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The Ultimate Weapon [An Xdinary Heroes and TXT Fanfic] [Complete]

By AkiraInu

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Gunil is what everyone would call the ultimate weapon. He was groomed from the day he had been turned to fight and continue fighting until he outlived his usefulness. What happens when someone challenges his views? Will Gunil change for the better? Or will his ideals lead to his own demise?


Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Welcome back to the main series! This time featuring Xdinary Heroes and another group that I haven't introduced yet but will do in this story!

Fun fact, in this story Gunil is Jisung's [of Stray Kids] older brother! I had to do this, as they look like they could be siblings.

I've been meaning to add TXT for a while, but never got around to it due to having no real spot for them until now. Now I get to introduce two new groups to the series!

People are going to probably wonder why I went with these two groups in particular. I just did because I feel like both groups would get along. Though the only two people in this group that will show up is Gunil and Soobin. Gunil for obvious reasons and Soobin because I don't think anyone else would work him as well. Though Taehyun will make his appearance as time goes on, I think Gunil will work best with Soobin. Maybe both him and Taehyun too. We'll see.

Also I feel like I don't add enough humans to this series whatsoever xD Soobin will remain human hopefully but Taehyun? I don't know.

Now onto the characters~!


Gunil: A turned werewolf turned vampire who was groomed from the very beginning to be a killer. He was turned as an experiment and tortured until he basically broke before being groomed to be a killer. He was lucky enough to get out of it, but some of the things that he had been taught to do stuck with him. He can seem cold hearted at first but is a caring person underneath that icy exterior. He is a vampire and werewolf hunter, under his own faction. He is also the only hybrid where his wolf form is bipedal, a side effect from having his body be forced to physically transform into his wolf form every time he changes. His wolf form is a large bipedal wolf with black fur and streaks of white along his underside and many battle scars all over his body seen in his wolf and human forms. As a hunter he is most known for using a rifle in his hunts, and he was the one who encouraged and taught Yunho how to use a sniper rifle. His go to rifle is a standard bolt action hunting rifle. He is also the leader of the Russian coven that controls Moscow, even though he rarely spends time in the city due to his home being somewhere outside of Moscow in a small town surrounded by forest.

Soobin: A human who met Gunil by pure coincidence. Rumors of a beast roaming outside of his small town in the middle of pretty much nowhere had sparked his curiosity. He knew Russia had its myths and legends but he didn't believe them to be true until he ran into Gunil while hiking through the woods one day to meet up with his best friend Taehyun. He was scared at Gunil's wolf form at first, but now he just wants to get to know him, as Soobin had a knack of bringing the best out of people.

Taehyun: A human who is Soobin's best friend. He didn't believe Soobin when Soobin came to him about Gunil, but humors him anyway. He knew there was always something odd about Gunil as he had moved to their small town rather recently from what he had heard, but chose to ignore the rumors and leave Gunil alone. He is more of Soobin's protector at this point, because back when they were growing up Taehyun had saved Soobin from some bullies and despite the two year age gap Soobin treated Taehyun like they were equal, and Taehyun was happy that he wasn't being treated like a kid anymore. Him being younger than Soobin made him immature at times, but he did have a good heart and trusted that Soobin could take care of himself.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to ErrorMacro713 for the poster :D
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AkiraInu     319d ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 1]

Gunil sighed as he looked at Seongyoon, who came to him about an update on things going on in St Petersburg. "I know I haven't been here in what, months? Couldn't you've let someone else in the coven know about this?" He asked.

"I thought I'd let you know that Sungyeol, Daeyeol and Bomin joined," said Seongyoon. "And Jangjun got his first tail," he added. "Great, he can be added to the list of other nine tailed foxes we know," Gunil said with sarcasm. "We knew it was a thing since before he even realized it," he said. "You know this, [i I] know this," he added. "The only useful information you gave me was that we gained another two members and another fox," he said.

"What else do you want me to do? You left me with an [i entire] city and nothing to work on," said Seongyoon. "I never told you you could [i have] St Petersburg," said Gunil. "Remember whose coven you belong to kid," he growled. "Sorry, sorry," said Seongyoon. "It's fine," said Gunil as he waved off Seongyoon. "It's been a [i long] couple of years, I need to return home," he said.

"Missions again?" Asked Seongyoon. "Youngbin needed me for the longest time," said Gunil. "And then I got a mission out of [i nowhere] because someone big decided to retire along with two of his packmates," he said. "Who?" Asked Seongyoon. "JR, Ren and Aron," said Gunil. "JR and Aron decided to retire from vampire hunting and Ren decided to join them," he said. "JInyoung is back to leading that pack now, which I guess is fine," he said. "Dongwoo is with him now, and all that," he hummed.

"Now can I go home?" Asked Gunil. "Sure, sorry to bother you," said Seongyoon. "Next time go to Seungmin or Jungsu, you know they're available," said Gunil before he walked away.

[center ~]

Gunil entered his small home, dropping his bag on the couch before flopping down on it and burying his face into the couch pillow with a groan. Gunil hadn't hunted since he left Berlin and was feeling slightly thirsty. He knew he would have to hunt soon, but the priority would be to let the beast out at some point. It had been quite a while since he was in his wolf form. He was not looking forward to the change, but knew it had to be done.

He eventually got up, stretching and preparing for the painful change. He left his house and went into the backyard, going straight to the forest that was only a few feet from his house. He walked until he could feel the first signs of the change, lurching forward and almost headbutting a tree as he threw out an arm to stop himself. He gripped at his stomach, a small whimper escaping him out of instinct as the beast inside started to claw its way forward.

"Couldn't wait could you?" Gunil grunted as he grit his teeth, feeling the physical changes start with his own organs changing and rearranging themselves. He clawed at his clothes, nearly ripping them off as the pain fully hit, causing him to fall to all fours, nearly yelling out in pain. His skin seemed to ripple as fur sprouted, his body stretching to become larger in size. He felt a tail come out before his face changed, crying out before it turned into a howl, standing as his hands grew, his fingernails turning into claws as he slashed at the tree in front of him, snarling as the beast fully took over. His feet were the last to change, shrinking slightly and arching forward to transform into paws.

Movement to his left caused the beast to turn his head, sniffing the air and smelling a lone human hiding behind one of the many trees. He dropped down to all fours, growling as he started walking towards the scent. Something else got his attention soon enough, and the beast turned, deciding to go after that instead. He leaped off, running towards what would be better prey than a mere human.

[center ~]

Soobin let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, relaxing as he slumped down against the tree he had been hiding behind. He had been hiking to a hang out spot where Taehyun was waiting when he saw Gunil head out to the forest. He wasn't expecting for this outsider to [i change] into something that was only in myths and wasn't supposed to [i exist].

It took a few minutes before he got to his feet, going to examine the large scratches on the tree. He took a picture with his phone to save for later and show Taehyun before he started running to their hangout spot, the phone dropping to the forest floor in his panic to get to Taehyun.

Taehyun looked up when the door opened and a frantic looking Soobin ran in and slammed the door shut behind him. "Soobin? What's wrong?" He asked. "I-I," said Soobin as he slumped against the door, panic setting in as he hyperventilated, his breathing coming out in pants. "Oi," said Taehyun as he walked over, putting both his hands on Soobin's shoulders.

"Breathe Soobin, come on," said Taehyun as he got Soobin to go through breathing exercises. "You can do it, just breathe," he said. "Breathe, just breathe," Soobin said, taking deep breaths to try and calm himself down.

"What happened?" Asked Taehyun as Soobin managed to calm down. "I saw Gunil, you know the new guy that moved into town a while ago? He- He changed into something," said Soobin. "Changed into something?" Asked Taehyun.

"I don't know how to describe it," said Soobin as he fumbled around his pants and jacket pockets looking for his phone. "And of course I'd drop my damn phone," he groaned as he frantically looked for his phone.

"Didn't you [i just] get that phone like two days ago?" Asked Taehyun. "That's beside the point Taehyun!" said Soobin. "I have proof of the encounter!" He said.

"We'll get it in the morning," said Taehyun. "You need to [i relax]," he said. "We'll camp for the night okay?" He asked. "Right, right," said Soobin. "It's too late to head back," he said. "Your parents know we're out here right?" He asked. "Yeah," said Taehyun. "What about yours?" He asked. Soobin nodded.

[center ~]

Gunil jolted as he came to, sitting up next to where he had changed at. He looked around at his clothes and managed to find a shirt and his pants that wasn't shredded to pieces so he went to put them on, spotting a phone on the ground nearby. "What happened yesterday?" He asked, confused as he examined the phone, blinking as texts started pinging to the phone. He decided to pocket the phone, making his way back to the house after examining the tree he assumed the beast had decided to claw deep gouges into the night before.

His throat wasn't burning like it usually did, so Gunil just assumed the beast did manage to find something to feast on the night before. He entered his house, putting the phone on the table next to the couch before going to the bathroom to see how bloody he looked. He took off his clothes and examined the scars covering his body before going to take a shower, closing his eyes and letting the water wash away whatever blood was left over from the night before.

[center ~]

"Good god," said Taehyun as they came upon the remains of a deer that looked like it had been ripped to shreds. "What the hell?" Asked Soobin as he looked at the carcass, turning and throwing up as the smell hit him.

"Come on," said Taehyun. "We don't want to stick around in case the thing that attacked this returns for another meal," he said. "Okay," said Soobin as he walked back with Taehyun.

"Where'd you drop your phone?" Asked Taehyun as they neared where Gunil had changed the night before. "It was around here," said Soobin. "Because look, there's the tree that I was talking about," he said, pointing to the tree. Taehyun whistled as he walked over to examine the tree. "Who did you say did this?" He asked. "It was Gunil! I saw him change with my own eyes I swear," said Soobin.

"He must have my phone, as I'm pretty sure he probably came back to this spot," said Soobin as Taehyun looked around.

"Do you remember where he lives?" Asked Taehyun. "I think so," said Soobin. "We can go and ask for my phone back I'm sure," he added. "Hm," hummed Taehyun.
AkiraInu     318d ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 2]

"Do you think he'd give you back your phone?" Asked Taehyun. "I don't know," said Soobin as they stood just outside of Gunil's small front yard. "Everything about this place just [i screams] creepy," said Taehyun as he looked around.

"It doesn't even look like a proper house, it's a shed at best," said Soobin. "It looks like it could be one of those tiny houses," said Taehyun. "You think so?" Asked Soobin. "It could be," said Taehyun.

"Could you call my phone and see if someone picks up?" Asked Soobin. "I could try," hummed Taehyun as he took out his phone and called it, bringing it up to his ear to listen to it ring.

[center ~]

Gunil turned off the shower, listening as a phone that [i didn't] belong to him started to ring. He put a towel around his waist before stepping out of the bathroom and heading out to the livingroom to grab the phone and answer it.

"Hello?" He asked. "[i Ah, sorry to bother you but I think you have my friend's phone]," came the voice from the other side. "I do," hummed Gunil. "Where are you? I can bring it to you," he said. "[i Um, is it creepy to say right outside your house]?" Asked the person on the other line.

"What, did you track the location or something?" Asked Gunil. "[i Yes]," said the other person. Gunil looked at the name on the caller id and sighed. "Okay Taehyun," he said. "I'll be out in a second," he said before hanging up. "[i Wait-]" came the reply before it got cut off. Gunil scoffs, putting the phone back down on the table before going to get dressed, putting on a hoodie and sweatpants to hide the worst of the scars and putting on some shoes. He grabbed the phone before heading outside.

Soobin looked surprised at the fact that Gunil had stepped out of his house and Taehyun flinched back, though he quickly composed himself. "Sorry," said Taehyun, looking sheepish as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Careful next time yeah? You never know when it could end up in the wrong hands," said Gunil.

Soobin walked up to Gunil, a bit hesitant as he smiled slightly, the corners of his lips turning upwards. "Ah, the phone is mine," he said. Gunil tilted his head to the side as he studied Soobin before grabbing the phone from his pocket and handing it to Soobin. "Careful next time kid," he said. "I'm not a kid," Soobin mumbled with a scowl as he took the phone. "But thank you," he added, genuinely as relief flooded his body.

"Yeah yeah," said Gunil as he turned, walking back to his house. Soobin watched him go, looking down at his phone after Gunil entered his house before putting it in his pocket.

"Come on," huffed Taehyun as he put a hand on Soobin's shoulder. "We need to head home before our parents worry," he said. "Only yours would," Soobin sighed out as he turned, walking with Taehyun back to their respective houses.

[center ~]

Gunil sat down on his couch again, leaning his head back as he looked up at the ceiling. "Kids these days," he muttered, scoffing at the obvious lie he had been told. He closed his eyes, humming to himself as he zoned out, ignoring the world around him.

[center ~]

Soobin entered his room, sighing in defeat at how messy it was. He [i just] wanted to sleep. "Sleep would have to wait it seemed," he mused, going to clean up his room and leaving his phone on the wireless charger sitting on his desk. He cleaned up before going to take a shower, getting dressed in the bathroom. He soon reentered his room, going to check his phone before laying down on his bed and throwing an arm over his eyes to try and fall asleep.

[center ~]

Taehyun entered his small studio apartment, throwing his bag on the chair by the door and taking off his shoes before going to the bathroom to take a shower. He came out and got dressed before going across the room to the kitchen to get something from the fridge and sat down at the small table in front of his bed after getting some sandwiches.

After eating Taehyun got up, going to throw away his paper plate before going to flop down on his bed, burying his face into his pillow. "Yeah... What parents huh?" He grumbled, closing his eyes and trying to sleep.

[center ~]

Loud knocking at the door caused Gunil to open his eyes, turning his head to look at the door. "The door is open," he called, getting up and facing the door as it swung open, revealing Junhan at the door. "Well, someone finally decided to come out of hiding," Gunil said with an amused tone, a small smile appearing as the corners of his lips turned upwards.

"God, why do you have to live [i all] the way out here?" Whined Junhan as he walked in, making sure to close the door behind him. "I had to find [i somewhere] the beast had to approve of," Gunil said, shrugging as he sat down on the couch again, Junhan going to lay down on the loveseat sitting against the adjacent wall.

"It's not too bad of a place," remarked Junhan as he looked around. "All I needed really was a bathroom," hummed Gunil as he shrugged. "The kitchen's just for show, and who the hell needs a bed?" He asked. "I mean you [i could] have guests over that need a place to sleep," said Junhan. "That's what the [i couch] is for," Gunil said matter-of-factly.

"The place could use a few more chairs though, maybe another couch against the back wall by the bathroom door," said Junhan. "That could be your resting spot, and the couch you're on can be moved to be a small barrier to the kitchen," he said. "And put a TV where the couch is," he added.

"It's not like I'm going to be here a lot," grunted Gunil as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. "But what are the guests supposed to do when you [i are] here?" Asked Junhan. "You didn't have to come by you know?" Asked Gunil as he opened his eyes, turning his head to glare at Junhan.

"Hey, I'm just [i saying]," whined Junhan. "And I thought [i Jooyeon] was the youngest," scoffed Gunil, earning a sigh from Junhan. "He is, but we all know he's like you," said Junhan. "Right," sighed Gunil as he got up. "What brings you this way anyway?" He asked, turning to Junhan.

"Ah, I wanted to know if you wanted to go hunting together?" Asked Junhan. "I mean, sure," said Gunil. "Really?" Asked Junhan as he quickly got to his feet. "I think the beast got something last night, but I haven't had a proper hunt myself since I left Berlin," hummed Gunil.

"Let's go~!" Junhan exclaimed excitedly, pointing forward as he ran out the door after opening it. Gunil shook his head in amusement before grabbing his house keys and putting the lanyard around his neck and hiding it under his hoodie. He grabbed his phone and made sure it was secure in his pants pocket before leaving the house, shutting and locking the door behind him.

"Oi, the forest is this way," called Gunil as Junhan nearly sprinted down the road. Junhan quickly turned around and ran back. "I knew that!" Shouted Junhan before he sprinted into the forest. Gunil let out an exasperated sigh before looking around to make sure they weren't being watched. As soon as the coast was clear he sprinted into the forest behind his house, catching up with Junhan who quickly turned serious as he focused on hunting.

[center ~]

Two deer later saw Gunil and Junhan relaxing against a tree as Gunil wasn't ready to head back yet.

"The others miss you, you know," Junhan said suddenly as he put his hands in his jacket pocket. "I figured," hummed Gunil as he looked up at the sky through the trees. "I'm not ready to head back yet," he added. "You know this," he said. "I know," Junhan said, sighing as he shook his head.

"I'll be fine out here," said Gunil. "The beast is finally satiated it seems," he added. "Sure," said Junhan. "Just don't get yourself killed now," he said. "No promises," hummed Gunil.
AkiraInu     316d ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 3]

When Junhan and Gunil eventually made their way back to Gunil's house there was someone standing in his poor excuse of a driveway, shivering from the cold despite being dressed in a bunch of layers. "Who's that?" Junhan whispered to Gunil who shrugged. "I think it's the human whose phone I had," Gunil said, tilting his head forward slightly in a bow as he came to a stop in front of Soobin.

"Ah," said Soobin as he put his hands in front of his face to breathe into to get warm as he rubbed them together. "I didn't know you were out but I wanted to really thank you for finding my phone," he said. "I'm Soobin, if you need [i anything] I can try and help," he said.

"What's it to you kid?" Asked Gunil. "I'm not a kid," Soobin said, a whine in his tone as he fought himself to keep a scowl off his face. "Nothing," he said. "I just think that since you're still new around here you'd need help getting things," he said. "I don't even spend much time in this town," Gunil said, sighing as he shook his head. "I've had this property for [i years]," he said. "I just recently bothered to move in because I've been away for a long time," he said.

"Oh," said Soobin, feeling slightly dejected. "I'm sorry," Gunil said sincerely, backtracking to Soobin's offer. "I don't know when I'll leave next, but I want to know if you'd like to at least keep an eye on my property when I'm gone?" He asked.

"What do you do exactly?" Soobin asked out of curiosity. "I hunt," said Gunil, being honest. "I'm gone most of the year due to hunting in different countries," he said. "Oh, I see," said Soobin. "I'm back for the time being though, so I don't need you right now," said Gunil. "Now go home before you freeze to death," he said, noticing how Soobin started shaking more from the cold.

"Right! Right, I'll go," said Soobin as he quickly hurried home to get out of the cold.

"Jeez, he must've been waiting here a while," said Junhan as Gunil went to unlock his door, moving to let Junhan in before closing the door and locking it, going to sit on the couch. Junhan went to lay down on the loveseat again, his feet hanging off one end as he and Gunil got into their own zone of obliviousness, zoning out everything around them for the next few hours or so.

[center ~]

Soobin sat in his room, thinking over Gunil's offer. On one hand he'd get paid for it, [i and] get away from the bothersome people who were his parents and one sibling. On the other hand, was he allowed to have company at least? Taehyun would be fine with joining him, Soobin was sure of. But anyone else?

There was a knock on his door and Soobin went to answer it, seeing his older brother Yeonjun at the door.

"What do you want Yeonjun?" Asked Soobin as he fought to keep a scowl off his face. "Where have you been?" Asked Yeonjun. "I've been with Taehyun most of this week, you know where we like to hang out," said Soobin as he moved to let Yeonjun in before closing the door.

"Mom saw you hanging out by the old abandoned shed near the forest," said Yeonjun. "It's not abandoned!" Soobin almost shouted. "The owner is back, and you [i know] we head out that way to go to our hang out spot," he said, matter-of-factly.

