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Operation: Red Light (CLOSED)

By Vossler

On June 14, 2017, 8:40PM a strange phenomenon occured deep inside a forest within the Rockies of Colorado simply known as the Red Light Incident.

A group of campers ended up disappearing the same day and more strange things began to happen over the year such as hikers never returning or other campers.

This prompted the US government to act and seize control of the forest.

Over the remaining year they set up a cabin as their headquarters deep within the forest and scouted out the area for any strange anomalies.

During September 20th, 2018 at an unknown time the agents there were simply nowhere to be found as if they had vanished off of the face of the earth.

During this time the US Government pulls out and control is taken over by an unknown organization who sends two people at the cabin.

Over the rest of 2018 this organization gathers knowledge about the Red Light Incident and the disappearances.

March 20th, 2019, "The Organization claim to have solved The Red Lincident and claim that is was someone within the woods using a red bulb lantern to lure cabin stayers out of the safety of their walls to kidnap than brutally murder them in the woods, it is also Speculated that the person was a Cannibal which was why no bodies were ever discovered when search teams were deployed, the organization could proudly state that the brutal murderer is behind bars and due to pinneding trial their name will not be released into the public, all evidence will be announced and released with pinneding trial.

July 18th, 2019, 9:00PM the two researchers at the cabin end up vanishing but their disappearence is quickly swept under the rugs and are quickly replaced by two more people.

It is now October 16th, 2019.

Two people live inside a cabin in the woods watching over the entire complex and forest.

They have been briefed about strange creatures that inhabit this very forest who have been killing anyone who they stumble upon.

How soon before the cabin fever sets in and these two turn on one another before they uncover the secret of The Red Light Incident and the mysterious organization that hired them?



Rules have been set in place

  • 1. Keep watch over the monitors in the cabin. They will alert you if any creature is within the area

    2. Never leave the cabin at night under any circumstances. The creatures are nocturnal and are more active at night.

    3. No one else besides the two assigned agents inside the cabin. The creatures are known shape shifters.

    4. If you hear knocking at night DO NOT open the door or investigate.

    5. If you hear a familiar voice outside of the cabin during the day or night DO NOT investigate. The creatures can mimic voices.

    6. If you see any red lights outside of the cabin during day or night DO NOT investigate. These are used as lures by the creatures.

    7. If you happen to see a third person inside the cabin you are to ignore this person and avoid eye contact. Alert your partner as well. DO NOT INTERVENE

    8. If you happen to come into contact with the creature by physical contact calmly and bravely remove your weapon from your holster and firmly press against own temple. You are dead either way.

    9. You are to send any strange reports to the following computer dubbed Athena.

    10. If you happen to see a trespasser and have confirmed they are not a creature, calmly tell them they are trespassing before calmly disposing of them.

These rules must be followed with utmost importance. Failing to do so will result in your and your partners termination...

Character Creation


Appearance: (Real/CGI/Anime)

Weapons: (Nothing too powerful)


Multiple characters allowed to be made by either user


"Red Lights"


All music listed belongs to Avery Alexander & Secession Studios. I do not own any copyright or claim ownership of the music. Here are the links to their channels:

Operation: Red Light

The First Night

The Organization

The Second Night

Unwanted Visitor



Athena Hacked

The Third Night

Proctor. Henry Miles (Not all There)

The Inconsistenties

Going Rogue


The Fourth Night

Kill Squad

The Truth Revealed

Scaling The Rockies

Apollo Facility

The Truth of The Red Light Incident

The Organization Strikes

Not Over Yet...


Characters -

Name: Iris Lucas

Appearance: Golden Blonde Hair/ Blue-Green Eyes

Gender: Female

Age: 26


Biography: Iris was an orphan who pretty much had to look after herself when her mother died and her father disowned her after he remarried. It was when she was twelve was she caught stealing by the Organization and nearly put to death. Raymond was the one to take pity on the twelve year old girl and took her in, convincing the others to take pity as well. They did and housed her, educated her, and trained her. Now Iris being twenty-six is their loyal "lap dog" and is always reminded of how she owes them her life. And she is stuck doing ANYTHING the Organization wants even if it goes against her own views and beliefs.

Name: Proctor. Henry Miles

Age: Looks like late 40s. Real age unknown

Biography: Henry Miles is one of the 9 Proctors of The Organization, a supernatural government entity that was created by the gods to watch and protect space and time itself.

