Flash: A New Breed


In Central City, a city filled with extraordinary things, and even more extraordinary people. This beautifully built city was once home to Barry Allen and his wife Iris West-Allen. It has become home to many Meta-humans and just plain humans with superpowers. Though now that many of the old heroes are growing old or helping out with other parts of the world they had to turn to the children. But something was up with them, it was like they were... enhanced in some way. Like they were a new breed. with the help of the young ones from all over the world, they can protect the legacy of their predecessors and become 'A New Breed' of heroes.


Sorry... not much of a plotline I know

This takes place in Central City with the main base being Star Labs. The children are a team of future heroes assigned to each other based on their skills and personalities, which obviously are nothing alike.
Yes, this is a group Rp. Why would you want just two people with superpowers?
I would like for everyone in this RP to be somewhat literate meaning NO ONE LINERS THEY ARE USELESS IN TERMS OF INFORMATION!!! Also I'm going to be calm about this... No. Text. Talk. Please. this is a roleplay where we are humans, talk normally.
You can have different powers or the exact same powers as your parents IT DOESNT MATTER!! but I do ask that you keep it a little bit like your character's parent(s) just so it's believable that you are their child.
Let's keep this fun (hate the character, not the roleplayer) this is an adaptation.

Although I don't have to do this, I've had this idea for a while but I get all the inspiration for the Plot from K1NG0FH3LL.

Alias: (Hero Name)
Age: 15+ (keep it realistic)

Name: Qrow Ta'Xet
Nicknames: Q (some people just can't pronounce his name)
Alias: BloodSeeker
Age: Appears 19 but is much, much older
Gender: Male
Height: 8'0" (I will explain as we go through the RP)
Parent(s): None
Power: Healing factor (it is believed he has more)
Weapons: Qrow carries Two Identical .357 Magnum Colt Pythons
Bio: To Be Revealed
Full Name: Lumi.
Alias: Mother Lumi
Age: - Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 8'3"
Parent(s): None
Power: Shapeshifting
Weapons: Sledgehammer
Bio: (Roleplayer is working on it)
Name: Night
Nicknames: (none)
Alias: Nightmare
Age: 15
Gender: male
Height: 5'5"
Parent(s): None
Power: Animal Fusion
Weapons: None
Bio: Night was in an accident when he was a child, his father had been trying to see if animal DNA and dark matter could mix as the metahuman's DNA did, but one day an animal had a late activation to the dark matter at first Nighst' father thought it was amazing until the animal started to crack on the outside, and then exploded, during the explosion Nights' DNA was fussed with animals and dark matter, but his parents were killed in the accident and since then he has tried to hide his powers.
Name: Zahrada
Nicknames: Zardy (usually people calls him by his nickname)
Alias: Zerath
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 7’1
Parent(s): Bradley Burke (also known as SwankyBox)
Power: Darkness & Plant Manipulation
Weapons: hoe (tool)
Bio: Zardy is a living scarecrow with glowing yellow eyes and a stitched mouth with a piece of wheat sticking out of it. He wears a black witch hat, black clothes with a neck cover that has yellow trimmings, as well as tan boots. He carries his signature weapon, a hoe. His father, Bradley Burke, found him as a normal scarecrow while in the middle of a cornfield. He named the scarecrow “Zardy”. Time after time, incidents occur. Even the bad ones. And soon, the scarecrow had been possessed and took some memories being created between Bradley and the scarecrow into its mind.
Name: Elizabeth Riley Cameron
Nicknames: Lizzy, Liz, Lily, Beth, Bee
Alias: Tigress
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Parent(s): Beast Boy & Unknown
Power: Animal Attribute (can gain/use any ability of any animal)
Weapons: Mini Daggers
Bio: To be revealed in the Roleplay
Name: Jake Sloan
Nicknames: Jay, Jakie
Alias: Robbin
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Parents: (will reveal in RP)
Power: A sixth sense
Weapon: a collapsable quarterstaff
Extra: Master in martial arts, investigator, acrobat
Bio: (I'm working on it)
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Qrow woke up to a loud '[b Beep! Beep! Beep]' caused by M.O.L.A. which was an acronym for 'Monitor, Of, The, Living, Anomoly' She was an artificial intelligence system that was made for Qrow to keep track of his daily activities and make sure that he had some sort of interaction in his life.
"Morning M.O.L.A." A deep and vibrant voice said. It belonged to an 8'0" beast of a creature named Qrow, Qrow was a fairly bulk 'man' who could beat a robotic arm that could lift twelve tons at an arm wrestle.
"Good morning Qrow. You are expected in flight room C in one hour." M.O.L.A. said.
"Alright," Qrow said.
[center --------------------------------
{One Hour Time Skip}
Qrow walked into the flight room with a packed bag, it included a belt with two holsters made for two long-barrel Colt Python Revolvers, Clothes, cigarettes, two bottles of whiskey, and a bottle of Japanese rice wine. Qrow tossed his bag into a Locked SR-71 Blackbird and climbed into the pilot seat "M.O.L.A. I'm going to fly manually on this one, just show me the place we are going." Qrow said while flipping the manual switch to on and starting up the jet.
"Yes, Qrow." M.O.L.A. said.

