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1x1 The Interrogation (For Shyone)

By Vossler

911 Dispatcher:
911, how may I assist you?

Oh God! It's my husband! He just killed the kids...! Please send help!

911 Dispatcher:
What is your address ma'm?

It's...Oh no! He knows where I am! Frank! Stop this! This isn't you! FRANK! AHHH!

911 Dispatcher:


911 Dispatcher:
This is dispatch, we received a call from a domestic victim. Husband killed the children and the wife is in danger. Possibly dead. Call was cut short. Please investigate and be armed and ready.

The Interrogation

This is an experimental RP. The plot is about a man named Frank Weathers who is being accused of murdering his wife and children but he has no memory of it at all and he is being questioned by an ace detective (you can pick a name) who begins to suspect something suspicious. Maybe Frank didn't do it? Was there another person? Was Frank possessed? Who knows? All that is known is he was found holding the bloody knife and his wife identified him before her death.

Standard ES rules apply.
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