Archived Dead Rp

By Wolfy-kun

What I am looking for:

Somebody who can post sentences. Not 1 liners. Character requirement is at least 100. If you don't have much to really say then it's fine. No biggies. But don't do it all the time. I am looking for somebody who is interested in this. I want this to be professional. Also, only human characters. Most of my role plays tend to have non-humans mixed into it sometimes but this was is strictly humans only. Anyway when you read all of the desc and find the secret word put it in the title of the pm.


This roleplay is about a post-apocalyptic fallout wasteland type of deal. There are no monsters, mutants, zombies, and/or humanoid creatures that will cause harm. But there are each other. Humans. Our own selves are what could be at harm to us. Many have fought over who should lead who. This apocalyptic world we live in happen all because of one mistake of a person that started WW3. Give a man enough power and he can starts wars. Which is what happened. Bombs and nukes were thrown left and right. Creating disastrous events and shit. Economies fell and crime raves started. Main world powers fell first. Then smaller countries. Asia fell quicker than North & Latin America. Indonesia then soon fell. Then it's surroundings besides Australia. Australia lasted a bit until them too fell apart from inside its own government. Scattered we are across the world. Trust no one. Be no one.

Twists and turns happen as normals are trying to find life like it used to be during the 2000s or 2010s or anything before 2020s and after 1940s. Cell Towers were rare and expensive now to keep up with. Same with internet and satellite television. No more cable only air. And only 1 channel is shown. Courtesy of the CPSF. {Civilian Protection and Services Forces}. Radio only has one channel. The others are just static or news. The only music channel is 96.1 aka 96X.

Extra Info:

Groups: Civvies, CPSF, Bounty Hunters, FreeLancers {Liberates}, Wastelanders {Solos}, SMF {Strategic Militarized Federation}, NHO {New Hope Organization}. (More to be added or create your own. Create your own is for limited time. Only 2 more factions allowed to be created.)
Secret Word: Kayat

Cities: Cliff Peak Station, Montiner Cove, New Hope Camp, Mufino Mines, The Resort Island, Stoch Motel, Nuclear Lake, SMF Station {on an island about more than 2,500 meters west from The Resort Island.}


  • Do NOT Alter the RP
  • Do NOT change the environment/environmental scene or anything that deals with nature.
  • You do not need permission to kill but you do need to get me on to witness the rp and I will do a roll d20. 10 and below is a no kill 11 and up is a yes kill/severely injure. Either one you are trying to go for.
  • Hate the char not the rper. Aka no bullying/disrespect otherwise we are killing your char(s) immediately and booting you out of rp.
  • Stay in posting order unless somebody said for them to skip
  • Keep OOC Chat a minimum. And make sure it is very noticeable that it is OOC Chat. For Example. {OOC: ~text here~} -press enter then start typing ur rp post-
  • No godmodding
  • Stay with plot.
  • No horsing around.
  • RP Will Be Paused Everytime TEC is offline or when somebody hasn't gone in posting order.
  • Romance Allowed but PG-13. This is post-apocalyptic mostly. Not Romantically focused.


Somewhere in Northern United States of America. December 21st, 2063; Winter.


Full Name:
Birth Date:

Weight Class:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Shade/Color:


Relationship Status:
Known Languages:

Reason on for wanting to join:

How to Join:

PM Me the skelly as your PM Description and the Secret Word as your PM Title. I'll read your skelly the reason on why you wanted to join. Afterward I'll think about allowing you to rp or not. If not I'll decline, if so I'll say accepted and I'll allow you into the rp thread. After 4-5 people join, I will make a messaging order {that doesn't affect me since I am TEC} and we will start on a specified date so that everybody has time. Weekends this rp will be locked. Weekdays this rp will be able to be active.


Current People In RP:

Wolfy-kun as -----
Video Chat
Kumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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