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You Are My Sunshine (Naruto search)

By TheLizardWizard
Ever since I saw Naruto The Last, I've thought NaruHina was a cute couple. I also like slice of life type stuff recently and I thought this was a fun universe to play around in. My rough idea for this is it'd either start up after The Last, or right after the Boruto movie. I haven't seen the Boruto anime (I won't, either) and so the show canon wouldn't have much impact on this.

Maybe Naruto decides after the village was attacked by the Ōtsutsuki that he wants to spend more time with his family. If set after The Last, the RP could start about a month into their relationship and the RP would be a slice of life with some action/adventure mixed in type of RP.
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(For Boruto era one)

It had been a week since Momoshiki attacked the village. For the first few days, Naruto had felt exhausted. Almost losing Kurama, then the fight with the Otsutsuki had left the Uzumaki feeling drained. He was beginning to feel better, though, and had even promised Hinata he was going to spend more time with her and their kids. He knew he hadn't always been their for them, being so busy as Hokage. 

Naruto stood from his desk and stretched with a groan. "Still a lot of paperwork..." he grumbled then sighed and smiled. As much as he complained, he loved every minute of being Hokage. 

"Yo, Shikamaru! I'm going out for lunch, I'll be back soon!" he called out to his friend. In a flash, Naruto vanished. With another flash, the man appeared at home in his kitchen and smiled more. "Hinata-chan, I'm home!" he called out. "Do you wanna get lunch? I'm starving!"
JinxArcaneGirl     195d ago

hi! can i join?))
JinxArcaneGirl     195d ago

can i be Sasuke?))
Poofy     176d ago

Can I join?
AdmiralLothkitty     88d ago
The QUEEN of CLONES(Because I said so)

(frick, I don't have a naruto oc yet, are ocs allowed?)


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