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The Day Will Come (Story)

By Vossler


Johnathan Robinson is an NYPD officer who is also an assassin for a group known as Saiapentes Gladius.

He is given one final mission from the boss; Kill his right hand man and he will be free from his contract.

Little does he know, one press of the trigger from his rifle, Johnathan just got himself involved in a conspiracy that he was never meant to be a part of...


Johnathan Robinson - Victim of the betrayal at Kravics mansion, also a target by the police and Vlagan

Vlagan Kriser - The boss of Saiapentes Gladius. A very wealthy man who is in his 60's. His organization is a front for a Christian cult.

Kravic Choles - The man who owns it all; whores, booze, drugs, cars, and even manions! This tall stocky bald man will get what he wants his way whenever he wants.

Saturn Vermil - One of Kravics 'whores' who despises him very much. Some say she even called the hit on Kravic. Some say she even set Johnathan up.

Greg Richards - An ace detective on duty. He witnessed the "murder" happen. He is one of Johnathans good friends.

Daley Parker - One of the cops on duty at night. She became a cop to be closer to her best friend Greg as well as stop crime-doers

Bridget Linderson - The computer geek at the police HQ. She is the one leading the hacking part of the case; tracking Johnathans phone, hacking into his computer, finding files on him.

Rose McCoy - A friend of Johnathans, also an assassin.

Micheal Edwards "Chief Mike" - The chief of the NYPD 11 Precinct He is said to have a tie with Saipentes Gladius. None of this was confirmed though.

Langley Madison - Johnathans assigned partner in the NYPD. She is the main detective leading the case. She is dedicated to her cause and sees to complete her goals.

Samuel Eldersoul Reynolds - The son of Winston Eldersoul and Elsa Reynolds. He decided to get in a life of crime and murder. Once he made a name for himself he became a mobster hitman who kills who he's told to kill.

Jimmy "Techno" Mason - Jimmy Techno is a hacker who was once an SG member. He is a recluse who is hiding from SG and other men who want him dead.

Gilesh Harris - A hitman assigned to take Ace back in custody to the government, also took a job from SG to kill Johnathan

Charles Mayweather - An undercover FBI agent who is pretending to be in good terms with SG when in reality he is working to get them shut down.

Ashely Linder - Charles partner, they were partners ever since they worked for the NYPD and soon joined the FBI

Liam Hawthorne - He is the current president of the USA. He lives in a mansion rather than the white house and doesn't really rely on secret service all the time. He is running a secret government operation that involves breeding supersoldiers

Ryan Carson - Gregs partner and good friend from college. Ryan usually goes with Greg on stakeouts and car chases but sometimes stays at the station to take calls and make sure interrogations go as planned.

Carlyle Evans - Carlyle is the main squad leader in Liams circle of personal hand-picked FBI agents He is tasked with finding Ace Kavunder and to bring him back alive at all costs

Intel - Intel is the name given to a mysterious man in black who has secret motives involving a violent drug that turns people into flesh eating zombies. His real name remains a mystery and there are no records whatsoever of him. It's like he doesn't exist literally and metaphorically.

Agent X - Simply known as Agent X, this individual is tasked with keeping an eye on Saiapentes Gladius. He only reports to a mysterious individual only known as The Voice.

Unofficial Soundtrack

Credits go to Avery Alexander & Blanck Mass

The Day Will Come Theme

The Day Will Come Credits

Crisis (Investigation Theme)

Hunter - Saiapentes Gladius Theme

Intels Theme

The Voices Theme

Season 1 - Betrayed

Episode 1 - Betrayed

Episode 2 - You scratch my back, I scratch yours

Episode 3 - Of Blood and Money

Episode 4 - Decorated Coffin

Episode 5 - Clues

Episode 6 - Lurking Shadows

Episode 7 - Ambush

Episode 8 - Conspiracies

Episode 9 - Manhunt

Episode 10 - Welcome to The Party

Episode 11 - It's Not a Party Without a Fight

Episode 12 - The Party's About to End

Season 2 - Secrets N' Lies

"It's what this city runs on..."

Episode 1 - Quarantine

Episode 2 - Secrets

Episode 3 - Skyrofym

Episode 4 - Corruption

Episode 5 - The New Member

Episode 6 - The Vaccination

Episode 7 - Two Faced

Episode 8 - The Wilted Rose

Episode 9 - The Buried Piece

Episode 10 - The Break Out/A Titan of A Murder Case

Episode 11 - The Intel

Episode 12 - The Hunt For Ace & Gilesh

Episode 13 -
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VosslerXaxos The Twisted   205d ago

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[h3 [b [I [center Episode 1 - Betrayed]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center The Year 4800/Prologue]]]]

"[b Wake up Johnathan,]" a voice said. The only thing that were visible were illuminating red eyes that blinked every once in a while.

"Where am I?" Johnathan asked.

"You'll know in due time, but for right now you must answer my questions thoroughly. The fate of the world lies in your hands." The figure spoke as he walked around the room. He blinked his red eyes two times and stopped in front of Johnathan. "You had to kill a friend, a very close friend...Because in the end they betrayed you for power. They went mad with it and you had no choice am I right?"

"I had a choice" Johnathan told it.

"The choice was either let them use the device to destroy the world or end their life and save billions of people...Now onto the next one; Who is Unknown X?" It asked.

"Just another man who went mad with power." Johnathan replied.

The figure sighed and blinked its eyes once more. "I asked for his name."

"Not until you tell me yours."

"Fine, onto the next question; How did you end up in this position?"

"Well better take a seat because in order to tell you how I got in this position I'm going to have to tell you the whole story. It all started in late 2014 when I was given a final hit from my the assassin leader of Saiapentes Gladius

[h3 [b [i [center Episode 1 - Betrayed - Year 2014]]]]

It was a cloudy night in the city of Alyan on December 21st. The moon shone brightly through the clouds as it passed over; revealing the moon every now and then before covering it again.

It was very quiet on Rein Street, barring the sporadic howl of neglected mutts every 15 minutes or so' "I 'm waiting." A tall, and bald Caucasian man said to himself. He was wearing a black suit which held a pack of Red Delights from his pocket. He pulled out the pack and shook it once forcing a cigarette to pop up from the little hole. He pulled the cigarette from the soft pack before returning it to his pocket then pulled out a lighter. He lit his cigarette and blew out a puff of thick smoke towards the back window of the house. 

Johnathan waited restlessly on a tree branch in a backyard across from the man. A Remington 700. sniper rifle rested comfortably in his hands. Its scope was capable of letting him pick a target five times further away than without it. He rested his finger near the trigger and his black earpiece buzzed. He pressed the button on it.

A voice spoke "Remember."

Johnathan nodded. That was his the assassin leader Vlagan. His other boss besides Chief Mike. A man who aimed for perfection. Vlagans nickname was Icarus because of how close he seemed to fly towards his own sun; His pride. "Understood,"  he clicked off and took a deep breath. "Asshole." He relaxed his finger near the trigger when all of a sudden a loud '[b BARK]' rang through his ears and nearly made him fall off the branch. He was able to maintain himself. "Fucking mutt." He looked down and saw a black Rottweiler under the branch looking at him. "Here Sparky." He pulled out a piece of meat from his pack and threw it away from his direction and the dog went after it.

"Kravic. I'm going home now.” A white Ukrainian woman said who was in Kravics room.  
Kravic nodded. "See you soon Saturn." He then turned away back towards the window

Saturn sighed and walked out of the room and down the stairs and left the mansion. 

Once Johnathan waited for her to leave he fired the shot as Kravic fell backwards and hit the floor.

A detective named Greg Richards was on duty tonight, he was given a tipoff about the assassination. He drove down the road and parked at the mansion. Once Saturn was gone a loud gunshot could be heard and a muzzle flash could be seen.

"Kevin, I mean Fox 12,  How are you on the highway. Over.?" Greg asked on his walkie talkie. 

A man in a black attack chopper circling the mountain of Pocono responded. "Doing good Hound 6. No sign of the attacker yet. Over." A man in a black SWAT attack chopper circling the mountain of Pocono responded.

"Well the tip was right. I saw a muzzle flash over at the mansion.”

Johnathan  jumped down running. He looked around and saw Greg.

“Johnathan? Please tell me you didn't just kill the resident in that mansion.” Greg said.

Johnathan didn't know what to do or say.

“Run you idiot!” Vlagans voice came through Johnathans emergency walkie-talkie. 

Johnathan ran towards his car and car and got in and drove off.

 Greg quickly got in his car and contacted his SWAT buddy “Fox 12! Johnathan Phillips Robinson is heading down towards Highway 89 towards New York City! He is a fellow NYPD officer and the shooter!” 

"Roger that Hound 6." Fox 12 said.

Johnathan sped down the highway. He was screaming. "FUCK!" He said. He sighed and and breathed hard through his nose.

"I see him! Following him now!" Fox 12 said.

Vlagan stood by the Alyan entrance and smirked. He took out his special rocket launcher that he kept in the trunk of his car. It was heavy and Vlagan slung it over his shoulder and shot a rocket towards the helicopters direction as he stumbled backwards.

"Wait! Is that a fucking rocket?! FUCK! FUCK!" Fox 12 yelled out as the fiery missle hit the helicopter. The fiery helicopter spun out of control and slammed into the side of the mountain that the highway rested on. Luckily Kevin was able to climb out in time. He held onto the edge of the mountain as Vlagan stepped up to him and put a pistol between his eyes. 

“You will not be getting him, I will." Vlagan smiled grimly.  He pulled the trigger as Kevin's body fell to the bottom. Vlagan pulled out a cigarette and took a few puffs before he put it out his and threw the butt on the ground near the Alyan sign. He waited for a black car to pull up and he got in his own and the two cars drove towards Johnathans direction

Johnathan saw the explosion and panicked. "I should have never joined Saiapentes Gladius! Oh I am so fucked!" He continued down the highway. He arrived at a mansion near the exit from the Pocono Mountains

"Shit!" Greg said. He radioed in again. “Fox 12?”


He shook his head as he pulled out a cigarette. "This is Hound 6. Officer down. Fox 12 is off the radar.”

"Copy that Hound 6, Bridget has located Johnathan over at the Watts Mansion near the New York state line. Secure it and apprehend him. This wasn't done by himself.” Chief Mike clicked off. He was an elderly 64 year old chubby man who oversaw the entire NYPD 11th Division.

Greg stepped out of the car and looked towards Kravics mansion. He noticed another figure running away from the mansion but it was too dark. "Freeze!" He said. 

The figure kept on running.

"Fuck!" He said. He went to the mansion doors and noticed it was locked. "FUCK!" he yelled. He went and sat back in his car to wait for reinforcements to arrive before he drove off towards the manor.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[size40 [h3 [b [i [center Watts Manor]]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

Jonathan had stopped at a Victorian mansion near the exit of Pocono and the entrance the state line to New York. He got out of his car and saw a black car pull up at the mansion and stop. Vlagan stepped out of the car and Vlagan pulled out a cigar and lit it with a match before throwing the match into a fountain in the middle of the driveway.

"Thank you so much for your time Johnathan. I will just cut to the chase. The gun I gave you had blank bullets in it. Remember when you first joined my organization? I told you to kill every member that was present in the lobby of my building. You didn't. You put the gun down and I had the advantage."

Another car pulled up and Kravic stepped out. He turned to Vlagan and shook his hand.

"What's your point?" Johnathan asked.

"My point is that you never even made the attempt to check if the gun was loaded or not. You made the same mistake and never checked the rifle for blanks." Vlagan said.

"So you used my first mistake as my weakness huh?" Johnathan asked him.

Saturn overheard the conversation and peeked out her window. She was the owner of this mansion.

"You see...We're planning something big...Bigger than you'll ever imagine. Those files you took from your previous target?...Harrison Watts? Well that was your purpose and I really don't want to do this...But, we all know we can't have you tell the NYPD about those files..." Vlagan pulled out a pistol and shot Johnathan in the chest.

Johnathan got knocked back and hit the ground as his feet gave way.

