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|- Nowhere Train -| [Open]

By -Solaris-

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rυleѕ/cнaracтer card
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Streetlights, people, living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night

Avalon, Oregon is a sleepy, ideal mountain town that time has seemingly forgot. The only way to get to the town is by the train that passes through its terrain. It's closed off to the world, and full of secrets. 【 Ink 】has lived there off and on throughout their life with their grandparents, and after the death of their grandparents, rather than sell the home, 【 Ink 】reaches out to people that they've known throughout their life to come and help pay for the mortgage on the large home.

Their friends- college grads, dropouts, or otherwise seemingly soul searching millenials are more than eager to take 【 Ink 】up on their offer only to discover that Avalon is full of far more secrets than its inhabitants are willing to let on.

【 Roles 】

【 Honey 】
- lipstick, a sweet voice, confident laughter, handwritten notes, tries their best, loves fashion and dogs, bright eyes like the sun, new cities, good grades

【 Woodsmoke 】
- tired souls, ticket stubs and street maps from places they've visited, bodies full of untold stories, missing the train, coffee, gentle words

【 Wisteria 】
- dreamy evenings, freshly-baked cinnamon rolls, sipping tea, writing in a diary, thick, worn-out jumpers, handfuls of flowers, falling in love, book piles [taken ]

【 Saltwater 】
- dark, tousled hair, ripped jeans, paintbrushes, lofty grins, swallowing hard, a little broken, trying desperately to be a good person

【 Ink 】
- soft aching hands buried in messy hair, tragic smiles, scribbling on dusty parchment, ancient ruins, attic windows, stars, cups of tea gone cold [taken ]

【 Thunderstorms 】
- leather jackets, eyeliner wings, sharpening their smiles, lace-up boots, vinyl records, wikipedia articles, tangled earphones, cigarette afternoons
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