shudder. A timeline had shifted, causing disarray. She knew Virion had seen her face change, but wasn't sure if he'd felt the same change. [i Unlikely,] she thought to herself. Though Virion was the Reader of Minds, her thoughts and Khythos' were the only ones that were blocked to him. Both a blessing and a curse.

"What's wrong?" Virion finally asked, breaking the somewhat-tense silence that had fallen between them.

"A timeline corrupted." Her pink eyes were glowing brightly. "I'm not sure what caused the change, but it is interferring with ours somehow. Whether it's a creature or a magical shift is yet to be seen."

Virion groaned. "Great. More to worry about, along with the Blood Mages. Do you want to look into that first?"

She nodded. "I'll look into that. We can't let the Blood Mages go unchecked; why don't you see if you can't find Theran or Entos? Don't interact with them if you can avoid it, just try to track them down. If they're still using Theran's old base for storing runes and artifacts, that may be a good spot to start."

"All right. You'll be careful, won't you?"

"Of course." Xyrnys held a ball of light in her hands, the light taking the form of many silver stars. "I am a Timekeeper, after all." She winked before flying away, leaving Virion on his own.

Truthfully, the presence felt close, which worried her. What else did they have to worry about alongside the Blood Mages?
_BlueXephosVirion   313d ago
[Repo] Head ES Programmer/Resident Insomniac

Virion rolled his eyes as Xyrnys took off. Of [i course] she would be extra about it; she always was. 

And they called [i him] dramatic.

He shook his head; he had other things to worry about. Entos was always on the move, but Theran was more consistent. His base was, anyway. If the old base in the Lorne area still stood, chances are, a lot of the blood magic spells they were using could be there, too.

They weren't [i smart.]

Khythos would likely have luck with Wilrym - Wil and Khythos had a working relationship, and would easily be the best way to get information.

Why was Virion left with the tedious tasks? It was always [i his] problem. He just hoped the obnoxious visions would stay at bay for a while.
_BlueXephosKhythos   313d ago
[Repo] Head ES Programmer/Resident Insomniac

Existing exhausted Khythos.

Not in the traditional sense, like humans. He didn’t require as much rest or food. Keeping the world at a neutral state, however, was exhausting. Virion did most of the fighting when necessary; Khythos preferred building defenses and using magic as an aid. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t fight. He just didn’t want to. Xyrnys’ tasks were strange; she defended Avand like he and Virion, but she also sought forbidden knowledge and defended timelines and the stars above. A knowing gleam always lit her eyes. Khythos was not jealous of this.

He had enough to worry about.

The Rhaeadran sighed as he felt the tip of his horns recede into his head – time-consuming as it was, his transformation was finally complete. Though he could still use his powers in his disguised form, he typically did not, only flying down from his waterfall-protected cave and then walking everywhere else. Khythos was the only undetected Demi-God on Avand thus far; only the Skylords and Xamchi knew who he was. He found it easier that way; rather than all three Demi-Gods being well-known, only Virion was around constantly, and Xyrnys occasionally. Khythos, however, was a mystery.

Even to himself, most of the time.

Following a short flight down the waterfall, Khythos landed gently on the dirt path that led to the lake it poured into. It felt strange to hear his shoes hit the dirt rather than feel the earth on his feet – it was almost constricting. The stones in the area would surely tear up his disguise, however, so it was a necessary sacrifice. At least Leomon Solutions wasn’t far, and his visit wouldn’t last long. Wilrym Leomon was secretive on the best of days, and only kept company around for limited periods of time. Better that than the alternative, Khythos reasoned.

There were a lot of small buildings in this area – Astruz’s slaughterhouse, Cliona’s bunker, Caede’s old fortress, and other failures and mistakes that had since been abandoned. Some damage from the biological virus the planet had been plagued by remained in the area, though the virus was gone and the area safe to explore. The three Demi-Gods glanced at the ruins with a strange fondness; they were the only reminders that the virus that ravaged the planet had even existed.

The virus. The planet was still weak from the virus. Could the Blood Mages be using that weakness to gain power? Were they truly that desperate? Khythos couldn’t bring himself to fully believe it, but it wasn’t out of the question. They were classified as true heretics for indulging in a practice that had broken free from a forbidden timeline; they had no rights to innocence anymore. Could just the three of them cause Olotl as much suffering as he claimed? The only other Blood Mages, Vaereda and a fifth that Khythos could not recall, had died shortly after they picked up the practice, having gotten too greedy early on. The remaining three learned from their fallen friends’ mistakes.

However, perhaps this was all a misunderstanding. Only time would tell.
LukiDarcia   310d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Darcia's grey eyes dance around the area before letting out a small sigh. It was boring here. She hadn't come across anyone of interest. Not even the animals here amused her. Everything seemed to be at peace. 

She sighed softly as she got up from the spot she was siting. She walked slowly until she found an interesting part in the ground. The grass was dead, the soil was stained black. Darcia smiled softly as she pulled out her black katana out of the sheath. 

She stabbed the ground with her sword a faint red aura surround the blade. A smile appeared across her face. [#c292c4 "Interesting" ] she said in a soft voice. 

She had no clue what this aura was. The scent of blood lingered from it. She placed her hand on the hilt of her sword. She smiled softly as they red aura slither up it. It surrounded her as if it wanted to consume her alive.

She just rolled her eyes.  As if a weak aura could consume me. She thought to herself. She pulled the sword from the ground and put it back into the sheath. 
[#c292c4 "So are you going to do more than float around me..."] she said drily.  The red aura was far to weak to do much of anything other than to show Darcia the visions of it's once destructive nature. 

Darcia smiled once again. [#c292c4 "So you want to take revenge on this world... the ones that tried to seal you away..."] she said with a pause. [#c292c4 "Well your asking the right person] she said

[#c292c4 "I suppose you need a host for now...I will let you use my body for now..."] she said softly. She opened her mouth letting the red aura slip inside. 

After consuming this red aura a red flecks appeared in her grey eyes. She started to understand where she was and just who she was going to be up against. In order to get enough power to defeat them. Scarifies need to be made. She knew exactly where to start. 

The aura wanted her to go to the blood mages. They would be perfect scarifies. after slaughtering them and stealing there abilities it would help against her rein against the demi-gods. Avand would soon crumble.
LukiKanbi | Ikari   310d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Kanbi sighed softly as she stay quietly in the meadow of flowers. The scent of flowers was calming. It reminded her of home. She let out a soft breath as looked at the  delicate flowers. 

Kanbi sighed softly as she stood up. It wasn't safe to just stay out in the open for too long. Not with Ikari lurking in the area. She shift forms once again she appear as a white wolf with green eyes. 

Her ivory fur shimmer in the sun light. She slowly started to walk once more. Surly by now Ikari had woken up by now. She sighed softly no where felt safe with him.

She sighed softly as she closed her emerald color eyes.  [#db1a50 "Damn.."] she mumble to herself.

Ikari had let out a loud growl. [#e7620d  "How dare she just leave me."] he said drily as he wonder around the forest. [#e7620d "She couldn't of gotten too far right? "] he said 

Surely she is scared... he thought to himself as he continue walking follow the faint scent he could find of hers. His amber colored eyes seem to burn like hot embers. 
LukiKanbi | Ikari   276d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

Still here 🧡


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