Vlagan and Kravic chuckled and left the scene in their cars.

Saturn ran out to the front yard and looked at Johnathan. She noticed he had a thick book in his jacket. In the center of the book was the bullet that was meant for Johnathan. 

"What? You again?"  Johnathan asked standing up.

"Listen...Those men are bad news! You need to get out of h-Oh no! It's Rose." Saturn told Johnathan scoffing.

Rose ran to them. She looked at them, "Johnathan!" She ran to him as Saturn flipped her off when she wasn't looking while walking back inside. Rose helped him up onto the ground.

"Vlagan did this. so did Kravic." Johnathan said.

Rose looked at him in shock, "I knew they were up to something! Come on! Let's go!" Rose said as

Greg drove up and stopped the car. He got out and just smiled.   "Not so fast. Ryan, we got Johnathan, coming to HQ." 

"Understood Greg." Ryan said over the radio.

Soon reinforcements and SWAT arrived.

"About fucking time, lady, you stay." Greg said.

Rose shook her head as the S.W.A.T team stopped her,

"He said stay."

Rose looked at the S.W.A.T. man. "I am not staying anywhere! I'm leaving." Rose said.

Greg looked at her and smiled. "You’re a witness. You stay." Greg told her. He looked at the entrance as Langley drove up in her car. She got out and looked at Greg and Rose. Langley is a hard headed detective who is Johnathans partner.

"Where is he?" Langley asked Greg. She had long brown hair, and wore a leather jacket with black jeans.

"Uh...He's being watched by the S.W.A.T team over there." Greg told her. Langley walked over to where Johnathan was. "Oh jesus...I wanted Jack here! Not Langley." Greg said.

"What's wrong with her? Is it because she's a woman?" Rose asked looking at Greg.

"What?...No! It's just...Well she has a reputation for being bad cop." Greg said.

"Oh no. She's not going to beat information out of him is she?" Rose asked.

Greg shook his head. "I don't know. She's a scary lady though." He said.

Langley stopped at Johnathan and motioned for the men to leave. "Look at me." Langley said.

"Oh...It's you..." Johnathan said.

"Don't be a smartass with me Johnathan! You've been lying to us! I-I mean...A good cop who tried to commit a murder tonight? Who do you work for?" Langley asked.

"Nobody." Johnathan said.

"Nobody huh? I'm going to ask you again. Who do you work for?" She asked again.

"And I'm going to tell you again. Nobody" He told her.

"Okay I can see that this is getting nowhere. Maybe you'll tell me if you had a nice cup of coffee back at the precinct. Let's go." Langley said grabbing Johnathans arm. She walked him to her car and put him in the back seat. She walked over to Greg as the S.W.A.T men watched 

Johnathan to make sure he didn't try anything.

"Okay so i want you to question the two woman here. Starting with Saturn. She's one of the victims...Associates." Langley said.

"Associates? I like that name. Better than a whore!" Saturn said smiling.

"Just answer the questions the man asks. Okay?" Langley asked. Both of the women nodded. 

"Good. Well I'm going to question Mr. Robinson at the precinct. I'll see you guys later." Langley said.

"Please go easy on him Langley. We know how you get rough with your...'fresh meat'" Greg said.

"How about you mind your business officer, and I mind mine. Hm?" Langley asked. She walked off to the car and got in the drivers seat.

"So...Uh..." Johnathan said.

"If you're going to talk please do it at the precinct. I don't want to hear anything you have to say right now. Okay?" She asked.

"Okay..." He said.

Langley shut the car door and started the car driving off.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [i [center New York Police Station, 11th Precinct - 8:00 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

Langley stopped at the station and got out. She opened back door and pulled Johnathan out as well. She walked him inside the station and into the interrogation room. "Okay so let me go get that coffee. Don't try anything stupid because a camera is watching you." She said before uncuffing him and leaving.

Johnathan nodded. He looked at the table and sighed.

A few minutes has passed and Langley walked back in with two cups of coffee. She handed Johnathan the cup. "I know it's black but while you're in here you drink what we give you. Even if it tastes like shit." Langley told him coldly.

"Fine by me..." Johnathan said taking a sip. He looked back at Langley.

"Okay first question; Who do you work for?" She asked.


Langley slammed her palms on the table. "Don't feed me that bullcrap Johnathan! I know you work for somebody! You don't just go and assassinate somebody without a motive!" She said.

"I work for the devil. There happy?" Johnathan asked.

"Son...You are looking at the devil." Langley said as she gave him the death stare.

"Wow...The devils really pretty. Like always when I come into work." Johnathan said as Langley sat back down.

"Well thank y-No! You are not going to distract me with your charming talk! It won't work on me! Now who do you work for?! And don't say nobody because if you do...I swear." Langley said.

"Fine. I used to work for Saiapentes Gladius. Until I was betrayed tonight by my boss Vlagan. Kravic isn't dead! I was set up and shot and left to die! There happy?" Johnathan asked her.

"There...Now was that so hard?" Langley asked. "For that you get one sugar packet." She threw him a sugar packet.

Johnathan looked at the packet and chuckled. It was a Splenda packet. He tore the top and poured the contents into his coffee. "This ain't some type of truth serum isn't it?" Johnathan asked.

"No need. I am the truth serum. You see? I always make my victims crack." She told him. "Okay so onto the next question...Who was your friend?" Langley asked.

"Oh I am not bringing my f-"

"Answer the damn question!" She yelled.

"Look I don't know her name...I mean I saw her at the mansion with Kravic." Johnathan said.

"No! Not Saturn! The other girl! I already know Saturn! And her...Ways" Langley said.

"I ain't gonna tell you! You have to beat it outta me!" Johnathan told her.

"Oh I will. You'll need stitches once I'm done with you." She told him.

"Fine fine...Her name is-"

A man walked inside the room. He was a chubby elderly man in his 60's, he wore thick round glasses and a black suit. "Langley. Officer Greg is on the phone. Says it's important." Chief Mike said.

Langley cursed under her breath. "More important than this?! I was about to get a fucking name!" Langley said getting up and walking away to answer the call.

"Good to see you again Johnathan." Chief Mike said sitting down. "Sorry if Mrs. Madison is a little rough on you...But you are one of our own...And she is your partner." He said.

"I guess a killer who's a cop is worse huh?" Johnathan asked.

"Being a killer in general is bad news. Listen make a deal with me and Langley. If you help us catch Vlagan and Kravic...Well then we can all go home and have a nice cup of tea. And you'll be free! Think of it as a...Get out of jail free card." Mike said.

"I doubt Langley will be willing to comply." Johnathan told Mike.

"Well then...Convince her otherwise." Mike said getting up walking out. Langley stopped him.

"Sir there's been an emergency." Langley said.

"And what's that?" Mike asked.

"Turns out the girl that was with Johnathan is Rose McCoy." Langley said.

"So? What's the emergency?" Mike asked again.

"Rose McCoy is dead sir. She started to have a seizure and after that...She just died."

"Could it have been poison?" Mike asked.

"Probably...I called in some toxicologists to investigate.." Langley said.

[size40 [b [center END OF EPISODE 1]]]

[b [center Next Episode - You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours]]

[center After hearing about Roses death. Langley is even more suspicious of Johnathan.

Greg ends up in a deadly situation when he is involved in a restaurant shooting.

Saturn is kidnapped by Kravic and questioned.]

[center Until next time on...]]
[size40 [center [b The Day Will Come]]]
VosslerXaxos The Twisted   205d ago

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[b [I [center [h3 Episode 2: You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours]]]]


Johnathan spent a few days in jail being questioned more and more by Langley. A cop opened his cell doors and Langley was there. She grabbed him and walked him him to the interragation room.

"So...Did you kill Rose MCoy?" Langley asked Johnathan.

"I'm going to give you the same answer! No!" Johnathan told her.

Langley sat back. "Look she just randomly died at the Victorian Mansion. That's kind of odd if you ask me." She said.

"Maybe Vlagan or Kravic did it. She used to work for them." Johnathan said.

"Maybe...But you see your in jail. They aren't. So answer!" She told him.

"Look. I didn't kill her. She was probably poisoned!" Johnathan said sitting back.

"You must have had a lunch date with her and poisoned her drink! You gave her enough so that the effects would kill her on the time you picked." Langley replied.

"Well that's dumb, see if I wanted to kill somebody I would make sure they would die a couple of hours after. So that way she at her house and I would be nowehre to be seen. Some detective you are."

Langley slapped Johnathan across the face. He looked shocked. "Yeah. Some assassin you are." She replied.

Chief Mike walked in and pulled back one of the spare chairs and sat down. "I have a propisition for the both of you." Mike said crossing his arms.

"What's that?" Langley asked.

"I know you hate crime. I also know you want Vlagan and Kravic...So why don't you let Johnathan help us? In return you give him his freedom." Mike told her.

"I don't mind about that bald headed tycoon anymore. I'm more concerned how Rose died." Langley told Mike.

"Well our toxicologists found nothing as of yet. They did however find track marks near the leg though. Indicating she was a user of herioine." Mike said.

"You think she died from a herione overdose?" Langley asked him.

"I doubt it. They would have found it in her system still. However they did find an invitation to a party that was hosted at Kravics mansion the day before the murder." Mike said.

"Hm...Maybe Saturn knows something." Langley told him.

"We tried calling her phone but she hasn't been picking up." Mike told her. "Also Greg is taking the day off. So calling him is useless too." Mike said.

"Damn! Fine I guess Johnathan here can help us...Capturing Vlagan and Kravic will be a big decrease in crime rates." Langley said looking at Johnathan.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[center [b [I [h3 Paradiso di Leonardo - 3:30 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Greg drove up at the restaurant. He was hungry and tired from work yesterday. He got out and went inside. He paid the person at the front desk and went to his table and began to look at the food menu.

A man walked up and pulled out a notebook. "Okay sir so what would you like to order today?" He asked.

Greg looked at him and then back at the menu. "Uh well...The spup and the pasta looks nice." Greg told him.

"Okay...What kind of soup?" The man asked.

"Uh...Loaded baked potato soup." Greg told him The man nodded and walked off. Greg sat back and looked around. He saw a man in a black trenchcoat. He was wearing a fedora. The man was sitting alone drinking some coffee.

The waiter came back. "Hello sir, so it will be a while before your food is done. Anything to drink?" He asked Greg.

Greg nodded. "Coffee. Black." He told the waiter as the waiter nodded leaving. Greg looked back at the man and the man. He heard a group of people laughing at the table behind him. He looked towards them.

"So there I was! Lookin' at Vinnie straight in the eyes and all he tells me is 'Don't kill me please! I have a wife!" The big man in the black suit said. "But funny thing is...I've been at her house every night while he was at work at da factory!" Phil, the boss said.

The group starts to laugh.

"And dat aint even da best part! She tells me I'm better than Vinnie! Ain't dat somethin?"

"Well boss! You have a knack for da ladies!" A average sized man who also wore a black suit said.

"Indeed I do!...Hey officer Greg! My buddy!" Phil said.

Greg closed his eyes. He sighed getting up and walking towards the group. "Well if it isn't the Deluca Family. Look I don't want any trouble." Greg told them.

"Ah don't worry about it! No trouble today no sir! Just enjoyin' some fancy italian food and booze!" Phil said.

Greg nodded. "Hey is that your guy over there? He looks a bit lonely." Greg asked.

"No...? He must be a part of another mafia family." Phil said.

Slow motion....

The lone man turned his head towards where Greg was. He was smirking evilly. He got up and opened up his to-go box pulling out a pistol.

Greg ducked for cover as the mafia men pulled out their weapons and was about to shoot when the lone man shot at all of them with great precision. One by one they all fell down like flies. Greg was still ducking down as the man was shooting at people in the place.

The waiter came out when he heard the gunshots. He was instantly shot at by the man with the gun. He fell down dead.

Greg crawled towards the kitchen doors as sneakily as he could. Once he was at the doors the man saw him.

"Stop right there mate!" The man said pointing his gun at him.

Greg didn't listen and busted through the door shutting as quick as possible.