"Why do you care anyway? You're never home," Soobin muttered, sounding miserable as he went to sit down on his bed. "Hey," said Yeonjun. "You [i know] I'm never home due to doing my military service," he said. "I got granted a leave for a few days, so I'm home for now," he said. "Isn't your draft coming up?" He asked. "I'm in [i university]," said Soobin. "They can't get me while I'm still in school," he said.

"You can't stay in school until you're 27," said Yeonjun. "Watch me try," Soobin said, scowling. "I'm 22 now, I got 5 more years," he said. "I can turn a 4 year degree into a 5 if I am persistent enough, along with having to do most of this from home," he said.

"It's only for a year," said Yeonjun. "A year I could spend doing [i other] things," said Soobin. "Why do [i I] have to follow in your footsteps anyway?!" He shouted, getting up and going to get his phone and jacket. "If you leave this house you're not allowed to return," Yeonjun said seriously. "Oh, so we're back at this huh?!" Soobin grit out as he turned to his brother.

"Fine," spat Soobin. "It's not like I [i wanted] to be adopted by [i your] parents," he almost growled out before turning and leaving his room. He grabbed his shoes on the way out before leaving the house. Yeonjun almost went after him, but didn't due to the shock of the situation.

[center ~]

Taehyun was getting groceries, mostly ramen and some ingredients for sandwiches, when he got the text from Soobin. He glanced down at his phone, reading the text and blinking in surprise. He almost dropped his basket, quickly catching it before putting it down on the nearest counter to reply.

"What the [i actual hell]?!" Taehyun almost shouted, immediately apologizing to the people around him before getting ready to text back. Another text soon popped up and Taehyun sighed, already done with the situation.

[i I'm going to Gunil's place. Don't worry about me] Taehyun read as he scrambled to pay for his groceries.

[i I'm coming. Don't do anything stupid] was Taehyun's reply.

[i Don't bother! I don't think he'll want you here] came Soobin's reply.

[i I'm coming damn it, wait for me!] Taehyun sent back as he grabbed his bags and made a beeline to his apartment. He threw his bags down in the kitchen once he got in, quickly rushing back out and closing the door, making sure it was locked, leaving the apartment building and running down the road to where he was [i sure] to find Soobin.

[center ~]

"Goody two shoes Soobin finally decided to snap huh?" Asked Taehyun as he finally caught up with Soobin, who stood across the road from Gunil's house.

"I was never a goody two shoes," Soobin said with a scoff.

"What happened?" Asked Taehyun. "Mom caught me sneaking off again," Soobin said, sighing as he rubbed his arms with his hands to get warm.

"Yeonjun came home huh?" asked Taehyun as the situation dawned on him. "Mom doesn't care, he needs to realize that," Soobin said, shivering slightly. Taehyun took off his outer jacket and wrapped it around Soobin, Soobin mumbling a thanks.

"Come on," said Taehyun. "You can stay with me until we can figure out something," he said. "We don't even [i know] this guy," he said.

"Know who?" Came a voice, causing Taehyun and Soobin to jump in surprise, turning around to see Yeonjun standing behind them. "When did you get here?!" Asked Soobin.

"I figured I'd find you here," said Yeonjun. "You said this was near where you headed to get to your hangout spot," he said.

"Gunil offered me a job," Soobin said, shrugging. "I merely came to accept it," he added. "A job," Yeonjun said, almost wording it like a question. "House sitting," said Soobin. "House sitting?" Asked Yeonjun. "That's a shed if I've ever seen one," he scoffed, turning and walking away.

Soobin took a deep breath and walked over to Gunil's front door, hesitantly knocking on it to see if he was home.

[center ~]

Gunil opened his eyes, zoning back in as he blinked several times. "Someone's here?" Asked Junhan as he moved to sit up.

"It's probably the kid from earlier," said Gunil as he got to his feet, going to answer the door.

Soobin stood there rather awkwardly as he gave a nervous smile. "I'm here to um, accept your job offer?" He asked, sheepishly chuckling. Gunil tilted his head to the side in thought.
AkiraInu     314d ago
King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 4]

The longer he stood there the more awkward he felt. Soobin was about to back out when Gunil decided to speak.

"Come on in," said Gunil as he moved to let Soobin in. Soobin blinked in surprise before nearly running into the house.

"You coming too kid?!" Gunil called to Taehyun who immediately ran over, entering the house just before Gunil closed the door behind him.

Junhan stood in the back of the room towards the bathroom door as he observed Soobin and Taehyun. Soobin looked around the small shed, noting that there was no place to sleep but the couch and Taehyun observed his surroundings, taking in the smallest details.

"You don't have much," Soobin said, looking around before deciding to sit on the couch. "I really don't," Gunil hummed, shrugging as he went to sit down on the floor a few feet in front of the couch. Junhan fought down a snort as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well, it's warmer than I thought it'd be in here," remarked Soobin, earning an amused snort from Gunil. "Even [i I] like to keep my place warm when I'm gone," said Gunil. "The winters get pretty cold here, so I usually leave it at at least 21 degrees Celsius," he said. "I see," said Soobin.

"You plan on leaving again soon?" asked Taehyun. "I'm needed in Moscow for a few days," said Gunil as he nodded. Junhan blinked in surprise, his head tilting to the side. "Work related?" Soobin asked in curiosity. "No, I'm accompanying Junhan back," said Gunil as he gestured to Junhan who waved from his spot against the wall.

"We were thinking of leaving tonight," said Junhan, as he caught on to what Gunil was getting at. "Ah," said Soobin.

"Do you need to go get anything you need to get from your house?" Asked Gunil. "I think I have everything," said Soobin. "I'll just need to get my groceries," said Taehyun. "Go then," said Gunil as he got up, taking the lanyard off his neck and handing it to Soobin. "We'll be gone when you get back, so," he said, shrugging. "Don't worry about overstaying your welcome," he added as Soobin took the lanyard from him. Soobin nodded.

"Just remember to lock the door when you leave," said Gunil. "Sure," said Soobin as he nodded. "Go on then, shoo," said Gunil as he waved them off. Soobin got up and Taehyun followed him as he left, going back to Taehyun's apartment.

[center ~]

"They had a reason for coming here," said Junhan as he turned to Gunil. "I remember Yeonjun," hummed Gunil. "He came in just before I left the army after completing a few missions with them," he added. "Was that who you heard outside?" Asked Junhan as he pushed away from the wall to walk over to Gunil. Gunil nodded, going to grab his bag and slinging it over his shoulder. He made sure he had everything before turning to Junhan.

"Are we really heading back to Moscow?" Asked Junhan. "Well, you are, I'm just accompanying you," Gunil said matter-of-factly. "Oh," said Junhan before he grinned. "Let's go!" He said enthusiastically, running out the door. Gunil shook his head in amusement before following after Junhan, making sure to close and lock the door behind him.

Junhan had stopped just outside the driveway, spotting Yeonjun standing there. Gunil turned from the door and spotted Yeonjun, walking over after he made sure the door was locked.

"It's a small world it seems," said Yeonjun as Gunil walked over. "Hello Yeonjun," said Gunil as he nodded in greeting.

"I didn't believe you were actually here, and then I see you walk out of that poor excuse of a shed," said Yeonjun. "I didn't need much," said Gunil. "Besides, I fixed it up so it's not even that bad inside," he said. "Right," said Yeonjun.

"You better stay away from my brother," growled Yeonjun. "Or what? He's not even related to you," said Gunil. "You can't do much to me anyway," he added. "I don't give a damn," spat Yeonjun. "You stay away from [i my] brother," he growled.

"Make me, I dare you," Gunil said, his tone becoming flat as his expression became blank. "You can't turn rank on me, nor can you even [i beat] me," he said as Junhan looked between the two.

"Go back to your platoon, you only came back because you [i pretend] to care," Gunil said, his eyes darkening as his vampire side almost came forward. The beast was definitely wanting to come forward, as extreme anger usually forced a change, but Gunil had enough control to keep a change from starting and he wasn't pissed off enough yet.

"Oi," said Junhan as he gently got between the two and pushed Gunil away. "Leave it, I don't care [i who] you are but it's best not to piss off Gunil right now," he said, standing in front of Gunil. Gunil took a deep breath to calm himself down, his eyes returning to their normal color for the moment.

"Fine," Yeonjun said, backing down. "Run away you coward," he spat. "You don't understand what being a coward even is," Gunil said, a growl in his tone before he turned and walked away before he did something stupid. Junhan shook his head at Yeonjun before turning and walking away before he too did something stupid.

Once they were out of Yeonjun's line of sight Gunil sprinted, going full speed back towards Moscow. Junhan had to push to keep up with him, which was saying a lot since Junhan was one of the faster members of their coven unless Gunil was really pissed off.

[center ~]

Taehyun and Soobin made it back to Gunil's house, Soobin going to unlock the door and helping Taehyun bring his groceries inside. Taehyun went to make sure the stuff in the kitchen worked, as it looked like it had never been used before, before setting the stuff needed to be refrigerated into the fridge.

"Did you get everything done for school?" Asked Taehyun. "Yeah, I did it before I went to our hang out spot yesterday," said Soobin. "What about you?" He asked. "I'm done," said Taehyun as he nodded. "I brought my laptop so if there's anything either of us need to do we can get to it," he said.

"At least we'll have places to sleep?" Asked Soobin. "I guess," hummed Taehyun as he went to check out the bathroom, making sure the water was actually warm before leaving the bathroom and looking at Soobin who had taken refuge on the couch, an arm over his eyes as he was sleeping.

Taehyun made sure the door was locked before going to cover Soobin with his jacket. "Sweet dreams then," he muttered, moving away and going to turn off the light before going to lay down on the loveseat, falling asleep immediately.

[center ~]

Gunil stopped as they were about to enter city limits, Junhan coming to a stop beside him.

"What was that about?" Junhan asked, slightly out of breath more out of habit than anything. "He pissed me off," snarled Gunil as he turned and punched a tree that was beside him.

"You almost [i lost] it there," Junhan said, sighing a bit. "I know," mumbled Gunil as he shoved at the tree, knocking it over with barely any effort. "Just- Just give me a second," he huffed, clenching his hands into fists as he closed his eyes to calm down and bring in the beast. Junhan moved away, a wary look on his face as he tensed, watching Gunil closely in case he needed to bolt away at the first signs of the beast coming forward.
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[center Chapter 5]

When Soobin woke up the next morning he felt stiff, and warmer than usual. He mumbled as he slowly woke, opening his eyes as he sat up. He looked down at the jacket that was now sitting in his lap and sighed. "Only you Taehyun, only you," he grumbled, turning to the loveseat and seeing Taehyun huddled in the loveseat, his arms crossed over his chest and still asleep.

Soobin got up, taking the jacket with him as he walked over and put the jacket around Taehyun, smiling softly as Taehyun huddled in the jacket, a small but content sigh leaving Taehyun as he relaxed in the loveseat.

Soobin then turned towards the kitchen and went to see what he could do for breakfast, humming to himself as he rummaged around the fridge to get the ingredients for fancy ramen. Well, fancy enough for them anyway considering what Soobin had to work with.

He grabbed a pot he found in the cabinet under the sink and washed it out before filling it with water and putting it on the stove. He turned it on, leaving it there for a few minutes to start boiling as he went to open up the packets of ramen and crush the noodles, as Taehyun preferred crushed noodles, mixing everything in a bowl before adding it to the pot to boil and finish cooking.

"What's for breakfast?!" Taehyun called from the loveseat. "Ramen," Soobin called back, going to get some bowls and a ladle, scooping the finished ramen into the bowls.

"Hm," hummed Taehyun as he got up, stretching before going into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash up. Soobin finished scooping the ramen into bowls and took the pot off the heat, turning off the stove as Taehyun came out of the bathroom.

Soobin went to brush his teeth and get ready for the day, soon coming back and joining Taehyun at the counter. "The ham was a nice touch, and the cheese on top definitely works," said Taehyun as he slurped up his ramen. "I didn't have much to work with, I blame you," Soobin said, jokingly as he ate his ramen.

"I wonder how we're getting paid," said Taehyun as he leaned against the counter after he finished his ramen, setting the bowl in the sink behind him. "I don't know," said Soobin. "I'm sure we'll find out?" He asked. Taehyun hummed in response.

[center ~]

Gunil was [i finally] calm enough to head into Moscow around mid morning, following after Junhan into the city to talk with Seungmin, who was their government liaison and get news about visitors through Jungsu. Jiseok had been their portal into the army in case Gunil was needed for missions there, and Seongyoon's along with the rest of his coven's, role was to be their ties in the information network outside of Russia.

Seungmin met Gunil at a cathedral, sitting down beside Gunil who stared at the statue of Jesus in thought.

"It's been a while Gunil," said Seungmin. "It has," hummed Gunil as he nodded.

"What did you need me for?" Asked Seungmin. "I need you to find out where Soobin and Taehyun go to school," said Gunil. "They live in the same town as my property," he added. "Also get me their bank info, and see how much they owe for school," he said. "I have them taking care of my property while I'm away, so I'll pay off their school debts," he said. "And give a little extra to live comfortably," he added.

"Sure," said Seungmin. "I'll see what I can do," he said. "Anything else?" He asked.

"No," Gunil said, shrugging as he got up. "Thank you," he added, leaving the cathedral.

[center ~]

Jungsu was the next person that Gunil had met up with, meeting in a park near one of the many train stations in Moscow.

"Jisung came by," said Jungsu as he sat behind Gunil on a small wall. "My brother?" Asked Gunil. "Mhm," hummed Jungsu. "He asked about you, I told him you weren't in this city anymore," he said.

"What was his reason for coming to Russia?" Asked Gunil. "He's here on missions with Hyunjin," said Jungsu. "They won't be here long, as they're headed to Finland next," he added.

"I should probably pay the neighbors a visit at some point," remarked Gunil as he looked up at the sky in thought. "You think it's a good idea?" Asked Jungsu. "I haven't been over there in a while," said Gunil as he shrugged. "Just let them know I'll be heading over at some point," he said. "Sure," said Jungsu.

"Where is Jiseok now a days?" Asked Gunil. "He got moved to a new platoon from what I've heard," mumbled Jungsu as he looked at his phone. "Let me guess, someone by the name of Yeonjun is in it?" Asked Gunil. "You know the guy?" Asked Jungsu as he tilted his head to the side.

"Jiseok is going to have [i so] much fun with him," Gunil said, chuckling as he moved to get up, stretching once he was on his feet. Jungsu turned around, facing Gunil as Gunil looked around the park.

"Where's Jooyeon anyway?" Asked Gunil as he turned back to Jungsu. Jungsu shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know," he said, honestly. "Last I heard he was near the Sea of Japan but that was a few weeks ago," he said, leaning back on his hands after putting his phone in his pocket. "He could be on his way back, I don't know," he added.

"Thanks for the information," said Gunil as he nodded. "I'll be off now," he added. "Already?" Asked Jungsu. "I [i never] spend much time in this city, you know this," said Gunil. "Well, Jisung's still in the city somewhere if you can track him down," said Jungsu. Gunil nodded, turning and walking off while lifting a hand and waving at Jungsu in goodbye.

Jungsu was left to scoff, shaking his head as he got up, heading to wherever he was needed next.

[center ~]

It didn't take long for Soobin to be bored out of his mind, as there really [i wasn't] anything to do in Gunil's small house. Taehyun was on his laptop checking on assignments and seeing what else needed to be done before he browsed the internet.

Soobin browsed his phone, blinking when a notification came up on his phone and saw a bunch of money get deposited into his account. "Oi, check your phone," he exclaimed, jumping up in surprise.

"What?" Taehyun asked confused as he looked at Soobin. "Check your phone!" Soobin shouted, going to grab Taehyun's phone and almost throwing it at him. Taehyun quickly caught the phone before it could hit his laptop, setting the laptop down on the loveseat next to him and checking his phone's banking app.

"Holy hell," said Taehyun as his eyes widened in surprise. "We're eating good tonight!" Said Soobin as he turned to Taehyun. "We can see about getting you a new laptop too," Taehyun said, nodding at Soobin.

"I wonder what else he got for us?" Asked Soobin. "That's probably it," said Taehyun. "Or we won't have to worry about school funds the next few years?" He asked. "Would he go that far though?" Asked Soobin. "We're broke college kids," said Taehyun. "You had to take out loans, and I was [i lucky] to get one scholarship but I'm going to have to try and get more the next year," he said.

"Let's get food and proper blankets and pillows first," said Soobin. "We can get that from my apartment," said Taehyun. "Well, the blankets and stuff, I still got my bike we can attach a wagon to to bring over everything," he added. "Let's go!" Said Soobin as he went to grab the keys to Gunil's house and put on his shoes. Taehyun got to his feet, making sure to put on his hoodie and give Soobin his outer jacket.

"I'll be fine," said Taehyun as he zipped up his hoodie when Soobin gave him a questioning look. "We won't be long," he added. "Plus I can grab an extra jacket from my apartment," he said. "Make that extra clothes too," said Soobin. "Yeah," said Taehyun. They left the house, Soobin making sure to lock it before they started heading back to Taehyun's apartment.

[center ~]

It didn't take long for Gunil to meet up with Jisung and Hyunjin, and even Hyunjin was surprised to see him again after so many years of not seeing each other.

"You came out of hiding," said Jisung as he grinned, giving Gunil a hug. Gunil hesitated, but returned the hug before pulling away, chuckling awkwardly as he scratched the back of his head.

"I've always been here," said Gunil. "Missions and Youngbin kept me out of Russia for the last 10 or so years though," he added. "I've been back for a year now, as I had a few missions in the Russian military to do," he said, shrugging his shoulders as he walked with Jisung and Hyunjin.

"Youngbin can be a slave driver sometimes," huffed Hyunjin. "Dude, even [i Sunggyu] gets tired of being sent out all the time," said Jisung.

"Is it true that you're who trained Yunho in using a sniper rifle?" Asked Hyunjin. "I am," hummed Gunil as he nodded. "Why do you ask?" He asked.

"Dude, the guy's got quite a few kills under his belt," said Jisung. "He named his gun after you, did you know?" He asked. "That's... Not really something to brag about?" Asked Gunil as he blinked in surprise.

"He did though," said Hyunjin. "I'm not what one would call the best role model right now," hummed Gunil. "I just trained him because he could benefit from it," he said. "I think you did [i too] good of a job with him," said Hyunjin. Gunil shook his head.
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[center Chapter 6]

[i Gunil hugged his knees, shivering from the intense thirst he was feeling. No amount of water could quench it, and they wouldn't give him what he truly wanted. Not until the beast, whatever it was that was now inside him, fully submitted to his captors. He refused, and had been refusing for] months [i by this point.

Gunil refused to give in. He] needed [i to get through this. He shivered as he buried his face in his knees in an attempt to hide. As his captors came into his cell again they activated his collar which sent high volts of electricity through his body. He bit down on his left knee to keep from crying out, and the beast roared in the back of his mind, clawing its way forward and causing him to lurch forward with a cry in pain, his body starting to physically change into the one thing they wanted.

When Gunil came back to the world he was lying on his side, the burning in the back of his throat gone and bodies strewn all around his cell looking like they had been ripped apart before being feasted on. He hid from his captors, whimpering slightly as he hugged his knees to try and hide his face when he heard the door to his cell open again.

He felt someone pat his head in a comforting way before he felt the collar get removed, footsteps leaving him as a cleanup crew took the bodies out and sprayed him and his cell to get the blood washed away. He had been left alone after that, and as long as he did what he was told they left him alone and made sure the thirst and the beast's hunger was sated.]

