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UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee hums out as he looked over the code for the Aus as he was the protector of them also, though he did it alone. Today he had to go out and check on some Au's that seemed out of the ordinary " H̶ ̴H̵m̷.̵.̵.̸ ̷w̴h̴a̶t̶ ̷d̸o̶ ̴i̸ ̶n̴e̷e̵d̸?̸?̷ " he said to nobody

Crane sighed and woke up. He was surprised as he looked around He wasn't used to being  here. It was off he was used to being in the snow not in code. He stood up and was back to normal.

" what was that?" He asked himself
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee walked out of the code and sees Crane and walked over " H̵e̷l̸l̸o̶ ̶t̸h̷e̷r̸e̷" Vee said as he pulled up code and looked through it as he starts to walk

He looked slightly confused " Hello to you too" he said as he thought for a moment. " what are you doing here?" He would question. As ge did that he would fix the 'save points' on his shall.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee stopped and turned to him , clearing his voice so he can try to speak clearly " W well um.. i come here to fix Glitches, or well players that are cheating the code, here it seems the code is um.... B̶̮̍r̸̓͜ọ̵́k̵̛͚e̶̙͝n̶͜͠ in a way"

He looked at his ' save points '. 
" oh do you think it's because of these?" He asked as he ponited to the stars. 
" because I...I can put them back if needed " he said reluctantly.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

" no... not because of them.." He said as he looked " a player is killing off everything.. even if they are not apart of this Au's co-" Vee looked down as he  sees blood and a knife going through his chest

" no!" He grabbed vee and pulled him away. He seemed to now change into a different form. It some what looked like a Blaster. " no" he only had a cinnamon bunny and gave Vee it. [#afadaa " where did they go this time?"] He asked
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee coughed up blood as he looked in horror at his hands, he grabbed the bun and eats. Vee looked at his HP

LV ??? 0.01/1

He sighed when he  saw Vee's Hp.[#afadaa
 "I'm sure some of the monster here can help."]  He looked around and sighed [#afadaa " I can get more stuff from the store"] he said and offter to help Vee up
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee held onto Crane's hand as he stands and grunts, blood dripped onto the snow " o-okay.. lets go"

He would quickly change back to normal. The store was far from there. He would go to the store farly quickly. He had about 10 G from what he found and would by some of the better healing items. He would look to Vee. 
" here," he handed him ont as he walked for him to eat that he had another ready. He seemed to look about for something.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

As vee eats his Hp gets higher " that was one of the gliches" Vee said as he stands and looked down his shirt to see a scar " we need to find them

" yeah" he would nod  and sigh. " but your okay right now right?" He asked titling his head. His eyes now started to glow a sliver color.
" I'm sorry but your name is." He would pause for a moment. " Vee?" He asked
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

" hm? you know my name?" Vee asked as he smiled a bit " and yes im okay" he said as he dusts off his sweater " your umm..." he looked through the files " crane, right?"

" yeah I am." He nodded and looked away. "  just a good guess " he shrugged and sighed. " well we better get going "  he looked around and opened the door. He smiled.
" so are you ready?"
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee smiled as he walked out, there was only dust.. no other monsters. he sighed and held his hand out to Crane " ready??"

He would nod and grabbed Vees hand he looked around at the dust of his friends. " let's go find them." He looked from left to right almost expecting for it to be a joke but he knew better.  

" so how long as this been happening?"
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee held his hand as he walked" for years... This player wont stop... they already killed everyone before." Vee sighed and walked

His 'eye' hollowed  " they even got by me?" He asked " of course they did" he shook his head. " so you have been tring to get them for that long?" He sighed.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

" yes ever since.." Vee puts a hand over his glitched out eye " i died to them multiple times.. every time i meet you, its just like you forget .... " Vee sighed and lets crane's hand go " I-its not important lets just go! haha" Vee walked, thinking and going through the codes.
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

He slowly put his hand to his side " I just thought it was a nightmare. So all of that is real?" He asked but he would fall silent and look down.
"...Sorry" he muttered
Alice-AngelAlice Angel   324d ago
"So you're 'Mr. Loverboy' eh?" | Use tone-tags with me if we're just chatting | I'm learning Italian | "Merda, lui e alto" -Quote from me|

<{ Just wanna say something lump- I've been waiting for you in our 1x1 }>
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee stopped and turns to him. he walked over and hugged Crane " im sorry, i promise this will all stop." he glitched a bit before pulling away
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

" why are you sorry?" He hugged him back. " You don't need to fell bad it's not your fault" he sighed and looked around. " well they have been though here....again" he lthought of where they might go
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee nods and looked at the code " it says... they are in the temmie village, lets go!" he smiled and ran, peeking past the wall to see the player 

The player hummed as they crushed dust, and walked into the shop
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

He seemed to be waiting for Vee. " so that's the monster?" He asked in a whisper and held his head and looked down. He took a step back and sighed he didn't seem to look away from the player.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

" yes" vee said as he sommoned a blaster " here we go again" he said and ran at the player, starting to attack

the player laughed " bac again i see?" they said as they glashed at Vee, hitting him the first try " sorry, but im way stronger then you think!" they said as they stabbed Vee over and over again
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

[#afadaa " NO!"] He changed into his Blaster form. And started shooting  the play from where he was before taking the player off vee. 
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee was coughing up blood as he dropped his gaster, it turns to dust as he turns his head to Crane " crane..." he whispered out