[center --------------------------------
{Three Hours Later}

Qrow stopped the jet above a mountain which was located in the desert of Southern Egypt. "Qrow, I have to inform you that what you will see in there will not be to your liking." M.O.L.A said as the peak of the mountain opened, allowing Qrow to land his Jet. Qrow shrugged off M.O.L.A.'s warning and got out of the jet, holding on to his bag while doing so.
"Doesn't matter, whatever happens, happens." Qrow said half-heartedly as he approached a stairway "Wait, I have to walk down two-thousand steps just to get to the floor I need to be on?" he thought as he started walking. Qrow got to the floor he needed to be on fairly fast, just he wasn't so sure if it was a safe place due to the voices in the room that he was entering "Shit! It has been infiltrated!" he thought while holding one of his revolvers in his right hand.
"Hello, Qrow." Batman said as he entered the room "There is no need for the gun, these are the makeup of Project Nexus." Batman explained, and after explaining what Project Nexus was, saying it was the justice league but made up of the children that it and its members had taken in throughout the years. "So, units of Project Nexus, this-" he said pointing to Qrow "-Is your team leader: Qrow, In battle his name is BloodSeeker." Batman said, the finishing statement being done and over with he disappeared leaving Qrow confused.
"Hello, I guess I'm the new leader of Project Nexus." Qrow said with a straight face.

MourningGloryNB   27d ago
Lady of the Night

Back and forth the white tiger stalked across the slowly lighting room. Had it been minutes or had it been hours since she had been pacing? The big cat didn't know, nor did it care. All she knew was this was her way of distracting herself from her nerves and her way to try and calm down. Today was the day that she would be going to Egypt and meeting with others like her. Others who she assumed had messed up pasts or at least had powers too. Just her own were more emotional based and even now at nineteen, the young woman was STILL trying to learn to control them.

A red flashing and a shrill alarm began going off, making Elizabeth press her ears to her head. Seemed it was time to get up and to get moving. But that was the last thing she wanted to be doing. The tiger, well Lizzy tried to slink under the bed to hide, but a television monitor dropped down and an elder woman came on screen. [b "Elizabeth come out this instant. You were chosen for this project and you will not be letting us down. Now shift back to normal and make your way to the private jet where all your things have been taken. Do I make myself clear?"] Came sharp words.

With a low growl, the great cat made its way out from under the bed and shifted back to her human form with the green hair and bright blue eyes. She had luckily changed into what she would be wearing for the day, leggings and a white seater shirt and her boots before she had decided being the tiger was a good idea.

[b "Elizabeth, did you hear me?"] The woman shot at the girl.

[#e944d7 "Yes ma'am...I think the dead would have been able to.."] She mumbled as she got a glare and the monitor motioned to the great metal door that by now had slid open. [#e944d7 "I get it...I'm going..."] And with that, hands slipped their way into deep pockets and she made her way to the private jet where she was met by Alfonse who would be the piolet to take her. The man didn't speak much, which suit Lizzy just fine. It gave her time to try and mentally prepare herself.

[center [b +++Hours Later+++]]

Where had the time gone? Oh wait both figuratively and literally had flown by as she had been stuck in her head. The jet was let into a secret side passage of sorts and when the door opened, the girl with the green hair was met by darkness and the sound of voices. A sigh slipped from her as she made her way down the steps and into the darkness. Minutes later, or rather what she assumed to be minutes later, a light was seen at the end of the tunnel and the voices had grown exceedingly louder.

Lizzy bit her lip as she slipped out of the darkness and made her way to a round table in the center of the room and took a seat. Bright eyes scanned the room but then fell on Batman and the male who looked almost like a giant to her short self. Her head was tilted as she hears both sets of words and all she could do was nod. Well...it looked like things were already off to an interesting start. She couldn't help but wonder if anyone other than their new leader, Qrow would be saying anything as she knew she sure as hell wouldn't be. For the time being she was choosing silence and observation.
RobinnJake Sloan   3d ago

Jake was walking across the street, holding a backpack. He had just turned 18, which meant he was not the orphanage's problem anymore. 
[#FF0000 "Hey beat it"] Said one of the orphanage guards. Jake felt a slight tingle in the back of his head, seconds before he was pushed to the ground and landed in the mud.

[size32 One hour later]

The skies opened up as Jake woke up in an alleyway. The rain had stopped, and the sky was sunny. He got up and viewed his surroundings. The building across from the opening of the alley was a gym, and the building of the wall he was leaning against was a farmers market.

As he got up and walked out of the alleyway, the flash came up to him "Why did you come out of an alley, kid. You an orphan?"

"I don't need charity" Jake replied "But thanks anyway," he said as he walked off. A few seconds later when the flash ran up to him again. Jake fell to his knees and passed out. The flash picked him, and his back pack up, and brought him to the infirmity of the HQ


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