The man shot bullets through the door as they luckily missed him.

A few of the cooks helped him barricade the door and go into the back area of the kitchen.

"Listen! Is there a back door here?" Greg asked.

"Hell no man! I told the boss he should have had one installed! Now we all goin to die!" One of the cooks said.

"Son what's your name?" Greg asked.

"Jerome." The cook said.

"Okay well listen Jerome. I always bring my gun just in case of emergenices like this." Greg told him.

"Then what are you waiting for? Go and kill him!" Samantha, another cook said.

"Yeah. The instant I open that door we're all dead." Greg replied. He tried using his cellphone but of course, no reception.

The man was pacing around the dead bodies in the dining area. "I don't got all day boyos!" The man told them.

"Okay so here's the plan...One of you goes out there and talk to him. I'll be right behind you.

"You crazy, mothafucker? I go out there and what? Become a dead man?" Jerome whispered.

"Hey maybe you cooked his food wrong before and he was pissed to he came here to get revenge. He also hid his gun in a to-go box. I mean...Someone had to have put it in there...Like a cook or a wait..." Greg remembered the dead waiter. "So uh..,Was the waiter that I had...Was he serving the man before I came here?" Greg asked.

"Yeah...Now that you mention it he was. Why?" Samantha asked.

"Because he could have put the pistol in the to-go box. The man only wanted to eat at home probably. That's why he told the waiter to make the food and put it in a to-go box. He also ordered the gun as well." Greg said.

"That don't explain why the man killed him!" Jerome said.

"Oh it's simple...Rats are a killers worst enemy." Greg told them]
Vossler     205d ago

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"FIne." Jerome said. "But if I die...Tell my wife I love her would ya'?" Jerome asked Greg.

Greg nodded. "Sure...But you're not going to die. Believe me." Greg said as him and Jerome walked to the door and unbarred it. Greg slowly opened it and the man smiled.

"Ah! There you are! I was getting bored! I see you brought a friend with you too!" The man said smirking.

"Listen sir...We don't want any trouble, All we want is to go home and relax." Greg told the man. 

"Ah! Relax he says! Well sorry to break it to ya' laddie...Their ain't going to be no relaxin' today!" The man said. 

"What do you mean?" Greg asked.

Samantha was behind Greg. She knocked him out with a frying pan.

The man walked over to Greg. "What a terrible day to eat at an italian restauarant I must say..." The man said.

Jerome tied Greg up and the man looked around. 

"Okay let's go. We'll take him to the abandoned factory." The man said.

Jerome and Samantha nodded. The three of them left with Greg.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[b [I [center [h3 Unknown Building - 4:30 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Kravic removed the blindfond off of Saturn and smirked. "Hello there beautiful!" Kravic said.

"Where the hell am I?" Saturn asked him.

"Relax...Geez! All I want is some answers." Kravic said.

"Answers to what?!" Saturn asked.

"Answers to why the hell Johnathan is still alive! Oh you little bitch! I know you went and pulled out of the river! Always ruining my plans!" Kravic told her. Vlagan was sipping on some tea.

"You're in deep Saturn...A little too deep." Vlagan told her.

Saturn spat at Kravic. "Fuck you both! You think I-AH!"

Saturn was stopped when Kravic pulled out a gun and pointed it at her head. "You fucked up big time slut." Kravic said. "Now what did you tell the nice little cop last night?" He asked.

"All he asked was what I saw during the murder...All I saw was you get shot! That's all I told him I swear!" Saturn said shaking. "Just please don't kill me!" She said.

"Oh how could I kill a pretty face like this?" Kravic asked grabbing at her face smirking. He put the gun away and pulled out a knife cutting the rope. "Don't go running to the cops...Or any type of law enforcement. Remember...Saiapentes Gladius has eyes everywhere. Just remember that before you go ratting us out!" Kravic told Saturn.

Saturn nodded getting up. She was about to walk out of the room when Kravic put a blindfold on her. 

"One of our men will escort you out." Kravic said as Saturn nodded again.

She was led out of the building by one of Vlagans men. The man put her in his car and drove her off to her mansion He stopped at her mansion and let took the blindfold off of her and letting her out before driving off.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[b [I [center [h3 New York Police HQ - 5:00 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

"There was a what?!" Langley asked Daley on the phone. 

"A restaurant shooting! Oh my god...Greg was going to eat here!...His car is still here!" Daley told Langley.

Langley was silent. "You don't think he was...Killed do you?" Langley asked her.

"No...They would have found a body by now...Some of the forensics experts think he was kidnapped." Daley said.

"Oh my god..." Langley said.

[b [I [center END OF EPISODE 2]]]

[center [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFS4zYWxzNA Ending Credits for Episode 2]]

[b [I [center [h3 Next Episode - Of Blood and Money]]]]

[center Greg is kidnapped by the mysterious british shooter at the restauarant.

Langley begins to lead an investigation to save Greg. Taking Johnathan with him.

Saturn is begins to get nervous about the threat that Kravic made.

The mysterious man calls Langley and demands a ransom of 100,000 dollars or Greg dies.]

[center Until next time on...]
[center [b [size40 The Day Will Come]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Big+Shoulders+Text&display=swap]

[h3 [b [I [center Episode 3 - Of Blood & Money]]]]

[big+shoulders+text The next day Langley issued her own little task force to search around New York for Greg.

"No luck huh?" Johnathan asked.

"No...I don't know where he could-wait I have a phone call." She told Johnathan answering her cellphone.

"Hello there precious!" The voice said.

"Who is this?!" Langley asked.

"Oh just a friend of your cop...Listen if you don't want to bury another decorated coffin in the ground then you better pay me 100,000 dollars or your cop friend dies!" The voice told her.

Langley looked horrified.

"What is it?" Johnathan asked her.

"You have a friend with ya? If he's a cop then you better not bring him! I only want you babe." The voice said before clicking off.

Langley sighed and looked at Johnathan again. "Gregs been kidnapped alright...The kidnapper wants 100,000 dollars or else." She told him.

"Oh shit. I don't think we have that kind of money!" Johnathan told her.

"I don't care...You don't know Greg like I do." Langley said walking out. Johnathan following her.

"What else did the guy say?" Johnathan asked.

"Nothing else..." Langley said. "I need to do this alone." She told him walking outside. She received a text with the address and the deadline for the ransom.

Johnathan walked outside and saw Langley reading the text on her phone. "Look. I used to work for a company that had professional killers." Johnathan told her.

"Fine. If you want to come along then you best be driving in your own car. That way they won't know you're a cop and they won't know that you're following me." Langley said.

"Ah I see you've brought my car too! Neat." Johnathan said. He saw his car and smiled. "So when is the ransom?" Johnathan asked.

"There isn't going to be any ransom." Langley said.

"What?! What do you mean?!" He asked.

"We don't have that kind of money...So we are going there to arrest the man as well as save Greg!" Langley told Johnathan as Johnathan nodded. He got in his car and she got in is. She called him. "By the way the ransom is right now so we best hurry....This dumbass thinks we have the money at hand." She said.

Johnathan nodded as he clicked off. They both started their cars and drove off. Langley texted Johnathan the address and he stopped real quick to look at it. Once he read it he started to drive off in a different direction.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[b [I [h3 [center Watts Manor - 2:30 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Saturn was pacing around the living room. She was biting at her nails.

The phone rang and Saturn jumped and nearly fell on the floor. She answered it.

"H-hello?" She asked.

"Hello there beautiful...I see you've been taking my words of wisdom seriously....That's good! Well then maybe this will make you take them even more serious!" Kravic snapped his fingers on the other line.

4 lasers appeared through Saturns windows and onto her. She screamed.

"Like I said. Make one move to inform the police and you're dead!" He said before hanging up. The laser sights also dissappeared.

Saturn sat down and was shaking. She was scared for her life. She was scared that she was going to die.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Streets of New York - 2:45PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Once Langley arrived she stepped out of the car. She saw the building. It was an abandoned warehouse. Her phone rang. She reluctantly answered it.

"Don't try anything stupid dear...I have eyes all over the area." The voice told her. He clicked off and Langley gulped a bit.

She walked towards the building and opened the doors. She stepped inside and the man himself greeted her. "Who would have thought it was going to be you Mr. Reynolds?" Langley asked him.

"Ah...You forgot my first name...Samuel." Samuel Reynolds told her smirking showing his pearly white teeth.

"I see you tend to brush your teeth." Langley told him.

Samuel laughed. "I'm not some pig Mrs. Madison! I'm my own man! I'm a rebel!" Samuel told her.

"But earlier you told me you have eyes all over the area." Langley said.

"Oh I do...I hired them myself! Sort of comes with the pay that I make." Samuel said. He motioned for the two cooks to come here.

Jerome and Samantha moved towards Samuel.

"Listen...About kidnapping your friend...I am terribly sorry about that. I usually don't do that kind of stuff unless it's asked of me." Samuel said.

"Who hired you?" Langley asked Samuel.

"You're stupider than I thought! 'Who hired me!' She says! Ha! Babe if I told you that I would be a dead man, and frankly I am quite fond of living. Not being dead" Samuel told her.

"Just show me Greg." Langley told him.

"Ah...Ah...Ah...Not until you show me the money first. Then we do business." Samuel said.

"T-the money?" Langley asked.

"Oh for the love of god! You know? The green paper with the presidents on it? The mula?" Samuel asked.

"Oh...That money." Langley told him. "I...Forgot it in my car." She said about to leave.

Samuel pulled out a pistol and so did the two other cooks. "Not so fast bitch. You never brought the money did you?" He asked.

Langley closed her eyes and sighed.

"I thought so. Jerome cuff her." Samuel said.

Jerome nodded taking the handcuffs out of Langleys pockets. She tried to fight back but Samuel showed her the pistol and she stopped. Once Jerome handcuffed her he grabbed her and sat her down on the floor.

"I think the lady brought that cop with her. Okay men kill officer Greg." Samuel told the hitmen on the walkie-talkie."

[b "NO!"] Langley said about to get up but Samuel kicked her back down.

[b "I TOLD YOU NOT TO BRING ANY COPS! I SAID I HAVE EYES ALL OVER THE AREA LADY!"] Samuel yelled at her. He contacted his men again. "Why haven't I heard any gunshots yet?! Kill him!" Samuel clicked off the walkie-talkie.

Johnathan was perched up on a roof of a building not too far from the factory. He had a sniper rifle hidden here just in case he was sent here on a mission by Vlagan. He shot the silenced rifle at all of the hitmen. One by one they all fell dead.

Greg looked around the area at all of the men falling down dead. 

Samuel cursed under his breath. "Go outside and check what the fuck is going on!" He told Jerome. "Also keep watch out there! Me and blondie here have it under control with cop bitch!" Samuel said angry..

Jerome nodded going outside looking around. He saw nothing. He stood watch outside making sure no cops were coming.

Johnathan saw Jerome and ran down the flight of stairs all the way to the ground floor. He went outside of the building and stopped at the factory. He hugged the walls as he slowly and quietly moved towards end of the wall. Once he stopped he saw Jerome on the other corner. He made a faint bird sounding noise.

Jerome walked towards to where Johnathan was. Once Jerome turned the other corner Johnathan grabbed Jerome and broke his neck, He hid the body in the dumpster next to him.

Johnathan found a note on Jerome that was a safe word in case of any trouble. It read 'English Tea' He memorized it and knocked on the door.

"Damn it Jerome! You know the safe word use it!" Samuel said.

"Uh...English Tea?" Johnathan said trying to sound like Jerome. He's eaten at the restauarant a few times and learned how he spoke.

Samuel nodded. He opened the door and Johnathan shoved his pistol right into his face. "Oh shit!" Samuel said as Johnathan pulled out another pistol and pointed it at Samantha.

"How do yo Samuel? Remember me?" Johnathan asked.

"T-that I do! I...It was her idea I swear! She's the mastermind!" Samuel said pointing at Samantha.

"Always full of bullshit Samuel...Like last time I arrested you." Johnathan said. "Grab his walkie talkie Samantha!" He told her.

