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MINIONFARTBANANAsiuu     328d ago

Mr. Boombastic
What you want is some Boombastic, romantic, fantastic lover
Mr. Lover lover, mm
Mr. Lover lover, hehe girl
Mr. Lover lover, mm
Mr. Lover lover
She call me Mr. Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna me back, she say I'm Mr. Ro-mantic
Call me fantastic
Touch me inna me back she say I'm Mr. Ro...
Smooth, just like a silk
Soft and cuddly, hug me up like a quilt
I'm a lyrical lover, no take me fi no filth
With my sexual physique, yah know me well built
Oh me, oh my, well, well, can't you tell
I'm just like a turtle crawling out of my shell
Gal, you captivate my body, put me under a spell
With your Khus Khus perfume I love your sweet smell
You're the only young girl who can ring my bell
And I can take rejection, so you tell me go to hell
I'm Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna me back, she say I'm Mr. Ro-mantic
Call me fantastic
She touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Boom-boom-boom-boom
Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she call Mr. Romantic
Tell me fantastic
She touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Boom-boom
Gee whizz, baby please
Let me take you to an island of the sweet cool breeze
You don't feel like drive, well, baby hand me the keys
And I'll take you to a place, and set your mind at ease
Don't you tickle my foot bottom, (haha) baby please
Don't you play with my nose I'm a (ha-chum) sneeze (bless you)
Well you a the bun and me a the cheese
And if me ah the rice and baby love you ah the peas
I'm Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Ro-mantic
Tell me fantastic
She touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Boom-boom-boom-boom
Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she call Mr. Ro-mantic
Tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Boom-boom
A me say give me your loving, gal, your loving well, good
I want your loving, gal give it like you should
Give me your loving, girl, your loving well good
I want your loving, gal you remember the woo
Would like to kiss and caress
Rub down every strand a hair 'pon my chest
I'm Boombastic, rated as the best
The best you should get, nothing more, nothing less
Give me your digits, jot down your address
I'll bet you confess, when you put me to the test
That I'm Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Ro-mantic
Tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Boombastic
Tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she call Mr. Ro-mantic
Tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Boombastic, wha
Gal, your admiration, it a lick me from the start
With your physical attraction, gal you know to feel the spark
A man of few words, nah go tell you no sweet talk
Nah go laba laba laba and a chat pure part
I'll get straight to the point like a arrow or a dart
Come lay down in my jacuzzi, and get some bubble bath
Only sound you will here is the beating of my heart
And we will mmm mmm, and have some sweet pillow talk
I'm Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Romantic
Tell me fantastic
She tickle on my back, she says I'm Mr. Boom
Boombastic, tell me fantastic
Touch me inna my back, she says I'm Mr. Romantic
Tell me fantastic
Touch me innna my back, she says I'm Mr. Boom
Wha' ya say girl?
shbinkybonkonana     328d ago

yooooo whatsgood guys im here for another letsplay. today im going to be doing a backflip in Minecraft to spawn herobrine lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooūü§ģslatt!!!!
MINIONFARTBANANAsiuu     328d ago

no not HEROBRINE, i scared of him
KisharuDarkCaptain Marvel   327d ago

Wow, this is how people decide to use this website. How pitiful. How rude. Unacceptable. Jk wth is going on in here? I'm kinda concerned for yalls mental health ya know.
KisharuDarkCaptain Marvel   323d ago

(Ah yes, hello there! Let's get started shall we? I'll let you start off. Remember to make your posts longer than 150 characters, prefered of 800-1000.)
Bear-wear-catValkyrie   323d ago

(Alright that is mighty fine with me! I'm presuming that the time setting is after Endgame correct?)

Valkyrie was walking around. Her mind wandered as her steps grew heavy as she trodded along the ground in front of her. Her boots felt heavier with each step, but she had to keep going. Daily training wasn't the best choice for her new year's revolution. But that was what she had chosen. So here she was, doing daily training.

Her gear felt itchy and sweaty on her back. It was definitely getting clammy and hot in this gear. How all the others did it? She had no idea. She never liked it. It always made her feel weighed down. But her parents just lectured her on how it was supposed to be a 'badge of honor' and a privilege to wear that gear. Sometimes she hated her privilege's to this gear.

But when Valkyrie was riding into battle. When she was saving the lives of thousands of people. That was when she remembered how important this gear was to her. It made her feel special. But the most special moment of her life, was when Captain Marvel herself flew into battle beside her.

They'd fought well together. They'd focused and got the job done. But after the war was over, and Thanos was gone for good, Captain Marvel said that she had to go. That she had other things to attend to. Things that would carry her far away from Valkyrie's reach. So now she just held on to the hope that something would bring that blonde haired beauty back into her life. But for now, she was stuck doing daily training until next year.