When the virus infected the main god and their leader, The Organization plead their allegiance rather than fight back and their directives changed to a more sinister one.

Henry Miles is one of the rare Proctors who is not infected by The Virus but he worships it and does it's dirty work.

He is a dangerous force to be reckoned with due to his knowledge in technology and high intelligence.

He is the current head of The Organizations R&D department where he creates all sorts of dangerous toys for himself and The Organization.

He has a suit similar to Iron Man and his favorable skills are pyromancy.

He is also a great deceiver and will use his charm to get what he wants. Never fall for his nice guy attitude.
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VosslerClayton Briggs   199d ago

Clayton entered the large cabin. It was a bit dusty due to nobody being in here for 3 months. 

There were monitors everywhere that showed the outside of the cabin and the forest perimeter. 

Clayton whistled at all the tech that was inside this cabin and he nodded. It was heaven for him. He was a technophile and couldn't wait to touch all the buttons on these fancy computers and gizmos.

A rather short Caucasian man with a bald head and glasses coughed a bit. He looked up at Clayton and wagged his finger. "Remember what we said Mr. Briggs, NO touching anything unless you get the proper authorization. Same goes for Athena, the AI is complex and you can seriously mess it up if you don't know what you're doing." The man said, he wore a grey suit with a black tie. He walked over to a giant computer monitor at the north end of the living area. "This is Athena, you are to send weekly reports of your findings here. I assume you were read the rules?" The man asked looking up at Clayton as he fixed his glasses.

Clayton slowly nodded. "I already heard them twice, don't need Constanza from Seinfeld telling me a third time." He chuckled.

The man gave him a glare and didn't find the last remark funny. "Well, that's good and all but remember, failure to follow any of these rules will get you killed. So you best read up on them every chance you get." The man said grabbing his hat that he hung over a coat rack next to the front door. He turned to look back at Clayton. "Don't tell anybody about this either, friends or family. You do, we'll kill them. Understood?"

The man had last remarks of his own, not as a joke but a threat and a promise. 

Clayton nodded. He gulped a bit. "Yes, sir." 

The man smiled. "Good! Well I'll be by every week to supply the cabin with food and drink and whatever else you request. Good scouting." And with that the man left the cabin and left Clayton all by himself, or at least he thought he was by himself. Wasn't there a partner he had? 

Clayton explored the big cabin, there were two floors. The second floor was where the supplies were kept and the bottom floor was where the rooms were such as the kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Each room besides the bathroom was equipped with a security camera. This wasn't for watching out for creatures but instead for the organization to keep tabs on the two agents at all times.

Clayton went inside the kitchen and opened the fridge. What luck, there was no beer or liquor. Not even soda, it was just off brand bottled water and basic foodstuffs to make sandwiches. A quick and easy and universal meal once paired with a bag of chips. He sighed and shut the fridge door before going down into the living area and kept an eye on the monitors.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   199d ago

Hot damn-I'll try, but it won't be a long reply!-))

Locke stomped out his cigarette as the plane rumbled, shaking due to the altitude.
'We reach the drop zone in 20 seconds, Locke, got your equipment strapped and loaded?' the pilot called over the intercom, Locke didn't reply, only huffed. 

Looking out the window,.the woods seemed to stretch forever.. 'Let us hope I won't get shot on site by my partner...' Locke muttered, standing at the back. 

The light went green as the tail opened. 'Have a safe fall!' the pilot chuckled.

"You have a good flight." He remarked before diving into the clouds. Air rushed past him, cutting out the planes distant engine.

He pulled the cord, his parachute flying out. Slowly, he made his way to the forest floor, taking the chute off Locke dashed forward, the cabin in sight. "Best if I'm the first here." He huffed and banged on the door, "Aye, if anyone's in there let me in. I'll slide a recording under the door, if you need evidence of my Innocence."
VosslerClayton Briggs   199d ago

(Lol don't feel bad. I usually write 400-500 characters but I kept getting ideas XD)

Clayton was sitting on the middle cushion, he was lightly snoring. He suddenly got woken up by the sounds of knocking at the front door. He suddenly remembered rule #4 and slowly stood up before grabbing his 9MM from his holster. He slid out a small silver square device that had a green screen with a radar in the center. He pointed at the door and pressed a button on the left of the device as the radar whirred to life and made a few beeps before going online. 

He waited for a bit and noticed the recording slid underneath.

The device beeped a few more times and then played a fanfare tune which meant the person on the other side of the door was as human as human gets. 