[center ~]

Gunil came back to the world when he heard footsteps, opening his eyes to see Junhan in front of him again. "Did you have a nice... What did you call it? Zone out?" Asked Junhan. "I guess you could say that," mumbled Gunil as he looked around the small roof he had been zoned out at for the passed few hours.

"How did you find me anyway?" Asked Gunil as he stood, stretching. "I figured you were here," said Junhan. "You always end up at this building," he said matter-of-factly. "You said this spot was a good sniping spot from your perspective," he said.

"Also, it's the only one the government gave us roof access to," Junhan said, going to look down at the street from the edge of the building. Gunil hummed in response.

"What brings you here?" Asked Gunil. "Ah, just checking up on you," said Junhan. "And to tell you that Seungmin took care of everything," he added. "Nice," said Gunil. "Tell Seungmin to keep wiring money every month until my return," he said.

"Where are you going now?" Asked Junhan. "Finland," said Gunil. "I thought I told you this," he said, turning to Junhan. "Uh, I'm pretty sure you've only told Jungsu this, as I didn't know you were headed that way," Junhan said, confused. "Oh," hummed Gunil. "Well, I'm only going to check on the neighbors," he said.

[center ~]

Soobin and Taehyun finished setting up their sleeping spots for the night after having dinner and checking assignments to make sure they didn't have any to do while they were enjoying time away from the world outside of Gunil's house. Taehyun made sure his bike was able to fit in the kitchen area and folded the wagon and put it next to the door in case they needed to do more grocery runs in the morning before making sure the door was locked.

Soobin came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and getting dressed, looking at Taehyun who turned and smiled at him. "Done?" Asked Taehyun. Soobin nodded, yawning before covering his mouth with his arm.

"Go ahead and get some sleep, we've done a lot today," said Taehyun as he went to make sure their phones were being charged and their laptops were still fine on battery percentage. Soobin nodded tiredly as he went to lay down on the couch, burying his face into the pillow and moving to get comfortable before falling asleep almost immediately. Taehyun shook his head in amusement before going to take a shower and get dressed before coming out of the bathroom.

"God you make me feel like the older person between us both sometimes," said Taehyun as he went to cover Soobin with the blanket. "Which, I guess I can understand," he mumbled, sighing before going to turn off the light and settle in on the loveseat. He curled up into a ball after covering himself with the blanket and soon fell asleep.

[center ~]

Gunil could feel the beast thrashing in its cage again, snarling in the back of his mind as he left Moscow. "The moment I let you out it won't be good," he grumbled to it, stopping by a tree as he almost collapsed against it, biting back whimpers in pain as he felt the first signs of the change start. "Can it wait?!" He nearly shouted, falling to his knees as he struggled to stay in control.

"Let me... Get passed city limits," he grunted, struggling to get to his feet, whimpering as he could feel the beast claw its way forward. He managed to send a text to Junhan to get his clothes as he rushed further out of city limits.

Gunil fell to his knees as he felt his bones start to change, biting down on his lip hard as he struggled to get his clothes off. "H-Hold on!" He snarled out as he lurched forward, struggling to get away from his discarded clothes. He struggled on the ground as he felt the change continue. He let the change happen as he got further away, letting the beast finally have its freedom.

The beast let out an ear piercing howl before crouching on all fours and running off, further into the forest as the light of the full moon started to shine on the forest floor.

[center ~]

Gunil came back to the world as he lay on his stomach on the forest floor, groaning as he turned over onto his back to see Junhan standing above him, not looking impressed. "How could you forget that yesterday was the full moon?" Junhan asked, throwing his clothes on Gunil.

"I haven't had to change like that in forever," grunted Gunil as he sat up. Junhan threw some cleaning wipes next to him and let him get cleaned up and get dressed, turning around and admiring the scenery around him.

"I don't think the beast likes it when you're not home," remarked Junhan as he turned around after Gunil got dressed. "Yeah well," hummed Gunil as he shrugged. "It can get over it," he huffed, walking away. "Where are you going now?" Asked Junhan.

"To Finland of course," Gunil said, turning to Junhan. "You're [i still] going?" Junhan asked, sighing in exasperation. "Of course," said Gunil as he turned and sprinted off. Junhan shook his head and turned, heading back to Moscow.

[center ~]

After stopping in St Petersburg to catch up with Seongyoon to see how their information network was going, Gunil headed on to the borders, stopping to chat with Yuri as he waited on escorts to take him into Finland.

"You rarely come this way," called Kevin as he appeared nearby with Jibeom and Donghyun who were in their coyote forms. "I never had the chance to until recently," Gunil called back, waiting until Kevin nodded to let him enter the country. When Kevin gave his consent Gunil crossed over, waving to Yuri who shook his head and continued his border patrols. Gunil followed Kevin back to his pack house, Donghyun and Jibeom on either side of him as they headed back.

"Where's your human by the way?" Asked Gunil as he stopped just out of property lines. "She's in Berlin at the moment," said Kevin as he stopped, turning to look at Gunil. "Jacob took her over there to bond with their human, and Donghun's human," he said.

"Did you hunt yet?" Asked Kevin as he tilted his head to the side. "I did before coming over," said Gunil as he nodded his head.

"Go back on patrols," said Kevin as he turned to Donghyun and Jibeom. "He'll be fine with me," he added. Jibeom nodded his head, bowing before turning and running off. Donghyun was more hesitant, but turned and followed after Jibeom.
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[center Chapter 7]

"So what happened for you to come out this way?" Asked Kevin as they played a few games of chess on the back deck of Kevin's house. "I can't come visit the neighbors?" Asked Gunil as he tilted his head to the side, making a move to throw off Kevin. Kevin grumbled as he looked at the board, making a move. Gunil quickly made another move, smirking as Kevin scowled at the board.

"You've never come out this way unless you had a [i reason] to," said Kevin as he made a move, something that Gunil immediately countered, taking pieces until he reached a checkmate. "I know I'm the weapon of the Russian military but my priorities lie elsewhere," hummed Gunil as Kevin sighed, resetting the board.

"Who is in trouble now?" Asked Kevin as he made the first move. "We all know this isn't a casual visit Gunil," he muttered as Gunil made a move.

"Fine," said Gunil as he took out his phone from his pants pocket, tapping the screen a few times before bringing up the email he had been sent before handing it to Kevin who took it and read the contents.

"What did Joochan do this time?" Asked Kevin, wary of where this was going. "The government has no use for him anymore," Gunil said with a serious tone, watching as Kevin took a turn before handing him back his phone. "I [i knew] that he was still working for the government," growled Kevin as Gunil made a move.

"Everyone has ties to the government," Gunil said, shaking his head as he countered Kevin. "Even your two coyotes," he added as Kevin countered him.

"What, are they all going to die at some point?" Asked Kevin as Gunil made a completely different move, causing Kevin to growl in frustration. "Remember that Joochan is the kill switch," said Gunil as Kevin made another move.

"Which means once Joochan is killed, everyone is," hummed Kevin as he blinked in surprise. "Congrats captain obvious," Gunil said with sarcasm as he countered Kevin.

"Eric isn't going to like that," said Kevin. "Eric has no choice," Gunil said as Kevin countered him, taking pieces from his side.

"He's going to fight you, you know," said Kevin as Gunil countered him. "I know," said Gunil as Kevin countered again, taking more pieces.

"Besides," said Gunil as he countered, winning the game after Kevin realized his mistake. "Joochan's kill switch is off," he added. "What, really?" Asked Kevin as he sighed in exasperation, resetting the board. "Everyone else is fine, Joochan is the only one to die this time," said Gunil as he got up, stretching. "Let Eric know I'm heading over yeah?" He asked. "Sure," hummed Kevin as Gunil ran off.

[center ~]

Soobin huffed out a sigh as he looked at his parents house. Taehyun had pestered him until he finally gave in and decided to go home, just to tell his mother that he wasn't dead. He was an [i adult] for god's sake. He didn't need to do any of that sort. He grumbled as he walked up to the front door, knocking loudly before stepping back, waiting on an answer.

When the door opened Soobin looked surprised, his eyes widening at who answered the door.

[center ~]

Taehyun visited his apartment to check on his plants, looking around at the place he called his home since his parents moved to the city to work. He moved around the small apartment before flopping down on the bed with a sigh, curling up into a ball as he clutched at the sheets, mumbling something incoherent before he fell asleep, putting an arm under his head to use as a pillow.

[center ~]

Soobin rushed down the road with bruises and a busted lip, stumbling as he tripped over nothing and falling onto his stomach, his face mere centimeters away from hitting the concrete and scraping up his already bruised face. He winced as he got to his feet, clutching at his ribs as he steadied himself, coughing slightly as he limped further away from the hell that was his house now that his father had returned. He had been right to never return, if only Taehyun hadn't convinced him...

Soobin pretty much collided with something, or someone, as he was trying to see if he was being followed, falling onto his butt with a small groan. "You alright kid?" Asked the stranger in front of him as Soobin looked up at them.

"W-Who are you?" Soobin rasped out as he struggled to get to his feet. "The name's Jooyeon kid," said Jooyeon as he reached out an arm and let Soobin take it, helping him stand. "What's your name?" He asked. "S-Soobin," Soobin coughed, clutching at his ribs as it hurt to speak.

"You're the kid taking care of Gunil's place right?" Asked Jooyeon. Soobin nodded, wincing as a headache started forming, reminding him of how bruised his face probably looked. "Come on," said Jooyeon as he went to pick up Soobin, carrying him bridal style and ignoring his protests. "Let's get you back there and get you patched up," he said, walking back to Gunil's place.

"You got the key kid?" Asked Jooyeon as they reached Gunil's house. "T-Taehyun," mumbled Soobin, coughing as he covered his mouth with his free hand. "P-Phone, front p-pocket," he coughed. Jooyeon gently put Soobin down, letting him lean against the wall next to the door as Jooyeon searched for the phone.

"Screen's shattered kid," said Jooyeon as he brought out the phone. "D-Damn," spat Soobin, coughing again as he slid to the floor with a whimper. "Do you remember his number?" Asked Jooyeon as he brought out his phone. Soobin nodded, and Jooyeon handed him the phone, letting him dial Taehyun's number before taking the phone back to talk to Taehyun.

[center ~]

Taehyun rushed out of his apartment after grabbing his first aid kit, running back as soon as he heard the news of Soobin being injured. He regretted sending Soobin back to his parents house. He just [i had] a feeling it wouldn't end well. "Damn it, just [i damn it]!" He shouted into the sky as he rushed back.

Taehyun reached Gunil's place, spotting Soobin and who he assumed was the person he spoke to on the phone standing next to the door. He quickly grabbed the key from the lanyard around his neck and went to open the door, holding it open so Jooyeon could pick up Soobin and bring him inside. Jooyeon put Soobin on the floor, as it seemed like the best spot at the moment and Taehyun quickly got to work stripping off Soobin's bloody clothes.

"Can you get me a wet cloth to wipe him down with?" Asked Taehyun as he looked up at Jooyeon. Jooyeon nodded, going to do so before coming back with it and handing it to Taehyun who went to wipe him down. "Do you mind keeping an eye on the area outside?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to Jooyeon. "There's a chance whoever did this may come looking for him," he added. Jooyeon tilted his head to the side before he nodded and went to do so, going outside to lean against the wall by the door. Taehyun went to lock the door just in case before going back to taking care of Soobin.

[center ~]

Gunil stood before Joochan who glared at him. Eric and Sunwoo [i knew] better than to interfere with this fight, so they were staying out of it.

"That's it huh?" Asked Joochan as Gunil shrugged off his jacket and shirt, revealing the many scars across the front of his body. "It is," hummed Gunil as he took off his shoes and pants, closing his eyes and letting the beast come forward, Joochan quickly moving back as the change was quick. Joochan quickly changed as the beast lunged at him, snarling as they went toe to toe with each other.

Joochan's chip may have enhanced his abilities, but the beast was better trained for combat and had the upper hand when it came to strength and speed alone. Snarling and sounds of bodies clashing against each other were heard as the beast and Joochan fought to the death. They grappled with each other, the beast biting down on Joochan's shoulder and yanking its head back, ripping out the shoulder bone and the chip in the shoulder. Joochan roared in pain, going for one last massive attack as he rammed into the beast with his uninjured shoulder.

The beast grabbed at Joochan, stopping the attack and punching Joochan in the spine, pretty much breaking it and causing Joochan to fall to the ground, returning to his human form.

"Don't kill the others," growled Joochan as he lay there, accepting his defeat. "They don't deserve any of it," he spat. The beast snarled, grabbing Joochan by the head and twisting it, breaking his neck. The beast let out a victory howl before crouching to all fours and running back into the forest surrounding Eric's property.

Eric and Sunwoo sighed, Eric going to grab Gunil's phone from his pants pocket and taking a picture of Joochan's dead body before going to pick up his discarded clothes. "Prepare a bonfire," said Eric as he turned to Sunwoo who nodded. "I'll go find Gunil," he added before going into the forest.

[center ~]

Taehyun sighed in relief, seeing that Soobin seemed to be okay for the time being as Soobin had passed out after they got him inside. He went to get Jooyeon to help him get some clothes onto Soobin before getting him comfortable on the couch and covering him with a blanket.

"What happened?" Asked Jooyeon as Taehyun collapsed onto the loveseat, looking worse for wear as he looked everywhere but at Soobin.

"I pestered him," said Taehyun as a small sob escaped him. "I told him to at least go let his mother know he was still [i alive] but-," he paused as another sob escaped him. "I-I didn't account for the fact that his father had apparently returned," he said, sobbing now as he grabbed his pillow and clutched it to his chest.

"Kid," Jooyeon said gently as he walked over after making sure the door was locked and sat down beside Taehyun. "You didn't know this would happen," he said. "It's not your fault, okay?" He asked. "I'm supposed to [i protect] him," Taehyun sobbed, clutching at his pillow as he buried his face into the pillow. Jooyeon reached over and brought Taehyun into his arms, letting Taehyun sob into his chest as he rubbed his arm soothingly.

"It's okay... It's okay," said Jooyeon.
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[center Chapter 8]

Gunil eventually had to return to Russia, after hearing news that their youngest was back and was taking care of the humans keeping an eye on his property after one of them had been injured. The beast was pissed off, for what reason Gunil wasn't sure. The beast had never actively wanted to protect someone before, and even Gunil found himself viewing Soobin, and to some extent Taehyun, as his surrogate younger brothers.

The way those two had behaved around each other reminded Gunil of his own relationship to Jisung, who had been the same way before he became... This. Whatever this was. Jisung at least was able to live a somewhat normal life despite being stuck in someone's head when said person wasn't in wolf form.

Gunil on the other hand, had to keep living until he was deemed useless. Either by his own government or the vampire and werewolf hunting associations. Whichever deemed him ready to [i retire] first.

[center ~]

"Gunil is such an [i idiot]," grumbled Jooyeon as he paced back and forth in the livingroom area of the small shed turned house that belonged to Gunil. Taehyun was out of the house, getting medicine and a few other things to help with Soobin's injuries.

Soobin's father hadn't come looking for them yet according to Taehyun so they were safe for the time being. Well, Soobin was. Taehyun not so much since he was out of the house, but Jooyeon was fine in keeping the human known as Soobin safe.

His thirst was getting to him though, as Jooyeon mainly hunted humans, but he fought it off the best he could until he could leave and get something. Even if it meant waiting on [i anyone] at this point.

"You don't have to be here you know," Soobin said, his voice scratchy from just waking up, from the couch as he opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling. "Taehyun will have my head if I leave you be," said Jooyeon as he stopped his pacing to turn to Soobin.

"I-I'll be fine," grunted Soobin as he tried to sit up. Jooyeon moved quickly, helping him sit up and move to lean against the back of the couch. "I've dealt with worse," Soobin mumbled, coughing slightly as he covered his mouth with his arm.

"Really? Because last I recall people just don't beat their kids for returning to their house without a reason," Jooyeon nearly growled out, [i still] pissed that someone would do that to their own [i kid]. "My father's always been like that," grumbled Soobin. "Especially now that I'm not following after my brother's footsteps," he added.

"Was he a military guy?" Asked Jooyeon. "Served in the army for most of his life," said Soobin as he nodded. "Oh, Gunil's going to have [i so] much fun with that when he finds out," Jooyeon said with an evil smirk.

"Don't," said Soobin as he shook his head. "He's all mom's got left, since Yeonjun's going to leave for a better life elsewhere after he returns from the army," he said. "I'm leaving as soon as I can, but it still won't be for a while," he said, sighing.

"You were adopted by them weren't you?" Asked Jooyeon as he tilted his head to the side. "I was yeah," hummed Soobin as he nodded. "You have [i no] ties to this family then," said Jooyeon as he sighed in exasperation. "They may have [i raised] you but you have no blood relations to them," he said, shaking his head.

"That's what Taehyun used to say," grumbled Soobin. "I feel like I should be grateful, since they took me in as a baby," he said, sighing a bit. "I know, it's stupid but I have no choice," he said.

"[i Everyone] has a choice kid," Jooyeon said with a shake of his head. "Whether you make the right one though, is what you need to think about," he added. Soobin hummed in response.

[center ~]

Taehyun rode his bike right back to the house with the supplies, relieved he hadn't been followed. He stepped on the brakes, almost running into the wall as he came to a stop. He quickly went to unlock the door, detaching the wagon from the bike and bringing it into the house. He then went to bring the bike inside and kicked the door closed before moving the bike to the kitchen area.

"I'm sorry Taehyun," mumbled Soobin as Taehyun turned to the livingroom, seeing that Soobin was awake. "It's okay," Taehyun said softly as he went to grab the cart and dragged it over to the couch. He leaned down in front of Soobin, taking his hands into his own. Soobin looked down at him, his eyes drooping slightly as he suddenly felt exhausted.

"Get some rest okay?" Asked Taehyun as he tried his best to smile reassuringly at Soobin. "I just have to check on your bruises and scrapes, and your busted lip," he said softly. Soobin nodded, closing his eyes as Taehyun moved, getting what he needed. Taehyun was careful as he cleaned and changed the bandages on some of the worst of the scrapes and making sure the bruises weren't looking worse for wear.

Jooyeon went to lock the door before leaning against the back wall by the bathroom, watching Taehyun take care of Soobin. He tapped his fingers against his arm as he crossed them, thinking of different ways to kill Soobin's father.

[center ~]

Gunil almost punched in his door as he knocked, Taehyun going to open the door with a bit of hesitance. "Oh, you're back," said Taehyun as he moved to let him in. "Where's Jooyeon?" Asked Gunil as he looked around the house after entering it. Taehyun closed the door and locked it before turning to Gunil.

"He said he needed to go find something to drink," said Taehyun. "He left a bit ago before you got here," he added. "Okay," hummed Gunil as he turned the couch, seeing it empty. "Where's Soobin?" He asked.

"He's in the shower," said Taehyun. Gunil turned to the bathroom area, listening as the water was still running before nodding. The beast seemed to let out a purr like sound in the back of his mind, earning a sigh from Gunil.

"What's wrong?" asked Taehyun as he blinked in surprise. "Nothing, nothing," said Gunil as he shook his head. "I'm going to find Jooyeon okay?" He asked. "Sure," said Taehyun. "Lock the door behind me," said Gunil before he left, Taehyun going to close the door behind him and lock it.

[center ~]

Gunil found Jooyeon a bit later after he was done with a deer, surprised at seeing him with an animal rather than a human this time.