(I hope that response was sufficient enough for your writing needs.)
KisharuDarkCaptain Marvel   323d ago

(Wow, you really can crank out a good response. Very descriptive. I like it! And yes, it is set after Endgame.)

Captain Marvel was sitting in her ship all alone. The darkness beginning to invelope her. Her mind wandered to the battles she has fought. No matter how crazy stupid dangerous they were, they always got finished. She always won. She had help most of the time. 

She let her mind wander further. Deeper into her thoughts she remembered the war she had with Thanos. How she had fought him. She realized her fighting techniques in her mind. They needed work. She was definitely much better now than she was then. 

Captain Marvel the hero. The headlines loved to call her that. None of the other superheros got that much credit. All she did was come flying out of the sky, fight alongside some cute girl, then fly back up into the sky. 

Some cute girl, her mind wandered. It went so far as to try to remember her name and who she was. She could see her in her mind, but not picture her. Her memory was fuzzy of her. But she remembers her being associated with Thor.

She should try to find this mystery girl. But without being suspicious. How was she going to do such a thing? Well, she had to come up with a plan. 

Captain Marvel sat there for a moment, brainstorming ideas on how to find this pretty girl, without making it look like she was trying to find this pretty girl. She eventually settled on one plan.

Her idea was that she was going to go back all the way down to Earth, and act like she was there to give the other superheroes credit for their work in the battle against Thanos. And while she was there, to speak with Thor and slip in a couple of questions about her mystery pretty girl that she was soon to find.

Satisfied with her plans, Captain Marvel went to the front of her ship and sat down in the pilot's seat. She pressed a button on the navigation system and the ship took off cruising in space in the direction towards Earth. Time to put her plan in motion.
Bear-wear-catValkyrie   323d ago

(Thank you! And alright.)

Valkyrie had finished her daily training and was taking all her gear off in the bathroom. The stench of sweat was horrid as she peeled the last piece of sweaty gear off her leg. She grunted as she unfurled herself and stretched her sore back.

She turned to the shower and turned on the hot water. She looked in the mirror and sighed at her appearance. Her black hair was messy, her face was red and going to start breaking out from the amount of sweat on her face. Ew.

She took a towel and dabbed her face before turning to the shower and getting in the nice hot water. It stung for a moment and hurt like hell, but she gradually got used to the temperature and melted into its warmth. She let out a long sigh and washed herself.

Valkyrie stepped out of the now cold water and wrapped herself in a towel. She used it to dry off, then to cover herself as she exited the bathroom and hurried across the hall to her room. Once inside, she threw her towel to the side and put on some casual clothes. She brushed her hair and touched up her face.

She walked back into the bathroom and grabbed her gear. Taking the still sweaty gear, she walked out of the bathroom and over to the washer and dryer. She threw her gear in the washer, put in some soap, closed the lid, and started the washer.

Then she walked back to her room and grabbed her phone off the charger. She shoved it in her sweatpants pocket and walked into the kitchen. She grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch in the living room. 

Valkyrie looked at the time via. her phone and looked up at the TV to her right. She put her phone down and grabbed the remote to the TV, turning it on and to the news channel. It had been a while since she had watched the news. She didn't even know what was going on in the world. And half the time, she didn't care to know.

But when she turned the TV on and to the news channel, her jaw dropped and the remote in her hand fell. Right on the TV, was Captain Marvel. And the caption stated that she was on her way back to Earth to prove a point to the world. But that didn't matter to Valkyrie. What did matter, was that her girl was coming back to Earth. So she could finally talk to her! And maybe even talk her into staying on Earth and not retreating back to the sky as soon as the job was done.
KisharuDarkCaptain Marvel   285d ago

(Sorry I haven't replied.)

Captain Marvel sat in the cockpit and was chatting with the airport she planned to land at. But soon she felt her phone buzz and she picked it up. Upon her dark screen was a message from the Avengers. 

The message read as follows, 

'Welcome back to Earth Captain Marvel. Don't land at the airport. Come to the Avenger's base. We have some catching up to do. 

''Well howdy-doo then. Sorry good 'ol Captain, but I got a message and I'm changing course.'' Cap. Marvel said to the Airline Captain.

''Alrighty then. Has been an honor to speak with you Cap.'' The man replied before cutting the connection.

Cap. Marvel sighed as she changed the ship's course to the new location of the Avengers. She then lied back in her seat and closed her eyes. She felt herself drifting off to sleep. But soon a beeping noise awoke her.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. It looked like she was almost there. Cap. Marvel looked at her clothing and noticed she wasn't wearing her suit. She quickly told the ship to slow down and stall for 10 minutes as she got changed.

She ran to the back of her ship to the wardrobe she had and pulled out her suit. She hadn't worn it in a while, but she took off the casual clothes she had been wearing previously and pulled her suit on. 