Samantha grabbed Samuels walkie talkie.

"Now you are going to untie Mrs. Madison or else." Johnathan commanded Samuel.

Samuel nodded walking over to Langley. He shakingly uncuffed her.

"Good! Now Samantha hand that walkie talkie to Langley, and don't try nothing stupid either! That goes for you too Samuel!" Johnathan said as Samantha handed the walkie talkie to Langley.

Langley switched the channels until she got to a police dispatch channel. "Police dispatch. We have Samuel Reynolds and Samantha Meyer in custody." She said.

"Also Greg is in the building across the street." Johnathan said.

"Also Greg Richards is in the building across of us. We are at the abandoned cement factory. You know...The one;across of the old Mckinny Supermarket." Langley said.

"Roger that. Sending reinforcements over." The voice said.

Langley handcuffed Samuel and Samantha and put the key away.

"I can't fucking believe this! I swear...I thought you were in jail!" Samuel told Johnathan.

"Sometimes...People can be forgiving." Johnathan told him.

20 minutes later reinforcments arrived and secured both buildings. They rescued Greg and cleared the area of the dead hitmen.

"Your handiwork?" Langley asked Johnathan.

"Always remember to have a backup plan." Johnathan told her smiling.

Samuel and Samantha were put in the police cars and driven off towards the prison.

Daley took Greg to his house.

"Where's Jerome?" Langley asked.

"Dead. In the dumpster." Johnathan said.

"Oh jesus...I guess you were highly trained as well huh?" Langley asked.

"Hey be happy because it saved you and your partners ass!" Johnathan told her.

"I guess your right...Let's just go h-Wait I have another phone call." Langley said answering her cellphone. "Hello?" She asked.

"Langley? It's Chief Mike. There has been a murder..." Mike told her.

"What? Where?" She asked.

"Bridget has been killed. We don't know by whom...But she was found dead in her office. She was shot by a bullet and it hit her head killing her. Silenced I presume...We are still investigating the area." Mike said. He clicked off.


[center END OF EPISODE 3]

[b [I [center Next Episode - Decorated Coffin]]]

[center After Bridgets death, Langley, and the rest of the officers including Johnathan host a funeral.

Samuel Reynolds mother visits him in prison.

Greg get's therapy to help him with the events of his kidnapping.

Saturn begins to break down and starts doing cocaine.

Kravic pays Saturn a visit.

Johnathan is allowed to go back to his house but is put under house arrest for the time being.]]

[center Until next time on...]]
[center [b [size40 The Day Will Come]]]
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[h3 [b [I [center Episode 4 - Decorated Coffin]]]]

"We are gathered here today to bury yet another coffin bearing the american flag. Bridget Linderson. A 25 year old computer expert. She was the one who helped us catch the infamous Frankie Deluca. He was the one who had assaulted the empire state building and killed a ton of people." Chief Mike said.

Langley stood alongside Johnathan and just stared blankly at the coffin. She looked so lifeless. Chief Mike kept on calling her name.

"Langley? Langley!" Mike said. Langley snapped out of her trance.

"Y-yes sir?" She asked.

"Would you care to say anything?" Mike asked her.

Langley nodded. She stepped up to to the coffin and Mike stepped towards the group. "Bridget was more than a cop. She was a friend, and that friend was taken away by us...By an evil person who had no right to take her away." Langley said. She stepped towards the group and Daley moved towards the coffin.

"Bridget...Was a mother of a 3 year old baby...Her husband left her 2 years ago while he was on duty. He was killed by a robber at a store....Now that baby is going to have to be put in a foster home...I want to take care of the baby but this child needs someone who won't end up dead during duty..." Daley said stepping away from the coffin towards the group.

Johnathan stood there. Langley looked at him.

"You're not going to say anything? I mean wasn't Bridget a friend of yours back in high school?" Langley asked.

Johnathan mustered up the courage and decided to step up to the coffin. Once he did he began to speak. "Bridget was a great friend of mine back in high school. She was always into technology...It really amazed me how she could combine the mathmatics and her knowledge of electronics together. Funny story; She hacked into the schools main computers and changed my grade from an F to an A as well as changed the lunch menu...The school never found out. I had an A and we had some nice BBQ Rib sandwiches for lunch." Johnathan stopped for a bit. He looked down at the ground. "But now...There won't be any more forged grades or BBQ Rib sandwiches...Only an empty hole where Bridgets life used to be...We will all miss her. Hopefully the sick bastard can be brought to justice." Johnathan said walking down to Langley.

"That was...Beautiful." Langley told Johnathan.

"I'm ready to just go home." He said. Langley nodded.

Once the coffin was buried everyone paid their respects with flowers and such and left. Johnathan was taken home by Langley and she strapped the leg-band onto him.

"Remember if you try anything stupid like leave the house this will go off and it will alert us." Langley said.

"What if I need something from the store?" Johnathan asked.

"I'll take care of that." Langley said. "Also you can check your mail since it's in the radius. I'll see you later." Langley said. Johnathan nodded. She left the house and shut the door. She got in her car driving off.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Watts Manor - 4:30 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


"I promise you babe. This stuff will really help with your problems! It makes you feel invincible! Just one snort of the coca and you are powerful!" Fabio, one of her best friends drug dealers told her.

"I see...What if I get angry though? And start breaking things?" Saturn asked.

"Ah, no no no! That is why you don't overdo it. Ah who the hell am I kidding? Do as much as you want!" Fabio said pouring some of the white powder onto the table. He scraped some into a straight line and showed it to Saturn. "Go on. Snort the miracle powder!" Fabio said.

Saturn leaned over. She saw many people do it before. She snorted the line and stumbled backwards. "Whoa!" She said. "I feel really awake and hyper!" She told Fabio.

"Ah good! That means it is working! Now since you are going through tough times I give for free!" Fabio said packing his stuff. He gave Saturn the jar and bowed to her. "I will see you next time my dear! Give me a call whenever you run out!" Fabio said leaving the mansion.

Saturn smirked. She felt great. She felt strong...She felt powerful. She completely forgot about the threats that Kravic had made against her.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b[I [center Johnathans House]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


A few hours later Johnathan was sitting in his chair working on his laptop. He made himself a sandwich. He looked at a picture of his wife and daughter. The whole reason he became a cop. His wife and daughter were killed during a shooting between the Deluca family and the Riverdechi Family. Johnathan sighed looking back at his computer.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Dr. Gabriel's Office - 5:00 PM]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Greg walked inside the office and sat down. His therapist Gabriel was sitting at his desk smiling.

"Hello Greg...How are you today?" Gabriel asked.

"I'm good." Greg told Gabriel.

"Good good! Now let's see. Are you still shaken up about the kidnapping as well as the shooting at the restaurant?" Gabriel asked Greg.

"Yes doctor...I felt as though I could have done something to prevent it." Greg said.

"How could you? Even though it was one man there were still the cooks." Gabriel said.

"That doesn't make anything better...I just wish none of those events never happened..." Greg said. He looked down at the carpeted floor.

"At least they are in jail now right?" Gabriel asked.

"Not forever at least...Who knows what Samuel is going to do when he gets out?" Greg asked.

"Hmm...Well then Greg...I know it must have been scary for you to be in a situation like that. I see that this is going to take some time to heal. Would you mind coming back in tomorrow at the same time?" Gabriel asked.

Greg nodded. "Sure thing doc." Greg said getting up. He was about to walk out of the office when Gabriel stopped him.

"Ah one more thing! While you are in therapy please take work off while you are in this transition." Gabriel said.

Greg nodded. He went outside and called Chief Mike. He told him what the doctor said and Mike gave him the permission to not come to work as long as he needed. He got in his car and drove off towards home.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Watts Manor 5:30 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Saturn was pacing around the living room gritting her teeth. She felt strong. She loved the feel that the cocaine gave her. She heard a knock at her door and nearly fell backwards. She looked through the peephole to make sure it wasn't cops, but it was worse. It was Kravic. Saturn opened the door.

"Hello there...I see your mending quite well." Kravic said. "Cocaine isn't going to solve any problems you know?" He told her.

Saturn sighed. "Just come in." She said as Kravic walked in. She shut the door and turned to looked at him. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I just wanted to say I called the guys off on you. You've proved yourself y'know? So your free to do whatever the hell you want...Besides go rat to the police." Kravic said.

Saturn smirked. "Is that the only reason why you came here?" Saturn asked.

Kravic shook his head. "I came here for another reason...I came here for you." Kravic said kissing Saturn.

Saturn tried to pull away but she couldn't. She kissed the man before. He was...Charming. She kissed him back. She and Kravic went to her bedroom and Saturn shut the door.]

[h3 [b [I [center Watts Manor  - 1 Hour Later....]]]]


Kravic was at the front door and he smiled. "That was quite the adventure..." Kravic told her. He opened the door and left shutting it.

Saturn sat down on her couch and looked blankly at the wall. She passed out on the couch.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[b [I [center [h3 Gervais Prison - 6:20 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


An elderly woman who was about in her 60's walked to the visiting room where the two glass windows met. She sat down on the chair and picked up the phone. So did Samuel.

"Ello' mum." Samuel said smiling.

"You think this is funny Samuel? Look at you! A prisoner! You've been to jail quite a few times but prison?! For murder and kidnapping?!" His mother asked.

"I was trying to make money for the family!" Samuel told her.

"Bullshit! You were trying to get money for yourself! I know you Samuel! You don't just shoot and kidnap people! Someone hired you didn't they? Did someone threaten you?" His mother Elsa asked.

"No mum! I...Was hired to do it by a group of shadowy figures. They promised me a big payroll if I succeeded." Samuel said.

"And now not only didn't you get the money you also have an orange jumpsuit!" Elsa told him.

"Mum I-"

"I wasn't finished talking Samuel! Is it that boy you've been hanging around? What's his name? Kravic? Oh how you and that boy got into so much trouble as teenagers!" Elsa said.

"No mum it's not Kravic. I don't even know who they are! Even if I did do you think I would just blurt it out?" Samuel asked.

"Samuel your sister...Remember her? Not your biological one but your adopted sister Bridget? She was murdered yesterday." Elsa said.

"W...What? How come I wasn't informed of this?! She works with the police for fuck sake!" Samuel said.

"Language boy! You know how I hate the F word!" Elsa said.

"Sorry mum..." Samuel told her.

"Now I'm wondering how she was killed." Elsa said.

Samuel was silent. He looked down at the floor.

"You keep on working with these kinds of people Samuel...You keep on being the bad guy...People will just fall dead all around you. Just like your adopted sister." Elsa said hanging up the phone. She got up and walked away.

Samuel was led back to his cell. Once the cops locked the cell they left. He laid on his bed crying. He cried himself to sleep.

[center END OF EPISODE 4]

[b [center Next Episode - Clues]]

[center Samuel is broken down after hearing the news about Bridget.

Greg continues his therapy sessions with Dr. Gabriel.

Langley and Johnathan find clues about Saiapentes Gladius and begin to follow them.

A member of the Saiapentes Gladius ambushes Langley and Johnathan at Central Park.]]

[center Until next time on...] [b
[center [size40 The Day Will Come]]]
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[h3 [b [I [center [size40 Episode 5 - Clues]]]]]


Johnathan had got woken up due to his cellphone ringing. He answered it. "Hello?" He asked.

It was Langley.

"Hey Johnathan! I'm coming to get you. We got an anonymous tip about Saiapentes Gladius. The tip came from Central Park. I'll come pick you up." Langley said clicking off.

Johnathan sat up and sighed. He stood up and walked towards his closet and opened it pulling a shirt out. He put it on and went out of his bedroom.

Langley pulled up and got out of her car walking to Johnathans door. She knocked on it.

Johnathan opened it and smiled. "Hello there beautiful."

"I have a gun." Langley told him.

Johnathan stopped smiling. "Damn. Who pissed in your Wheaties today?" He asked.

"My cat knocked down an expensive vase of mine. Mr. Fluffers is in big trouble when I get back home." Langley said.