"I couldn't," said Jooyeon when Gunil walked over. "Not when the one person I [i want] to kill is yours," he explained. "Soobin's father?" Asked Gunil. "He's off limits to me," he explained, shaking his head. "That, is up to Jiseok," he added.

"Military, right," hummed Jooyeon.

"I've given up hunting humans anyway," said Gunil as he turned away from Jooyeon. "What changed that?" Asked Jooyeon. "Having two humans under my care," said Gunil as he shrugged. "Hm," hummed Jooyeon.

[center ~]

"Where'd Jooyeon go?" Asked Soobin as he came out of the bathroom dressed in a t-shirt and basketball shorts while towel drying his hair. "Jooyeon went somewhere to get a drink or something and Gunil went to find him," said Taehyun as he looked over from the kitchen area where he was making dinner.

"Gunil's back?" Asked Soobin as he blinked in surprise. "I know, I didn't expect him to be back so soon either," hummed Taehyun as he went back to cooking.

"I hope he doesn't kick us out," mumbled Soobin as he walked over to the stove after hanging the towel around his neck to see what he could do help. "If he does we can go back to my apartment," said Taehyun.

"I thought your landlord hated me?" Asked Soobin as he helped Taehyun with the cooking. "No, he just hates your family," said Taehyun. "Understandable," mumbled Soobin.
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[center Chapter 9]

Gunil and Jooyeon made their way back to Gunil's house sometime later, Gunil knocking on the door. Soobin was the one to answer the door, moving to let them both in before closing the door behind them and locking it. He then turned to Gunil and Jooyeon, observing the way they seemed to be silently communicating with each other.

"Where's Taehyun?" Asked Gunil as he turned to Soobin who jumped in surprise at the question. "He had to go back to his apartment for something," mumbled Soobin as he looked down at the ground. "This late at night?" Asked Gunil as he looked confused.

"He um," stuttered Soobin as he tried to think of an explanation. "I'm not kicking you out kid," said Gunil as he realized what was going on. "You aren't?" Asked Soobin as he looked hopeful. "Get some sleep alright? Text Taehyun and tell him that he can come back in the morning," said Gunil as he nodded, handing his phone to Soobin so he could let Taehyun know.

Soobin nodded, going to let Taehyun know he could come back in the morning before going to flop down on the couch after giving Gunil back his phone, getting comfortable before falling asleep. Gunil went to cover Soobin with the blanket, taking a look around his small house with a fond look in his eyes.

"It looks like the house is finally looking lived in," Jooyeon commented as he fought to keep a smile off his face. "It's nice," hummed Gunil as he turned to Jooyeon.

"I think you'll finally need to get a proper bed for them," commented Jooyeon. "I don't know where we're going to put it, but I agree," hummed Gunil as he thought of where to put said bed. "Let's worry about that in the morning," he said, going to sit down on the loveseat.

"You zone out, I'm going to go back to Moscow then," said Jooyeon as he turned to Gunil. "Just lock the door behind you," said Gunil as he turned to Jooyeon. Jooyeon nodded and soon left, closing the door behind him after making sure it would be locked. Gunil got up, going to properly lock the door before going back to the loveseat and laying down, closing his eyes and zoning out, ignoring the world around him until the morning.

[center ~]

[i Soobin lay on the ground trying to block his stomach from the kicks he was receiving from the bullies of his school. He had been just trying to get to class and they] had [i to target him. Yeonjun wouldn't be here to protect him this time, as he was in his last year of middle school while Yeonjun had started high school.

A harsh blow to his back caused Soobin to let out a whimper that only encouraged his bullies to kick him harder, one person even going as far as kicking him in the face, causing him to roll onto his back. He looked up at Beomgyu who smirked down at him.

"Give up kid," said Beomgyu. "Your brother isn't here to save you now," he said. "I'm older than you brat," spat Soobin as Beomgyu delivered a harsh kick to his side, earning another whimper from Soobin as he tried to move away from the kicking.

"Oi!" Came a voice somewhere nearby. "Leave the poor guy alone will ya?!" shouted Taehyun as he ran over, shoving Beomgyu away from Soobin. "Why are you bullying him anyway huh?!" Shouted Taehyun.

"What's it to you kid?" asked Beomgyu. "I see someone who has to depend on other people to survive in this hell hole," he spat. "I see nothing wrong with that," growled Taehyun as he delivered a punch to Beomgyu, sending Beomgyu to the ground.

"People like you don't deserve my respect," spat Taehyun as he went to help Soobin stand, slinging an arm around his shoulder and helping him walk away.

"Y-You didn't need to do that," wheezed Soobin as Taehyun helped him sit down on a bench. "It's okay," said Taehyun as he turned to Soobin after digging through his backpack for some bandages. "He bullied me too, before I stood up to him," he muttered, going to see what he could do to bandage up some of the cuts and scrapes Soobin got from being on the ground.]

[center ~]

Soobin opened his eyes, sitting up as he suddenly remembered where he was. For a brief moment he wondered where Gunil had slept the night before before he turned to loveseat, expecting Taehyun there only to see Gunil who, from what he could see, was fast asleep.

He got up, going into the bathroom to get ready for the day before leaving the bathroom and going to see what he could do for breakfast.

Gunil opened his eyes to the sounds of breakfast being made, zoning back in as he sat up. He yawned, pretending to have just woken up as he got up, stretching. "Morning," Soobin called from the kitchen area as he heard Gunil moving around. "Good morning," said Gunil as he went to the bathroom to get ready for the day, coming out after getting dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans.

"Was there a text from Taehyun?" Asked Soobin as he turned to Gunil as he walked over to the kitchen area to grab his phone from the counter. "I think so," hummed Gunil as he checked his phone. "He'll be over after grabbing breakfast, he's bringing more clothes and his bike with the wagon," he said, showing Soobin the response. "Ah, nice," hummed Soobin as he turned back to the stove.

[center ~]

Gunil left his house, putting his hands in his pants pockets as he looked at the state of his front yard. Soobin had to attend some online classes for school so Gunil left him be, promising not to be too long as he left the house.

After walking around to the tiny backyard Gunil sprinted off into the forest to hunt, finally finding some time to hunt alone and be in his thoughts. He wasn't feeling the burning as bad this time around, but it was better to top off on his thirst than to remain in that house where the smell of humans was starting to stick to everything.

The beast was content, something that Gunil hadn't felt in what felt like years. Maybe it [i was] a good thing that he gained two humans under his care. They would never understand his life though, and he hoped this was as close to being part of an often forbidden world as possible for them. He didn't want to involve them more than he had to, but knew someone was going to be involved.

Someone had to take his place one day right?
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[center Chapter 10]

Soobin took the time that Gunil was away from his house to clean up a bit, and get all of his and Taehyun's clothes into a pile to bring to a laundry mat in town to get his and Taehyun's clothes washed when Taehyun did show up. And maybe get a new phone too. Not knowing where Taehyun was did cause some anxiety in Soobin, and it worried him when it took longer than usual for Taehyun to show up.

[center ~]

Taehyun had been on his way back to Gunil's house when he started being followed by [i someone]. He stopped his bike at a stoplight and made sure to text Gunil about being followed. He just [i hoped] that he'd be rescued before something happened. He put his phone in his pocket when the light turned green and waited until the car next to him turned before continuing his journey.

Despite everything he did to be cautious about everything, Taehyun didn't expect a car to run a redlight at full speed, colliding with him and sending him flying over the car and onto the ground, rolling a few feet before coming to a stop. People stopped their cars and someone called an ambulance immediately. Taehyun faded into unconsciousness after the yelling started, the last thing on his mind was making sure that Soobin was okay.

[center ~]

Gunil almost exposed himself as he rushed over at almost slightly faster than human speed, rolling Taehyun over onto his back to check on his injuries. "Stay with me kid!" Shouted Gunil as he gently checked over Taehyun and his injuries, going over what he understood about humans and their easily breakable bodies.

The sounds of sirens filled the air as Gunil mumbled about broken ribs and a broken leg amongst other things. As paramedics showed up to check on Taehyun Gunil felt numb, but he moved away when a paramedic put a hand on his shoulder, asking him to move away.

Gunil could hear whining from the beast in its cage, something that surprised even [i him]. He had enough sense to ask which hospital Taehyun was being transported to before leaving and going to let Soobin know of what happened to Taehyun.

It didn't mean he [i didn't] miss the car that sped off however, and he quickly noted the color, make and model along with what brief glimpse he had of the license plate as Gunil headed back to his house in a daze.

[center ~]

"What do you mean he's in the hospital?!" Shouted Soobin as he shoved Gunil back. "Where the hell have you been anyway huh?!" He yelled as he threw a punch, to which Gunil stopped easily as he gripped onto Soobin's wrist rather hard, causing Soobin to wince.

"I'll take care of it," growled Gunil. "I'm pissed too, that it happened," he grit out as he let go of Soobin's wrist, and Soobin dropped his arm. "Right now you need to head to the hospital," he added. "Your best friend needs you right now," he encouraged.

"I- you're right," huffed Soobin as he tried to calm himself down. "W-Which hospital did you say he was in?" He asked, moving away from Gunil whos eyes had turned pitch black as his vampire side came forward.

"He went to the one near the other side of town," said Gunil as he managed to keep his voice from portraying the anger he felt. "C-Can you take me there?" Asked Soobin as he shivered at how cold Gunil sounded. "I don't want to go alone," he mumbled when Gunil looked at him.

"When I do you [i better] stay with him unless told by a doctor and wait for my return, okay?" Asked Gunil. "I'll see if someone can come over before then, but I'll be over when I can okay?" He asked, serious now as he tried to bring in his vampire side.

Soobin nodded and went to change clothes, grabbing his laptop and charger along with Taehyun's, putting them in a bag before walking over to Gunil who stood outside waiting. He made sure to lock the door, slinging the bag on his shoulder and turning to Gunil.

"So how are we getting there?" asked Soobin as Gunil turned to him. "Easy," said Gunil as he turned around and leaned down. "Hop on my back, we'll be there in no time," he said. "I- are you sure?" Asked Soobin. "Don't worry about it kid," said Gunil. "You're safer at the hospital right now," he hummed. "R-Right," mumbled Soobin as he jumped onto Gunil's back, Gunil quickly adjusting him and the bag that he carried, standing and making sure Soobin wouldn't fall suddenly.

"Okay kid, close your eyes," said Gunil as he started walking, making sure he would be able to run without accidentally dropping Soobin. "W-what are you-" started Soobin before Gunil started running, shouting in surprise at the speed before he closed his eyes tightly, hanging on for dear life as he tried not to let the panic set in.

In what felt like forever Soobin felt Gunil slow down, opening his eyes when he felt Gunil stop. Gunil leaned down, letting Soobin slide off his back and nearly stumble to the ground in shock. "W-we made it, right," mumbled Soobin as he tried to calm his fast heartbeat.

"You've already seen the beast," said Gunil as he turned to Soobin. "Now I'm showing you my true self," he added. "T-True self, right," grumbled Soobin as he took a deep breath. Gunil couldn't help but chuckle at that, shaking his head.

"Are you going to be okay?" Asked Gunil. "Yeah, I should be fine," said Soobin as he took another deep breath, nodding. "I'll be back as soon as I can okay?" asked Gunil. Soobin nodded, turning and walking into the hospital. Gunil turned and headed back to his house, needing to get his rifle and do some scouting. It was time to exact revenge, and it [i had] been a while since Gunil had used his rifle.

After getting his rifle and making sure everything was still in working order and loading it with one bullet Gunil left his house, heading to where he had seen the car drive in the direction of from the crash site.
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[center Chapter 11]

Gunil let out a deep breath as he found himself in front of the house that the car ended up parked at. He looked around for a vantage point, finding a nearby convenience store with a roof he could sit on for a few days and be fine. He went to see about using the roof, climbing up after the owner let him. He found a place to sit down and sat down, sitting on a bucket that gave him a decent vantage point. Now it was time to wait.

[center ~]

Soobin sat outside the room that Taehyun was in, worried out of his mind over the state of his best friend. He wasn't allowed to go see Taehyun, as he wasn't a family member, but he was allowed to sit outside the room. He made sure all of Taehyun's professors had been let known of the current situation before working on his own assignments for his classes.

"...Soobin?" Came a voice somewhere above Soobin, causing Soobin to look up to spy a familiar face. "Beomgyu?" Asked Soobin as he looked surprised. "What brings you here?" He asked.

"I should ask you the same," commented Beomgyu as he looked at the closed door Soobin seemed to be guarding. "Ah, Taehyun's in the hospital," mumbled Soobin as he looked back at his laptop screen. "Ah..." Hummed Beomgyu.

"I guess you finally got dragged into the army," remarked Soobin as he looked back up at Beomgyu, noticing his uniform. "I had no choice," Beomgyu muttered, chuckling awkwardly. "After you entered high school I got dragged into military school," he added. "Ah," hummed Soobin.

"My kid brother's in the hospital again, so my captain granted me leave," said Beomgyu as he shrugged. "Kai was it? How is he?" Asked Soobin. "He's doing fine, better than a while ago anyway," hummed Beomgyu. "My paycheck is going towards his hospital bills," he said. "Is it a lot?" Asked Soobin as he looked concerned. "Yeah," hummed Beomgyu as he sighed.

"You'll make it through it I'm sure," said Soobin. "It's Taehyun I'm more worried about," he grumbled, looking back at his laptop screen. "How'd he end up in the hospital?" Asked Beomgyu as he looked into the room from the door window. "Car crash, broken lots of bones," mumbled Soobin. "They won't let me see him because I'm not a family member, but at least the nurse let me sit outside his room," he said. "Ah..." Hummed Beomgyu.

"Beomgyu," called a voice from down the corridor, causing Beomgyu to turn to the voice. "Captain," said Beomgyu as he bowed, causing Soobin to turn to the voice. "Did you see your brother?" Asked the captain. "Yeah, I just happened to bump into an old classmate of mine," said Beomgyu as he straightened up, motioning to Soobin who got to his feet after putting his laptop on the ground, bowing.

"I'm Soobin," said Soobin as he straightened. "Jiseok," hummed Jiseok as he reached Beomgyu and Soobin. "You're Yeonjun's brother right?" He asked. "Yeah, why?" Asked Soobin as he tilted his head to the side. "He's here visiting your mother?" Asked Jiseok.

"What's she in the hospital for?" Asked Soobin as he looked surprised. "Apparently she got beat to the point of being hospitalized," said Jiseok. "They tried to contact you, but they couldn't reach you," he said. "My phone has been broken for who knows how long," grumbled Soobin. "And I was kicked out of the house anyway, [i and] I'm not even blood related to them," he added.

"If they really needed me they could've found me here," muttered Soobin as he sighed. "I think you're under a different last name, so I guess they couldn't find you," said Jiseok as he put his hands in his pockets. "My last name is [i Choi]," said Soobin. "I don't know, I guess I really am getting disowned," he remarked, sighing as he leaned against the wall and slid to the floor next to his laptop.

"You're not required to head over there, but I'm sure someone will come over asking for you," said Beomgyu. "I'm [i sure]," Soobin said with sarcasm. "I'm just saying," said Beomgyu. "I know I know," grumbled Soobin as he picked up his laptop and put it back in his lap. "I need to finish work for school, so if you'll excuse me," he added.

"Come on then," said Jiseok as he turned to Beomgyu. "We'll be back with food if you're hungry later," said Beomgyu. "Thanks," mumbled Soobin as he concentrated on the screen. Jiseok and Beomgyu left, going to check on Beomgyu's brother before going to see where Yeonjun ended up at.

[center ~]

Gunil had been observing things for the passed few days, and noted one thing while watching the building. Whoever had done what they had done was scared to leave the building. That usually meant one thing. The government was finding ways to get rid of him. They wouldn't get rid of him [i that] easily, but he knew one thing. It was time to choose a successor.

It seemed the government chose for him, as Taehyun was in the hospital in a medically induced coma. He wasn't sure whether to keep Taehyun human and risk everything or turn him and risk even more than just [i that].

A sigh left Gunil as he heard footsteps behind him. "It's been a while Gunil," said Jiseok as he walked over, going to stand beside Gunil. "It has huh?" Asked Gunil as he smiled slightly, looking over at Jiseok before turning back to watching the building.

"The kid yours?" Asked Jiseok. "I didn't think they'd want to get rid of me this quickly, but yes," hummed Gunil. "You [i have] been doing work for the government for years now," hummed Jiseok.

"The kid doesn't deserve to be thrust into this," grumbled Gunil. "But sometimes we have no choice," finished Jiseok as he sighed. "I'm still protected by the association," hummed Gunil as he saw someone leave the house, lining up the shot and waiting until the person stood still before firing a shot, straight between the eyes.

A message pinged to Gunil's phone, congratulating him on the kill. Gunil slung the rifle over his shoulder and turned, walking away. "What's your decision?" Asked Jiseok as he turned and followed after Gunil. "You know it wasn't my decision to choose this kid," said Gunil as he sighed, climbing down from the roof before heading back towards his house with Jiseok following after him.

"Are you going to keep him human? Are you going to change him?" Asked Jiseok. "I don't know," grumbled Gunil. "Can we just [i drop] it?!" He snarled, turning to Jiseok. "Okay, okay," said Jiseok as he put his hands up in surrender.

"What, you want to get rid of me too?" Asked Gunil as he turned around and continued walking. "No no," Jiseok said quickly. "I'm just curious, really," he added. "Hm," hummed Gunil.

[center ~]

Soobin was slumped down in the chair he had been given thanks to a kind nurse, sleeping with his arms crossed over his chest as he still stayed on guard to Taehyun's room. Yeonjun hadn't even come over to check on him, which even [i Soobin] expected at this point considering that Soobin had been kicked out and they never bothered to try to look for him.

Beomgyu had at least come by to give him food and share a meal since Soobin refused to move from his spot, and even apologized for the bullying back during their school days. Soobin had forgotten all about the bullying, but accepted the apology since it did seem that Beomgyu had become a better person in the years since they had seen each other.

Soobin woke suddenly to someone nudging his foot, sitting up straight and looking at the person who woke him. "Y-Yeonjun," whispered Soobin as he slumped back down in his chair. "What the hell do you want?" He grumbled, moving to get comfortable.

"You aren't even going to visit mom huh?" Asked Yeonjun as he glared down at Soobin. "I didn't even [i know] she was here until a couple days ago, what of it?" Spat Soobin. "It's not like [i I volunteered] to get kicked out of the house, [i you] kicked me out and when I tried to return dad beat me until I could barely walk," he growled. "You expect me to visit even after [i that]?!" He nearly shouted.

"You would rather be here keeping an eye on someone who's probably going to die than visit your own [i family]?!" Shouted Yeonjun. "I [i never] belonged in your damn house, you knew this, mom knew this, hell even [i dad] knew this," growled Soobin as he got to his feet. "The [i only] reason I would ever go back is if I was in a coffin," he spat.

That earned a punch in the face from Yeonjun, sending Soobin back down into his chair with a grunt. "[i They] raised you when you could've been abandoned," said Yeonjun. "And you're just going to abandon family like that?!" He yelled, going to punch Soobin again.

"[i Enough]," said Beomgyu as he grabbed the fist, having ran over when he heard the shouting from his brother's room. "You're causing a scene," he said as a security guard walked over. "Walk away while you still have visiting rights," he added. "Visiting rights, okay yeah," scoffed Yeonjun.

"T-Take him away," mumbled Soobin. "I am done dealing with this," he spat, rubbing at his sore cheek. "Kick him out for all I care, I'm not associating myself with them anymore," he grumbled.