Cap. Marvel then pressed a few buttons and changed the color of her suit, making it her signature suit. She then looked in the mirror and touched up her hair as the ship landed at the Avengers base.
Bear-wear-catValkyrie   285d ago

(That is alright)

Valkyrie was shocked as she stared at the TV. Her mouth wide open, the beer had fallen out of her hand and spilled all over the floor in front of her.

A door opened and Thor walked inside the house, only to find a stunned Valkyrie gaping at the TV. Puzzled, he walked over and looked at the TV. He saw that Captain Marvel was coming back to Earth as the caption. 

Smirking, he turned back to the still half functioning Valkyrie. ''Are you okay Valk? You seem to be very fantasized with the girl on that TV screen.'' He said to her.

Valkyrie woke up from her trance and looked at Thor as he spoke to her. Her face turning a bright shade of red, she playfully punched him on the shoulder. ''Oh you shut up.'' She muttered at him.

In the background the washer beeped, signaling that it was done. Valkyrie lifted her head, turned away from Thor, and strutted off towards the washer. 

Upon getting to the washer, she opened the lid and opened the dryer lid as well. She picked up each armor piece and threw it from the washer to the dryer. Afterwards, she closed the dryer lid and started a load.

Valkyrie heard someone clear their throat from behind her. She sighed and rolled her eyes. Eventually turning around to face Thor, who was behind her.  

Thor didn't say anything, he just held out his lit up phone screen. Valkyrie looked back and forth between Thor and his phone. She raised one eyebrow, shrugged, and took his phone from his hand. 

Upon the screen was a message. The message reads as follows,

'Afternoon Thor and Valkyrie. I'm sure you've heard the news that Captain Marvel is coming back to Earth. I want you both suited up full gear and here in one hour.
KisharuDarkCaptain Marvel   284d ago

Cap. Marvel sighed and watched as the hatch door opened. Outside waiting was several of the Avengers and Nick Fury. She shook her head and walked off her ship, the hatch then closing behind her. 

Fury turned to the others, said something to them, and walked over to her. He smiled at her and looked her up and down.

"Long time no see Cap. How have you been?" He asked her.

"Been doing just fine. How bout you? That eye bothering you at all?" Cap. Marvel asked, chuckling at him.

He shook his head and sighed. He gestured to the Avengers behind him, all of them watching intently at the two of them chatting. "Why don't you come inside and say hello to everyone? A few of them are running late, so they should be here anytime." Fury said.

Cap. Marvel nodded and followed Fury inside the Avengers new base. It was bigger than before, and definitely more defended. There were guards and traps everywhere. They weren't kidding when they said they were putting up a 'New and improved' defense system.

Fury led Cap. Marvel and the others to a room. It looked more like an office meeting than a greeting room. 

Cap. Marvel looked around the room, and then looked at everyone's faces. Several people were here. Spider Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, Falcon, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hulk. 

What an interesting bunch to come and greet her. Where everyone else was, she had no idea, nor did she really care all that much. She just didn't see who she was looking for, so her face fell a little.
Bear-wear-catValkyrie   283d ago

Valkyrie's eyes widened at the sight in front of her. She had one hour to get her gear out of the dryer, suit up, drink a few beers, and get to the Avenger's new base. She could do this.

"Go get your ass ready Thor." She said to him, waving him away from her.

He shrugged and walked off. Valkyrie looked at the dryer and saw it had 20 minutes left. So she took off to the kitchen and grabbed a few beers out of the fridge. She set a few on the counter, and started drinking one as she walked around.

Her mind wandering around and going in all different directions, she never noticed that she had finished all the beers she had set on the counter. It had only been 15 minutes since she had put them out.

Valkyrie had a problem with alcohol. She would drink for fun, to piss someone off, to show off, because she was stressed, or because she was nervous. As of right now, it was for the last two reasons.

She heard the dryer stop running and play a little tune in the back of her mind. So she walked over to the dryer, opened the lid, grabbed her gear, and walked to her room, shutting the door behind her.

She pulled off her clothes and put her gear back on. Then pulled a sweatshirt overtop of it, it was kind of cold out, so extra layers would be needed. She touched up her appearance as she looked in the mirror of her vanity in the corner of her room.

Valkyrie then left her room and walked over to Thor's closed door and put her ear up to it. But she wished she hadn't. In the room was Thor singing some song very off-key. She laughed silently and knocked on his door, calling out to him.

"Opera singer! Are you ready to go? We got half an hour to get there before Fury beats our asses for being late!" She yelled at him.

"He's gonna beat our asses anyways!" Thor yelled back at her.

Valkyrie laughed and walked away from his room. She grabbed another beer out of the fridge, chugged it, then grabbed another one, and headed out to the ship with it in hand.

She sat inside the ship, drinking the beer, and leaned up against the wall waiting for Thor to get here. After a few minutes, a grumpy Thor climbed onto the ship and sat down in the pilot's seat. Within a heartbeat the ship was taking off towards the Avengers new base.


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