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Let's get crafty! (MxF/MxM) (TW: gore and other stuff related)

By -_Pixie_-

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So this is a regular day in a regular bland town, kids racing down the street, adults going to work and those teenagers that just sit by the school's trash getting high and feeling on each other. Y/C wasn't too much into it they were more of the quiet of the bunch; Hanging out with their only two friends after school in their backyard, y'know- being "normal".

Well on a pretty "normal" school day a week later a new guy had shown up they seemed pale and had a pretty dark vibe with them. Other than that they looked like the decent teenage guy. A few days pass and he come up to Y/C.

"Ty znayesh', gde ya mogu nayti klass A1?" It was obvious he spoke russian from his accent and Y/C couldn't understand a thing they just looked at him like he was weird.

He cleared his throat to try again. "Class A1-" The words were still russian-y but this time they knew what he'd meant. Couple of days pass by and they end up pretty close friends, Y/C even helped him with some English- but during class at some point he asked her something absolutely out of the ordinary.

"Have you ever killed anyone?" He whispered to them without sounding anywhere near like they were joking.

And we just go off from there, this is just a WWYD))
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bbg_starrStorm   322d ago

-_Pixie_-     322d ago
The most bottom-est person ever

bbg_starrStorm   322d ago

So do I start or?)
-_Pixie_-     322d ago
The most bottom-est person ever

Yeah you just go off of what i typed in the desc))
bbg_starrStorm   322d ago

Storm laughed,thinking he was joking. [I He sounds to serious to be joking!"]* "Y-you are joking right?" She asked?

**In her mind**
-_Pixie_-Kint   322d ago
The most bottom-est person ever

He shook his head. "No, I'm being serious. But maybe I shouldn't've asked then?" He sighed.
bbg_starrStorm   322d ago

"H-", she cleared her throat, her voice still came out squeaky. "Have you?"
-_Pixie_-Kint   322d ago
The most bottom-est person ever

He grinned a little. "Yes, more than I could count! But I try not to talk about it much- definitely not in school."
bbg_starrStorm   321d ago

"How? Why? When?" She asked
-_Pixie_-Kint   318d ago
The most bottom-est person ever

"It'd be best if I showed you rather then speak about it." He shrugged.
bbg_starrStorm   316d ago

"Would you ever kill me?" She asked...She trusted him but was wary.
-_Pixie_-Kint   313d ago
The most bottom-est person ever

He raised a brow. "Why would I want to kill you? You've done nothing to cross me- yet."


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