"You heard the kid," came another voice as Gunil walked over with Jiseok. "Get out of here," he said. "Plus he's an [i adult]," he added. "He can choose whoever he wants to visit," he said.

"Come on Yeonjun," commanded Jiseok as he spoke in a serious tone. "Soobin has suffered enough, don't prolong it," he almost growled to Yeonjun as he walked forward, daring Yeonjun to defy his orders. Yeonjun backed down, albeit reluctantly, nodding. Jiseok nodded to Gunil who nodded back before walking off, Beomgyu sighing at Yeonjun before turning to Soobin.

"Are you okay?" asked Beomgyu. "I'll be fine, thanks for stopping him," muttered Soobin as a nurse brought over an icepack. He accepted it with a small thanks, putting it against his cheek and wincing at the cold.

"I'm just a couple rooms over if you need me, okay?" Asked Beomgyu. Soobin nodded and Beomgyu turned and walked back to his brother's room as the security guard walked away after making sure nothing else would happen. Gunil stared at the door that lead to Taehyun's room, thoughts racing through his mind.

"Did you take care of it?" Asked Soobin. "I did," hummed Gunil as he nodded.

"They wouldn't let me go in and see him," grumbled Soobin. "Of course not," Gunil said with a scoff. "I know why too," he added. "Why is that?" Asked Soobin as he turned to Gunil. "You'll find out soon kid," muttered Gunil, a decision finally made as he slumped his shoulders in defeat.
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[center Chapter 12]

[i "They're thinking of replacing you huh?" Asked Seungmin as he sat with Gunil and Jungsu at a park near one of the train stations in Moscow.

"At least you guys have a way out," hummed Gunil. "You do too, technically," commented Jungsu as he leaned back on his hands. "I've outlived my usefulness," hummed Gunil as he shook his head.

"Word has it that Jiseok has his replacement," said Seungmin. "I'm not surprised, considering everything that's been happening the passed few months," Gunil muttered as he shook his head.

"Do you have yours?" Asked Jungsu as he tilted his head to the side. "I do," answered Gunil as he moved to get up, stretching. "Though, he won't be able to live without his best friend," he added. "I'm going to prepare for it, and I will text you when I'm ready to start handing everything over to them," he said.

"We'll be fine, right?" Asked Seungmin. "You two will be perfectly fine, as will Junhan and Jooyeon, along with the rest of our coven," answered Gunil. "It's just Jiseok and I, that are done," he added. "Though, there is a way out, I've contacted Moonbin and he agreed to become allies to you, and everyone else," he said.

"We still have Kevin and his pack," added Jungsu. "So the government can't touch us," he said. "In case that isn't enough, you have more help," said Gunil. "Even the Russian government fears the wrath of the vampire and werewolf hunting associations," he remarked with a scoff, turning and walking away.]

[center ~]

Gunil hated what he was about to do, as he didn't want to subject anyone else to this pain, but he knew it was the right thing to do. If he kept Taehyun human they would force him to turn Soobin, and for all it was worth, Soobin didn't deserve that. Neither did Taehyun, but the kid was dying and Gunil had little to no options of what to do next besides choose a different successor and let Taehyun die.

"Kid," Gunil said gently as he went to shake Soobin awake. "Huh? Wha-?" Soobin asked sleepily as he jolted awake, yawning as he covered his mouth with his arm. "Why don't you go hang out with Beomgyu for a while?" Asked Gunil as he forced a small smile to appear. "I'll keep an eye on Taehyun, okay?" He asked.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Soobin as he looked suspicious. "Nothing," answered Gunil. "You deserve a break kid," he added.

"I don't know, it's been [i years] since I've even hung out with Beomgyu, and I don't know him as well," mumbled Soobin. "But I guess I deserve a break," he commented, sighing as he got up.

"Tell Beomgyu to come over here for a second if you don't mind?" Asked Gunil. Soobin nodded, walking down to Beomgyu's room, knocking before entering.

[center ~]

Beomgyu left the room, walking over to Gunil who glared at the door like he was going to punch it in. "You needed me?" asked Beomgyu.

"You've done well, considering Jiseok chose you," commented Gunil as he turned to Beomgyu. "I guess I did huh?" Asked Beomgyu as he made his expression blank. "Most people wouldn't survive under Jiseok and his strict rules," commented Gunil.

"I guess it's good then, that he chose me when he could've chosen someone else," remarked Beomgyu. "It was either you or Yeonjun, but it seems he chose you first," hummed Gunil as he tilted his head to the side.

"As long as my brother will be fine," Beomgyu grumbled. "He'll be fine," said Gunil. "I'll make sure he's doing well when my time comes," he added.

"You're doing a lot for a stranger," commented Beomgyu. "I was in the same situation as you, you know," said Gunil as he turned back to the door. "The only thing you can do now is keep an eye on them, and when the time comes I'm going to need you to take Soobin to Moscow," he said. "Find Seungmin or Jungsu, they'll be able to give you everything you need," he said.

"How do I find someone I don't know?" Asked Beomgyu. "Easy, find a cathedral and you'll find Seungmin," said Gunil. "If you want to find Jungsu, go to a park near one of the train stations," he added. "Whichever you decide to do first you will find one or the other," he said.

"When do you want me to head on to Moscow?" Asked Beomgyu. "I'll let Jiseok know," hummed Gunil as he walked up to the door, opening it and walking in. He closed the door behind him, leaving Beomgyu to stand in the corridor, resigned to his role as he sighed in defeat. Beomgyu soon turned and walked back to his brother's room, putting on a smile as he entered it to find Soobin talking with Kai.

[center ~]

"Soobin is nice to talk to!" Said Kai as he grinned at Beomgyu when he entered the room. "Really?" Asked Beomgyu as his expression softened. "That's good," he commented. "I've always been good with kids," hummed Soobin as he grinned at Kai who grinned back at him.

"Do you mind staying with him for a bit? I need to get a drink," said Beomgyu as he turned to Soobin. "Ah, sure," hummed Soobin. "Bring me back something?" He asked. "Me too!" Exclaimed Kai. "Sure," hummed Beomgyu as he nodded, turning and leaving the room.

[center ~]

"I was going to ask if you needed to go hunting," said Gunil as he left Taehyun's room, spotting Beomgyu in the corridor. "I haven't hunted since I left the platoon, so yeah," hummed Beomgyu. "Well, we're going to get some deer, the beast is hungry too," hummed Gunil as he left the hospital with Beomgyu. "Right, no humans here," grumbled Beomgyu.

"Honestly, the diet is better, your thirst isn't as bad," said Gunil as they walked out of line of sight before sprinting into the forest to hunt. Beomgyu split away as Gunil needed to change, knowing how dangerous he could be when a vampire was around when the beast was out thanks to stories he had heard from Jiseok.

When they eventually met up after Gunil was back in human form and dressed Beomgyu looked saddened by the circumstances, earning an empathetic look from Gunil.

"I had to leave my brother behind too, when I found out that he was alive and well," muttered Gunil as he sighed. "It'll be hard, but it's better in the long run," he added. "Does it get easier?" Asked Beomgyu. "No, it will [i never] get any easier because you're leaving this life behind," answered Gunil.

"How do I cope with this then?" Asked Beomgyu, looking at Gunil for help. "Find a friend that will support you," answered Gunil. "Soobin can't ever return to this life so you'll both be in the same boat, but he has an idea of what's going on," he added.

"Is that how you were with Jiseok?" Asked Beomgyu. "In a way, yes," hummed Gunil as he nodded. "It's going to be hard, but you won't be alone," he added.

[center ~]

"So what did you decide to do with Taehyun?" Asked Beomgyu as they headed back after getting drinks from a convenience store. "You'll find out soon," said Gunil. "You can't let me know now?" asked Beomgyu. "I have to explain to Soobin what's about to happen, so I'll need you there," hummed Gunil. "Okay," muttered Beomgyu.
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[center Chapter 13]

[i Taehyun was awake when Gunil entered his room, staring up at the ceiling as he tried not to move too much.

"Hey kid," greeted Gunil as he walked over to Taehyun's bed, trying his best to smile at Taehyun. "How are you feeling?" He asked. "I'm in pain," grumbled Taehyun as he moved his eyes to look at Gunil. "But I guess that's expected huh?" He asked.

A small chuckle left Gunil as he sighed, nodding. "I guess so," he hummed, bringing up a chair to sit next to Taehyun and sitting down.

"It's not going to stop is it?" Asked Taehyun. "Not until you do something?" He asked. "Smart kid," remarked Gunil as he nodded. "Yeah, it's not going to stop until I do something," he answered, sighing as he looked down at his hands which sat in his lap.

"Well," said Taehyun as he looked back up at the ceiling. "What can I do to help?" He asked. "I'm about to ask you a] very [i important question," answered Gunil as he looked back at Taehyun. "You have the choice to not go along with this, but if you say no I have to kill you," he added, earning a scoff from Taehyun. "That bad huh?" Asked Taehyun. "...Well, ask away," he added after a few minutes of silence.

"How much do you] really [i care for Soobin?" Asked Gunil. "What kind of question is that?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to look at Gunil, wincing as it caused him a bit of pain. "Answer the question," Gunil said with a serious tone as he glared at Taehyun, causing Taehyun to flinch away, mumbling to himself.

"What was that?" Asked Gunil. "Enough to die for him," answered Taehyun. "Good answer," said Gunil. "Because I need to explain to you about this world I'm about to throw you into," he added. "Wha-" started Taehyun as Gunil grabbed his wrist and bit into it, soon moving away after licking the wound closed and resting his arm on the bed as Taehyun flinched. Gunil wiped his mouth, swallowing what blood did end up in his mouth before letting out a resigned sigh.

"Don't fight it," commanded Gunil. "You'll be fine in a couple hours, just sleep," he hummed, watching as Taehyun shut his eyes as the change started. Gunil watched Taehyun for a minute before getting up and walking out of the room, closing the door behind him and spotting Beomgyu in the corridor.

"I was about to ask if you needed to go hunting," Gunil said as Beomgyu walked over. "I haven't hunted since I left the platoon so yeah," hummed Beomgyu.

That was the last thing Taehyun heard before he fell into unconsciousness, the change fully starting and leaving him in a comatose state.]

[center ~]

Soobin looked up when the door opened, Beomgyu and Gunil walking in with Beomgyu carrying a bag of drinks. "Ah, Kai fell asleep earlier," he said when Beomgyu looked at his brother's bed to see him asleep. "Okay," said Beomgyu as he relaxed his shoulders, putting the bag on the nearby table.

"We need to talk," Gunil said, a serious look on his face as he turned to Soobin. Soobin looked up at him in surprise, confusion washing over him.

"Is there a spot you know that we won't be bothered at?" Asked Gunil. "Ah, Taehyun and I's fort," hummed Soobin. "Though I don't know if it's still there," he hummed. "That one place by the river?" Asked Beomgyu. "Yeah, I didn't know you knew of it?" Asked Soobin as he turned to Beomgyu.

"I ran into it while hiking back during our school days," lied Beomgyu. "I haven't been back there in a while but I have a general idea of where it's at," he said.

"A fort?" Asked Gunil. "It's a shelter that Taehyun and I built, we've maintained it over the years but yeah," answered Soobin. "It's our hangout spot," he added.

"Do you mind if we go there?" Asked Gunil. "I- sure but what about Taehyun?" Asked Soobin. "Jiseok is here," said Gunil. "I'll make sure he's keeping an eye on Taehyun," he added.

"Am I about to be carried on someone's back again?" Asked Soobin as he huffed in exasperation. "It'll get us there quicker," said Gunil as he shrugged. "Fine," mumbled Soobin. "But Beomgyu is carrying me this time," he added, earning an amused snort from Gunil as Beomgyu fought to keep the look of amusement off his face.

[center ~]

After making sure Jiseok was there to keep an eye on Kai and Taehyun, Gunil, Beomgyu and Soobin left the hospital, Beomgyu leaning down to let Soobin hop onto his back. Once Soobin was comfortable and Beomgyu wouldn't drop him Gunil and Beomgyu ran off, heading into the nearby forest. Soobin couldn't help the surprised shout again, though he closed his eyes much quicker this time to avoid getting sick as he held on for dear life.

Soobin only opened his eyes when he felt Beomgyu stop, sliding off Beomgyu's back and falling onto his butt with a huff. "I should've expected for you to be like him," he grumbled as Beomgyu let out a chuckle before he turned around and reached out a hand. Soobin took it, letting Beomgyu pull him to his feet.

"Huh, I remember finding this place," hummed Gunil as he looked around. "I first came across it when I was coming back into town," he added. "It's a nice little spot," said Soobin as he went to open the door, walking inside before coming out with two chairs and sitting them down before going back in for another chair and coming back with it, putting it down and sitting down, leaning against the log wall of the shelter. Beomgyu and Gunil sat down, waiting until Soobin was comfortable before Gunil decided to speak.

"What questions did you have for us?" Asked Gunil as he tilted his head to the side. "What are you for starters?" Asked Soobin. "Well, to put it simply, Beomgyu and I are vampires," answered Gunil.

"But you're not just a vampire," Soobin said to Gunil. "Correct, I'm a hybrid between a vampire and werewolf," explained Gunil.

"When were you turned?" Asked Soobin as he turned to Beomgyu. "Just a few months ago," said Beomgyu. "Jiseok asked me if I wanted to help him, and I just kind of been under him since," he added, shrugging.

"So where am I in this?" Asked Soobin. "Your role is to keep Taehyun from going crazy," explained Gunil. "What do you mean?" Asked Soobin as he blinked in surprise.

"Right now in Taehyun's hospital room Taehyun is going through a change," explained Gunil. "I had no choice," he added. "I work for the government, you see," he explained. "But the government found that it was time to replace me, and Jiseok it seemed," he hummed.

"I- but why didn't you change me?" Asked Soobin. "Because you don't deserve to live through what Taehyun is about to go through," said Gunil. "I don't, huh," grumbled Soobin.

"Believe me, I would've chose you instead," Gunil explained, sighing. "But Taehyun was dying, and I refuse to let someone innocent die by the government's hands," he said. "I may work for the government but I won't kill anyone without reason," he said. "I would've kept him human, but they would've forced me to kill him and choose a different successor," he added.

"So you would rather have him suffer through... This?" Asked Soobin. "Are you mad?!" He nearly shouted, getting to his feet. "Taehyun doesn't deserve this!" He shouted. "Would you rather him die?" asked Beomgyu as he schooled his expression to be blank.

"I- no but- you don't understand," stuttered Soobin. "Taehyun isn't cut out for this life," he said. "Whatever life you're a part of," he added. "He's stronger than you think," said Gunil as he shook his head. "But you'll have to be stronger for him," he added. "It's your turn, to be the protector now," he hummed.
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[center Chapter 14]

Taehyun was awake again when Gunil came back, sitting up in his bed as he stared out the window. "You're awake," remarked Gunil as he walked over, Taehyun turning to look at him. "I see everything healed just fine too," he hummed, tilting his head to the side.

"Where's Soobin?" Asked Taehyun as he looked towards the door. "He's outside the door right now," answered Gunil. "Are you ready to see him?" He asked. Taehyun turned his gaze back to Gunil before shaking his head. "I think I need to hunt before doing so," he answered. "Right, let me make sure you're ready to be discharged," muttered Gunil before going to do so.

[center ~]

"Is he okay?" Asked Soobin as Gunil left the room, closing the door behind him. "He'll be fine after a hunt," answered Gunil. "I suggest staying at the house for the time being, it's the most familiar place to Taehyun," he added. "Beomgyu and Jiseok will take you there," he said. "I'm [i not] being carried again," Soobin said, scowling which earned an amused smirk from Gunil. "Sure," mumbled Gunil. "Kai's getting released too, I think," he added.

"Poor Kai," mumbled Soobin as he looked towards that room. "I know Beomgyu changed his ways for him, but doing what he did..." He mumbled, turning away. "Hey," Gunil said gently. "Beomgyu blames himself enough, don't blame him more than he already does," he added. "I'll see you there okay? I need to make sure Taehyun's ready to go before we go hunting," he said. "Sure," mumbled Soobin as he headed to Kai's room.

Gunil watched him go before going to talk to a nurse.

[center ~]

Beomgyu looked up at Soobin as he entered the room, having been talking with Kai about where they were going after leaving the hospital. "You still have the key right?" He asked. "Yeah," hummed Soobin as he took out he lanyard from under his shirt before letting it hang around his neck.

"I was going to ask if we could get a car because I need to do laundry," said Soobin as he looked at Jiseok who stood in the corner. "I have one waiting," Jiseok answered, nodding.

"Come on Kai," Beomgyu said gently as he helped Kai stand. "Let's get you to shower and change, okay?" He asked. "We're going home?" Asked Kai as he stood, stumbling slightly and nearly falling if Beomgyu didn't catch him. "Not quite, but we'll be staying with Soobin for a while," answered Beomgyu. "We're going to go on a car ride and then hang out with him for a while," he added. "Oh!" Exclaimed Kai. "I wanna hang out with Soobinnie~!" He almost yelled in excitement.

Soobin fought down an amused snort, hiding it with a cough, at the nickname, giving a thumbs up to Kai as he grinned. "We'll hang out and watch movies okay?" He asked, faking excitement. Kai grinned, nodding excitedly before letting Beomgyu lead him into the bathroom. Soobin went to grab his and Taehyun's laptops and chargers, putting them in the bag he brought over before slinging it over his shoulder and turning to Jiseok.

Jiseok raised an eyebrow as Soobin turned his attention to him. "I don't have a phone, can you let Gunil know we may end up at the laundromat?" Asked Soobin. "He can hear you you know," remarked Jiseok as he tapped his ear. "Enhanced hearing and what not," he added. "Ah," hummed Soobin. "But I'll let him know," hummed Jiseok as he brought out his phone and texted Gunil.

[center ~]

After helping Kai get dressed and getting the discharge papers from a nurse Beomgyu had Kai sit in a wheelchair and wheeled him out of the hospital with Jiseok walking ahead to bring the car and Soobin walking beside Beomgyu. Jiseok pulled up in the car and Beomgyu helped Kai into the backseat, going around and getting into the driver's side back seat. Soobin left without a choice and got into the passenger seat, buckling up after putting his bag on the ground between his legs.

After making sure everyone was comfortable Jiseok drove off, heading towards Gunil's house to get Soobin's and Taehyun's clothes to take to the laundromat.

[center ~]

Gunil and Taehyun left the hospital after Taehyun got changed into some clothes that Soobin had asked Gunil to bring over, the both of them sprinting into the forest to hunt.

Gunil led the way, the both of them coming upon some deer, Gunil tackling one, Taehyun not too far behind as he tackled another one as the herd scattered.

Once they were done they walked at a human's pace back into town, Taehyun in no hurry to head back since he didn't know how he would end up acting around his best friend. Gunil had warned him before they left the hospital that it would take a while of really being around Soobin to get used to being around him in general without the thirst flaring up immediately.

"Um," mumbled Taehyun as he stopped, causing Gunil to turn to look at him as he stopped a few feet in front of him. "Is there a reason why I feel another presence in my mind?" He asked.

Gunil blinked in surprise. "So you [i were] turned into both, huh," he commented as he looked thoughtful. "Wait, so I have a wolf like you do?" Asked Taehyun. "I suppose," responded Gunil. "But we don't know if you'll end up like me," he added. "So I should expect a physical change when it's time for said change, got it," grumbled Taehyun.

"You may be like the other werewolves, who knows," hummed Gunil. "We'll see when your wolf decides its ready to come out," he added.