"Name." Clayton said as he pressed the gun against the door.

He knew this was his partner but he had to be sure. The rules made sure to keep each other paranoid and distrust each other.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   199d ago

"Opalizero Locke. Nationality German, Age twenty four, combat veteran, fought in many wars, earned my first stripes on my second mission due to rescuing Thirty-five civilians, one hundred-five fallen dog tags, and eighty injured soldiers. that enough info?" He spoke rather quickly, looking around with a sigh, his USP9 pointed towards the surrounding woodland.
VosslerClayton Briggs   199d ago

A fellow soldier it seems. Clayton smiled. He slowly opened the door and quickly let Locke in before closing and locking the door.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   199d ago

He quickly went in and pulled wire from his pocket. "Move. I need to set something up." He demanded, holding his SPAZ-12 as well.
VosslerClayton Briggs   199d ago

Clayton moved out of Lockes way. "What are you setting up? Not sure if we're allowed to do that here." He said pointing to the rules and then the security cameras everywhere.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   199d ago

"I take safety over rules any goddamn day." He pulled over a desk and opened the bottom drawer, setting the SPAZ in he wrapped the wire around the trigger. "Security cameras won't do shut other than alert us." Locke growled, strapping the door in wire before tying a knot. "To disarmament just turn on the safety and move the desk, why move the desk? It's in case the safety fails and the gun goes off.." He explained, "then you won't have pellets in your ass."
VosslerClayton Briggs   199d ago

Clayton nodded. "I meant the cameras inside the cabin. They're watching our every move." He mentioned and watched Locke prepare the makeshift security measure.

"Interesting. Hopefully it don't shoot any organization agents coming to check on us."
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   199d ago

"if it does, they should have been watching us at the time. If we're never leaving, only worry about you and your partner, we're the only ones who will be staying out here permanently. With that being said, safety is key." He shot right back before sitting down at the camera system, watching the screens intently. "I'll take the first 3-hour shift, you take the next. Please do bring me a small sandwich and a bottle of water, I'm quite famished after a five hour flight."
VosslerClayton Briggs   199d ago

Clayton squinted at his new partner. He seemed cocky in a way and a bit bossy. He wanted Clayton to make him a sandwich? What was he, the sandwich maker?

He sighed and went to the kitchen and opened the fridge before he pulled out the lunch meat and ingredients and opened the pantry which revealed a bag of moldy bread. "Oh what the fuck." He said. "Breads all moldy. Damn short fat bastard stocks up on the ingredients but skimps on the bread." Clayton closed the pantry door and sighed.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   199d ago

".. would you rather take the first shift? Since you were here first it only makes sense, but it's your choice Mr. Briggs." He stated, staring at the screens. "Helping you with the first shift would be recommend, considering the first shift takes the first night off and resting opportunity." Locke remarked, his ear cought the words 'moldy bread' he shuddered upon hearing that.
VosslerClayton Briggs   199d ago

Clayton made himself a sandwich with two thick pieces of ham acting as the bread, and he grabbed a small blue bag of chips and walked over to the desk. "Sure if that's what you want. You also want one of these ghetto sandwiches?" He asked chuckling
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   199d ago

"No thanks. However, did you throw the bread away?" He asked, interested in the color orientation of the mold. "I hope you didn't, for there's a very specific aroma and color for mold that grows on bread. I'll know if it's safe to eat or not.. sometimes the mold that grows on bread is just the same that could happen with certain types of cheese, such as one made from a goat." He ranted on, seems like when this guy starts talking, it's hard to snap him out of it.
VosslerClayton Briggs   199d ago

Clayton didn't mind the talking. He used to be the talker in his small squad of soldiers when he was stationed in the desert a few years ago before his Injury.

"Oh? I read about that somewhere in some article when I was at the hospital for this injury of mine." He pointed to his left leg which made a slight popping sound everytime he bent it. "Some asshole got the jump on me and snapped my leg so I couldn't escape as easily. Would've died too if it wasn't for my teammate. Crazy fucker came in guns blazing as he shot the asshole full of holes." Clayton stopped for a bit. Now be was the one ranting and raving on.

"No, I didn't throw it away though. It's still in the pantry." He finished.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"I'm going to need a story from you at some point." Locke remarked, standing up with a sigh.
"Do you have any jokes for me? It's going to be a boring 3 hours with no TV out here nor radio... Damn it!.. do you think we're able to request an airdrop of sorts for something like that? Maybe some books too??-"
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

"Maybe one day." He laughed and turned around in the swivel chair. "Jokes? Hmm, what do you call a very skilled fish baiter? A master baiter." He chuckled at the joke and sighed a bit.