"Mr...Fluffers?" Johnathan asked chuckling a little bit.

"What? I like weird and funny names like that!" Langley told him.

Johnathan nodded as they both walked to the car and got in.

Langley drove off towards Central Park.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[b [I [center [h3 Dr. Gabriels Office - 11:30 AM]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Greg walked in and Gabriel smiled at him.

"Hello Greg! How are you feeling today?" He asked him.

Greg nodded and smiled a little bit. "I'm...Good." He said.

"I can see the dishonesty in your eyes Greg. What is wrong?" Gabriel asked.

"I had a visit with Samuel an hour ago and he seems broken down. The girl that was murdered at the HQ was his step-sister. It's funny. I kinda feel sorry for him." Greg said.

"Well that is our human nature to feel that way. It is a sorrowful pain to lose family members. How are you handling the kidnapping incident?" Gabriel asked him.

Greg sat back. "I am doing a little better. Little by little I am getting better." Greg told him.

"That's how it works my boy! You get better and better in little bits! Soon that incident will be a thing of the past!" Gabriel said.

Greg nodded and heard the beeping noise. "Are we done already?" He asked.

"I'm afraid so. I have another appointment soon, but I am glad to see that we've made progress!" Gabriel said.

Greg nodded. "Indeed. Thank you doctor." He said getting up shaking his hand. He left the office and got in his car driving off.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Gervais Prison - 12:00 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Samuel had his lunch. He sat down and was about to eat but just pushed it away. Can't risk being poisoned. He shook his head and pulled it back digging in. Luckily it wasn't poisoned. Once he was done he disposed of the stuff and when it was time to end lunch he was led back to his cell. "Home sweet home! The land of the free!" Samuel said as one of the guards shook his head walking away.

"Enjoy your lunch? Lucky you. No poison." His guard said. He leaned whispered to Samuel. "But that can change very quickly. Watch your back boy." The guard said.

Samuel nodded sitting down. He laid down thinking about his dead step-sister. "I wonder who killed her..." He thought to himself.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Central Park - 1:30 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Johnathan and Langley pulled up towards the park. "Okay be careful and be on the lookout." Langley said as Johnathan nodded.

Kids were running and playing around at the park and dogs were being walked by their owners. Of course there were also some teens by a tree smoking some pot.

"I would arrest those kids but we have bigger fish to fry than a couple of stoners. The worst thing they'll do is eat all of their food." Langley told Johnathan as she looked around.

A mysterious man in a grey raincoat looked at Johnathan and Langley. He walked towards them. "I'm the anonymous tipper." He said.

"Ah! So what was going on here?" Johnathan asked.

"Follow me. I saw some men go to that giant oak tree over there and then they were gone. I found a trapdoor there. So that's probably one of their hideouts." The man said. Johnathan and Langley followed him.

"So where is this trapdoor?" Langley asked.

"Never trust a man in a grey raincoat." The man said pulling out a pistol.

"Oh...My god." Langley said unable to move.

[center END OF EPISODE 5]

[b [center Next Episode - Lurking Shadows]]

[center The assassin proves too strong for Johnathan.

A mysterious man lurking in the shadows saves Johnathan and Langley.

Fabio pays Saturn a visit when she runs out of her supply.

Samuel makes a new prison friend.

Dr. Gabriel is mysteriously murdered

Greg looks into Gabriels murder.]]

[center Until next time on...]
[b [center [size40 The Day Will Come]]]
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[h3 [b [I [center Episode 6 - Lurking Shadows]]]]


"You're both dumb. There was no SG members here." The man said pointing the gun at Johnathan. He grabbed at Langley with his free arm and pulled away her gun throwing it in the water. "You should'a stayed dead!" The man said shooting at Johnathan. 

Johnathan got shot in the arm. He backed away grunting in pain. Langley stepped up to help him but the man pointed the gun at her.

"No sudden movements lady." The man said smirking.

Johnathan ran towards the man knocking him down. He punched the man in the face with his good arm and disarmed him. "Don't assassinate the assassin bitch!" Johnathan said as he handed Langley the gun.

Langley pulled out her handcuffs and walked towards the man.

He kicked Johnathan off and jumped up onto his feet. Langley stepped back pointing the gun at him. She pulled the trigger but it was empty. "Always bring one bullet. That way you can get your target and when your enemy get's the gun...Well you know the rest." He said pulling out a tomahawk. He threw it towards Johnathan.

Another man caught the weapon and broke it in half. He was what some would say a freak, but as a matter of fact he wasn't. He was a human looking figure with bionic properties. He smirked looking at the man. "Bang." The bionic man said. 

With the assassin was shot in the head with the bionic mans gun. He fell down dead.

"Who the hell are you?!" Johnathan asked.

"Ace Kuvunder. No time for questions right now. I saved you now go!" Ace said.

Langley looked at Ace and just scoffed. "You look human but I never seen a human catch a tomahawk at that speed." She said.

Ace just smirked. "Oh that? Don't concern yourself. I'm human just like the rest of everyone on this planet." Ace told Langley. "Just a freak accident is all. Anyway I better go." Ace said running towards the opposite direction.

"Let's go." Johnathan said after removing the bullet from his arm.

"What about your arm? You need a professional doctor!" Langley said.

"Don't worry. I was taught how to take care of myself if stuff like this happens when I was an assassin." Johnathan said. He bent down and took out the dead assassins wallet and pulled out his I.D. "More than one fucking I.D. in here! Including passports." He pulled out a piece of paper with a letter written on it.

[center [i Dear Micheal Raymond, 

Your target is Johnathan Robinson.

Call as an anonymous tipper,

once they arrive at the park take them to a secluded area in the park and take care of both of them. After your done your payment will be in a beat up shoebox in the trash bin next to the water fountain in the center of the park.

Meet me at this address. Bring no one, make sure you are not followed. Once you are done reading this letter please burn it. 

1429 Serenity Drive


"Would you look at that? Dumbass didn't burn the letter! Now we got ourselves an address!" Johnathan said.

"We best be prepared though. I'll call in a S.W.A.T. team so we can ambush him." Langley said. Johnathan nodded.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Watts Manor - 2:00 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Saturn is pacing around the living room when she hears a knock at the door. She goes to answer it. "Oh hello Fabio!" Saturn said.

"Ah hello Saturn! I am here to deliver the white powdery goodness! You have the money no?" Fabio asked.

Saturn looked at him. "Of course I do!" She said pulling out her wallet. 

"Good! Good! You do well now Saturn!" Fabio said handing the jar to Saturn. 

"Thank you Fabio." She said.

"Don't mention it! You have a great day!" Fabio said leaving. He shut the door behind him.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Dr Gabriels Clinic - 3:00 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Greg arrived at Dr. Gabriels clinic only to see crime scene tape and police cars with the usual onlookers on the other side of the tape.

"Please move on folks! Nothin' to see here!" Chief Mike said to the onlookers. He turned the body over to reveal that is in fact...Dr. Gabriel himself.

Greg went under the tape and was in shock. "What the hell?! What happened?" Greg asked.

"It looks like your daytime doctor was murdered. Almost the same way as Bridget. I mean look at this." Mike protruded a card from his right pocket. "Already dusted it for prints and other stuff. Nothing! This killer is smart." Mike handed the card to Greg.

Greg examined the card and noticed something. "Hey, this looks like the same card they found on Bridgets body!" Greg gave the card back to Mike.

"Exactly! I feel like we can capture this murderer and bring him to justice if we just look into it more." Mike said.

Greg nodded. "Indeed. I'll look into it and see what I find out." Greg put his hands in his pockets.

Mike shook his head. "I don't think that would be a wise idea. I mean the killer killed your therapist...That means they might be after you." Mike pulled out a carton of cigarettes and pulled one out lighting it.

"No can do. If this is the same killer that killed Bridget then I have no choice." Greg said walking off.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [center [i [b Gervais Prison 3:30 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


"Lunch time fellas! Get your worthless asses outta this bed and go get your nutrients! Today's special is meat surprise! If you don't like it tough shit! I guess you won't be gettin' nothin' to eat then huh?!" The prison guard said.

Samuel got up as the cells were opened. He walks in single file with the rest of the inmates to the cafeteria. He went and got his food once he was in line. He sat down at one of the tables and someone else sat at the same table.

"Hey there buddy! Wonder what's in this food today?" The man asked Samuel.

"Shit. That's what." Samuel said taking a bite. "I take that back...It's mega shit." He said again.

The man laughed and took a bite. "Man if you were in here as long as me you'd get used to the food and it won't taste like mega shit anymore." 

Samuel nodded. "I see your point. Nice to meet you...I'm Samuel." Samuel said.

"I'm Ashter Raven..." Ashter said smirking.

Samuel nodded. "Nice to meet you Ashter."

[center END OF EPISODE 6]

[b [center Next Episode - Ambush]]

[center Johnathan is forced to go home due to his condition and Langley is left to ambush Kravic at the address they found on the letter.

Greg finds a clue that could capture the murderer

Samuel and Ashter form a small gang called 'The Bloody Dagger"

Saturn is taken by Vlagan and his men for questioning

An anonymous tipper calls about Ace Kuvunder and that warns government officials about him which starts a chase]

[center Until next time on...]
[center [b [size40 The Day Will Come]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Big+Shoulders+Text&display=swap]

[h3 [I [center [b Episode 7 - Ambush]]]]

[h3 [b [I [center Washington D.C. Testing Facility #0

7:00 PM, Monday, December 30th, 2014]]]]


"What do you mean he's gone?!" A man asked over the phone.

"Ace, he escaped. Our testing proved to be a success...But it ended up backfiring on us when we went for the last test before we would finally to validate his capabilities...He got the best of us and used his strength and superhuman abilities to escape. Don't worry Liam. We have special private government officials on the look out." The other man said.

"You better hope so...Carlyle...Also I am your boss. I will be Sir to you, not 'Liam'" Liam said.

"Y-yes sir." Carlyle said as the both hung up.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [center [b [I New York - Marcuzios Pizzeria 7:30PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Langley walked over to where Johnathan was sitting at. "You come to a buffett to pig out...You don't really eat much do you?" Langley asked.

"I'm not that hungry...Damn doctor made me lose my appitite with the stupid morphine..."

"Fine I guess you don't want any sweet corn poppers then.

"I guess I'll eat some." Johnathan said as Langley gave some to him. He ate them and smiled.

"The Ambush is at 8:00 I got alot of food for us both to take home with us. You ready?"

"Roger, what do I gotta do?" Johnathan asked.

"You're not going. I'm taking you home and for your own safety Daley is going to be stationed at your house. Who knows how many members are probably after you. Also...I called in a backup S.W.A.T. Team to watch over your house." Langley said.

"Why can't I go?" Johnathan asked.

"Because you are on morphine for one, that means you are not in the state of mind. I'll be okay, I promise." She said.

Johnathan nodded. "If you say so." He said.

Once it was time to leave Langley helped Johnathan to the car. Once they were both in she drove off towards Johnathans house. Which was close by. Once she dropped him off Daley was already there to help Johnathan in the house.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Johnathans House 7:40PM]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


"Be safe Langley." Johnathan said as Langley nodded driving off.

"Hey there Johnny!" Daley said.

"Come on...Enough with that nickname...at least John...I don't like Johnny." Johnathan said.

Daley nodded. "Fine...John." She said in a bored tone. "I liked Johnny better."

Johnathan chuckled. He was tired. Daley led him to his bedroom where he laid in the bed. "Damn morphine." He said before drifing off into sleep. 

Daley chuckled quietly as she went outside. A man in black approaching her.

"Hello ma'am, F.B.I. we're looking for a man that looks like this. Have you see him by any chance?" The man asked showing Daley a picture of Ace Kavunder.

Daley shook her head. "No...Why?" She asked.

"Because he is considered highly dangerous. He was last spotted in Central Park, so we're checking around the area of New York just to be sure. Thank you for your time miss. Keep doing the good work and keeping crime off the streets." The man said walking away to his car before getting in and driving off.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [I [center [b Unknown Building - Rooftop]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

"They're out there looking for ya' Ace, dammit man, come to California...Or better yet! Change your life! Start anew and flee the country!" A man said over the phone.