"Is there advantages you say you'd have?" Asked Taehyun. "There's not many, besides the larger build and such," hummed Gunil. "But being a normal wolf like the other werewolves lets you blend in a bit more when travelling from place to place or you're hunting," he explained.

"I guess that makes sense," hummed Taehyun.

"Come on kid, they went to do laundry," said Gunil as he continued walking. "I'm not a [i kid]," whined Taehyun as he followed after Gunil. "Kid, you were [i just] turned, you're practically a baby now," Gunil mumbled, fighting to keep the amused tone out of his voice. "Uh huh," grumbled Taehyun.
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[center Chapter 15]

Soobin set up his laptop for himself and Kai, Kai wanting to watch cartoons and Soobin went along with it, letting Kai pick the cartoons off of Netflix. Beomgyu watched them like a hawk, and Jiseok stayed outside the laundromat, keeping an eye on things outside.

"So why did you end up with Jiseok?" Asked Soobin as he was checking on his and Taehyun's clothes. "Honestly? I really don't know," hummed Beomgyu as he listened to the cartoons playing nearby and Kai occasionally laughing about something that happened on screen.

"He could've picked [i anyone], but went with me instead," remarked Beomgyu as he crossed his arms over his chest, leaning against one of the machines. "According to Gunil it was either you or Yeonjun," hummed Soobin as he took the clothes out and put them in a rolling cart before moving them to the dryers section and throwing the clothes into a dryer while Beomgyu watched, his head tilted to the side in thought.

"Really? I don't think it would've been good if he chose Yeonjun," hummed Beomgyu. "Yeah, I didn't think so either," grumbled Soobin as he closed the dryer door and went to start it, depositing some coins and watching it start before walking back over to Kai who looked up at Soobin with a grin.

"Are you enjoying the cartoons?" Asked Soobin as he forced a smile to appear. "Yes!" Kai responded enthusiastically. "They're really funny," he added, turning back to the screen. "Good to see you're enjoying them," Soobin said, almost flopping down into the chair beside the laptop with a quiet sigh. Kai hummed, looking thoughtful as he watched the screen, reminding Beomgyu just how [i smart] Kai had been before the accident.

[center ~]

Gunil stayed outside the laundromat when they arrived, letting Taehyun go inside first as he chatted with Jiseok a bit, discussing their next plan of action. It was still a [i while] before Gunil found himself ready to leave this world for the next, so he would spend as long as he could training Taehyun to be the best he could be. Jiseok would be training Beomgyu and prepare him for what was to come.

Beomgyu took over Soobin's spot as Taehyun entered the laundromat, Taehyun and Soobin going to an unoccupied corner by the drink machines to have a chat.

"You're okay," breathed Soobin as he looked Taehyun over, checking to make sure everything really [i was] healed while keeping his distance in case Taehyun was set off by his scent. "I'm perfectly fine," responded Taehyun as he stood still, letting Soobin look him over.

"I- thank god," stuttered Soobin and he couldn't help himself as he tackled Taehyun, giving him a bone crushing hug as he buried his face into Taehyun's shoulder. Taehyun was hesitant, though he did return the hug with a content sigh, breathing in the familiar scent that belonged to his best friend.

"Don't do that again, okay?" Soobin mumbled into Taehyun's shoulder. "I can't promise anything," responded Taehyun as he moved away, keeping a hand on Soobin's arm in a way of just wanting to [i know] that he was still alive.

[center ~]

"Gyu," mumbled Kai, causing Beomgyu to fight back a flinch at the nickname. "Hm?" Asked Beomgyu, his voice trembling slightly from being called an old nickname. "Is -is Soobinnie okay?" Kai stuttered, looking towards where Soobin and Taehyun were, the both of them sitting down on a bench next to the drink machines having a silent conversation.

Beomgyu looked towards them, his hearing picking up on their conversation though he didn't pry, smiling encouragingly at Taehyun who had turned to look at Beomgyu.

"Soobinnie is okay," responded Beomgyu as Taehyun nodded at him. "He's just been dealing with a lot," he muttered, turning to Kai. "I see," hummed Kai.

For a moment Beomgyu thought he was just [i acting] and really was okay. It was only when Kai turned back to the laptop, fidgeting in his chair as he focused on the laptop again, mumbling about what was going on on screen that Beomgyu's hopes went down the drain.

Beomgyu couldn't help but scoff slightly at the conversation going on on the other side of the laundromat, but he quickly waved it off when Kai looked at him.

"Just noticed something funny is all," Beomgyu mumbled in explanation. "Okay," Kai mumbled, turning back to the screen.

[center ~]

"Gyu? Really Beomgyu?" Taehyun asked with a chuckle, though he quickly sobered up when Soobin shook his head. "It was a nickname back in our school days, I used to tutor Kai before his accident," mumbled Soobin. "Ah," hummed Taehyun.

"So what happened?" asked Taehyun. "I don't know the details, but I don't think it's my call to explain what happened to Kai," mumbled Soobin. "I wasn't even aware he had a brother to be honest, we were all in different classes," mumbled Taehyun.

"We should head back to the others," Soobin commented, standing up and going to get a drink from the machine, remembering to get one for Kai before walking over to where Beomgyu and Kai were, opening Kai's drink for him and handing it to him. Kai smiled in thanks before taking a sip of his drink, his attention immediately back at the screen as something happened.

Taehyun stayed where he was for a moment, watching Soobin interact with Kai with a fond look in his eyes. Soobin really was great with everyone, as even Taehyun found himself being being taken care of sometimes. He knew now, why Gunil chose him over Soobin.

Soobin was too innocent for the world Taehyun was now a part of. Too caring. Taehyun knew now, why he had been asked those questions. He had to protect his best friend, and protect he shall do.

[center ~]

As the dryer dinged Taehyun went to help Soobin fold their clothes, putting them into the basket that Soobin had brought over with him.

"So what's going on in school?" asked Taehyun as he focused on the pants he was folding. "Nothing, I just had my finals," hummed Soobin as he focused on the shirts. "You've been excused by the way," he added. "Ah," hummed Taehyun. "There should be an email asking you to finish the assignments and if you get them done right you'll be excused from the exams, and pass," explained Soobin. "Okay," hummed Taehyun.

[center ~]

Beomgyu was saddened to see Kai go, as Kai had to return to the caretaker's home he had been placed into. Beomgyu couldn't take care of Kai when he was dealing with things like his vampire side, but Beomgyu knew Kai was in good hands when Gunil listed off everything that the caretaker did, even going as far as letting the caretaker take him around the home to make sure things would be [i great] for Kai.

"I'll make sure to come visit soon, okay?" Asked Beomgyu as he smiled at Kai. "Okay Gyu!" Kai said with a saddened grin. "Bye bye now," Beomgyu said, nodding to his caretaker before turning and walking back over to Gunil who was watching the scene from the car that Jiseok had brought over, a empathetic smile on his face.

"It's not all that bad," Gunil said softly as he got into the driver's seat, with Beomgyu getting into the passenger seat. "You'll see him soon, I know it," he hummed as he started the car, soon driving off back to his house. "I'm sure," hummed Beomgyu.

[center ~]

"Ugh," whined Taehyun as he stared at his laptop screen. "[i Why] do I end up doing something so complicated?" He grumbled as he typed away. "Don't blame me, [i you] were the one who wanted to get into coding," responded Soobin as Taehyun glared at him before glaring at the screen again, mashing the backspace button before rewriting the code.

"Take a break," said Soobin as he took Taehyun's laptop and closed the lid, smirking as Taehyun pouted at him. "I was [i almost] done," whined Taehyun. "Take a break," huffed Soobin as he chuckled some, putting the laptop on the table. "Go hunt or something, I need to clean up," he added. "Fine," grumbled Taehyun as he got up, stretching out of habit before going to put his shoes on. "I'll be back soon," he called before leaving the house, closing the door behind him.

Soobin let out a exasperated laugh as he went to lock the door before flopping on the couch with a sigh, staring up at the ceiling as he didn't really [i need] to clean up but Taehyun looked like he needed the break.
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[center Chapter 16]

Gunil spent the next few months training Taehyun, putting him through the ringer and training him in [i everything] including how to use his prized rifle. Taehyun's wolf hadn't want to come out yet, and that was fine with Taehyun.

Gunil was fine with that as well, as he remembered how painful the first change had been, and had explained in [i excruciating] detail what would happen to Taehyun. Going as far as changing into the beast in front of him to let Taehyun get a feel of what would happen.

[center ~]

"So why do you call your wolf the beast?" Asked Taehyun as he and Gunil finished hunting and started heading back. "That's what he is," hummed Gunil as he shrugged. "I think he looks cool," commented Taehyun as he shrugged, earning an amused snort from Gunil.

"What, he [i is] cool," grumbled Taehyun. "Only you would believe that," responded Gunil as he sighed, stopping to lean against a tree. "What?" asked Taehyun as he stopped a few feet in front of Gunil and turned to Gunil. "I never explained to you what happened for me to end up like this," hummed Gunil.

"You were in the camps right?" asked Taehyun. "Unit 731 or something?" He asked. "Correct," answered Gunil as he nodded, examining Taehyun with his head tilted to the side. "So what happened?" asked Taehyun.

"I became who I am due to human experimentation," growled Gunil as his hands twitched, going to grip the tree behind him as he let out a breath, trying to calm himself down. Taehyun moved farther away, wary now as he glared warily at Gunil.

"I can handle it- just- give me a minute," growled Gunil as he grit his teeth, closing his eyes to bring in the beast. Taehyun shivered at the tone, his own wolf responding with a whine in the back of his mind. It seemed like his wolf was finally waking up.

After a few minutes Gunil let out a huff, opening his eyes and looking at Taehyun. Taehyun stared back at him, a hint of fear in his eyes even though he kept his expression blank.

"I- it's fine, I'm fine," mumbled Gunil as he calmed down, letting out a deep sigh as he moved away from the tree. Taehyun still looked wary so he kept his distance, nodding to Gunil.

"But yeah, as I was saying," grumbled Gunil as he shook his head. "My captors were not sure what to do with me, as I was in the process of being turned into a vampire but when I woke I found another presence in my mind," he explained. "From what I understood from earlier experiments I was basically given a werewolf's wolf against my will, since other experiments failed," he added. "Giving a [i human] a werewolf's wolf kills them, but giving a [i vampire] a werewolf's wolf resulted in me," he explained.

"So you weren't turned the traditional way," remarked Taehyun. "No," hummed Gunil. "My wolf and I are constantly battling each other because I'm not who was originally the werewolf it had been born from," he explained. "We did come to a compromise, but when the beast is out it's him," he explained. "But I don't know where this wolf came from, or who was the original host for this wolf," he added.

"You said you got another person's wolf, how did that happen?" Asked Taehyun. "I believe the person had their wolf extracted," hummed Gunil. "But instead of bringing someone back like my brother, it was given to me," he said.

"Do you have any clue about what happened to the other person?" Asked Taehyun. "I don't," hummed Gunil. "If they're still alive, good for them, if not, then I don't know what to think, since I never knew them," he added. "Huh," hummed Taehyun.

"So what brought on the changes to make your wolf... That?" Asked Taehyun. "I always fought the change, as they tried to force it," explained Gunil. "This wolf didn't like these forced changes either, but it always came out as a normal wolf until something finally changed, and they got what they wanted," he added. "Ouch," mumbled Taehyun.

"It gained the name the beast more due to what we became," said Gunil. "I have no qualms against it, as we've worked out our problems but I'm done," he said, sighing. "This wolf needs to move on, it's not even supposed to be [i alive] anymore," he said.

"I'm sorry," mumbled Taehyun. "Hopefully your wolf is more accommodating," mumbled Gunil. "Hopefully," agreed Taehyun as he turned and continued walking back. Gunil followed after him, heading back to Gunil's house where Soobin had been most of the day doing work for his classes.

[center ~]

Soobin groaned as he leaned his head back against the couch, stressed over assignments like usual. He rubbed his face with his hands before picking up his laptop and setting it to the side before getting up, walking over to the kitchen area to get something to drink. Midterms were coming up so on [i top] of assignments Soobin needed to study.

He found something to drink before walking back to the couch, scowling at his laptop before closing the lid and going to put on his shoes, heading outside and closing the door and locking the door behind him. He turned to look at the now green grass that adorned the front yard with a small but content sigh, sitting down on the concrete slab that acted as a step into the house.

"Got tired of the work?" Asked Beomgyu as he walked over after he was done hunting, standing in front of Soobin. "I have to write a thesis on the human body, and I can barely function as it is when I'm also studying," grumbled Soobin as he leaned back against the door with a defeated sigh.

"You'll get it I'm sure," responded Beomgyu as he smiled encouragingly. "Of course, I'm just that awesome huh?" Soobin grumbled, earning a soft chuckle from Beomgyu.

"Maybe you shouldn't've chose science and biology as your majors?" Asked Beomgyu. Soobin grumbled in response, pouting as he tilted his head up to look at the sky. "It's [i annoying]," he whined.

"Aw, is someone stressed out?" Asked Taehyun as he walked over with Gunil. 'You wouldn't [i believe] how stressed I am," grumbled Soobin as he moved his head down to look at Taehyun. "God I'm glad I'm done with all that coding," grumbled Taehyun. "For the time being," Soobin said with a teasing grin. "Oi," whined Taehyun. "No more, just [i no]," he grumbled.

"And I thought having [i two] majors was bad," commented Soobin as he laughs. "Oi, I know I [i still] have work but that damn coding assignment nearly killed me," grumbled Taehyun.

"[i Excuse me] Mr. Computer Science major, I have had it worse than you, believe me," Soobin commented, tossing a rock at Taehyun. Taehyun let it hit his leg, scowling at Soobin. "At least I don't have to deal with whatever field you have been trying to get into," he retorted.

The tension was broken by the two of them bursting into laughter, and Gunil and Beomgyu joining them after realizing they were just kidding around like they usually were.

"God I needed that," Soobin breathed out, sighing as he wiped his tears. "That's what I'm here for," Taehyun responded as he grinned at Soobin who grinned back at him.
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[center Chapter 17]

A sigh left Taehyun as he zoned back in, opening his eyes as he found himself in the middle of the forest. "You did this didn't you?" He asked his wolf as he reached into his pocket and took out his phone, looking at the time. He looked around to try and find his bearings before heading back in the direction of the house.

[center ~]

"Welcome back," called Gunil as Taehyun appeared in the front yard, smirking at the annoyed look Taehyun gave Gunil.

"God, that was annoying to come back to," groaned Taehyun as he stretched, popping a few joints here and there before walking over to Gunil. "Where's Soobin?" He asked.

"He's hanging out with Kai today," responded Gunil. "Beomgyu would be but Jiseok needed him for something, apparently he's getting discharged today," he added. "Ah," hummed Taehyun.

"Kai wanted to go out, so Soobin took him to the fort," said Gunil. "Turns out it's near his caretaker's home," he added. "I think Soobin should've went to school to be a caretaker," commented Taehyun. "I don't know, he strikes me as someone that needs to be taken care of," hummed Gunil. "You think so?" Asked Taehyun. Gunil nodded in response.

[center ~]

"Kai," called Soobin as he knocked on the door to the fort, opening it to peek inside to find Kai sleeping on the platform that was the sleeping area. "Come on kiddo, let's roast some marshmallows," he said gently, moving to shake Kai awake. "Marshmallows?" Mumbled Kai as he moved, yawning as he sat up, fully waking when the word sunk in. "Marshmallows?!" He shouted excitedly. "Come on," Soobin said with a gentle smile, helping Kai get to his feet before walking with him out to the small fire pit and sitting him down in one of the chairs.

"Did you have fun today?" Asked Soobin as he worked on starting the fire, throwing a few sticks in before going to carve a spear for the marshmallows. "Yeah!" Kai exclaimed excitedly. "Gyu is coming right? And- and scary man and Tae?" He asked. "Scary man?" Asked Soobin. "Gunil! Gunil is scary man," explained Kai.

Soobin couldn't help but burst into laughter at the nickname. "Yes, they're coming," he said after he calmed down a bit, focusing on the sticks. "Jiseok too," he added. "Um," hummed Kai as he looked thoughtful. "You'll find a name for him I'm sure," Soobin said with an amused tone. "Yeah!" Kai said with a grin.

"Here you go," said Soobin as he handed Kai a stick with a marshmallow attached to it. "Be careful okay?" He asked. Kai nodded eagerly as he moved the marshmallow over the fire. "Don't eat too many, I need to prepare dinner," said Soobin. "Okay," hummed Kai as he concentrated on the stick.

Soobin smiled softly at Kai before going to get the ingredients for dinner ready, going to cut up the vegetables and getting a pan ready for stir fry. Kai blew on the marshmallow when it was ready, gently picking it off the stick and eating it, making a mess as he hummed in contentment, licking off the left over goo that the marshmallow left behind on his fingers.

Soobin let out a lighthearted sigh and walked over with some wipes, cleaning up Kai and leaving him to his devices while he went back to preparing dinner.

"What's for dinner Soobinnie?" Asked Kai. "Stir fry, it's too hot for the meat today so I couldn't bring it with me," answered Soobin. "But we have potatoes, and lots of seasoning," he added, going to boil the potatoes in a pot as he set it directly on the fire.

"Yuck, vegetables," Kai remarked with a disgusted face. "They're good for you Kai, I hate them too but I still eat them," Soobin explained with an amused tone. Kai looked offended at that. "[i You] have to eat them too?" He asked, shocked. "Of course," hummed Soobin as he grabbed the pan and cut a bit of butter into it, letting it melt as he set it near the fire.

"Ew," whined Kai. "I know, I know," hummed Soobin. "Don't worry, I'll make sure it tastes good okay?" He asked, adding the vegetables into the pan. "Okay," mumbled Kai.

[center ~]

"Something smells good," came Taehyun's voice as he walked into view with Gunil, Beomgyu and Jiseok. "We're about to have stir fry," Soobin called from his place by the fire as he moved around the vegetables in the pan before taking it off to cool down and add the seasoning.

"Gyu!" Said Kai as he got up and ran over to Beomgyu and tackled him. "Hey Kai," Beomgyu said, chuckling softly as he caught Kai, setting him down. "I have to eat [i vegetables]," whined Kai. "Ah, but you're a growing boy," explained Beomgyu. "You want to be big and strong like me right?" He asked.

"Vegetables do that?" Asked Kai as his eyes widened. "Yes, they do," hummed Beomgyu. "I do, I do!" Shouted Kai. "Okay okay go sit down and we'll wait on Soobin to give you the food okay?" Asked Beomgyu. Kai nodded and went back to sit down, Soobin giving a relieved look to Beomgyu who merely smiled at Soobin before going to sit down on the ground by Kai.

Taehyun went to see about helping Soobin while Gunil and Jiseok went to sit on the other side of the fire across from Kai and Beomgyu.

[center ~]

After dinner Kai enjoyed another toasted marshmallow before getting cleaned up by Beomgyu and placed in the fort to sleep, being tired from the days events. Soobin and the others sat around the fire, Soobin enjoying a nice bottle of beer while stoking the fire with a stick. Beomgyu left the door open and pushed back the tarp roof to let the air circulate before going to join the others by the fire, a somber mood suddenly overtaking everyone.

"My wolf is finally waking up it seems," Taehyun exclaimed suddenly, causing everyone to turn to him. "Really? After months of not showing itself?" Asked Soobin as he tossed another log into the fire before leaving it, leaning back on his hands as he set his bottle of beer beside him.