When Locke asked about airdrops he looked up back at him. "Not sure, didn't get to ask ol Constanza much of anything, looks like he was ready to leave as quick as he could...I can hack a way to get us TV though, well not really a hack but I have one of those antenna things you can buy at a Walmart or something and get some channels. Made sure it was kosher with the big folks and they said as long as we don't spend all day watching TV."
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"I just want my damn music." He hissed, walking into the kitchen with a low growl.
"Can't even bring damn books out here now can they. Mag-fucking-nificent."
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

"I have an MP3 player if that helps, nothing too fancy, it's an older model from the 2010s but it works and it's loaded with music. Also I'm sure there's an old radio here somewhere, maybe I can modify it to pick up signal from outside the forest."
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"please do Mr Briggs, can't handle the damn silence." For a young boy, Locke carries quite a temper. "Anything but the creaking in the wind would be lovely."
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

Clayton stood up while he had Locke take watch real quick of the monitors. He stopped suddenly when he heard his old squad mates voice. The one in the story he was telling Locke earlier. It sounded just like him. 

He brushed it off and remembered Rule #5. 

He checked a supply closet next to the kitchen where an old radio sat on the top shelf just collecting all sorts of dust.

He pulled it down and began to take it apart before sliding in a microchip he had in his bag before putting the radio back together and turning it on.

Just like magic the radio started to pick up a whole bunch of stations. He changed it to rock where the song "I wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister played. "Oh hell yeah! [b I WANNA ROCK!]" he said before playing the air guitar and singing more of the song. "Not sure if this is allowed though but since theyre watching us it seems like they're okay with it. Right guys?" He asked as he looked at a security camera in the living room that was facing the kitchen.

He quickly turned the music off when he heard another voice that he could clearly hear say "Yes". This time it sounded like the bald man from earlier.

"Got you on your toes I see." The voice was coming from the security camera facing the kitchen. "Don't worry, I'm not fake. It's me. Constanza from Seinfeld remember? Funny joke there by the way. Not too fond of you messing with stuff that you needn't mess with. I thought I told you that earlier Mr. Briggs."

Clayton chuckled. "You expect us to sit on our asses, watching the ever amazing reality show Creature or Not? Come on man."

The voice sighed. "Picture this, loud music means you can't hear other noises such as a creature. Boom, you compromised yourself and now you are dead and your partner is next."

"We'll keep it down. Music is a necessity. Without it we can go mad. Two people stuck in here day in day out, no TV, no music, no books, boom...Cabin fever baby. Next thing you know we're killing each other. The creatures don't even have to lift a finger. Insanity does the work." Clayton replied.

The voice sighed again. "Fine, my boss said it's fine too. Keep it down like you said and remember the rules!" The voice clicked off.

Clayton sighed and turned his back from the living area camera before mocking the man to Locke.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

Locke stared for a moment, a few seconds later he had to stifle laugh, "now that's more like comedy.. oh, wait! Pretty sure 106.5 is a comedy show, 24 hours that is.. we can attempt to tune into that."
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

Clayton smiled at the idea. He turned to the station and lo' and behold there it was. 24 Hour Comedy. 

Right now it was a standup show from an up and coming comedian. His jokes were a hit and miss but they mostly hit. His topic was dark humor and it sometimes didn't sit well with the crowd.

Clayton chuckled at some of the jokes while he kept watch on the monitors. He took a closer look when he thought he saw something run super fast up on the top right of the screen.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"Grabbing my pistol and knifes." Out of nowhere, Locke spoke from directly behind Briggs. "If it's heading towards our location it's best that we're prepared for its arrival. My first day, no way in hell I'm dying to one of those things."
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

Clayton nodded. He looked over towards the other monitors and kept track of it's movements. It was indeed fast but thankfully the technology was able to keep up with their speed and patterns as it darted across the forest towards the cabin.

It suddenly stopped about 10 feet away from the cabin as it shrieked. 

Clayton looked outside the window as he held his gun in his hand. He kept a tight grip on it. "It's not doing anything." He told Locke.

The creature groaned and whined before shapeshifting into Claytons old squad mate. "Clayton! Hey man, been looking all for you!" It said in a perfect replica of his squad mates voice.