The player died, smiling 

Vee looked at his Hp 

Vee Lv1 000.1/1

" damn it.." he said as he coughed up blood
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

He quickly ran over to him " no no no" he rember he had some food from before and handed him some he looked at his own Hp. It wasn't bad so he didn't bother telling. 
" there" he changed back to his normal self.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee reached but stopped and smiled " no... its okay... if i died then everything will reset again.." Vee grunts and held his hand
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

He held his hand " please?" He asked " you don't know if they will?" He asked " please?" He was still offering it to Vee.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee sighed and takes it, biting down onto the food. he heals up the most he could and stood
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

He stood up beside him. He shivered slightly.  At looked to where the player was. " do you think we can ever make them stop?"  He seemed to ask as he held put his hand.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

" i know we could" Vee said as he held onto his chest, the player smiled as they killed more

Vee gasps " i have an idea" he said as he opened the codes, grabbing his glasses and placing them on
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

He was able to see it and sighed. He looked down. " what's tour plan?" He asked looking back up to see vee get his glasses. " how did you- never mind" he shook his head
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee looked at him " i will be back, go after them but dont show yourself" he said as he walked through a portal
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

He would nod. He sighed and started to follow staying to the shadows. This seemed off to him
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

The player makes it to the hall

Vee was waiting there, blocking the entrench as he made the gliches around his eye and growled
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

He walked closer still not being seen. He knew he needed  to be waiting on them in the hall. But he halted to see what was going to happen. He saw vees eye and got closer. " what are you doing?" He asked himself in almost a whisper he was ready to jump into a fight at any moment
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee smiled and walked to the player " you know, for as long as i remember, i couldn't beat you. 199 . remember that number? thats how many times you ' won' how many times i died right? but now. i know how to stop you and give me back everyone." Vee chuckled a bit as his ' broken eye' glows brightly " and i dont need to kill you"

the player growled and ran to him with the real knife, yelling curses at him. Vee stands there with a smile as he got slashed. once he did the room went black and stuff wrapped around the player " i got you"
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

The number echoes  in Cranes head as he heard the conversation. After the player was caught he would step out of the shadow. His left eye had turned a a abnormal sliver is red. His right eye remainded silver.  He looked to the player.
" you killed us 199 times you haved had enough yet?" He smiled " to bad all the save points around this hall is here." He ponited to the stars 9n his jacket and walked to Vee.

" Hey Vee, what are you going to do?" He asked. " you aren't going to kill them then what are you going to do?"
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee held his cut and smiled " i will take their soul, without one their body will die and they will not be able to reset" he walked to them " welcome to your special hell, Player 88927" Vee said as he stabbed his hand into their chest, taking the soul as he wrapped it up and sent it away. 

The player coughed up blood and died " now then.." he brought up a screen and sighed. Vee turned to Crane " crane... you may not remember me but i do... we've.. we have gotten very close.." Vee hugged him as he felt hot yellow tears run down his face " i have to do a true reset on this Au.. maybe one day, in some timeline we can meet again.." Vee held onto his shirt for a while in the hug
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

" you did look...and so did they" he hugged Vee. " please don't cry. " He sighed and looked around. " so I'll get all my friends back?" He asked hugging vee. He seemed to remember something like this before. He sighed.
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

" yes.. all of them" Vee wiped his eyes and looked at him " since you might not remember me... i wanna say something" he sighed and leaned close " we... before this we were dating, you mentioned you wanted to marry me and we were so happy.. " Vee ' kissed' Cranes cheek bone before pulling away " i want you to be happy like that with someone else, you deserve it" Vee smiled and takes off his necklace " long ago, you gave this to me as a promise, now i will give this to you" he placed it in his hand " a promise that we will find each other" he smiled and turned around, going to the button

[ ♡ True Reset]

Vee puts his hand over the button
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

" promise you'll find me?" He teared up and looked at it and put it on. Before Vee rest everything he looked up. " i...I'll never forget you...I promise " he wiped away his sliver tears. " how...this has happened before." He muttered and hugged vee.

" I hope your also happy with someone..." He rember bits of things that had happened before. He smiled.

" thank you..." He would put his hand over the button and vees hand and wait
UsernotFoundVee   324d ago

Vee smiled a bit before holding Cranes hand and closing his eyes " this will seem like a bad dream" he said as he pressed the reset button. a white flash appeared as Vee shoots up. He gasps and looked around to see he was in snow, he can now see out of both eyes . Vee sits up and looked around

" SANS! YOU LAZY BONES! I WAS GONE FOR TWO SECOUNDS AND YOU WERE ASLEEP!" Papyrus crossed his arms and looked at Vee 

" papy?" Vee shakes as he crys and hugged him " papyrus! i..i didnt think i would see you again.." his tears fell in the snow
The_useless_lump_Crane   324d ago

( would you like me to be sans or Papyrus also I don't mind)
Crane shoot awake and looked around he could hear sans geting yelled at for sleep smd snickered a small bit. Well he must had fallen asleep too so not much could be said. He was in a dark room he would get out into the cold snow. Something to him seemed off the dream felt so real.

Can you play papyrus please??))

Vee smiled and pulled away, looking down to see his jacket as he smiled " ill be back" he said as he walked and going to grillbe's , grabbing fries and eating


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