"Yeah, it's taking its sweet time wanting to show itself though," grumbled Taehyun. "It's probably waiting on you," remarked Gunil. "You've been having a lot of zone outs lately, but you haven't changed yet," he added. "So it's waiting on me [i wanting] to change?" Asked Taehyun. "It seems so," hummed Gunil.

Soobin yawned, breaking up the tense atmosphere and causing Taehyun to start laughing. "Oi, it's been a [i long] day with Kai okay?" Grumbled Soobin as he got up, stretching. "I'm going to turn in for the night then," he added, stumbling into the fort to sleep.

"Kai can be a handful," Beomgyu said with a fond smile before sighing and leaning back in his chair.

"Your nickname is now scary man by the way," Taehyun said with a snicker as he turned to Gunil who snorts in response. "Okay," hummed Gunil. "I'm not scary whatsoever but sure," he added, earning a chuckle from everyone.

"Did he ever come up with one for me?" Asked Jiseok. "I think he was in the midst of coming up with one," hummed Beomgyu.

"So how's his brain? Is it getting any better?" Asked Taehyun. "It's healed from what the doctors said," responded Beomgyu. "It's perfectly fine," he added. "But whether he moves out of that mindset or not is up to him apparently," he hummed.

[center ~]

The next morning Soobin woke Kai after leaving the fort to see Taehyun already making breakfast for them. Soobin went to help Kai get washed up in the river before drying him off and getting him to change clothes. Soobin went to do the same, coming back with Kai to the fire pit and sitting him down in a chair.

"Where's Gyu?" Kai whined sleepily as he rubbed his eyes. "He went to get cleaned up, he'll be back soon," explained Taehyun as he brought over a plate of eggs for Kai. "...Mm want to see Gyu before going home," mumbled Kai as he started eating. "You'll see him, don't worry," Soobin tried to reassure Kai. "They'll be back soon!" Taehyun responded gently, smiling at Kai who smiled sleepily back at him.

Soobin got his own plate of food and sat down in the other chair and started eating, humming in content as he missed Taehyun's cooking. "I guess my cooking hasn't gone away yet," Taehyun remarked with a snicker. "I did miss your cooking not gonna lie," Soobin responded with a chuckle.

"I'm going to miss this place," hummed Taehyun as he put the tarp back over to cover the rest of the roof. "Yeah, same," agreed Soobin as he turned to the fort.

[center ~]

After breakfast Soobin was about to start carrying Kai back to the caretaker's home while Taehyun cleaned up when Beomgyu finally showed up, looking out of breath as he came to a stop nearby.

"Gyu!" Yelled Kai as Soobin and Taehyun looked at him. "I'll take you home okay?" Asked Beomgyu as he smiled at Kai. "Come on," he said, walking over to Kai who jumped onto his back. Beomgyu made sure he was comfortable before he started walking back. "Close your eyes okay? I'm going to go [i really] fast," he commanded. "Okay Gyu," mumbled Kai before he did so. Beomgyu soon ran back full speed, just as a howl was heard in the distance.

Taehyun got to his feet and Soobin looked surprised when Jiseok appeared, looking worse for wear as he slammed into Taehyun. "Kid, your wolf needs to come out [i now]," yelled Jiseok as he shook Taehyun. "Wha-?" Asked Taehyun as he felt it, jolting forward and into Jiseok who caught him.

"Don't fight it okay? Just let it happen, I need to get Soobin [i out]," said Jiseok. "I-I what's happening?" Grunted Taehyun as he grit his teeth, feeling the signs of the first change. "I don't have time to explain this," said Jiseok as he sprinted over to Soobin as if protecting him.

Taehyun moved away from the firepit, whimpers escaping him as his wolf started to claw its way forward. "Don't fight it Taehyun, whatever you do!" Shouted Jiseok. "W-Wait," Said Soobin as he was pushed into the fort, Jiseok slamming the door in his face. "Stay there, it's for your safety," growled Jiseok as he made sure to block the door with a log.

Soobin was engulfed in darkness, listening to the sounds of Taehyun's first change. He went to sit on the platform, hugging his knees and trying to not make a sound as he heard the cries in pain from Taehyun.
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[center Chapter 18]

[i "I'm losing control," muttered Gunil after he and Taehyun got done hunting. "The beast has been wanting more and] more [i control lately," he mumbled. "Be prepared for it, because I'm done teaching you everything I know," he added.

"I- I can't," stuttered Taehyun. "Your wolf will want to claw its way forward after this," hummed Gunil. "There's not much else you can do to prepare, except try to not fight that change when it comes, I'd] hate [i for you to end up like me," he added.

"Gunil," mumbled Taehyun, his voice thick and full of sadness. "I can't do this to you, Soobin wouldn't want me to do this to you," he said. Gunil let out a bitter laugh. "This is why I chose you over him," he said. "He wouldn't have it in him to end me when the time comes," he explained before he sprinted away, heading back to the house.

"There's more to life than this Gunil," whispered Taehyun. "That's what Soobin taught me," he breathed, sighing as he looked down at his trembling hands. He clenched them into fists before looking back up and following after Gunil.]

[center ~]

Taehyun was still struggling on the ground when the beast appeared, snarling and bearing its teeth at Taehyun. "Hey, I'm over here!" Shouted Jiseok as he went to distract the beast, throwing stones at it and sprinting away when it lunged for him.

Taehyun [i knew] better than to fight it but damn, it hurt so much. His wolf was whining apologetically in his mind and Taehyun let out a bitter chuckle. "Everything is against me today," he grunted, whimpering as the change now hit full force, clothes shredding as bones broke and healed, rearranging everything and growing and causing Taehyun to scream out from the pain as he grew in size, skin rippling as fur sprouted, a tail growing out from behind him. A muzzle grew out of his face before his hands and feet shrunk and started forming into paws. He felt his ears rearrange themselves and turn into wolf ears before fading into a state of unconsciousness, the large brown furred dire wolf now taking full control with an ear piercing howl.

Jiseok sprinted over to Taehyun's wolf, falling to the ground as it leaped over him, meeting the beast head on in a clash of teeth and claws, the both of them snarling at each other before the beast tackled Taehyun head on, the advantage on the beast due to the slightly larger build and having hands, along with the combat knowledge.

Jiseok got to his feet, jumping away as Taehyun had been slammed onto his back right where he had been. "Ah come on now!" Shouted Jiseok as he jumped backwards and away from the beast. "Come at me mutt!" He shouted as he dodged out of the way from a swipe of the beast's claws.

Beomgyu sprinted into view, leaping over Taehyun who got to his feet and landed on the beast's back, digging his nails into the beast's fur as it buckled. "Oh hell no!" Shouted Beomgyu as he held on for dear life. "Get out of here Gyu, your role isn't to fight this thing!" Shouted Jiseok as he and Taehyun leaped at the now distracted beast. Beomgyu had enough time to jump off the beast's back, leaping over Taehyun and Jiseok before landing roughly on his feet.

"Take Soobin and go, we have it from here," yelled Jiseok as he and Taehyun worked in tandem to drive the beast away. "Get to Moscow, find Seungmin and Jungsu, they will help you!" He shouted as the beast got a hold of Taehyun by the jaws. Jiseok quickly jumped onto the beast's back to try and distract it, yanking at the beast's ears as it tried to buckle him off while dealing with Taehyun.

Beomgyu was torn between helping them or going straight for Soobin and bringing him to safety, turning back to the fort and sprinting over and yanking the door open after kicking the log away. Soobin looked up, looking fearful for the first time in forever. "Soobin," Beomgyu said gently. "Come on, I need to get you out of here okay?" He asked. "We only have this small window of distraction," he added. Soobin nodded, slowly moving to get up, moving to jump on Beomgyu's back and hold on for dear life.

"Close your eyes okay? I'll try and get as far as I can," Beomgyu said to Soobin as he adjusted Soobin. Soobin nodded into his back and Beomgyu took that as a sign to go, soon sprinting out of the fort and away from the battle.

Jiseok jumped off the beast's back, sprinting off further into the forest and away from the direction of Beomgyu. Taehyun snarled at the beast, daring it to follow after Beomgyu. The beast knew better, soon crouching and turning and chasing after Jiseok. Taehyun followed after it, making sure it stayed on Jiseok's path.

[center ~]

Soobin could be heard sniffling into Beomgyu's back as Beomgyu stopped, asking for the key to Gunil's house. Soobin managed to get it out from under his neck and Beomgyu bent forward to let Soobin unlock the door and open it, moving inside and letting Soobin down. "Get your laptop, and Taehyun's," said Beomgyu. "Pack a change of clothes," he added. Soobin nodded numbly before going to pack up the things into a backpack, slinging both straps over his shoulder and turning to Beomgyu.

"Are you ready?" Asked Beomgyu as he studied Soobin. "What's going to happen to Yeonjun?" Asked Soobin as he sniffled, wiping his face with his hands. "I don't know yet," hummed Beomgyu. "We'll make sure he's okay, okay?" He asked. Soobin nodded, looking down at his feet.

"Come on, we really need to go," said Beomgyu as he walked over, putting a gentle hand on Soobin's shoulder. Soobin nodded and Beomgyu turned around and bent down. Soobin hopped onto his back, wrapping an arm around his neck as Beomgyu gripped his legs, standing and leaving the house, turning around so that Soobin could close the door behind him and lock it. Once that was done Beomgyu turned and sprinted off, heading in the direction of Moscow.

[center ~]

The beast was cunning, leading them along the whole time as it soon veered off course, heading straight to where it [i knew] easy prey was. With a burst of vampire speed it headed straight for Beomgyu and Soobin, and Taehyun snarled in frustration as he pushed to keep up. Jiseok had quickly turned around to catch up with the beast, running alongside Taehyun as he did so.

Beomgyu was caught off guard by the beast's appearance, skidding to a stop and nearly dropping Soobin if Soobin didn't have a death grip on him. Soobin opened his eyes as he slid off Beomgyu's back in shock, seeing the beast above him and Beomgyu, snarling menacingly as it took a step towards them. Beomgyu kept himself in front of Soobin, gently getting him to move back.

"G-Gunil!" Shouted Soobin. "I [i know] this isn't you!" He screamed. "Please, get back in control, we don't have to do this!" He pleaded with the beast, whimpering slightly when the beast snarled at him. Beomgyu was shaking, but he kept a brave face on as he continued to move back, getting Soobin to move even further back.

The beast lunged for them, getting stopped by Taehyun who leaped in front of the attack, getting the brunt of the attack with a sickening [i crunch].
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[center Chapter 19]

Time seemed to freeze for everyone, Taehyun's wolf whimpering in pain before starting the agonizing process of returning back to his human form, Taehyun shivering as he came back to the world once he was in human form. "Sorry buddy, I-," he muttered, getting to his feet and glaring at the beast.

Gunil seemed to wrench back into control, returning to human form as he heaved, taking deep breaths as he clutched his head. "I-I don't know how long I have," he explained. "But this is your last test from me," he added. "One of us needs to die," he explained after groaning from the beast trying to wrestle its way back into control, gritting his teeth as he tried to stay in human form.

"I'll do it," said Soobin as he dropped the backpack to the ground, walking in front of Taehyun who fell to his knees in shock as the adrenaline wore off. "What? No!" Shouted Taehyun as he tried to force his body to move, finding himself immobile due to shock. "Don't do this Soobin!" He yelled. "You have a [i whole] life ahead of you, you can't die now!" He screamed, forcing his body to try to move, huffing as he found himself almost collapsing from the pain from the wounds his wolf took.

Beomgyu went to help Taehyun stand, Taehyun whimpering from the pain before bracing himself against Beomgyu. "Don't do this you [i idiot]," spat Taehyun.

"Well, it's not my call," hummed Gunil as he lurched forward with a cry in pain before the beast came forward again, snarling as it stood on two feet, baring its teeth at Soobin. Soobin closed his eyes as he readied himself for his fate.

That blow never came for Soobin as Taehyun managed to lunge forward after grabbing the knife Taehyun [i knew] Soobin always had in his backpack because this backpack was the one he used for camping. Taehyun slammed into the beast with a grunt, stabbing it in the stomach with all his might.

"I-I know I'll probably lose the wolf I just gained but I'm not letting you die Soobin," growled Taehyun. "I can't lose you, not after [i everything] we just went through," he managed to grit out as he drove the knife deeper.

Gunil managed to return to human form, coughing as he hunched over Taehyun. "C-Congrats kid, you passed," he wheezed, whimpering slightly as he closed his eyes. "We can finally be at rest," he whispered before his body faded away, turning to ashes and Taehyun fell forward in shock, managing to not stab himself with the knife as he landed on his knees.

Taehyun let out a relieved breath before it finally sunk in as he started sobbing. Soobin opened his eyes and immediately ran over to Taehyun, bringing his best friend into his arms and holding him, gently whispering comforting words to sooth his best friend.

Jiseok fell to his knees with a sigh, shaking his head at Beomgyu who looked at him alarmed. "I'm fine, I think," he muttered. "It's going to be weird without Gunil around, I can tell you that," he hummed.

[center ~]

"Do you guys mind heading to Moscow without me?" Asked Beomgyu once Soobin managed to get Taehyun calmed down and cleaned up and dressed, Soobin picking up the Dogtag that belonged to Gunil and hanging it around his neck as a memento. "I need to say goodbye to Kai," he explained when Soobin turned to him, tear streaks lining his face as he sniffled, wiping his face with his hands.

"Y-Yeah, go ahead," mumbled Soobin. "We- We'll meet you there," he stuttered, breath hitching as he hiccupped. Taehyun nodded to him and Beomgyu turned, heading back. Jiseok went over and picked up the pack, putting the straps on his shoulders as Soobin hopped onto Taehyun's back with ease, Taehyun holding onto him as Soobin put an arm around his neck.

"Let's go then," said Jiseok as he huffed, leading the way back to Moscow. Taehyun followed after him with Soobin closing his eyes as he buried his face into Taehyun's shoulder.

[center ~]

Beomgyu leaned down in front of Kai, giving him a gentle yet saddened smile. "Kai," he said softly, "G-Gyu, are you okay?" Asked Kai. "I'm fine," hummed Beomgyu. "But I need to let you know that I'm going to be leaving okay?" He asked.

"I don't know how long I'm going to be gone for, but don't wait for me, okay?" He asked softly, patting Kai's hand as Kai started sniffling. "B-But why Gyu? You promised to stay," Kai whimpered. "I'm sorry," whispered Beomgyu, his voice cracking as he choked down a sob. "I promised, and I broke it," he said softly. "I swear to you, that I will be here as soon as I can okay?" He asked. "P-Pinky swear?" Asked Kai as he held out a pinky. "Yes," said Beomgyu as he hooked his pinky with Kai's before moving away. "I'll be back soon," he said, patting Kai on the head. "O-Okay Gyu," mumbled Kai, sniffling as he wiped his tears that started to fall.

"Grow into a big boy for me okay kiddo?" Asked Beomgyu as he tried his best to grin at Kai. "I will Gyu!" Kai said with determination. "Good kid," Beomgyu said, turning and walking away and heading to Gunil's house.

[center ~]

"Yeonjun," Beomgyu called in surprise, surprised to see him in front of Gunil's house. "Where's my brother?" Asked Yeonjun as he turned to Beomgyu as he walked over. "He's not here anymore," responded Beomgyu. "Why?" He asked.

"I just had a feeling I wouldn't be seeing him anymore is all," hummed Yeonjun. "Your brother's in this town isn't he?" He asked. "Yeah," sighed Beomgyu. "I'd ask you keep an eye on him for a bit but it seems you have somewhere to go," he remarked. "I really don't," mumbled Yeonjun.

"Do you mind then, keeping an eye on Kai?" Asked Beomgyu. "Yeah, I will," answered Yeonjun. "Thanks," said Beomgyu as he smiled slightly, earning a smile in return. "I need to go now, but can you give this to Kai? I forgot to give it to him before I left," he said, handing Yeonjun an envelope.

"Sure," said Yeonjun. "Where are you going?" He asked. "I don't know yet," responded Beomgyu. "But I know I won't be back for a while," he added. "Will you write at least? Let me know how Soobin is doing?" Asked Yeonjun. "I guess," hummed Beomgyu.

"I know I haven't been the [i best] big brother in the world, but I do care," said Yeonjun. "I know, I know," hummed Beomgyu. "I think Soobin would appreciate that anyway," he added. Yeonjun nodded.

"I'll be seeing you then," said Beomgyu as he headed off towards the forest. "Bye Beomgyu!" Called Yeonjun. Beomgyu raised a hand in goodbye before sprinting off once he was out of sight, heading in the direction of Moscow.

[center ~]

A hum left Beomgyu as he leaned against a low lying wall in one of the parks near one of the train stations in Moscow. Once he had gotten into city limits and hunted he decided to try one of the parks first, wondering if he could get information on where Taehyun and Soobin ended up at. Jiseok, from the last text he had been sent, was already out of the city with Jooyeon, leaving the country for good and heading down to the Ukraine and possibly into the rest of Europe.

"They're on their way to Berlin," came a voice as Beomgyu turned to the sounds of footsteps, seeing who he assumed was Jungsu. "Already?" Asked Beomgyu as he blinked in surprise.

"They couldn't stay in the city for long, but told me to stay around to make sure you were told of where they were," said Jungsu as he nodded. "So you and Seungmin are leaving Moscow then?" Asked Beomgyu. "We'll be headed deeper into Russia from here, away from human contact," responded Jungsu. "I see," hummed Beomgyu.

"The only person who's staying near humans will be Junhan, as Soobin asked him to keep an eye on your brother and Soobin's brother," hummed Jungsu as he sat beside Beomgyu. "Junhan won't be harmed since he's never had to deal with the things we've had to deal with but," he added with a shrug. "I'd be careful though, once you reach Poland you'll have to hunt animals from that point on," he advised, passing over a pack with all of Beomgyu's passports and papers identifying him.

"You now have a German citizenship, courtesy of Moonbin, now I must go," Jungsu stated, getting up and walking off. Beomgyu watched him go, looking down at the pack in his lap before getting up and slinging the one strap over his shoulder where the pack would be diagonal across his back.

"Good luck to you then!" Beomgyu called to the retreating figure of Jungsu. Jungsu raised a hand in goodbye before disappearing into the crowd. Beomgyu soon went the other direction, going to leave Moscow and Russia in general for good.
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King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Chapter 20]

[i Kid,

If you're reading this then I'm probably already dead. By your hands or my own. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Soobin ended me at this point.

He was too nice though. I couldn't make him do it. If HE was the one to die then I'm probably around still. I wouldn't put it passed you to end me before that happens though.

Anyway. I leave you with my faction. Do what you want with it. It's supposed to be YOUR safe haven. You may get some missions here and there, but I let them know, that my faction would be getting new owners soon.

If you EVER end up in the states, go to Colorado. Deep in the mountains lies my brother's pack. They had to move houses after more deer hunters took their land, and they needed to make sure that they wouldn't be disturbed.

I have given you an address, and a phone number to be in contact with my brother in case he isn't home at the time of your visit. If you do.

Could you find the beast's host and tell them what happened? I just have a feeling that they're alive. The last thing I managed to gather was that they were a turned werewolf, but I haven't been able to look further than that.

I believe Moonbin may be able to get an answer for you, so good luck.

Live on for me kid,


[center ~]

It was how Taehyun, Soobin and Beomgyu found themselves surrounded by a pack of shapeshifters and a few vampires along with what seemed to be a normal dog, the information that Moonbin had given them having led them to Ithaca, New York. Soobin stayed behind Taehyun while Beomgyu kept to Soobin's back, ready to protect him if necessary.