Clayton, still keeping a tight grip on his pistol shook his head. "This is fucked up." He said. "I never did tell you the whole story how I got rescued by my friend." He said keeping an eye on the creature.

The creature spoke once more. "Man why don't you come out, I got beers! We can reminisce of the good times!"

Clayton stepped away from the window and looked at the monitor. There was a button to speak. He pressed the button and spoke into it. "Fuck off." Was all he said.

The creature let out a disturbing laugh, even disguised as Claytons old squad mate. "Clayton. Sooner or later you will come out. Maybe then we can have those beers."
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"... Hey Briggs, mind if I open the door for a second?~" his the voice wavered in mischief. "Only for a split second, only going to crack it big enough for something about the size of a golf ball to get tossed out of it~"

Locke knew it was against the rules, but if they were to find out what these monsters limits were they had the test their own.

Locke shifted his eyesight down towards his pocket, a round object with a little L shape coming off the top... A grenade-.. ''now, before you start cussing me out, we need to test what works on these bastards.. it'll help in the long run. If explosives work, then we'll make some homemade bombs."
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

Clayton looked over towards the camera in the living area. It had a small blinking red light on meaning they were still watching. Suddenly it went off. Did they stop watching them? Was this a test? 

He turned his attention towards Locke and nodded. "I think they stopped watching us." He said. He then looked back at the monitors and noticed the creature was still there. "Do it fast and safely. These fuckers are fast." He told Locke.

He felt dirty breaking one of the rules on his first day but he didn't fully trust this organization that hired them either. They seemed to know way too much about The Red Light incident.

"Be careful, they might still be watching. We gotta worry about them too." He pointed at the cameras.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"Fuck the suited clowns!~" He ducked and swung open the door, his SPAZ trap firing off twelve consecutive shots, all of which hitting the creature. "Eat shit chucklenuts!~" He pulled the pin and lobbed it at the beast.., slamming the door shut he laughed, hearing the beast whine and cry.. then, the explosion silenced it all.. only the quiet laughs from the radio, the wind, and rustling from the trees remained..
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

The creature howled in pain before melting away from the burns. 

Clayton whistled as he was impressed. "Good shit Locke!" He smiled at him.

The camera light came back on and a voice came through, this time it was a different voice. 

[b "Opalizero Locke. You have broken Rule #4 and in doing so have risked your partner Clayton Briggs life. This will be documented. Further insubordination will result in your termination."] The voice clicked off and it was silent again save for the radio.

"Shit I guess they were watching us still." Clayton said chuckling a bit.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

Locke grinned and gave the camera the bird. "I achieve something you pussies couldn't! I killed one of the damn beasts!~... If one of you suited monkeys want to come down here and give me a lecture, I'm all for it~" Locke had no fear of what the organization was going to do, nor care.

"You are so afraid of the unknown. always trying to use science to figure shit out. Only those who use brute force figure the way out of his cage." Terribly poetic, but true. Whenever the government meet an unknown enemy, it's always scientists that do the work, they're so afraid on not being able to escape the prison, they can't see the exit below their feet.
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

The camera just slightly moved towards Locke and moved back to the position facing the kitchen. 

"Balls of steel." Clayton told Locke laughing.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"Nah, I just don't care. We're stuck till the day we die, so to be honest, why not treat the people just put us in this hell hole like shit? Only fair-.." He grumbled, resetting the trap. 

"And if you know you won't be needing any spare bullets of any number, please do give them to me.. we'll need their gunpowder for bombs-"
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

Clayton slowly nodded at the remark about them being stuck in this hellhole. Sure it promised good pay but was it worth it? Clayton didn't care for the money. In reality he took the offer to work for this organization so he could infiltrate them from the inside and find out more about them plus find out about what caused The Red Light Incident. Was it aliens? A government experiment gone wrong? Demons? All Clayton knew was that he had a cousin who was one of the missing campers who first witnessed the incident happen.

It was all in a TikTok video that the campers were filming that was quickly taken down along with the account. If would also be their last video. Clayton however had a spare that nobody knew about. He just had to be alone and away from the all seeing eye of knock off Constanza and his superiors. 

He then heard the mention about spare ammo and nodded. "Yeah, sure thing." He told Locke still in deep thought.