"I'll keep that in mind...After I finish my mission here." Ace said hanging up the cell phone smashing it to bits. He then left the rooftop and then the building.

"[+red Mission?...What mission?]"


"Never thought I'd see your face again..." Ace said turning around to face the man.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Meeting Place]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Kravic pulled up to the rendevous point. He got out and looked around as a group of Saiapentes Gladius members pulled up as well. "Where the hell is Michael?" Kravic asked himself.

"Are we all ready?" Langley asked her squad as they all nodded besides Langley. "Good. The ambush is a go!" Langley said to the commander of the S.W.A.T.

A bundle of laser appeared on Kravic and his men. "Damn it!" Kravic said pulling out his gun. He hid behind a pillar.

"We got this boss! Get out of here!" One of the members said to Kravic,

"THEY WON'T TAKE ME ALIVE!" Another member said running out throwing a grenade towards Langleys direction. 

"Langley! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!" The commander screamed as Langley got out of the area in the nick of time before it exploded.

A gun fire ensued. Blood was covering the ground of the area. Bodies fell one by one, both S.W.A.T. and SG members. Langley saw Kravic. She shot at him but she missed.

Kravic threw a smoke bomb and vanished after the smoke cleared. 

"Damn it! Damn it!" Langley said as all the members were dead. The police had been victorious somewhat. They won the battle but not the war. She contacted Chief Mike and told him the news.

He nodded. "I also have some bad news...The therapist for Greg...Was murdered, the same card that was found on Bridget was also on his body. 

"I'll keep an eye out for anything." Langley said. 

"Good. Also, a nice fellow from the F.B.I. game to see me earlier, he is looking for a man in New York by the name of Ace Kavunder. He is said to be highly dangerous. I just wanted to warn you so you'll be prepared and safe." Mike said.

Langley froze up. "Understood Sir." She said as she hung up.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Prison 8:30PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

"I don't know why you were moved into my cellar." Samuel said to Ashter.

"When you're here as long as me you start to build a reputation...The guards owed me so I asked for this. I never had a friend on the inside before, people were scared of me, some helped me...But never a true friend. I heard story about you actually. The infamous hitman who killed that prosecutor that was going to send a client of yours to prison.

Samuel chimed in. "Which got me sent to prison, I got out and went back to my same old ways...I am back in prison. The reason I never got the chair was because when you're in the business as long as me...Well, people end up going missing, kidnappings happen...I am protected...If I am ever put on death row a cop, a judge, a witness, goes missing...It's like a curse you see. My own curse...You could be in this line of work...I would watch over you, and teach you my ways.

"Like forming a...gang?" Ashter asked quietly.

"Indeed boyo, 'The Bloody Dagger'" Samuel said.

"I like the sound of that name..." Ashter replied

Soon they fell asleep in their beds.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[b [I [center [h3 Paradise Island - Bar & Grill - 9:00PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


"Any more for ya' sugar?" The bartender asked. She smiled and Greg nodded. She poured him another glass of whiskey.

He drank on it and looked at the T.V. 

"In other related news, Dr. Gabriel Hawthorne was found at his workplace today dead, police are investigating the crime as we speak.

"Ya' know, that mans business was being funded by the mafia...He has a license but Gabriel owed the mafia some favors." The bartender said. 

"Are you serious?...How do you know this?" Greg asked.

"Because Gabriel is my 3rd ex-husband. That man tells me everything. Except that time he cheated on me with one of his clients." She said.

Greg looked at her. ""I'm sorry about that." He said.

"Don't be...He was a loser anyway...And bad at sex." She chuckled a bit. "But, you can look for answers from the mafia..." She said.

"We actually have a man from the mafia in prison." Greg told her.

"That Samuel guy...Just be careful." She replied as Greg nodded. The lady called a cab for him as he stood up to leave. "Where are your keys?" She asked.

"I also took a cab here." Greg told her as she nodded. Once the cab pulled up Greg left the bar and got in the cab. The driver took off towards Gregs house.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Unknown Building - Rooftop]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


"[+red Mission?...What mission?]" 

"Never thought I would see your face around here...Gilesh." Ace said turning to the direction of the voice.

A caucasian man in a fancy red suit with slicked back blonde hair stood a few feet from Ace. He smirked. "Never thought I would see your pitiful useless existence around here...Ace."

"What are you doing here?" Ace asked

Gilesh fixed his tie on his outfit. "I am here for you dear friend...I am here to collect your bounty." Gilesh said showing Ace the bounty slip. "Now onto this 'mission." Gilesh added.

Ace shook his head. "I don't have time for this." Ace said about to leave but he heard a gun click.

"I got your kryptonite in my special gun here. It's a government class gun. Meant to take down their subjects." Gilesh said. "If your mission is about helping that cop and his girlfriend stop that organization Saiapentes Gladius, then I suggest you stop if you know what's good for you friend." Gilesh told Ace.

Ace refused his advice and ran out of the building quickly. 

Gilesh smirked and called the F.B.I. "I found Ace Kavunder...He was last seen at the old printing factory...Yes, that one. He got away but he should be in the area...You are welcome...No...Thank you." Gilesh said hanging up. He smirked again before walking out of the building.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Watts Manor - 10:00PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Saturn was tied up and gagged. Vlagan removed the gag from her mouth as he looked at her. 

"You called the ambush on us didn't you?" Vlagan asked her as she shook her head.

"Then who the hell was it?!" Kravic asked.

"I was at my fucking house all day dipshits!" Saturn said. 

"Yeah, you probably killed Michael, because he was found dead and the letter he recieved from us wasn't burnt! Wait no, you called that asshole Robinson and his bitch partner Madison! You told them about the ambush!" Kravic said.

"I said I never even left my house!" She replied.

"What, just because you stay in your fortress of solitude doesn't mean you can call hits on people too?...Your part of the group too bitch." Vlagan said.

A member walked in the house with a body. "This guy was snooping around the area." He said throwing the body down. It was Fabio.

"F-fabio!" Saturn nearly yelled out. 

"Take that as a warning...Get the hydrochloric acid." Kravic said to one of the members. "We always come prepared." Kravic said as Fabios body was dragged away, along with two men carrying two buckets of the acid, and a plastic tub. They cut up his body so it would all fit in the tub and after that they began pouring the acid into the tub as it slowly ate away at Fabios body. Once they were done they cleaned up the mess and packed up. "Don't try anything...Because if you do...You'll never be found..." Kravic said as the members along with him, and Vlagan left after untying Saturn.

[center END OF EPISODE 7]

[b [I [center Next Episode - Conspiracies]]]

[center A new enemy emerges to thwart Johnathans plans - Gilesh

After witnessing Fabio being dead, Saturn contemplates on whether she should help Johnathan and Langley or not

Ace has a confrontation with the F.B.I. member that is leading the search on him.

Greg confronts Samuel about Dr. Gabriels funded business.]]

[center Until next time on...]
[center [b [size40 The Day Will Come]]]
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[h3 [b [I [center Episode 8 - Conspiracies]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Johnathans House, 1:00PM, Tuesday, December 31st, 2014]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


"Yeah, pepperoni with BBQ sauce and a nice Siracha crust..Yes, the deal with the extra pizza and a  small dessert pizza...Along with a drink?...Um...How about a Peak Fizz?...Okay, um, for the next pizza I want-Hold on real quick, I think I heard a knock." Johnahan said putting the phone on hold. He walked to the door and opened it.

"Hey there!" Langley said to Johnathan. "How are you holding up with the wound?" She asked.

Johnathan looked at her. "I'm holdin' up, just ordering some pizza." He told her.

Langley smiled at him. "I see, we have an FBI agent going after that Ace guy that saved us. Any idea why?" She asked him.

"He looked to have some bionic elements to him. My guess would be test subject or a wanted vigilante." Johnathan said. "I better get back to that call." He mentioned to Langley.

She nodded. "Alright, be careful today okay?" She told Johnathan as he nodded. She left the area.

Johnathan went back to the phone and ordered a Pineapple Bacon Pizza with Sriracha sauce and Ginger crust this time. Once his 2 large pizzas and a small dessert pizza was ordered he sat and waited.

A knock came at his door as he went and looked through the peephole. He opened it and looked at the man in front of him. "You're not the pizza guy." Johnathan said to the man.

The man shook his head. "Nope, but I do thank you for going through the trouble for ordering me my lunch." The man said as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at Johnathan. "Names Gilesh, how do ya' do friend?" Gilesh asked smirking as he walked in and shut the door behind him.

"Oh this is great...Let me guess Saiapentes Gladius?" Johnathan asked.

"Eh, wrong!" Gilesh said making the incorrect beep sound.

"Are you one of Samuel Reynolds men?" Johnathan asked. 

Gilesh just laughed at Johnathan. "Wrong again!...Oh boy! Haha! Oh my god, just the thought of comparing me to such a wannabe! I'm better than Samuel! I work for no one but myself...Well I am a Government contractor...I just kinda take little jobs here and there as a side hobby...I heard stuff about you, I don't work for SG, but sometimes I take jobs from them that pay upfront! You my friend, you're at the top of the list." Gilesh said cocking the gun.

Johnathan shoved Gilesh away as he was cocking his gun. He ran upstairs and into his closet.

Gilesh stumbled to the ground. He quickly stood up and just kept on smirking. He walked up the stairs and onto the second floor. "Come out come out wherever you are! I don't bite...Well maybe a little." Gilesh said.

Johnathan was still in the closet. He found his Revolver case and opened it slowly and quietly. Nothing, it was empty. He put it back and luckily found his pistol in his holster on his police suit that was hanging up. He grabbed it and quietly checked it for ammo. There was indeed ammo. He slipped the magazine back in it's place as it made a clicking sound. Johnathan closed his eyes in regret.

Gilesh turned his head toward the sound and walked towards it. He entered the room and looked around. "We can either do this the easy way...Or the hard way! Your pick Johnny Boy!" Gilesh said.

Johnathan stepped out quick and pointed the gun at Gilesh. "Nobody calls me Johnny Boy!" Johnathan said shooting at Gilesh three times.

Gilesh stumbled. to the ground bleeding. He dropped his gun as Johnathan picked it up. 

Johnathan walked downstairs and locked both guns up and went to the door and opened it the pizza guy was knocking. He got the food and paid the guy. The guy left and Johnathan shut the door, He put the food on the table. He walked back upstairs and noticed that Gilesh was missing. "What the fuck?..." He asked himself. He saw an open window, He shut it and went downstairs to eat.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Streets of New York City - 2:00PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Ace was walking down the street. He 
sighed a breath of air out of his mouth as he turned a corner into an alleyway. An FBI agent was standing in front of him with a group of Government Agents.

"Ace Kavunder?..." The FBI agent asked.

Ace was about to quickly walk away but was stopped by the group pointing special guns at him.

"If you'll quietly come with us please..." The FBI agent said.

Ace smirked and ran at super speed towards the exit of the alleyway. The agents shooting at him. The bullets hitting him as he fell down and coughed up synthetic blood.

"Cuff him." A Government Agent said to another Agent.

The Agent walked over to Ace to handcuff him but Ace grabbed the man stabbed him with a blade attachment on his arm. The Agent fell dead as Ace got up turning invisible to the superheat in his body. He quickly ran away as the group just stood there.

Carlyle called Liam and sighed.

"What do you mean he got away?! AGAIN?!" Liam asked on the other line of a phone call. He was pacing around his office room gritting his teeth.

"Ace Kavunder used the bionics against our own men! He killed one of the Government Agents!" The FBI agent told Liam on the phone. He shook his head and wiped away a bead of sweat on his forehead.

"The public cannot know about this! Contain him at any cost! Or I fucking swear that I will take your job and throw it in the disposal! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!" Liam asked.

"Y-yes Sir!" The FBI agent said as they both hung up. "Okay...Keep the search going!" he said.

