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Twisted Lovers

By Luki

You fell in love with her... it was like love at first sight. You did your best, for her to notice you. When she did, you couldn't be happier until he appeared. That man was a monster, he told you to stay away from her countless of times but you didn't. Then finally he attack her hurting her right before your eyes.

When you try to stop him he just hurt her more. After that day you told yourself you stay away from her. You just couldn't you, found her again, vowed to protect her... even if it costed you everything...

Okay that is the rough idea that I have.
Need ~
Someone who can play male (you can play more than one character if you want too.)
Just heads up this role-play might shift from FxM to MxM
Also need to be able to write 1000+ Characters
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LukiKanbi | Ikari   181d ago
✧"Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream" ✦

[font "century gothic" [center Today seemed like every other day. A simply day at work or so she thought anyway. That was when she bumped into you. 
It was like love at first sight. Despite the mutual feelings. She kindly pushed you away. You didn't know much about here other than she work at a flower shop . At least you knew where to find her. 

Kanbi sighed softly as her emerald colored eyes locked on to you. [#db1a50 "What will it be today?"] she said as she put down the notebook she was writing on.

She smiled softly at you as she waited for you to answer her question. Kanbi didn't seem to have a mean bone in her body. Unless it came to him but you didn't know about him. She plan to keep it that away. 

She would continued to push you away no matter how hard you tried. She had too, despite how charming you actually seemed it was just better this way. 

You would surely eventually go away right? Kanbi sighed softly as she bit her rosy lips. Maybe she didn't want you to go away! Then again it was be wrong of her to desire such a feeling.

Kanbi sighed softly as she closed her eyes. She then looked at you and smiled softly. [#db1a50 "Look I-I get off at ...8 today... if you want to get a coffee or... s-some dinner. "] she said as she looked down at the counter nervously.

She blushed softly, how embarrassing what if he moved on... Was here to get  flowers for his date she thought to herself. [#db1a50 "If you not busy that is..."] she said softly. Her heart was racing. Finally you got the answer you were wanting to hear. In the back of her there as this small amount of fear that was starting to take root. What if Ikari found out?

They weren't together but it didn't seem to matter. If Kanbi took interest anyone else he would show. He would ruin their date, let alone the person that dare touch her loving manner. He didn't always kill the people she attempted to dated. He turn them against her, hurt them, or hurt her in front of their eyes.


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