He didn't trust the organization not one bit. Could they have caused this incident? It was too convenient that they moved in after the US Government pulled out. Just who was this mysterious organization? Could they be creatures themselves who are using Clayton and Locke as test subjects? It was all to much for his head right now and he sighed and sat down at the monitors. It was silent, nothing out of the ordinary at all.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

Damn TikTok, knew that shitty Chinese app would get someone killed!))

Locke glanced over with vivid concern. "No I may not look like much, but I've been through some shit too.. it helps to talk, to someone or something.. if you need it, just let me know and I'll listen." Locke shifted a little, examining the camera system. "Hey, if any of you guys are still sitting on your asses in your comfy ass chairs, does this thing got an alert system if any movement is caught?" He asked, glaring at the camera nearby.
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

(LOL I was thinking about how it would be captured earlier. Like have the campers who went missing the same day be filming it. Not sure how it would look, maybe a few bright red lights hiddden in the distance behind trees that suddenly get brighter before shooting up in the sky before vanishing? Idk XD)

Clayton gave a soft smile and nodded. "Thanks, I appreciate that. Same to you too." He then looked over a the camera too when Locke asked that question.

The camera slowly moved to where they were sitting and it was silent for a couple of minutes until knock off Constanzas voice came through. "There is a piece of software that needs to be downloaded through Athena. Not sure why it wasn't automatically downloaded but let me patch through Athena and get it downloaded." 

Suddenly the giant monitor to the  north of the living area booted up and gold fancy text appeared on it before a female voice spoke. "[b [+orange ATHENA]]" it stayed stuck on that screen for a bit before it spoke again. [b [+orange "PROJECT GUARD-DOG VERSION 1.1.0 HAS NOT BEEN INSTALLED. SHALL I CONTINUE WITH INSTALLATION?"]]

Knock off Constanza spoke through the camera speaker. "Initiate download. Omega Clearance, Raymond Declan."

The computer made many electronic noises before beeping. [b [+orange "PROJECT GUARD-DOG VERSION 1.1.0 DOWNLOAD HAS BEEN INITIALIZED. ESTIMATED TIME IS 4 HOURS"]]

Clayton sighed. "Really, 4 hours?!" He asked angrily. 

"It's a big file Mr. Briggs. Also, you heard my name, it's Raymond. Not goddamn Constanza. This isn't a TV sitcom, this is real life. So stop calling me that." Raymond said.

Clayton nodded. "Gotcha." He then muttered "Constanza."

"What was that?" Raymond asked. 

"Oh I said I can't stand this. Too damn long." Clayton replied. That was a close one.

Raymond sighed. "Like I said. It's a big file."

Clayton nodded. He looked over at Athena, the ever present AI PC that was slowly downloading what was called Project Guard-Dog, which was apparently a piece of security software that can alert the cabin if there was movement outside.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

Perhaps the creatures use a red light like an angler fish. Only those who know what it is aren't compelled and hypnotized into walking towards it.?))

"...Yep, you're the guy I want to be friends with." He snickered, giving him a pat on the back. ".. Wait, if these things can Shapeshift, how do we know our furniture is... Well furniture?.. And Shapeshifting means they can become really small...So even if explosives don't kill them, it's needed for small targets and crowd control.."
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

(Nice thinking! I did mention it as a lure in the description so that could work. Also oh no shapeshifting furniture remind me of Prey XD hell nah I'm good with that LOL)

Clayton shuddered at the thought of shapeshifting furniture. It even made him kick the couch and a few chairs. "Nah I think we're good."

Raymond chuckled. His voice coming through the camera speakers again. "Don't worry, only biological entities are what they crave, not furniture or any other material object."

Clayton nodded. He looked back over at Athena which the computer was slowly downloading the file.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"... You're boring dude.., if you're going to be here at least bring entertainment." He grumbled, "Hey, wanna see what I can do with some meat, bread, and cheese?''

Locke ask this with a smile. "It's awesome, like.. god tier recipes. Mr. Briggs, I'm positive you'll enjoy the meal I'll prepare for you."
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

"But isn't the bread moldy?" He asked Locke and remembered what he said about how some mold can be edible.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"it's edible, I checked... It's perfectly edible. Just like the mold on goat cheese." He snickered, standing up he stretched, a soft tapping on the door. "Alright.. more things fucking with us."
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

"Just leave it be, we don't need Consts-Raymond to have a tantrum if we break any more rules. Hopefully it can't get in." Clayton said. 

The creature stayed silent and then banged on the door angrily making Clayton slightly jump. "Ah fuck off will ya?!" He asked the creature.