"Actually, you don't tell us that...We tell you that." A Government Agent said to the FBI agent. "We have more authority than you. So you best keep up girl scout." 

The FBI agent nodded as they all left to search for Ace once again.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Gervais Prison - 2:30PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Samuel grabbed his lunch as Ashter followed behind. They both sat down at a table at the far side of the cafeteria away from the other inmates. "Oh lookie who it is..." Samuel said as Greg walked in the cafeteria with a pass to indicate that he was a police officer from the NYPD. 

Greg sat down at Samuels table and Ashter scoffed at Greg.

"Yo brah! This is our table, take your donut loving ass to Garths Donut Place!" Ashter said.

Greg just smiled. "I need to speak to Samuel alone if that's alright with you." He said to Ashter.

"Go on...I'll meet up with you later." Samuel said to Ashter.

Ashter nodded and went to eat at another table.

"I need to talk to you about a murder that happened recently...A doctor was murdered yesterday...We think it might have been linked to the mafia." Greg said.

Samuel just chuckled. "Let me guess, just because I was in the mafia you come to me to ask questions? Why is that? Why not go question Frankie Deluca or Alonzo Rivderchi?" Samuel asked.

Greg sighed. "Because Samuel...You're the one in prison...Not them. I can risk asking questions here since you don't have any backup like Deluca or Rivderchi does." Greg said.

"Well here's your answer; I didn't have this doctor whacked, what was his body like?' He asked.

"We found a card on his body...Just like the one we found on our computer whiz..." Greg said.

"The killer that killed my step-sister also killed your doctor too?...Hm interesting...If you want to find anything at all go to this man, he's a bit of a recluse, rarely leaves his house...He goes by the name of Jimmy Techno." Samuel said and told Greg the address.

"I didn't expect you to help me at all...Why did you?" Greg asked.

"Because it became personal the instant my step-sister Bridget was murdered. That's why Greggy-boy! Now off you go...I have lunch to eat." Samuel said.

Greg nodded and got up. He left the building and went off towards the address Samuel gave him.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Watts Manor - 2:40PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Saturn was sitting in her living room. She was holding her phone in her left hand. She pressed the call button and put the phone to her ear. 

"Hello?" Chief Mike asked on the other line.

"I was told to call this number if I had any info on the Saipentes Gladius case." Saturn said.

"Indeed...What is it you need?" Chief Mike asked.

"It's about a man named Kravic Choles..." Saturn said.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [center [I Unknown Alleyway - 2:50PM]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Ace was bleeding heavily from the special bullets that were shot at him. He grunted in pain as he bandaged the wounds. Footsteps approached him. He turned his head towards the sound of the footsteps.

"You look lost young man..." An elderly gentleman who wore a monocle on his left eye said. "My name is Winston Eldersoul...Oh my...It seems you have been injured. Let me patch that up for you." Winston said as he began to patch Ace up. "There! Good as new! Let's get you inside my place of business shall we?" He asked helping Ace up and bringing him into his bar. "I do apologize about the lack of people here...This place was a target of a recent shooting from a mobster." Winston told Ace.

Ace nodded and sat down at the bar area. He looked at the TV and sighed.

Winston went behind the counter at the bar area and began to make some drinks. He flicked on the TV and changed the channel to the news.

"In recent events, a man by the name Ace Kavunder is a target on a massive manhunt by Government officials right here in New York City! We do not know why he is being hunted...All we do know is that be on the lookout citizens of NYC! Because this man is deemed highly dangerous and armed!" The news lady said showing a picture of Ace.

"Oh my..." Winston said turning to look at Ace.

[center END OF EPISODE 8]

[b [I [center Next Episode - Manhunt]]]

[center Winston keeps Ace a secret from the FBI,

Johnathan contacts Langley and tells her about Gilesh.

Greg visits Jimmy Techno to get info about Dr. Gabriels murder.

Saturn meets up with Chief Mike and exchanges information about SP

Langley get's caught up in a bus-hijacking

New Years is around the corner, but so is death and despair.]

[center Until next time on...]
[b [center [size40 The Day Will Come]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Big+Shoulders+Text&display=swap]

[h3 [b [I [center [size40 Episode 9 - Manhunt]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Paradiso Di Leonardo -2:56 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


"You're Ace Kavunder? That explains the wounds! I can't harbor a criminal I'm so-" 

"Mr. Eldersoul...You don't understand. I'm the victim here. I want you to keep this from everyone else...I'm a test subject for the Government." Ace took a breath and sighed. "Pretty much a machine for war. I escaped and now I'm on the run. This is slavery." 

Winston nodded. "Alright then, I don't disagree with you...I fought in war and it is sure hell." Winston said smiling.

Ace shook his hand and smiled too.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Jimmy Technos House - 2:58 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Greg stepped out of his car and stared at the house. He walked up to the door and knocked...Nothing, he knocked again. "Mr Techno?...Quite a unique name right there! I'm a police officer." Greg said.

Jimmy opened the door. He had long brown hair and glasses. He had brown stubble as well. "How do I know you're not an SG member?" Jimmy asked.

"SG? What?" Greg asked back.

Jimmy sighed. "Saiapentes Gladius." Jimmy whispered.

"Oh. Okay." Greg whispered back.

Jimmy looked at Greg funny. "Now come inside. They might be watching." Jimmy said leading Greg inside then shutting his door. "So what is it you want?" He asked.

Greg began to speak. "A man was murdered by a mastermind who leaves a playing card on their victim. Did you know a Dr. Gabriel?" Greg asked.

Jimmy nodded. "I used to work for SG, Gabriel..He came to us because he wanted to run his therapy business..Why?"

Greg was in shock. "D-did any of the members play poker?" 

"Well, there was an elite club room...The members were Kravic, Vlagan...That Saturn chick...I know Saturn doesn't play poker though. She was just there because Kravic wanted her there...Vlagan owned the deck though! It was an expensive deck of elegant cards." Jimmy said.

Greg nodded. "Thank you Jimmy, you have a good day now." He said walking off.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center MTA Bus - 3:15 PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Langley answered her phone. "Hello?" she asked.

Johnathan was on the other line. "Hey, so...I got paid a visit by a bounty hunter...Calls himself Gilesh." He said.

"The hitman? Oh shit...You think Saiapentes Gladius sent him?" Langley asked.

"Yeah. I shot the man three times. I saw blood! Don't know how he survived that and got away. Anyhow, I'm good now...Just eating pizza and stuff...Well I'll let you go. Just wanted to call you and tell you what happened." He said.

Langley nodded. "Okay, see you Johnathan." She said hanging up. The bus stopped at her bus stop. She got up to leave but she was stopped by the first person that walked onto the bus. He pulled out a gun and said; "Why don't you sit down lady?"

Langley froze. "Let's not get hasty here..." She said. 

The man shoved the gun towards her. "I said...[b SIT DOWN]"

Langley went back to her seat and sat down. She sighed and watched the man.

The man sat down as well and smirked. "Look, all I want is some money." 

"I'm a cop." Langley said. She was about to get up but the man pointed his gun at her. 

"Nope, don't move lady." He said. You also made Mr. Choles a very angry man." He smirked.

Langley rolled her eyes. "Of course that bald-headed fuck is a part of this."]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Paradise Island -Bar & Grill-]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Saturn was sitting in a booth drinking on a martini. She turned and saw Chief Mike walk into the building. 

He walked to Saturns booth and smiled. "So what is it you wanted to talk about?" Mike asked.

Saturn took a deep breath. "It's about Saiapentes Gladius, Sir." She said.

"What about them?" He asked.

"I used to be in there little Elite club. I was never told the codes to get in so I stole them and copied them myself. I can get your men in...Thankfully this little even is a masquerade party at Kravic mansion.  Kravic and Vlagan are sure to be there. This will be held during the drop of the New Year's Ball tonight." Saturn said handing Mike the codes.

"Thank you Saturn. I'll hand this info to Johnathan and Langley right away." He said getting up. They both shook hands and left.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Paradiso Di Leonardo]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

Winston opened the restaurant door and greeted a group of Government Agents. "Hello there chaps!" He said smiling. Kind of nervously.

Carlyle sighed. "Is a man by the name of Ace Kavunder here, Sir?" The FBI Agent asked. He rubbed right hand through his slicked back brown hair. He wore aviator glasses. 

Winston shook his head. "Nope! Haven't seen the buggar at all!" He said.

Carlyle raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure? He ran down towards this alleyway earlier." 

"I was inside working on the place after the shootout. I am preparing drinks and dishes for when we open back up." Winston said.

Carlyle nodded. "Okay, if you see or hear anything. Give me call." He said giving Winston his business card. After that he and the G-Men walked away.

Winston walked back inside and sat the card down.

"Are they gone?" Ace asked. 

"Indeed they are. While you are here...Are you good at cooking?" Winston asked.

"Indeed I am, I used to be a cook before what happened to me."

Winston nodded. "Because you'll be helping me out at the restaurant for bit."

Ace nodded. "That sounds fine by me."]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center SG HQ]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Vlagan was eating a rather expensive looking meal in his office. The room looked expensive as well, everything in the building looked like it costed millions. He swallowed his food and took a drink of his wine.

Kravic walked in the office. "I sent Saturn an invitation to the event...I don't think she's coming."

"Aww...And here I thought Saturn was our friend." Vlagan said smirking. He sat back in his leather chair swirling the wine in his glass. He took another sip.

"Is our guy still looking for it by the way?" Kravic asked.

"Looking for wh-Oh that?" He sat up and leaned over towards his marble desk and sat the glass down. "...Yes, he found an old ruin in Russia actually. It might not be there...But we are still searching for it." Vlagan said.

Kravic nodded. "That's good." He said smirking.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center MTA Bus]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


It was about 3:45 now, Langley was nervous. She stared at the hijacker and gulped a bit. "So, what do you know of Kravic? You work for him?" She asked.

The hijacker laughed. "No, he's just a buddy of mine. I told him that I'll take care of ya'" He smirked.

Langley sighed.

A man with long black hair whispered to Langley. "I got a plan." He said.

"What is that?" She asked.

"I'll cause a distraction. then you can cuff him or whatever."

Langley nodded.

The long haired man stood up and spat at the hijacker.

The hijacker stood up and walked towards the long haired man. "Who do you think you are?" He asked. 

Langley stood up really fast and grabbed the mans arm, she disarmed him and put the gun up. She handcuffed him. 

"Dammit!" The hijacker said, and the police were notified by Langley. He was sent to prison. 

Chief Mike walked up to Langley and handed her a piece of paper. He whispered in her ear. "Go to that address, and bring Johnathan." He took a step back and left.

Langley stared at it. It was the mansion that Kravic was "murdered" at. An event was being held at his mansion on Serenitg Street at Alyan. She put the paper in her pocket and left.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center F.B.I. Van - Parked outside of Paradiso Di Leonardo - 4:00PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Carlyle sighed. "You think he was lying to us?" He asked.

A G-Man looked at Carlyle and nodded. "I saw his nervous smile. We'll get Ace." He said.

Carlisles phone rang and he answered it. "Hello?" He asked.

"Carlyle, it's Liam, how are you doing on catching Kavunder?" Liam asked on the other line.

"We might have found him, Sir." Carlyle said.

Liam chuckled. "Good! Good! Bring him back once you have him in custody." Liam said before hanging up.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [I [center [b Johnathans House - 4:15PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Johnathan sighed. He got a knock at his door. He looked through the peephole and answered the door. "Hey Langley." He said smiling.

Langley walked inside the house. "We have a lead on SG." She told Johnathan.

Johnathan smiled again. "Awesome! What is it?" He asked.

"A Masquerade Party at Kravics mansion, you and I can go disguised. Some members of the force will be disguised as well. Are you up for the task?" She asked.

Johnathan nodded. "Sure!" 

"Good, because I bought some disguises." She handed Johnathan a mask and a suit. 

"Thanks." He said.

"You're welcome. Hopefully we can stop SG this time." She said.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [I [center [b Paradiso Di Leonardo - 4:20PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


Winston took a bite out of his meal that Ace prepared. "My word Ace, you are indeed a spectacular chef!" Winston said chuckling. "I wonder when those men will leave." Winston said.

