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Cats and Dogs

By notice
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woof woof bark bark
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noticeTaichi Nanao   343d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Taichi looked up from his phone after he was convinced only a half hour had passed when he last checked the time. Looking to the clock his phone screen held in the corner, he realized what an awful idea scrolling through TikTok was when he saw it had been entire [i hours], three to be exact. How had he not noticed earlier the slow dimming of the sun as it set just outside his window? Baffled by the fact he had just unintentionally spent hours inside his room rather than chatting up a storm with Kazunari over dinner like he usually did, the dark pinkette yeeted (not forcefully of course) his phone to his charger, plugging it in before changing into something half-way decent. Warm days meant less clothing naturally, and it didn't help his room only had the luxury of an old fan and a window. It was barely even turning spring to top that off; perhaps he caught one of Kumon's famed illnesses. Whatever, he shook the thought out his head as he tugged a loose-fitting hoodie over his head, deciding that it and the pair of shorts he was already wearing was enough to slip out of his dorm room and grab himself some food, hoping the other troupes had saved at least [i something] for him to be satisfied with. Curse TikTok, he'd never touch that app again... Until he had acquired food; Heaven knows he wasn't able to stay mad at anything no matter how hard he tried. Sneaking his way to the kitchen, Taichi flicked on the lights before sifting through the fridge with the hopes to find something to ease the newly loud and honestly embarrassing rumbling coming from his stomach. Good thing nobody was around to hear it other than him though! Or, at least he sincerely hoped nobody was within earshot at the time. Aside from maybe Hisoka, who theoretically was passed out on the couch in the living room, but Taichi doubted he'd wake up any time soon if that was the case.

Tenma yawned as he wandered into the kitchen, staring at the other male for a moment before raising an eyebrow. "You finally emerged from your room." He spoke calmly, coming and nudging his way under Taichi's arm so that he could grab his box of chocolates from inside. He stepped back afterwards, watching him with a calm look on his face before starting to munch on the chocolates gently. "So...what had the 'golden retriever' so focused? It couldn't possibly have been a project, you don't have the attention span for that." He began to theorize to himself, mumbling and muttering for a little bit before looking up at him with an amused look. "It must've been something really interesting...Tiktok?" He chuckled lightly, tilting his head as if he was an attorney that just came across a novel piece of evidence.
noticeTaichi Nanao   343d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

"[i Husky], actually," Taichi corrected sarcastically through a mouthful of lunch hotdogs, having found those first before he ran into the leftovers Omi had set aside for him. Deciding against keeping the fridge door open, despite finding the cold radiating out of it soothing to a degree, he took a few steps away after closing it, seating himself upon the counter as he munched away at a package of hotdogs as if it were the most casual, normal meal known to man. "TikTok is my [i mortal enemy], Tenten. I told myself I'd get off in a half-hour for dinner and then work on memorizing the script for the upcoming play... And have schoolwork to do too! I'm deleting that app the second I go back to my room; it's ruining my liiiife..." Taichi whined out with a pout as soon as he finished chewing a bite, sadness contorting his features as he self-disappointedly took another bite out of a hotdog.

He rolled his eyes a bit before humming to himself as he stretched slightly, seeming contented enough despite his 'annoyance' about being corrected. "Husky, fine, whatever." He shrugged a bit, reaching up and patting Taichi's head as he chuckled lightly. "Doesn't mean you don't give off the softest energies in the whole of the troupe." He spoke lightly, watching him for a moment before letting his smile drop alongside his hand, going back to his chocolate as he turned his head away to try and hide how much he wanted to smile.
noticeTaichi Nanao   343d ago
⚠️ Vossler's demon spawn ⚠️

Taichi smiled from ear to ear the second Tenma's hand touched his head, stopping all movement somewhat similar to a canine would as his head was pat, his smile only somehow managing to get wider hearing, and actually processing, the comment he was given alongside it. "I'm not Autumn Troupe's cuddle buddy cause of no reason, I'll have you know!" The pinkette chirped out in response, quickly downing another hotdog, though his smile stayed permanently glued to his face.


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