It growled and then it could be seen on the monitors running off in the distance.

"Wow, cannot believe that actually worked." He told Locke laughing.

"That was something." Raymond said.

"Hey don't you have a life? A wife? Kids? Maybe a dog? Or maybe a husband? I ain't judging, it's 2019 after all " Clayton asked Raymond.

Raymond chuckled. "This is my life Clayton, and it sure pays well."

"Yeah, you get to be big brother and watch us in every corner of this house. I'm gonna give you a special show when it's time for us to go to our rooms." He winked at the camera.

"You better not." Raymond said.

"Unless you turn the cameras off in our rooms I will." Clayton replied.

It was silent for a few minutes until Raymond spoke once more. "I just spoke to my superiors and they said it's okay. They also mentioned they don't like having blindspots so they made them audio only."

"Isn't the bathroom a blind spot?" Clayton asked.

"No, we record audio from the bathroom just in case." Raymond replied.

"Ah yes, the ever growing data of the sound of one taking a nice steamy shit." Clayton chuckled.

Raymond sighed once more and the speakers went silent.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

Locke couldn't help die laughing... Though his laugh was creepy.. like a car starting up humanized.. "Briggs, you are amazing! Holy hell, glad I got partnered with you!~" 

Locke cheered and had to cough, presumably from laughing his ass off. He stood up and yawned. "I can slimify some water for you, just so the high quality camera audio picks up that sweet fresh M&C sound everytime you masterbait. You up for that Mr Briggs? It's perfect for making the life of whoever is behind the camera a living hell~"
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

Clayton laughed too. "Sure thing!" Finally, he had the cameras shut off in the bedrooms but audio could still be picked up. Maybe now be can watch that TikTok video he saved on his flash drive. Just had to keep the audio off so the organization couldn't hear it.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

.. we're actually doing this right now -))

"Mrrf-.. just got to find a cylinder shaped object. One of perfect length and width for... Well you know.. got anything of the sort?" He asked,. turning his attention to the camera system.
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

(LOL anything to make those suited bastards cringe XD but Clayton did that so they would shut the cameras off in the rooms so he could watch the TikTok video of the campers in peace without them knowing)

"Oh I was joking, I have something here." He whispered away from the living area camera. He showed Locke a flash drive. "It's the supposed lost video those campers took on their TikTok account, the ones who first witnessed the Red Lights. Just needed some privacy away from prying eyes to watch it and the bathroom wouldn't work."
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

He nodded in understanding. "Well well Mr Briggs, you may have been joking but I wasn't.. I was actually being serious..." Locke muttered, rubbing his arm with a huff.
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

Clayton laughed. It had been a couple hours and the download had another 2 hours left to finish. It was almost time for Locke's shift to watch the monitors while Clayton took a breather
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"Hey Briggs, what do you think will happen next?.. also, if a third person was in here,.do you know why we need to ignore them?-... can't we blow it's head off?" Locke was frustrated with this rule, it makes no sense.. none of them could sleep, nor turn their backs on it.. so why make the rule?
VosslerClayton Briggs   198d ago

Clayton thought for a moment, Locke made a good point. What was up with the third person rule? Locke clearly demonstrated that the creatures can be stunned and killed by mere basic weapons so what gives?

He started to speak. "I'm not sure Locke, but clearly there is something more than meets the eye with that rule.

Raymond chimed in from the camera speakers. "If for some reason one of these creatures gets inside the cabin and looks to be human or something, you can't acknowledge it. If you let it know that you know it's there it can do what we call an all out attack. Which means it will summon other creatures to attack and surround the cabin." Raymond stopped to take a sip of his coffee, you could hear him slurp through the speakers.

He continued. "These creatures are what we call 'Decoys' they don't hurt you but they act as an alarm system for their kind. Pay no attention to it like you would a bully and it grows bored and leaves the way it came." He finished.
Jack-SimonsOpalizero Locke   198d ago

"And, as I said.. we can just kill it... All right dude, since you already here I must ask, do you think an airdrop of MREs would be fine, cuz I don't think that meat and moldy bread would work forever.. they don't have real nutritional value and eventually our muscles will deny it.. we'll end up regurgitating all of the food that we attempt to eat, meanwhile with MREs, pretty sure they can last up to 2 years maybe five, and they carry heavy nutritional value for whoever chooses to digest it. Honestly, if you knew Jack shit about anything, you know MREs are perfect for missions like this."


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