Ace sighed. "Soon...I hope...I wonder if they can hear us?"

Winston shook his head. "This building used to be a British Army Base, the walls are meant to not let any spies be able to hear us. At all."

Ace nodded and ate his food.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[h3 [b [I [center Kravics Mansion - 4:30PM]]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]


"So, should we start around 6?" Vlagan asked.

Kravic nodded. "Sounds good, the party will last till 12...Then we watch the ball drop and the big surprise will be unveiled." 

Vlagan nodded. "Alright then." He smiled putting the chips down, along with elegant sauces and other dips. "We should get the other food."

"Right behind you boss." Kravic said following Vlagan into the kitchen.

[center END OF EPISODE 9]

[center [b [I Next Episode - Welcome To the Party]]]

[center Greg is given an invitation to the party by Jimmy Techno

Johnathan and Langley go to the party with intent on arresting Vlgan and Kravic and shutting down SG once and for all

Gilesh pays the agents a visit outside of Winstons restaurant

Ace confronts Gilesh]

[center Until next time on...]
[b [center The Day Will Come]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Big+Shoulders+Text&display=swap]

[h3 [b [I [center Episode 10 - Welcome To The Party]]]


It was almost 6:00PM, people were showing up early at the party. Rich people and politicians mostly. "Delightful isn't it Charles?" A long haired blonde woman asked. She turned to one of the party-goers. 

"H-how did you know it was me?" Charles asked.

"You stand out, your walk, your talk, and that god awful cologne you wear all the time." She said, they both chuckled and walked into the mansion with the rest of the guests.

Greg stepped out of his personal car. He held Jimmy's invitation in his hand tightly. He looked around and breathed a breath of fresh air. He walked into the mansion.

Johnathan and Langley both stepped inside the mansion as well. 

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[center [b Kravics Mansion - 5:57 PM]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

Guests were eating the free food while waiting for the actual party to star. The man Charles was practically stuffing his face. It didn't even look like he was chewing half the time.

The blonde woman that talked to Charles earlier walked up to him. "Charles, you're embarrassing me. Can't you eat like an abomination at home?" She asked.

"You never tried this mans food! Oh my word, look! Caviar, Exotic fish, Gourmet pasta, there is so much that I can't even name all the foods! Here, try the caviar." Charles said getting a little spoonful.

The woman shook her head. "No thank you, Caviar seems nasty to m-"

Charles fed her the caviar and smiled.

The woman rolled her eyes and swallowed the food. "Oh my word...Who knew fish eggs can be so delicious!" She said smiling.

Johnathan was sitting at the minibar, along with Langley and Greg. He took a sip of his scotch. "The party's about to start." Johnathan said. The clock struck 6.

Kravic walked up to his area and tapped his glass. "Thank you all for showing up to our little New Years party! I want to especially welcome the two nice people at the food-bar! You guys know who you are." He said waving to Charles and the woman.

Vlagan stood beside Kravic and smiled. "Saiapentes Gladius welcomes you all. I am happy to say that we are recruiting once again! Kravic and I are running an expedition. For those who want to join...And help us with this expedition...Sign up will be at the SG HQ. That is all." Vlagan said.

Kravic began to speak "A club meeting will be held tomorrow as well, this is a reminder to any SG Member or rich citizen that has a Gladius Pass. Make sure not to miss it. If you aren't feeling well or any other emergency situation...Contact me." 

Johnathan took another sip of his scotch. "Expedition?..." He asked Langley quietly. 

"Kravics supposed to have a big speech later on...He wants all the SG Guards present. That's the right time to sneak through the mansion and find answers." Langley said.

Johnathan nodded and took one more sip of his scotch.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[center [b F.B.I. Van - Parked Outside of Paradiso Di Leonardo]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

Carlyle sighed. He was about to start the van when all of a sudden Gilesh shows up. 

"Need help?" Gilesh asked. He was smirking.

Carlyle nodded. "Who knew you would show up..." 

Gilesh chuckled a bit. "I know for a fact that Ace is in there. I also know for a fact that when he finds out I'm here he'll-"

"Ace! What are you doing?!" Winston ran outside following Ace. He saw Gilesh and the agents and nervously smiled. "I'll just go back inside." He ran back inside.

"Probably a good idea." Gilesh said smirking. He stared down Ace with his cold eyes. He ran his free hand through his slicked back blond hair. "We meet again Ace..."

Ace just stared at Gilesh for a bit. "Indeed we do Gilesh..."

The agents pointed their guns towards Ace. They were modified to put him to sleep. "Come back to us Ace." Carlyle said. He removed his tinted aviators and wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead.

Gilesh pulled out his sword from his sheath. It was a special type of katana modified for him. He was still smirking. He pushed a button on the hilt and the sword split in two revealing a gun inside. He shot at Ace but Ace pushed his left hand forward as the the energy around his hand produced heat waves. It melted the bullet.

"Nice try asshole." Ace said pulling out his blade. Which produced red electricity. He ran towards Gilesh but Gilesh blocked it. He and Ace fought each other with their blades. 

Gilesh backed away and took a deep breath. "You're pretty good." He said. "But you're no Gilesh." He said throwing the blade towards Ace and it ended up hitting Ace, impaling the sword through his left shoulder.

Ace backed away coughing up synthetic blood. He ripped the sword out and threw it back towards Gilesh.

Gilesh caught his blade and sheathed it. "This is boring as all hell." He said turning around.

Carlyle looked furious. "That's all you can do?!" He asked.

Gilesh turned to look at him with anger. "Do your own fucking job you lowlife." he knocked Carlisle glasses out of his hand and stepped on them as he walked away.

Ace smirked. He revved up his blade with electricity.

"Nope!" Carlyle said as the men all got back in the van and sped off.

Ace walked back into the building and yawned. He didn't mind the cut. It didn't really bother him. He sat down and patched himself up.

"You are lucky this is tile Mr. Kavunder..." Winston said to Ace while he was making some drinks.

"W-why?" Ace asked turning around to face the entrance. "Oh shit...Sorry about that." Ace said. He had led a trail of blood from outside into the restaurant. He got up and got a mop and went to work on cleaning up the blood.

"Mhm..." Winston said.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/5oi36Y8.jpeg]]
[center [b Kravics Mansion]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6Om39ON.png]]

Johnathan got up from the seat at the minibar. He looked around and then looked at Kravic.

Charles surprisingly moved from the food-bar to the desserts bar. He drooled over all the fatty goodness that was presented in front of him; Cakes, Pies, All sorts of chocolates, pretty much every delicious dessert. "Look at all these delicacies!" He said to the woman that he was hanging out with.

"Oh Charles, there will be more parties like this, don't you think you've eaten enough?" The woman asked him.

Charles nodded. "Yeah...I guess you're right. I will not pass up a nice stiff drink though!" He said walking to the minibar. The woman followed him.

"Alright, is anyone up for a game of cards later on?" Vlagan asked pulling out his deck.

Greg eyed Vlagan carefully. He knew he was the murderer. Was he also the murderer of Rose Mcoy? She didn't have a card on her though. Greg just sat in his seat watching Vlagan carefully. 

Kravic smiled. "After this day...This day will mark the 20 year mark that Saiapentes Gladius has been active. 20 Years ago we were nothing...Until we started to make a name for ourselves. Now look at us...Eating fancy caviar, drinking expensive ass beverages and having a very very expensive party in a mansion. You too can have these luxuries, all you have to do is become an SG member...I promise you that after you join, you are set for life." Kravic said sipping on his champagne. All of the current SG members who were at the party stood in soldier formation while they listened to Kravic.

Johnathan got up, Kravic was beginning his big speech. he snuck through the crowd of people and snuck himself into the big hallway. He breathed nervously. He removed his mask and put on his tactical gear. He looked through each bedroom until he finally found Kravics master bedroom. He noticed the window he shot was fixed. He walked inside the room slowly and saw a massive elegant black chest.

Gilesh arrived at the party and was let in instantly. He walked to the party room and greeted everyone. "Hello, I'll be extra security for today. If any of you need me...I'll be in the hallway. He said walking towards the hallway.

"Shit...Shit...Shit..." Langley whispered to herself. 

Greg turned to her. "He'll be fine." He said.

"Greg?...What the hell are you doing here?" Langley asked.

"There is a big chance that Vlagan is Bridgets and Dr. Gabriel's murderer." Greg told her.

Langley looked at Vlagan. "Of course..." She said. 

Vlagan turned towards Langley and waved a friendly wave and smiled. Langley waved back and went back to her drink.

Johnathan was trying to find a way to open the black chest. He sighed and sat down for a minute. When he heard two footsteps approach he booked it for the closet.

"No I don't want to reschedule! I booked for a stay at The Hilton and that's final!" The man hung up and sighed. He walked into Kravics room and brought in his lady friend.

"Charles, why are we in Mr. Choles room?" The woman asked.

"This!" He said. He tapped on the black chest until he found a switch. It opened it up. It was empty. "Wha...I thought it was here!" He said.

Gilesh walked in and crossed his arms. "Out. Now." He said as he escorted the two people out and back to the party.

Johnathan stepped out and noticed that the chest was open. He looked inside it and of course, it was empty. He sighed and heard footsteps again. He hid back in the closet.

Gilesh came back in the room to shut the case and lock it. He walked out and began to whistle.

Johnathan got back out of the closet and walked over to the chest. He sighed quietly and felt for the hidden switch until he found it. He pressed it and the chest opened up like something out of a steampunk movie. Johnathan knew it couldn't be empty. He felt around on the inside of the chest until he found yet another switch. He pressed it and one of the walls on the inside of the chest opened up and a black tray came out of the opened wall which had a single piece of paper. "What in the world?" He asked.

Gilesh was still walking around the hallway, he was chewing on a stick of mint gum. "This is fun..." Gilesh said to himself as he paced around the hallway searching for any trespassers. Using the bathroom in the hallway was okay, but going into the bedrooms was not. 

The main room where the party was being held was still in motion. Kravic sat back and enjoyed the party and so did Vlagan. 

Charles and the woman left early. Charles was going to the hotel he booked and the woman was going back home. Kravic gave them goodie bags and shook their hand and said farewell. They both left the mansion.

Langley yawned and Greg got up to go use the bathroom. Langley ordered another drink but said this was her last. 

The bartender nodded and made her drink. "Your friend hasn't been back yet...He okay?" He asked.

Langley nodded. "He had to go run some errands real quick." She said. Her drink was handed to her and she sipped on it.

Greg arrived in the bathroom. He took out a tool that Jimmy gave him. A special hacking tool. He was able to hack into Kravics computer wirelessly with this device. He has Jimmy to thank him for that. Greg waded through the files until he found what he was looking for; Updates on the Gladius Elite Club. Changed codes and such. Greg copied the access codes so that he could use them to get into the club. Once he was finished he logged off the wireless device and flushed the toilet. He walked out waving to Gilesh. Gilesh waved back.

Johnathan stared at the paper. On it was a complete transparent golden-blueish cube, it had strange writing on it. "What the?..." He asked. "Is this the so called expedition they were talking about? 20 pieces scattered throughout the world...They only found 3 so far...What in the fuck is Saiapentes Gladius really after?..." Johnathan asked.

"That's none of your concern."

Johnathan turned towards the voice only for it to turn out to be Gilesh. "You...!" Johnathan said.

"That's right. Dig any deeper Johnathan and you'll have already prepared your funeral." Gilesh said as he pointed his gun at him.

"This cube looks strange, why would SG be all over this?" Johnathan asked.

"For a bigger purpose Johnathan. Bigger than any human can comprehend. " 

[center [b END OF EPISODE 10]]

[I [center Next Episode]] - [center [b It's Not A Party Without A Fight]]

Johnathan and Gilesh have a small battle

Greg is nervous about the party and what's going to happen at the end of it

Langley and Vlagan converse, hoping to get some info out of him

[I [center Until next time on...]] [b [center The Day Will Come...]]


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