"We have some information," Soobin stated in English, trying not to stutter in the face of danger. It was decided that Soobin would do the talking as he was the best English speaker but now he was sincerely regretting [i everything].

"A vampire by the name of Jisoo is who we need to talk to," Soobin managed to say in a steady voice, gulping at the low growl coming from the polar bear beside one of the vampires.

"If it helps any Moonbin would've sent word of our arrival?" Beomgyu asked in heavily accented English. "We don't allow outsiders on our land right now," said one vampire. "And you have a human?" He asked. "I-I'm here willingly, I swear!" Soobin stuttered out, wincing as growls erupted from the pack of 'shifters around them.

"You touch him and I will rip you to shreds," growled Taehyun as he stood protectively in front of Soobin. Soobin winced as it seemed to set them off more. "Taehyun, you need to back down," mumbled Soobin, speaking Russian now. "Your threat isn't helping, even though I don't think they understand Russian," he added.

"We should hear them out," said the one female vampire of the group. "I don't think they're here to harm us, they have a human," she said. One of the polar bears snorts, though he didn't disagree with her. He returned to human form, glaring at Taehyun. "Keep this kid on a leash," he growled. "We'll let you explain yourselves, let's go," he commanded, turning and shifting back to his polar bear form, walking away. The others soon followed after him and Taehyun, Soobin and Beomgyu had no choice but to follow.

Once they were back at the pack house, the female vampire and one of the polar bears and the dog broke away, the polar bear going to change and put on some clothes before coming back while the dog stayed by the female vampire as if to protect her.

"We can talk on the back deck," said the 'shifter. "I don't think even [i you] would want to be inside where everyone could kill you hm?" He asked. Soobin nodded, motioning for him to go ahead. The 'shifter eyed him for a full minute before turning and walking towards the back deck, the female vampire and the dog following after him.

"We can leave right now," growled Taehyun. "We need to do this, it was his last wish," mumbled Soobin, speaking Russian again. They were forced to move when the 'shifters started converging on them, and Soobin took the lead, Taehyun to his left and Beomgyu to his right to protect him.

"What's your name human?" Asked the 'shifter as everyone found a place to sit. "Isn't it polite to state your name first?" Asked Soobin, speaking English again as he tried to look indifferent.

"...Daniel, are you happy now?" Asked Daniel. "You already know Jisoo, it seems," he added, motioning to said vampire.

"God, everything makes sense now!" Shouted Taehyun, flinching back apologetically as Daniel raised an eyebrow at him. "Um," mumbled Soobin. "Don't mind him?" He asked, laughing nervously as he shoved Taehyun by the arm, earning a grumble from Taehyun. "Sorry, but it's true," he whined.

"[i Anyway]," Soobin interrupted, speaking English again. "I'm Soobin," he added. "The hostile hybrid is my best friend Taehyun, and the one over there with grey-ish hair is Beomgyu, he's Taehyun's right hand man," he said, introducing them.

"So what was your reason for coming here? Other than the fact that you're part of Gunil's faction?" Asked Daniel. "You knew who we were then?" Asked Soobin as he blinked in surprise. "Word travels fast in this world, get used to it human," Daniel said with a shake of his head.

"Oi," growled Taehyun. "Cool it Taehyun," Soobin said, scowling as he lightly hit Taehyun on the shoulder. "You have a [i name]," Taehyun emphasized, glaring at Daniel who calmly looked back at him.

"Taehyun," spoke up Beomgyu as he shifted in his seat, fixing his gaze on Taehyun. "Leave it, they wouldn't be talking to us if we weren't allowed here," he commented. "Right, right," grumbled Taehyun as he crossed his arms over his chest, behaving for now.

"Well, we were following after a lead," said Soobin as he turned back to Daniel and Jisoo. "And we have reason to believe that the beast that was Gunil's wolf form belonged to your mate," he added. Jisoo blinked in surprise.

"It makes sense when you think about it," hummed Beomgyu, speaking English. "He was slowly losing control, and we couldn't figure out why," he added.

"So that's where my wolf went?" Asked Jisoo. "God, I've heard stories of his accomplishments but I didn't know [i that] was what happened to him," she said. "You knew what was happening then?" Asked Soobin.

"I had an [i idea]," Jisoo responded with a sigh. "But I didn't know where my wolf was going, I just... I don't know," she whispered.

"He didn't know where the wolf came from, so it's okay," said Soobin. "They're at peace now, it got too out of hand and we had to end it," he mumbled. "At least they're at peace now," hummed Jisoo. "Thank you, for bringing closure to me," she added.

"We had to bring closure for him too," Soobin commented with a soft smile. "It was his last wish, for us to find you anyway," he added.

[center ~]

After letting Soobin eat a meal they headed off, further west to find Gunil's brother Jisung to let him know of the news. Beomgyu was the one to let him know via a simple text and Jisung's host Kisu responded that they were home, and were welcome to head over.

"God, I can finally get a bed to sleep in," whined Soobin as he was being carried on Beomgyu's back this time. "Get some sleep, we'll be there in no time," said Beomgyu as he attached the two person harness that Soobin [i insisted] on getting to his back before bending down and letting Soobin climb into the back part of the harness and let Taehyun tighten the straps before Beomgyu straightened, testing the strength with Soobin on his back before taking a few steps. Soobin closed his eyes, settling himself into Beomgyu's back as he got comfortable. Once Soobin was fine Beomgyu ran off, sprinting at full speed with Taehyun following after him.

[center ~]

It took longer than usual to head over, as Beomgyu and Taehyun needed to hunt and Soobin needed to eat, but eventually they made it, following a road that led straight up to the house.

"Soobin," Beomgyu said gently as he gently shook Soobin awake. "Hm?" Soobin asked sleepily. "We're here," hummed Beomgyu as Taehyun went to loosen the straps, letting Soobin climb out of the harness once Beomgyu bent down.

The door opened and Kisu stepped out nodding to them before inviting them in. Soobin was the first to head into the house, Taehyun following after him after helping Beomgyu out of the harness. Beomgyu took a second to take in his surroundings before following after them, heading inside and closing the door behind him.

"Why don't you get some sleep? We can talk more in the morning," Kisu said to Soobin. "I'd imagine your vampires would need to hunt," he added. "Do you mind?" Asked Soobin. "My pack alpha knows your here, so it's fine," responded Kisu as he nodded.

"You guys can go hunt," Soobin said, turning to Beomgyu and Taehyun. "I need to sleep," he added. "Will you be okay here?" Asked Taehyun, looking warily at Kisu. "I'll be fine," Soobin responded reassuringly as he smiled softly at Taehyun. "Go, you two need to hunt," he added.

"Will he- will he be okay?" Asked Taehyun, speaking English for the first time in a [i long time]. "Soobin will be fine," Kisu answered reassuringly. "I'll let you see the room he'll be staying in if it helps?" He asked. Taehyun nodded, and Kisu motioned for them to follow him, leading Soobin to a guest room with a bathroom attached to it.

"You'll be sharing the bathroom with I think Hyunjin and Jungwoo but you should be left to your own devices," explained Kisu as Soobin looked around the room.

"Whose room is this if you don't mind me asking?" Asked Soobin. "It is actually a guest room, it's just that the other wolves like having their own space, so Jeno will occasionally sleep in here," answered Kisu. "Ah," hummed Soobin.

"Go hunt then," Soobin said, turning to Taehyun. "I know you need to," he added. "Fine," grumbled Taehyun, huffing as he turned and left after dropping the bag he had been carrying to the floor, soon leaving the house with Beomgyu.

"Protective isn't he?" Kisu asked with an amused tone. "I'm the only human in this mini coven of ours, so he's a bit over protective," Soobin explained with a lighthearted chuckle.

"Jisung is curious, though he will wait until the morning to talk," hummed Kisu before he left the room, closing the door behind him. Soobin went to take the bag and open it, grabbing a change of clothes and his towel before going to take a shower and change into a pair of basketball shorts and a black t-shirt. He soon reentered the room and went to flop down on the bed and fell asleep.

[center ~]

The next morning Soobin was woken by the sounds of people moving around, stretching in his bed before sitting up rather abruptly, almost forgetting where he was before remembering the journey it took to get here. He sighed, getting up and going into the bathroom after knocking to make sure there was no one in it and going to brush his teeth and get ready for the day.

Once he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a plain blue t-shirt Soobin headed out of the room, walking towards the sounds of people and into the kitchen.

"Ah, you must be the guest," commented the person at the stove as he didn't look up from cooking. "Soobin," Soobin answered in introduction. "Changkyun, I'm the pack alpha," Changkyun responded with a nod of his head. "Sit down and have some coffee, your coven mates are outside with Sunggyu, our resident vampire," he added. Soobin hummed, going to get a cup of coffee and sit down at the kitchen island, soon being joined by Kisu and two people he hadn't met yet, one getting coffee and the other going outside to get some fresh air.

"It's been so long since we've had guests," hummed Kisu as he shook his head. "I'm Hyunjin, the one who went outside is Jungwoo," Hyunjin said, smiling at Soobin who smiled back. "We almost have everyone," commented Kisu as he shrugged.

"Where'd everyone else go?" Asked Soobin. "Travelling, missions, the like," answered Changkyun as he called for breakfast, everyone who was outside walking back in and those who ate went to get plates of food, sitting around the kitchen island to eat while Taehyun, Beomgyu and Sunggyu sat at the kitchen table.

[center ~]

After breakfast Kisu let Jisung out, Jisung soon standing in his place as he stretched. "Well damn, he really does look a lot like Gunil," commented Beomgyu, earning a nod in agreement from Taehyun.

"I guess since you're here you're here to give me news of my brother?" Asked Jisung as he turned to Soobin. Soobin took off the metal chain of the dogtag that belonged to Gunil and threw it at Jisung who caught it, looking at the name on it.

"...Oh," Jisung whispered as it sunk in, clutching the dogtag tightly in his hand. "He asked for us to come see you," Soobin explained.

"Is he- is he at rest now? I know he didn't like showing how much he was suffering but," Jisung stuttered, putting the chain around his neck. "He's at rest now," Soobin answered with a nod. "G-Good," mumbled Jisung as he closed his eyes with a sigh. "Thank you, for bringing me this," he added. Soobin nodded, unable to say much more.

[center ~]

"I guess we'll be off now," commented Soobin as he and the others prepared to leave a few days later. "It's a nice area, we'll be sure to come visit again," he added. "Come by again soon, we'll be fine having you here," Jisung agreed, smiling at them.

"Why do I have to be the one carrying him this time?" Grumbled Taehyun as he prepared the harness, letting Soobin hop in once he was fine and standing, letting Beomgyu adjust the straps. "I had to carry him here, and don't lie, you're fine with Soobin on your back," Beomgyu teased, earning another grumble from Taehyun as Soobin let out a soft chuckle.

Taehyun only complained because they were leaving after all. Soobin saw right through his lies.

"We'll see you again soon then!" Taehyun called to Jisung who waved. Taehyun adjusted Soobin again before they were off, heading towards their next destination.
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King of angst and cliffhangers. Fanfiction writer, Kpop stanner. Also notice is going to kill me. oops

[center Epilogue]

[i Hey Kai,

I know you probably won't read this unless you feel really sad but I'm here. I'm still living. I still haven't came around yet huh?

I told you not to wait for me. I have friends watching over you okay? You'll be okay. I know it.

You've probably grown into a big boy now? I'm sorry I missed it. I'm probably too busy to come see you, but I swear, I will be home soon okay?


[center ~]

Kai read the letter again, sniffling as he stared at it. "G-Gyu," he mumbled, wiping his tears. "I k-know you said not to wait but I miss you Gyu," he whimpered, folding the letter and putting it back in the envelope, putting it in the drawer by his desk.

"Kai," called Yeonjun as he knocked on the door to his room. Kai quickly wiped his tears, turning to the door as it opened. "Y-Yes?" Asked Kai as he looked up at Yeonjun. "Ready to go to the fort? I need to do some work on it and you can help if you want," explained Yeonjun.

"Can we roast marshmallows after?" Asked Kai as he looked hopeful. "Sure, and we'll have dinner too," responded Yeonjun as he smiled softly. "Yeah!" Shouted Kai as he got up, running out the door to his room. "Careful Kai!" Yeonjun called, going to get Kai's camping gear before leaving the room.

Junhan met them outside, smiling softly at Kai before nodding to Yeonjun who shook his head at the excited puppy persona Kai had adopted when he was excited.

Kai ran to the fort in excitement, his caretaker waving in goodbye while Yeonjun dragged the cooler behind him and Junhan followed after Kai to make sure he didn't get into trouble.

[center ~]

"Any news from my brother?" Asked Yeonjun as he and Junhan worked on replacing the old tarp that was now falling apart. "And Gyu!" Exclaimed Kai as he walked over with some sticks for the fire pit. "I got a letter recently," hummed Junhan. "Beomgyu is fine," he assured Kai who nodded before running off to get more sticks for the fire pit.

"You have a letter addressed to you, actually," remarked Junhan as he grabbed it from his pack and handed it over to Yeonjun who put it in his pants pocket to read later. "I'll read it before bed," stated Yeonjun, going to throw the new tarp onto the roof and tie it down with Junhan helping. Junhan nodded, letting out a soft sigh as he tightened the paracord holding the tarp to the roof.

"You miss them too?" Asked Yeonjun. "I miss the others to be honest with you," Junhan hummed, honestly. "Have you spoken to Jiseok at all?" Asked Yeonjun.

"He's asked how you were," Junhan answered with a shake of his head. "Nothing more though," he added. "I guess I am nothing more than a soldier to him," hummed Yeonjun. "If only you knew," grumbled Junhan.

[center ~]

After dinner it had started to rain, so Kai and Yeonjun went into the fort to relax a bit and watch cartoons on Yeonjun's laptop. Well, it had been Soobin's old laptop but Yeonjun started using it after Soobin had gotten a new one. Yeonjun just repurposed it into a light movie watching and gaming machine, upgrading it to the max of what it could be anyway.

In the middle of their movie marathon Kai had fallen asleep in his sleeping bag, lightly snoring as he covered his eyes with his arm. Yeonjun turned and zipped up the sleeping bag, patting Kai on the head before pausing the movie and going to turn off the laptop when he remembered the letter. He took it out of his pocket, sitting up and leaning against the wall of the fort as he opened the envelope and unfolded it, using the laptop's bright screen to read it.

[center ~]

[i Jun,

Hey bro, didn't think you'd hear from me huh?

I'm here, alive and well. Taehyun and Beomgyu are treating me well I promise.

I finished school finally, since I don't have to worry about the military with being a citizen of a different country anyway. I know, you'd hate me for defecting to another country or something but I had no choice.

Luckily everyone else says you're safe. I hope so.

I forgive you, for what you did to protect me.

You knew dad was coming home soon, so you kicked me out right? I was stupid to come back but Taehyun INSISTED that I told mom that I was alive and well.]

That earned a shocked laugh from Yeonjun, sighing at something only Taehyun would do. "Only Taehyun, huh?" He asked, shaking his head as he continued reading.

[i Anyway.

I'm fine, I promise. I won't tell you where I am now but just be wary of the government okay?

Junhan is there to protect you and Kai. You're my only family member left, and Beomgyu continues to blame himself for his actions for Kai so he tries to make it up to Kai by doing this. I don't blame him, but when you see him again smack him over the head for me yeah?

When you get this letter there may be a surprise for you. Maybe you're camping with Kai at the fort while Junhan keeps watch. Maybe it's night time and Kai is fast asleep beside you in a sleeping bag.

I don't know. I'm predicting things but.

Look up]

That last line caused Yeonjun to look up, blinking when there was a knock on the door to the fort. It was only Junhan who peeked his head in wondering why it had gone quiet. "Oh, you're finally reading the letter, okay," hummed Junhan as he nodded, closing the door behind him as he moved away from it.

Yeonjun huffed, sighing as he looked back at the letter, turning the page when it continued on the other side.

[i Hah, scared you right? It was probably Junhan or someone. Anyway.

Tell Kai Gyu says hi.

He swears he will visit soon.

So will I, maybe?

Your brother,


Yeonjun looked at the bottom of the page, seeing a picture of Beomgyu, Taehyun and Soobin grinning at the camera with Soobin being carried on Taehyun's back as Beomgyu had been the one to take the picture. He noticed how much more happy the three of them were, and it caused Yeonjun to smile in relief. As long as Soobin was happy, Yeonjun was okay.

Yeonjun picked up the picture, getting up and lightly tacking it into the wall with a nail next to dozens of other pictures he had saved from the other letters before going back to the platform and folding the letter, putting it on his laptop keyboard before closing the lid, getting into his sleeping bag and falling asleep to the sounds of rain.

[center ~]

The next morning Yeonjun poked at the fire pit, looking for at least [i one] ember before giving up with a grumble and going to get the firewood, quickly starting a fire and going to make sure the pan was clean before starting on breakfast, humming to himself.

Junhan walked over after spending the night hunting and keeping an eye on their surroundings, flopping down in one of the chairs after shaking it dry from the puddle that was in the middle of it.

"How was the rain last night?" Asked Yeonjun as he focused on making scrambled eggs and bacon. "Fine," hummed Junhan. "Nothing went on either, it's been quiet," he added. "Can you keep an eye on the food while I go see if Kai's awake yet?" Asked Yeonjun. "Sure," said Junhan as he got up, switching places with Yeonjun and taking over the cooking while Yeonjun went to wake up Kai.

After getting Kai up and dressed they walked back over to get breakfast, Yeonjun sitting Kai down in the chair that Junhan had abandoned. "Did you add a new picture?" Asked Kai as Yeonjun went back to making breakfast. "I did," hummed Yeonjun. "Did you see how happy they were?" He asked. "Yeah!" Kai answered excitedly.

"Did Gyu say anything?" Asked Kai. "He said hello," Yeonjun responded as he nodded. "Is he coming soon?" Asked Kai as he looked hopeful. "He swears he will," hummed Yeonjun as he moved the eggs and bacon into plates, handing a plate to Kai before going to sit down after wiping down another chair.

"Soon, always soon," mumbled Kai as he looked down at his plate. "Hey, I miss them too you know?" Asked Yeonjun as he turned to Kai. "It's okay," he added. "They [i will] visit, I don't know when but I have a feeling that it will be soon," he explained. "I-I know, I just- I just miss them," stuttered Kai as he sighed.

[center ~]

Long into the night, when the fort was empty and everyone had long gone home a figure appeared out of the shadows of the forest, a shadow of a large wolf beside them.

"We made it home, huh?" Asked the figure as they walked over to the fort, opening the door and looking inside to see all the pictures. The figure smiled at the pictures, reaching into their pocket and taking out a letter, finding the box of nails under the platform and the small piece of wood that acted like a hammer. They tacked the letter next to the most recent picture before putting the box of nails and the piece of wood back into its place, leaving the fort and closing the door before making sure to hold it closed with the latch that had been installed some time ago.

"Come on then," the figure said to their wolf companion, turning into the moonlight and revealing who it was before they sprinted into the forest with the wolf following after them.

[center ~]

A lone figure stood over the sleeping figure of Kai, smiling softly at how peaceful he looked. They took out a small stuffed wolf from the pack they were carrying and gently placed it into Kai's arms along with a letter attached.

"Gyu," Kai mumbled in his sleep, clutching at the stuffed animal before turning around in his sleep. The figure patted Kai on the head before turning and leaving without a sound, going to meet up with their companions.


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